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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 9, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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tonight as snow heads toward southeast wisconsin. patrick: the weather watch 12 team has been talking about it all week. mark, when does it start? mark: this time tomorrow night, a coating of white. it starts saturday evening between 6:00 and 10:00, and it will be a long-lasting snow. we usually don't get this where it takes 24 hours to get through a system. it continues through sunday with much of a break. most of the time, it will be and that's why totals will be fairly impressive. most areas 5-8 inches of snow, less in our north western counties. saturday evening, through the day on sunday, some blowing and drifting of snow, especially on monday. the initial snow will be dry and powdery. temperatures warm up sunday near the lakeshore, 30 two degrees, thanks to a southeasterly wind,
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component as well. 25 degrees, snow beginning saturday evening, and again, throughout the day on sunday as high temperatures warm up to 32 degrees. take it easy out there. you will still be able to get on the roads, but slow, take your time. i think by monday morning, things will be in better shape. adrienne: ok, thank you, mark. and we're not the only part of the country facing some serious weather. patrick: shows us where the snow and ice are already hitting. >> tonight, a relentless winter a salt. the great lakes getting pummeled with high winds. even lighting and thundersnow. >> pretty bad visibility. >> cars sliding off the road in the jordan, new york. in jamestown, we found big rig driver bob west struggling with the conditions.
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ditch yet. it is the people around me that scare me. >> this truck flipping over on interstate 90. in pembrook, new york the scene of more than a hundred wrecked vehicles in the last 24 hours on that interstate. a 70 car pileup in erie pennsylvania. , rescue crews racing to pull people out. and 50 cars crashed just west in ohio, 20 injured, three seriously and shut down the , highway for nearly 15 hours. now a new storm in the west turning places like portland oregon into skating rinks. this woman struggling just to stay on her feet on icy pavement. many schools closed this bus skidding off the road near vancouver. thankfully no one was hurt. and high winds knocking out power for thousands sending huge
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patrick: be sure to have the free wisn mobile app ready to go this weekend. you'll find snow updates along with information about churches or businesses that might close due to the snow. adrienne: a group of moms is asking milwaukee county sheriff david clarke to step down. it comes after four deaths at the jail that his department runs. wisn 12 news hillary mintz shows us why they held a demonstration with diapers to make their point. >> andrea rodriguez-strock with the group progressive moms of milwaukee leads a couple dozen parents, babies and kids, right to sheriff david clarke's offi they had a message for the sheriff. >> we are appalled at the treatment of inmates here. there has been little information released to the public. we demand the sheriff's immediate resignation. >> then one by one, moms with their kids in carriers, piled diapers at the window. >> i think they won't care, and that is the worst part. >> hopefully they will be sad and realize an infant has died
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when a woman gave birth to a baby born in jail, a baby that ended up dying in jail, and experience this mom of can't bear to three imagine. >> no woman, regardless of what she has done or people think she has done, deserves to give birth alone. i have done it three times with a host of people around me. i can't imagine doing that by myself. the diapers were quickly removed wasn't around to comment. in milwaukee, hillary mintz wisn , 12 news. adrienne: sheriff david clarke responded to the progressive mom's on facebook this afternoon. in part, he said, "the media and the progressive moms seem more interested in generating fake news because it involved sheriff clarke, but they aren't interested in the epidemic of black-on-black crime in milwaukee."
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a thief caught in the act. this is surveillance video from milwaukee's ambassador hotel. police say this man stole the master keys to all the rooms. investigative reporter colleen henry has a story you'll see only on 12 news. >> an art deco gem, the ambassador has hosted the famous and the infamous. now a local burglar has added his name to the hotel's storied lore. >> walks right in, says hello to the security guard. >> once they discovered the burglary hotel staff went to the , surveillance vide through the hotel lobby like he owned the joint. >> he looked just like a normal hotel guest would look. >> the general manager jon jossart says the suspect made his way through the basement conference area into the bowels of the ambassador where he found , a set of master keys in the housekeeping area. he used the keys to steal about $5000 worth of property, including cash, cell phone and power tools. >> we change the locks. we rekeyed the entire guest room
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anything. >> jossart says police immediately recognized the guy in the video from an earlier prowling complaint and arrested him that night just a few doors from the hotel. police say he lives just a few blocks away. no one answered there friday the . the gm is just thankful police caught him so quickly. >> by taking all those types of keys and things he thought he had access to, he had intention to come back again. >> is in jail tonight, waiting for prosecutors to review charges. adrienne: a suggestion tonight that president elect donald trump may be disbanding part of his business empire. records show that he recently shut down several of his companies that could be connected to saudi arabia. we're expecting to learn more soon about trump's moves to avoid potential conflicts of interest. and news tonight of who will not serve in trump's cabinet. former new york mayor rudy giuliani withdrew himself from the list of candidates for
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trump is holding a series of high profile meetings, including hosting house speaker paul ryan earlier today. >> really enjoyed coming up here and meeting with the president-elect. we had a great meeting talking about the transition. we are ready to put this country back on track. adrienne: trump is in michigan tonight as part of the thank you tour that will bring him to our area next week. he'll be at the wisconsin-state fair expo center in west allis da vice president-elect mike pence will also be there. they've been visiting battleground states like ohio, iowa, and soon, wisconsin in what they're calling their 'thank you' tour. patrick: one of trump's earliest backers in wisconsin says he'll be at that rally tuesday night. state senate majority leader scott fitzgerald also tells upfront host mike gousha that he'd be interested, if trump had a job for him. >> so if you were asked to serve in some capacity in a trump administration, you'd be open to that? >> i mean, it would have to be significant.
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something that we could really be helpful on. patrick: sunday on upfront, how fitzgerald says trump won wisconsin, and what the message is for the state republican party. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00, right here on wisn 12. and since the election, planned parenthood of wisconsin says about 10% more women are calling, wanting to talk about birth control. president-elect donald trump has said that he is pro-life. callers are concerned that trump's plans to repeal the contraception more expensive. some are seeking information about long-term birth control, like iud, which can be effective for five years. >> i don't think anything with the government happens quickly . i think they have some time . contraceptive coverage is very popular right now so i think , there's going to be a \obviously if it's not covered. -- going to be a backlash
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reminding their patients that fear should not rush anyone into a health care decision. adrienne: one day after his death, former astronaut john glenn will be honored in two special ways. today, president obama ordered that all u.s. flags fly at half-staff, until the evening of glenn's burial. this is video from the white house. glenn will also lie in state at the ohio statehouse. funeral arrangements are still being worked out. glenn died yesterday, at age 95. a man steals a 75-inch television from a vape shop. let's take a look at this surveillance video from the texas store. the man pulls up in a u-haul takes the tv off the wall and , climbs out a low window. one of the store's owners says the thief completely ignored the cash in the register and tens of thousands of dollars worth of vape items. he just took the tv. police are still looking for him. patrick: if you get an email about a package delivery, don't click on it. it could be a scam. security company fire-eye sees a significant increase in fake package email alerts beginning in november. common subject lines the company
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your order is ready to be delivered, or courier was unable to deliver the parcel." the email could be infected with a virus that either locks up your computer or can extract your personal banking information. take time to look at the email and don't click on the link provided. instead type in the actual , website of the store you purchase something from to see if it is true. adrienne: now would be a good time to check the water level of your christmas tree. a fire department and t.v. station tested three trees with different levels of moisture moisture by setting them on fire. the first tree did not get any water, and within 30 seconds, it is completely up in flames. another tree that had been sitting in the water for 10 days started easily but it took , longer to become fully engulfed. the third tree was coated with a flame retardant substance and wouldn't start on fire. patrick: from a hot holiday breakfast, to holiday shopping, and ending with free cookies and cocoa. we're looking ahead to tomorrow. the west bend municipal airport
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starting at 7:00 a.m., you can get a plate of pancakes and sausage with a side of applesauce. meals are six dollars. children under four eat for free. santa will be available to take pictures until 11:00. also tomorrow morning, the waukesha county sheriff's department will be in the holiday shopping spirit. 27 kids will be paired up with a deputy or corrections officer. together, they'll browse the aisles of walmart, picking out gifts for the child's family members. this is the seventh year of the shop with a sheriff event. and in the afternoon, the festival is rolling out the red carpet. you can visit santa, mrs. claus and other holiday characters in , cathedral square park. and, enjoy a free hot cocoa, cookie, popcorn and music. the event runs from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. santa is busy these days. adrienne: that is for sure. some buzz surrounding a florida golf tournament. patrick: play was suspended after a bee landed on a golf ball and refused to budge. we'll show you how they finally got the bee to move along. plus, doctors are calling it a
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the 17-hour procedure that has two-year-old twins sleeping in separate beds for the first
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patrick: a hollywood legend hits a milestone birthday. actor kirk douglas is 100-years-old today. douglas is known for several films, like the 1960's classic "spartacus." he received an honorary academy award in 1996.
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at stanford's children hospital. adrienne: it's where two-year-old conjoined twin sisters from california were successfully separated. abc's lauren lyster has the amazing story. >> twins eva and erika sandoval are recovering from surgery resting in separate beds for the , first time ever. the two-year-old girls literally joined at the hip since before birth until now. ,>> they have a strong loving family, and they'll he independence that they've been looking for too. >> at stanford's lucile packard children's hospital earlier this week good-bye kisses from family , and prayers from the medical team before doctors went to work separating the conjoined twins in a marathon surgery lasting 17 hours. >> the area of fusion was right by their sternal bones right here. >> a team of 50 working around the clock, using a 3-d virtual reality imaging system to help
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then for the first time in their lives, the sisters were wheeled out into their own rooms. the twins' parents and other siblings embracing as they learn the surgery was a success mom , and dad looking forward to new challenges. >> they always say when you have twins you're going to go crazy because one's over here, the others over there. i want to go chasing after one that way, then chasing after the other. >> and also overcome with emotion, grateful for their daughters' new chance at life. >> thank you to all the doctors in the department be in stable condition in the icu, the lead surgeon saying there will be many challenges ahead for these girls, but they'll most definitely be better off apart. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. adrienne: amazing work by those doctors. an unexpected golf hazard at a tournament in florida. officials temporarily halted play, after golfer harris english noticed a bee landed on his golf ball. and the bee didn't want to move. the rules did not allow them to
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after a standoff for a couple of minutes, there we go, someone finally brushed the bee away using a golf tee. patrick: coming up in sports, what happened to ufc fighter and milwaukee-native anthony pettis today that's never happened to him before. adrienne: plus, why one badgers star is treating tomorrow's in-state showdown against marquette like any other game. stephanie sutton is next in sports. but here are tonight's winning first, lottery numbers.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards.
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fell to the hawks tonight at the bmo harris bradley center 114-110. what makes the loss even worse, milwaukee blew a 20-point halftime lead. here's head coach jason kidd after the game. >> we did not come out with that same in tent in that second half. they did. in that first half, they just missed shots. in the second half, they made the shots they took. again, 40 points and we scored 28. not what we have done in the past two weeks. this is a good lesson for us. stephanie: tomorrow at the bmo harris bradley center, the i-94 rivalry will be renewed between marquette and wisconsin. this will be the 123rd meeting between the two instate schools. and while state bragging rights are on the line for many, badgers star forward nigel hayes doesn't see it that way. >> i don't really get caught up
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ohio, -- because i'm from ohio, so it doesn't affect me. no matter who the opponent is, i guess the bragging rights come from games like that, and we are definitely looked at as the big brother school, the one supposed to win, so when we don't take care of business, we hear about it, but again, there is still another game to be played and we have to any other game. stephanie: some bad news for one of the brewers top pitching prospects. phil bickford has been suspended 50 games for violating the league's substance abuse policy for a second time. the 21-year-old was acquired back in august in a trade that sent reliever will smith to the giants. some surprising news in the mixed martial arts world. anthony showtime pettis misses his weight by three pounds, meaning he can't win the ufc featherweight title tomorrow night. he can still fight, but if he wins, 20% of his earnings goes
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this is the first time in his professional career pettis , the milwaukee native missed , his weight for a fight. here now are dan and drew. here now are dan and drew. announcer: dan andrew here. it is the game of the year and wisconsin college basketball, the badgers and golden eagles at the bradley center. drew: a must win game for green bay. which one would you rather have on your team? dan: many questions like that come all coming up on big 12 sports saturday tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., join us. stephanie: dan andrew will be fighting tomorrow night, verbal. adrienne: just a little bit. a final look at your snowy forecast, next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "rogue one: a star wars story" felicity jones, diego luna, alan tudyk, donnie yen, ben mendelsohn, riz ahmed, mads mikkelsen, and director gareth edwards. plus music f a tribe called quest. and now, may the force be with him -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ?


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