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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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from there, you can get the latest weather news, alerts, and forecasts. it's free to download for android and iphone. just search wis in your app store. an orangeburg county man is charged with murder tonight, after a woman missing since christmas turned up dead. today, orangeburg county deputies arrested harold pratt. the sheriff's department believes pratt shot and killed 38-year-old loretta bunch last week. yesterday, family members reported that she had not been seen since friday. her car was later found at a home on old state road--where witnesses say she had been picked up by a truck driver. she was discoverd dead today in a waterway in holly hill the orangeburg county sheriff's department is investigating the case. a national car company is lending a helping hand after police say someone stole a quadriplegic man's specialty van on christmas eve. now-- our billie jean shaw reports
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he's getting back some of his mobility for the past four days, robert mccurdy says he's been stuck in his home. on christmas morning he discovered someone stole his only means of transportation but today he received a late gift. after learning about the robbery, achieve mobility, a wheelchair accessible van company donated a van to robert and debbie mccurdy. the company is lending the couple the van until thursday. a police incident report shows the the 2012 honda civic oddsey van was taken from their home on geiger street early last thursday morning. mccurdy who suffers with paralysis in his arm and legs says the van was specifically tailored to transport someone in a wheelchair. the mccurday say they are thankful for the donation. "i mean who would do that, a handicap van, that's low, very low. but now to know that their are good people, we had offers from several people offering their personal vehicles to try
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and help us and now we have one that we can use. the mccurdys say if their van is not recovered they may have to purchase another one. here is a replica of the van. it's a dark gray 2012 honda odyssey. the license plate, which is a handicap tag, reads w126. it has a wheelchair ramp and missing passenger seat. columbia police are investigating the robbery. if you have any information you are asked to call crime stoppers at 1- triple 8- crime- sc. an eastover man has been charged with murder after investigators say he shot and killed his neighbor after an argument over a fence. authorities say 49-year old mark volstromer shot and killed keith pruitt junior at his home on antioch amez church road yesterday. officials say pruitt got into an argument with volstromer's wife about the fence line dividing their properties when the pruitt got out of the truck. investigators say that's when volstromer shot himin the upper
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body. richland county deputies are continuing to investigate. highway patrol troopers are trying to track down a driver who fled from an accident over the weekend. it happened near the percival road exit on i-77 north saturday night. troopers say a pickup truck made an improper lane change and hit a car... sending the car off the road and into some trees...then took off. we're told the driver was just released from the hospital today. if you have any information about this hit and run, call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crimes-sc. a freak accident in orangeburg county has left one man dead-- highway patrol says a man on a riding lawnmower was killed when he was hit from behind by a pickup truck. the crash happened on winter creek road in orangeburg county around 11 o'clock saturday night. we're told the truck driver was not injured. the victim's name has not yet been released. a sizable area in west columbia will be without water for a period tomorrow--and if you live in the area you'll
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the city is shutting off water lines for a relocation project near leaphart and mineral springs road starting tomorrow at 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. this will impact more than two dozen blocks in and around the leaphart road area. once water is restored people in the area will then be under a boil water advisory and will need to boil water for at least one full minute before using it. more apartments may be on the way at columbia's bull street development. officials monitoring the project say hundreds of apartment units could be created inside the historic babcock building. jack kuenzie joins us in the studio with more. charles earlier this month we were talking about the student apartment complex expected to be located on the calhoun street side of the bull street property. now, two sources close to the project are confirming there are plans under consideration for even more apartment units close to spirit communications park, the baseball stadium now under construction. this time the apartments would be built inside the sprawling babcock building.
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that is the towering italian renaissance revival style structure almost adjacent to the location of that proposed 234 unit student housing project off calhoun. last year, babcock drew interest from a new orleans based developer who wanted to turn the building into a hotel. that plan fell through in part due to problems passing tax credit legislation. now we're told a different company---possibly based in virginia---has babcock under contract for new apartments. it would again require massive investment for repairs to a building dating back in one section to 1857---and with serious deficiencies including asbestos, lead paint, outdated windows and structural breakdowns. lawmakers have tried to offset those costs. because of the size, because of the nature of the work that needs to be done--there's a considerable amount of asbestos and the cost to bring that building to a position where it can be you know, repurposed and reutilized, it is a significant amount. and so there needs to be sosoething built in which is why we passed historic
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tax credits both for commercial and private residential efforts. and this has also been passed to make sure that we don't lose these buildings. the head of the new orleans law firm who abandoned the hotel plan estimated last year it would take at least $20 million dollars to rehab the babcock building. we've been unable to contact columbia mayor steve benjamin, bull street developer bob hughes and lennar commercial---the miami- based company handling recruitment and marketing of a major portion of the bull street effort. but as we reported three weeks ago, lennar has been pitching the site to retail and residential companies as "the commons at bullstreet"---which we are told by a city official might only apply to part of the overall project. still some lack of clarity over what to call this 165 acre project which has been identified by three different titles over the last year. lennar does have a new partial website up and running--using the name commons at bullstreet.
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jack kuenzie wis news ten. one south carolina lawmaker is throwing his support behind one republican presidential candidate, and finding himself on the receiving ends of attacks from another. will whitson takes a look at who's going after congressman trey gowdy on the campaign trail. congressman gowdy is scheduled to travel through iowa with florida senator marco rubio, campaigning with him in the days leading up to the iowa caucus- but gowdy's support for rubio created a social media firestorm from fellow republican presidential candidate donald trump- trump took to social media and airwaves after the rubio campaign announced gowdy- who has made national headlines leading the house subcommittee on benghazi- would throw his support behind rubio on the campaign trail- in his tweets, trump- who is the frontrunner in the republican primary race- called gowdy's work on the benghazi panel a failure- south carolina's republican party chairman, matt moore, fired back on twitter- saying an attack on gowdy is an
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attack on south carolina as a whole. "we are very proud of him. he is a strong conservative and i reject these sort of nasty name calling that people are throwing at congressman gowdy." i did reach out to congressman gowdy's office in washington for a response- i did not get a call back before this aired. live, ww wis news 10 the usc men's basketball team will head into the new year with a perfect record and a top 25 ranking. in the latest ap poll has the gamecocks sitting at number 24--one spot up from their number 25 ranking last week. after a win over saint john's last week, usc is 11 and oh. their next game is at home against memphis on saturday...before they start sec play on january 5th. as much of the country gets pummeled with snow--the most we'll see here is
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coming up, ben tanner has a look at your full forecast for the rest of the week.
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is also a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast. tuesday a front will cross the area and produce a few showers during the day, and the mild weather will prevail and highs will again reach the 70s. wednesday and thursday will also feature periods of rain which could lead to widespread flooding issues. of course, we'll watch this closely and will make changes accordingly. a trifecta of extreme weather continues to take its toll on people in texas.
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is also a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast. tuesday a front will cross the area and produce a few showers during the day, and the mild weather will prevail and highs will again reach the 70s. wednesday and thursday will also feature periods of rain which could lead to widespread flooding issues. of course, we'll watch this closely and will make changes accordingly. a trifecta of extreme weather continues to take
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the unseasonably warm temperatures have given way to cold, wintry weather and high winds that have moved in from the west...bringing in blizzard-like conditions to the areas of lubbock and abilene. forecasters say that cold air will remain--as high temperatures are only expected to reach the low 30's later this week. and that weather system has led to thousands of flights being canceled or delayed for all those holiday travelers in the middle part of the country. more than 700 flights were canceled at dallas- fort worth international airport alone. officials at chicago o'hare
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400 flights were cancelled today. officials say a typical travel day has about 150 cancelations and 4 thousand delays--nationwide. coming up after the break-- a way to get rid of your old christmas tree could break 2 portions of the riverwalk park
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columbia are back open todayclose again last week because of heavy rain. the riverwalk had reopened after major flooding in october but it has since been closed several times because of ongoing flooding problems from the continuous rain. since october -- crews have cleaned up everything from mud, debris, and trees. they've also found a lot of erosion problems and the river level is not helping. "we are getting additional erosion from that. and mainly we've got a lot of tree balls that were exposed down by the river because of the erosion. so now with these rains and all now, we're getting additional trees that are falling and things like that -- more frequently than in typical times. other than than, it's just the typical mud that's washed up and cleanup and things like that. but that's been the
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biggest issue." city engineers and fema have been working diligently to try and figure out all of the problems and what has to be fixed at the riverwalk park. as you get ready to take down your christmas tree, one organization is helping to take it off your handnd through nexexweek, you can drop off your tree to be recycled at more than two dozen locations in the area so it can be recycled. "keep the midlands beautiful" is taking those trees to have them ground down into mulch. that mulch will then be given away for free starting on january 18th. for a full list of locations to tomorrow, three columbia city councilmen will be sworn in--including to new faces recently elected. howard duvall and ed mcdowell each won runoff elections in november. mcdowell will now represent district two. duvall is the new at-large councilman. councilman moe baddourah will also be sworn in. he ran unopposed in november's general election.
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the ceremony is tomorrow at 3:30 at columbia city hall.
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preparations for their orange bowl matchup with oklahoma. the tigers and sooners will clash thursday at four in a college football playoff game. this is a rematch of last year's russell athletic bowl the tigers blew out the sooners 40 to six. this is a different oklahoma team...especially at the quarterback position. junior...baker mayfield has started every game this season for the sooners. he sat out last year after transferring from texas tech. clemson's deshaun watson is a threat passing and running. he's thrown for nearly 34 hundered yards and rushed for over 400 as he's led the sooners to an 11 and one record. boulware:he's definitely a fast player but he's a lot more quick and shifty than he is straight line speed...which is just as dangerous.he can juke you out..he can do a lot of different things. lawson:he'll make a lot of plays on his feet and the passing game, they have two incredible backs...pete ryan and the true freshman. they're a great offense..very different offense than last year's team. mayfield:their front seven is very talented obviously ya'll know number 70..shaq lawson..he's a very good
6:18 pm kind of have to key in to where those guys are at and how we want to eliminate we recognize the stakes but you can't get too uptight in it and think you're going to stop everything that they do. you've just got to make enough plays and see how continues to move up in the national polls. the 11 and oh gamecocks jump three spots in the coaches poll to number 20. they also move up one spot in the a-p rankings to 24th. usc's next game is wednesday at seven when they'll host francis marion. a basketball legend has passed away. former harlem globetrotters star meadowlark lemon died sunday at the age of 83. lemon was know as the "crown prince" of the globe trotters.
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the trotters mix basketball with pranks and humor to entertain fans around the world. meadowlark's antics always produced the biggest laughs. he played with the globetrotters at the height of their populartity from the mid 1950-s to the late 1970's. lemon is a member of both the
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. tonight, triple threat. blizzard conditions, tornados, flash floods. 100 million americans at risk with a storm that has already killed dozens. no charges. a grand jury does not indict the rookie police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice. tonight many are outraged. the first look into the chicago home where police accidentally killed a
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