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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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the cedar tree year-round. that said, sally brown -- charlie brown tree. make everybody happy. mark: tonight, the deadly storm system. the sheets of ice and the snow. the dangerous commute at this hour. and the deep freeze sweeping in across much of this country. from seattle to chicago to the northeast. the chilling moment in court today. images never seen before. dylann roof walking into that historic church, then walking out with the gun, after killing the churchgoers who invited him to pray with them. also breaking, the trump white house. who's out tonight. also, president-elect trump won't be giving up his producing role on the tv reality show "celebrity apprentice." his team tonight explaining why. the takedown. growing outrage after an officer is cleared tonight after a suspect is shot and paralyzed.
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the holiday e-mail you could soon be getting about a delivery. we'll tell you the one letter to look out for. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. it's a white-knuckle drive home for millions. icy highways and several feet of snow in many places. winter storm alerts in 19 lake effect snow, being measured in feet. and i-90, the scene of the massive pileup in the last 24 hours. in portland, oregon, the sidewalks covered with ice. here's adrienne bankert.
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the great lakes getting pummeled with high winds, even lighting and thunder snow. >> pretty bad visibility. >> reporter: cars sliding off the roads in jordan, new york. >> i've never put one in the ditch yet. >> reporter: this truck flipping over on interstate 90. a pennsylvania. crews racing to pick people out. and 20 injured, 3 seriously, in ohio. and shut down the highway for more than 15 hours. and in portland, ice turning
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this school bus skidding off the road near vancouver. no one was hurt. and high winds knocking out power for thousands, and sending huge trees crashing into homes. >> adrienne, the snow isn't ending anytime soon, is it? >> reporter: no, it's coming down very steadily, with a deep freeze into the morning. the first major storm of the season not letting sometime next week. >> thank you. in the meantime, let's get to ginger zee, she's with us live tracking the system. and the cold moving in across the country. hey, ginger. >> reporter: the frigid air has moved over the lakes, of course. and you're seeing three inch per hour snowfall rates in western new york. another five to nine inches of
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next system that made portland so icy. green bay, detroit, parts of ohio and indiana getting six-s six-plus inches of snow. and next thursday, 15 to 25 below zero, windchills up to green bay. david? >> thank you. in the meantime, we turn to other news this friday a chilling scene in court today, jurors showing dylann roof walking into a church, where members of a bible study invited him to join them. he killed nearly all of them. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: in surveillance videos played in court from outside this historic black church, you see moment when dylann roof pulls into a parking space, and when evil walks in, and then out, of god's house.
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video confession recorded by the fbi, where the 22-year-old acts as if he he's talking about a night out on the town. >> did you shoot them? >> yes. >> what kind of gun did you use? >> reporter: roof chuckles. >> a glock .45. >> reporter: families in court were in tears seeing the faces of the nine parishoners roof is accused of taking from this earth in june of 2015. 87-year-old susie jackson, cynthia hurd and reverend pinckney. the alive. >> advising of an active shooter. multiple people down. >> reporter: "why did you have to do it," they ask him. >> well, i had to do it because somebody had to do something. because black people are killing white people every day. they rape 100 white people a day. >> reporter: he says he bought the gun, seen here, after his 21st birthday. >> how many times did you reload? >> all the times. well, it's complicated. they were all under the tables. when i shot a magazine, it was like, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. like that. >> reporter: at times he laughed, telling the story.
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where he was sitting. he says he fired the first shot sitting down, and says no one tried to stop him. >> an awful day in court for so many families. in that confession, roof tells the fbi what he says sent him down this path? >> reporter: he says it was the racially divisive case of trayvon martin in florida that woke him up. he nationalist, who believes in the supremacy of white people. david? >> steve, thank you. next to breaking developments involving the trump white house. a short time ago, we learned rudy giuliani has taken himself out of consideration for secretary of state. and the trump team responding to
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will continue in his producing role in celebrity apprentice. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, that bombshell from team trump. rudy giuliani removing himself from consideration for a position in the trump administration. >> i saw that he had so many good candidates available. i mean, there was no reason to complicate his life any longer. >> reporter: at one point giuliani was on the shortlist for secretary of state. even campaigning for the position. but as trump's list of potential candidates expands with mitt romney and that publicized dinner, and now rex tillerson in the mix, giuliani's stock dropped. tonight, giuliani also hoping rom my disqualified himself. >> my advice would be, mitt went just a little too far to -- you can make friends and make up, but i don't -- i would not see him as a candidate for the cabinet. >> reporter: in a statement, the president-elect saying of giuliani, "he is and continues
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trump's transition drama comes as he continues his tough talk to american companies shipping jobs overseas. >> we don't want companies to leave our country, go to another country. i mean, carrier is a great example. and carrier, we did a great job with carrier. >> reporter: the president-elect also getting in a very public fight with carrier's union leader chuck jones. tonight, major unions coming to jones' defense. jones called out trump for exaggerating the amount of carrier jobs he helped from going to mexico. trump tweeted, "chuck jones has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee!" today, jones thanking trump for keeping some jobs, but cautioning him not to spread false hope. >> how many times can you take credit for the same jobs staying here in the city? >> reporter: trump also dealing with new questions about his continued role as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice." >> you're fired. you're fired. you're fired. >> reporter: today, trump's team defending the decision to work
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the nation's business. >> presidents have a right to do things in their spare time or leisure time. >> reporter: this, as trump continues his "apprentice"-like auditions for his cabinet, filling it with millionaires and billionaires. >> why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people that made a fortune. >> reporter: trump's most recent millionaire to join the team -- fast food executive andy puzder. the transition team calls him a proven job creator. puzder, a vocal opponent of substantially raising the minimum wage, has supported replacing human workers with robots. puzder quoted as saying, "they're always polite. they always upsell. they never take a vacation." today, trump already looking forward to the next election. >> i don't need your vote. can you imagine that? four years, i'll need your vote. >> and tom joins us live.
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warned of a 35% tariff, some companies still planning to move manufacturing? >> reporter: ford tells abc news they're moving a production line from michigan to mexico, but there will be no net job loss. trump has told companies they will have a 35% tariff for moving to other countries. >> thank you. and president ordered a deep dive review of hacking attempts to affect the election. in october, 17 u.s. intelligence agencies accused russia of interfering with the election. president obama says he wants the report before he leaves office. meantime, the russian
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staggering sports conspiracy. 100 athletes taking part in a doping conspiracy. dozens of medals are now at stake in the olympics. and a controversy over a routine traffic stop that escalated until the fired three times. a grand jury clearing the officer. here's lindsay daifts. -- davis. >> reporter: questions tonight surrounding this newly-released video showing a police shooting that left a man paralyzed. the footage from last month shows a cedar rapids, iowa, officer pulling over jerime mitchell for a broken license plate light. when he approached, he smelled marijuana. jones tries to handcuff mitchell. then a struggle.
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appears to attack mitchell. he gets back in the truck and starts to drive away. jones then fires at least three shots, later saying he feared he'd be run over. mitchell was left paralyzed. >> hearing it is one thing. seeing it on tape is actually heartbreaking. especially when you know that, you know, he wasn't trying to resist. >> reporter: mitchell's family confronted the prosecutor after the grand jury chose not to indict. >> if you're taken into custody, you don't resist arrest and you certainly don't try to run from the scene. >> reporter: in a statement released this week, mitchell said he was attacked without provocation. but the grand jury made a decision without hearing any statement from mitchell, who was unable to speak immediately after the incident. both men have differing accounts of how the traffic stop escalated. we're not able to hear the conversation because the officer says his mike wasn't working. >> thank you.
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flights. samsung announcing its next software upgrade will stop the phone from being charged at all. about 133,000 phones are still unaccounted for in this country. in the meantime, a different concern for airline passengers tonight. word that the passenger sitting next to you could soon be making and receiving calls on phone with wi-fi. here's david kerley. >> reporter: it sounds like the government is saying "can you hear me now" from a jet, proposing rules that might allow wi-fi calls, think skype or facetime, with restrictions. the fear, too much talking in a confined cabin. >> hello? >> give me a call back. bye-bye. >> reporter: one of the biggest providers, go-go, isn't optimistic. i talked to them on a wi-fi call as they were flying over the midwest. you don't see it happening even though you are providing the technology? >> the technology has existed for a very long time, but the
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passengers don't want it. and frankly, our commercial airline partners don't want it. >> reporter: but if they change their minds, the government is proposing rules that passengers would be told when they buy a ticket, that calls would be allowed. so, this may be the first and last time that i have a conversation with somebody on a plane? >> it might be the first and last. there are plenty of opportunities to stay in touch on a flight. >> reporter: the government is asking for comments, and is expected to get quite a few, about calls from planes. >> thank you. and the dow gaining another 142 points, closing at 19,756. the 14th record high since the election. the fake holiday e-mail that could land in your inbox and cost you a lot of money. the one letter to look for.
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? there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. next tonight here, an important warning, as millions of americans shop for the if you have your gifts delivered, beware what could be a costly e-mail. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, as millions of orders are boxed up and sent on their way, a warning for all of us shopping online. criminals are sending fake e-mails disguised as delivery notices from amazon, fedex, and u.p.s., attempting to steal your credit card details or even take over your computer.
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e-mail, warning you your amazon order is delayed. what pops up looks just like the real amazon sign-in page. but fill out the fake one, and you've given the cyber thieves access to your account, and any credit card information you have stored. >> i would if i saw that, absolutely think it was from fedex. >> reporter: security experts say never click on a link sent via e-mail. >> go to the actual shipping website, put in tr is. >> reporter: another tip, look closely at that url. it should read https. the "s" means it's a secure site. david, experts say use a separate e-mail address when doing online shopping. that helps protect your personal or work e-mail accounts from the scammers. >> thank you. when we come back, reports of radiation found along the west coast. also, two truck drivers in a case of road rage.
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to the "index." the major fire in richmond, virginia. more than a dozen boats on fire at the richmond yacht basin. some of the boats drifting away from the dock as they burned. investigators on the scene tonight. road rage in houston. two truck drivers stopping traffic, getting into a fight on interstate 10. one driver attacking the other, trying to pull him from behind the wheel. a third driver then joining the fight. no word on any arrests. new radiation concerns in the u.s. for thrs japan's fukushima nuclear plant have been detected in oregon. researchers say the levels found in sea water samples are not harmful to humans. and kirk douglas, turning 100 today. we went to his house five years ago, at 95. >> i'm 95 years old. >> you survived a helicopter
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[burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? finally tonight here, our persons of the week. the miracle moment in california. conjoined twins, just 2 years old, facing surgery to separate
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doctors and nurses working. our persons of the week. eva and erika sandoval, just 2 years old. conjoined twins, born that way from the chest down. the team at stanford's lucile packard children's hospital with the sandovals every step of the way. celebrating each milestone. the twins here, just 3 months old here. their tiny socks. for years, meticulously planning the surgery to separate them. and this week, they were ready. >> it has been a long journey to get here. it's really been a dream come true. >> reporter: first, a prayer in the o.r. then, a grueling, marathon operation. 3d models used to help guide them. 17 hours later, success. watch as the sisters wheeled out, one by one. >> they have a strong, loving family, and they'll have the independence that they've been looking for. i wanted each girl to have half of the belly button, so for the
5:58 pm
look at that half a belly button and think, that's where i was connected to my sister. >> reporter: eva and erika's parents overcome. grateful to the team they call family. >> thank you to all the doctors and the department for believing. >> reporter: the first 72 hours after, the most harrowing. tonight, they've marked another milestone. eva and erika are recovering in stable condition in the icu. mom, dad, and that team of 50 doctors, nurses, specialists, right there, too. we're pulling for them every step of the way. i'll see you monday.
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>> now on wisn 12 news. mark: the snow is coming where you live. a winter storm watch in effect. adrienne: we're live with details on the preps before the weekend storm. reporter: we continue to follow breaking news. news chopper 12 over an ice rescue in walworth county. nick: then a sussex teen on that charge -- charged in court. reporter: hotel has had to change its locks. >> it's going to be a long winter and we might as well get used to it. kathy: get your shovels and snowblowers ready, several inches of snow expected this weekend. patrick: our team is getting you ready for the first substantial snow storm of the season. we begin with chief meteorologist mark baden. mark: all of southeastern wisconsin is under a winter storm watch the kicking in tomorrow evening.
6:00 pm
did not cause too much trouble. it will go all the way until the middle of the night on sunday night come ending around -- night, ending around monday morning. many do not understand what a winter storm watch is? it means it could impact travel. it could be sixnc advisory, which will likely happen later this evening. we have snow on the way. we will let you know how much to expect, coming up. patrick: thanks, mark. kathy: 12 news adrienne pederson is live with the plan to make sure the streets stay safe during the snow. adrienne: good evening. this is what you could call the home base. they just closed the gate within


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