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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. adrienne: we're under a winter storm warning right now. here's a live look at the freeway system from our department of transportation cameras. if you don't have to travel the nextho stay home. and, this is what it looks like outside our studio at 19th and wells in milwaukee. there you can see the snow is starting to pile up on the streets. we will have several inches on the ground by this time tomorrow night. weather watch 12 has you covered tonight. we have cancelations scrolling across the bottom of the screen. ben hutchison is standing by live with the latest on just how bad it's getting, but we start with meteorologist lindsey slater. lindsey: thanks. some of the colors are showing
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been telling you all evening that we were saying this snow could roll in. i've gotten some of the latest sub dates, some areas have received over two inches of snow. this is just the beginning of this system. those blue areas are seeing about half an inch per hour. we are under winter storm warnings and tell tomorrow night and winter storm our north. you can see the snow flying back and forth, especially on those off ramps. take your time and go slow. currently in milwaukee, slow traveling. that is smart. if you don't need to travel, i would not. 22 degrees. road conditions tonight through sunday will not be as bad, but the side streets and driveways are where it is going to be bad.
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more heavy. i will have more snowfall totals and how tomorrow is panning out. that is coming up. adrienne: we will check back in with you. a long night ahead for snow plow drivers. in milwaukee, road crews started at 2:00 this afternoon putting down that layer of salt. ben hutchison joining us live in milwaukee. what you seeing out there tonight? >> it is a light, fluffy snow. you can see pretreatment down. it appears to be working. it is wet, so it has the potential to be slippery. 102 trucks are plowing the streets. throughout the city, people were preparing for the storm. with the snow finally falling businesses like village , ace hardware on milwaukee's east side are excited about the winter rush.
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looking for snowblowers. >> the last 48 hours, extremely busy, products flying off the shelves. jon heilman picked up a shovel-scraper combo. >> if i have to shovel my car out after the snow, this is what i need to do that. >> by early evening sidewalks , covered in snow drivers taking their time getting place to place, plows working to salt the >> the laroche family from south milwaukee, taking a stroll in cathedral square. >> it is good for christmas weather. >> everyone getting into the holiday spirit. what do you want for christmas this year? which makes sense because that's , for only santa to know. what we're all getting is a reminder of what it's like to live in wisconsin in december
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been moving in and out. the work continues through the night into the morning. at 6:00 a.m., the garbage and recycling trucks will start working the main streets. adrienne: if you want to -- send us some pictures. you'll want to make sure you know the winter parking rules in your community tonight. on-street parking is often restricted to make sure plows can get thh. on some streets when the snow is four inches deep so make sure , you read the signs. and the snow system hitting us now arrived in dane county first. this is video from the village of mcfarland around 8:00 this evening. cars are driving through a thin layer of snow on the roads. here's a live look at statewide road conditions from the wisconsin department of transportation. the roads shown in purple have those slippery patches.
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central part of the state are now covered with snow. you can track the snow from your phone or tablet. just download the wisn 12 news app. you can find the latest weather conditions, including weather alerts, and snow closings. and be sure to join us tomorrow for 12 news this morning. we'll bring you the latest conditions live from 5:00 until 6:00 a.m., then join us again from 7:00 until 9:00 in the morning. in other news, milwaukee police are investigating the deaths of two baby girls, just hours apart. the first call came at 5:15 this morning. a three-month old baby girl, dead inside a home near 33rd and garfield. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. then, just after 11:00 this morning, a five-week-old girl found dead. you can see the police tape around the building near 51st and north. right now, both cases are being called sudden deaths, until we get any more information. wisconsin elections commission
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72 counties are now reporting. were hoping to get more information on how far ahead they are. we can tell you the wisconsin recount is 95% done and is on schedule. donald trump and mike pence have picked up 628 votes. hillary clinton tim kaine picked up 653 votes. president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence will be in milwaukee on tuesday. they will hold a rally at state fair park, as part of their thank you tour of battleground states that supported them in november. the rally is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. one of trump's earliest backers in wisconsin says he'll be at that rally tuesday night. state senate majority leader scott fitzgerald also tells upfront host mike gousha that he'd be interested, if trump had a job for him. >> so if you were asked to serve in some capacity in a trump administration, you'd be open to that?
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significant. it would have to be something that would be interesting and something that we could really be helpful on. adrienne: sunday on upfront, how fitzgerald says trump won wisconsin, and what the message is for the state republican party. upfront airs tomorrow morning at 9:00, right here on wisn 12. 29 people are dead and 166 are hurt in an apparent terror attack tonight in turkey. a pair of bombs exploded in istanbul. the bombs were in a park and a apart. you can see the chaos here from this video just into our newsroom. the blasts went off one after the other just after a soccer game ended. two greenfield police officers are hurt after their squad car was involved in an accident this afternoon. this is video from loomis and layton. police say an 18-year-old milwaukee man was behind the wheel and crossed the median on layton and hit the squad. that driver and the two officers
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a house fire in new berlin kills a family's pet. it happened at a home on forest avenue just before 11:00 this morning. you can see the smoke just billowing there. the new berlin fire department says the family who lives there is ok, but their pet dog didn't make it out. meantime, a dog is saved thanks to the cedarburg fire department. the dog fell through thin ice on a pond earlier today. the department posted this picture of three divers in the water. they got the dog into a boat and brouit shore. local kids are going to bed tonight dreaming of their trip to the north pole. dozens of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses participated in the flight to the north pole via signature flight support today. the goal is to make families at least temporarily forget their problems and feel the magic. >> we had a fun trip here. it was a pretty smooth ride. we had a few turbulence, but that was ok.
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missed it on the turn. adrienne: almost missed a reindeer. the event started here in 1995. it's now in 20 other cities across the country. it's starting to look like the north pole around here. lindsey is monitoring tonight's winter storm. lindsey: i will talk about how road conditions will be tomorrow morning. plus, how much snow you will get. adrienne: also tonight some , wedding guests are suing the groom over what happ r after this video was taken. and the milwaukee bucks facing an opponant off the court. we'll tell you why one liquor company is trying to block the
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here is a live look at the snow coming down near 13th and galena. really beautiful shot there. we're under a winter storm warning right now. the snow started falling around 6:00 tonight, and is expected to continue until well into tomorrow. and here's a live look outside our studio here at 19th and wells. road crews are out, trying to keep on top of the situation. you just saw a car they're going ok. we have a list of closings scrolling across the bottom of your screen. you can also find the list on and our mobile app. groom and the venue because of a unique wedding crasher. a drone, flying over a group of guests at a new hampshire reception, lost control and crashed into two women. one woman fractured her nose. the other had to get 20 stiches in her head. staff of the venue says this incident could have been and should have been prevented. >> the groom came up about two hours before the wedding and took a drone out of his car and
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. he was flying around taking some pictures. i told him it was illegal, and i explained why. he said, ok and put it away. ,adrienne: i guess he did not listen. the guests are suing the groom and the venue for negligence. a battle over logos is brewing between the bucks and a popular liquor. wisn 12 news' andy choi shows us how a logo meant to fear the deer might be infringing on a drink. >> of the milwaukee bucks is, of course, the basketball team's logo. and while these fans are more focused on golden eagles and badgers, we had to ask, does milwaukee's deer-ly beloved logo remind them of anything else? >> do you see a "j". i don't. >> yes, according to our partners at biz times, the german-based liquor maker jagermeister has filed its opposition to the bucks trademark application with the u.s. patent and trademark office. jagermeister says the bucks
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bad faith and with an intent to cause confusion. >> which you mistake these two logos for each other? >> i would not. >> marquette marketing major katherine koridek says the deer clearly look different side-by-side, but she can understand jagermeister's concern. >> i don't see there is an issue. i can see how they would think there is an issue. >> it doesn't look like jager. >> come but if they wanted to label and alcohol brand, they would not have done it. >> outside the be military bradley center adrienne: all of us wondering about that weather.
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in some spots. some have gotten snow, some have gotten a miss. here is the impact. we are not done yet. we are a third of the way through. through sunday evening as how long this will be lasting. we are talking the same amount totals like we told you before. so far, one-two inches areawide. overall, the heavier stuff is coming later around tomorrow morning, so 5-8 inches by the time this is said and done. further north, not as much going on, so 3-5 inches, more on the lower end for you and fond du lac and sheboygan counties. the main impact definitely driving. it is going to be dangerous in some spots. the freeways are not looking as bad, but come tomorrow morning, we have plows and clearing at
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still areas slippery out there, so make sure if you have to go out, you make sure you are slowing down. that will be the major impact here. here is a look at the radar network. this blue color indicates the heavier snowfall amounts falling at this time. this really does not have much of an end. it is well off and nebraska. this is why we have the winter weatheris have in the pink areas and southeastern wisconsin. that will continue until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. this is from oak creek from twitter, one inch of snow has fallen. in kenosha from instagram, about an inch and a half so far. that is what we are looking at. you can see the router at about an inch and a half. you can see it is a powdery snow
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half an inch falling per hour. in the lighter color, you are seeing significantly less. you have different bands all moving in our direction, so let me time this out. here is 3:00 a.m., not much difference, darker blue indicating heavier stuff. 6:00 a.m., you start getting the coffee going, getting ready for church pleasant to be traveling, especially sidestreets and your driveways. by this time you will probably have at least three-four inches along milwaukee and waukesha counties. at 10:00 a.m., still not much change. i think we will see on and off breaks after about 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it will be dry, then it will come back because the cold front
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and pushes the snow out of here, and that should be the end of the event. the wind will pick up and blow the snow around, which means traveling condition sunday night are still not going to be the best. if you're going to green bay, that's a problem, milwaukee, ozaukee, some treacherous travel conditions. by the time they get to green bay, only 2-3 inches. half. we will see an additional 4-5 inches. here is our snowfall totals map, still going with the same, 5-8 inches. illinois, 7-9. sheboygan, fond du lac, 3-5. traveling not the best. here is the day sunday, snow,
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12 week ahead, it will not be melting because it is getting bitterly cold. thursday is just stupid cold. i went with negative one for an overnight low. it is unfortunate because the snow we have is not the packing type. now it's going to be cold. adrienne: easy to shovel, tough to drive on. good to remember. thank you. coming up in sports, the bucks try to bounce back wit our nation's capital tonight. plus, how wisconsin earned bragging rights this year against in state rival marquette. stephanie sutton and stephen watson have team coverage up next in sports. but first, here are tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: a busy week for the bucks. tonight was their third game in the last four nights. milwaukee trying to bounce back with a win on the road in our nation's capital. we pick up action in the second quarter. bucks down two. john henson with the floater, but giannis antetokounmpo is there for the put-back dunk. game is tied at 48. third quarter now, the greek freak with the sweet spin move down the lane. he scores 28 points tonight. fast forward to the fourth quarter. jason terry kicks it to mirza teletovic, who knocks down the bucks up three. but later in the fourth quarter, wizards up by one with the ball -- bucks with the ball, but kelly oubre junior comes away with the steal and flushes it home on the other end. he scores a career high 19 points tonight. the bucks lose in washington for a fifth straigh time. the final 110-105. always an entertaining game
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is the most they ever scored against their in-state rival. coach wojo and greg gard shaking hands before the game at the bmo harris bradley center. early on, khalil iverson making his presence known with the two-handed flush. he had two dunks in the first half. game is tied at seven a piece. marquette freshman markus howard answers back, gets the bucket and the file -- foul. points also a big first half for senior katin reinhardt. he hits his first four three-pointers. he finishes with 16 points. marquette up five at the half. but then the badgers take over in the second half. the senior bronson koenig nails one from three-point land. he led the badgers with 18 points. wisconsin goes on a 16-0 run. ethan happ had no points in the first half, but finishes with 11 . the sweet slam there. bucky in control from there. the senior, nigel hayes, the dunk and the dagger. badgers earn state bragging rights this year and beat the eagles on their home court 93-84.
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from the b.c. stephen: another chapter in this 123 game rivalry lived up to the hype, 13 lead changes, but wisconsin with a 16-0 run to pull away. they have now big marquette in three of the last four meetings. what does it mean to both sides? >> proud to be part of it. it is great for the ste it helps ask a ball in the state. >> water always finds his level. >> being a fan of both teams, then going to madison and knowing how big the rivalry is, so it is fun beating a team like this on the road. >> the first thing you talk about when you come the marquette is the wisconsin a rivalry.
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overall, we took a great approach today, but it didn't turn out the way we wanted. >> it is a game you want to win. especially our fans, they were so good. you wanted to be a big-time win, and we did not do what is required to be worthy of winning. stephen: the badgers continue the in states late friday night when they take on green bay. the golden eagles have nine days off before hosting st. francis. onto the nfl. the packers playoff plans depend largely on their ability to beat the seahawks tomorrow at lambeau field. a win and green bay could be on its way to running the table to secure a post-season birth but a loss? they'd rather not think about. and while the offense has lacked a true identity this season they , simply want to be identified as a playoff team when the regular season comes to a close.
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identity. you would love to have things you have established throughout the year. we have been trying to work through some things over the course of the entire season, and as usual, we are going to try to get our best guys in position to be successful. stephanie: congrats to lamar jackson. the sophmore quarterback out of louisville is this year's heisman trophy winner. jackson has 30 throwing rushing. in fact he has the most rushing , yards by a heisman q.b. ever. more than 1500. there he is holding the trophy tonight in new york. uw-oshkosh hosting john carroll university in the semi-finals of the division three college football playoffs. after a scoreless first half the titans took the opening drive of the third quarter 71 yards and capped it off with a three yard touchdown. titans up seven-nothing.
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blue streaks one last chance but branden lloyd seals the deal . down by but branden lloyd seals the deal seven. with the sack. so, for the first time in school history the titans will be playing in the division three national title game. otherwise known as the stagg bowl. the fighting dan needles win today and will face mary hardin 10-3, baylor next saturday. finally the amtrak rivalry , taking place at panther arena. th milwaukee had two goals but couldn't hold off chicago. the ads lose tonight 5-2.
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