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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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officials say at 10 this morning, the stage of the lake was at 104 point 6 feet...that's more than 4 inches above flood levels. the wateree river is forecasted to rise to just over 105 feet this evening--which could mean flooding for homes and roads close to the lake shore. duke energy says it is working with local emergency officials to monitor the situation. officials are asking anyone within the area to be on alert and pay attention to changing conditions. "we've had crews out most of the day.for people to be careful." take a look at some of these pictures by bryan sulzer. some of them show the floodwaters shooting from floodwaters shooting from the dam into the wateree river. others show submerged docks
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snapping as the water rises. he and others are hoping all of the flooding will taper off soon. officials say they'll be monitoring the situation overnight. live in camden, chad mills, wis news 10. the department of natural resources is investigating a drowning at lake wateree. 68-year-old thomas brinson of ridgeway drowned this morning this morning off blackgum lane in kershaw county. the kershaw county coroner says brinson was going down into the lake to try and get a well cover that had fallen in the water. when his wife came outside she couldn't find him.
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in the area--despite their level of water experience, to use extra caution--especially with the current water levels. again, wis will continue monitoring changing conditions in the area. right now--let's get a check of the current conditions out there. meteorologist ben tanner is in the weather center with the latest update... thursday the rain chance falls to 50% during the day and then down to 30% that night. high: 70. the front will cross the area and settle along the coast by late thursday night. new year's day will be mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of showers and a touch cooler temperatures. high:60. the first weekend in january will be dry and
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heavy rains over the past 24 will cross the area and settle along the coast by late thursday night. new year's day will be mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of showers and a touch cooler temperatures. high:60. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy. heavy rains over the past 24 hours are also leaving
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homeowners in several neighborhoods are continuing to watch the water levels close to their homes. that includes the pine glen subdivision which was hit hard by flooding in october. mike desumma joins us live from that area. charles samantha even as the sun goes down out here the buzz among many people is what the water is doing. people who were displaced from their homes in back by the floods --- have had to come out here because of rising waters. kinley creek in back of the street here topped its banks because of all the rain --- and at this hour, the levels really haven't gone down much. the creek like many waterways around here feeds off of lake murray. sce&g opening emergency spillways on the lake really brought a lot of heightened awareness out here over the course of the day.
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in the costly process of getting the necessary permits to rebuild their homes. some are already starting that work here on carinbrook drive. needless to say they're not happy to find the water rushing around their property again. "it's inhabitable.if it's going to keep happening like this.why would i work on something knowing the reoccurrence of water getting into my home and me having to carry kids out into the water? we're losing neighbors. i have kids that's gonna want to go outside and play with their neighbors and there's not going to be anybody left." meanwhile further upstate where all the runoff water is coming from --- things are slowly getting back to normal. yesterday you might recall we told close to a dozen roads were closed off in newberry county because of flooding rains. today most of those roads are back open. the question now for county officials is did they cause any permanent damage to several bridges that flow under and near creeks. as for the creek in this neighborhood agencies in lexington county say they intend to keep an eye on it throughout the course of the evening.
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desumma, wis news 10 in lexington county, flooding has also led to several road closures. the sheriff's department is reporting closures in the 1 thousand block of hope ferry road to saluda river. the 200 block of crosby road...and the 300 block of laura brodie road. officials are reminding everyone out traveling--especially at night, to be cautious while driving and to turn around when coming upon a road that's been flooded. south carolina war hero kyle carpenter is free after facing a judge on charges linked to a hit and run incident. jack kuenzie joins us live from where it happened at a busy intersection in downtown columbia. sam and charles---behind me, blossom and assembly near the coliseum and the strom thurmond wellness center. that's where police say a little more than threre weeks ago, kyle carpenter made a
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the 26 year old medal of honor recipient attempting to turn left onto assembly from westbound blossom----when he hit a young man in the crosswalk. the victim identified by cpd as 18 year old michael haddad---who according to a police report had the crossing light in his favor when carpenter's vehicle struck him and knocked him down. the victim suffered a leg injury and some scrapes but none of them serious enough for him to ask for hospital care. police after speaking to witnesses and looking at surveillance video determined carpenter had pulled over after making contact and put on his flashers. but they say he did not get out of his vehicle to offer help or identify himself. and police say once the victim had gotten to his feet and walked closer to the gym---carpenter drove away. investigators say when he was located, carpenter gave a statement and has cooperated. no indication of any alcohol or drug use by either man. the marine who suffered severe injuries and underwent multiple
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sacrificed his own safety in a taliban grenade attack now stands accused of hit and run and making an improper turn. he's free on his own recognizance after a city court appearance this morning. jack kuenzie wis news ten. the clemson tigers are hoping for a win to take them one step closer to the national title. right now okahoma is up 17 to 16 over the tigers at the half. the winner of this game advances to the national championship in glendale, arizona. we'll have more coverage coming up in sports--as well as highlights an analylys tonight on wis news at 11. a leesville fourth grader who is unable to walk on her own got a step up yesterday. we first brought you the story of alanna thompson a couple weeks ago. she was born with spina bifada and hydrocephalus and was wheelchair bound--but, not anymore. thanks to over 3 thousand dollars in donations on her gofundme page, she now has a
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though she's paralyzed from the waist down, standing is good for alanna medically. and now that she's at eye level with siblings and peers, she says she can do so much more. "i couldn't reach a lot of stuff in my room, and now when i want to play with something and the supplies and things are up high, i can reach them." alanna's mother, katie, says they're so grateful for aa of the people they knew, and didn't know, who made this possible for her. she says alanna was so excited, she cried when the package arrived yesterday. we're just under 6 hours until the new year--and overnight we could get some more showers. coming up after the break, ben tanner looks ahead to your first weather forecast of 2016. break 2 thursday the rain chance falls
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along the coast by late thursday night. new year's day will be mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of showers and a touch cooler temperatures. high:60. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy. will cross the area and settle along the coast by late thursday night. new year's day will be mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of showers and a touch cooler temperatures. high:60. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy. coming up, we look at some of the major events this past year
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and, the stage is set and the show will go on for another famously hot new year in
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flag is removed from the statehouse grounds during a ceremony ending 54 years of display at the south carolina capitol. on july 14th - the spacecraft new horizons passes by pluto, and comes within 7,800 miles of its surface - its closest flyby. the craft captures images of pluto and sends them back to earth. on august 14th - the u.s. flag is raised outside the newly reopened embassy in havana, marking another signal to an end of 50 years of strained relations between the u.s. and cuba. on august 19th - the german parliament votes
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for greece. greece receives 14 point 5 billion dollars, the first payment of a new three- year bailout that is worth a total of 95 point 6 billion dollars. on september 14th - european union officials meet to decide on how to respond to the syrian refugees crisis. however, no agreement is made. officials cannot agree on a proposal by european commission. president jean-claude junkers a plan that would give an additiona 120 thousand refugees asylum within the european union countries. on september 22nd - pope francis arrives in washington, d.c. to begin his first visit to the united states. we'll have more of the top stories for 2015 from around the world coming up at 7. tonight, thousands are expected to pack main street in downtown columbia to
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new year. the annual famously hot new year officially gets underway in around 10 minutes--rain or shine. a lineup of bands are set to take the stage in front of the state house--including five-time grammy award winning singer lauryn hill. there will also be stations for food and drinks. it's free to get in. if you want to make a monetary or food donation to flood victims there will be a place to do so. still ahead in sports-- coach frank martin says it's up to the fans to help keep the men's basketball winning streak alive. plus--tiger rag or boomer are going wild in miami to watch their teams go head to head in the orange bowl. coming up on nightly news an enormous skyscraper in dubai catches on fire, dramatic pictures from there, and yet the city goes ahead with the largest fireworks display on earth to celebrate new year's eve. also, a man in upstate new york accused of hatching an isis-inspired plot foiled
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and we have an nbc news investigation about the replacement for a medical device that was associated with dozens of deaths, well now the replacement also has a potentially fatal flaw. all coming up on nightly news.
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the national championship game. right now the third quarter is just getting underway...oklahoma is up 17 to joe gorchow caught up with some rowdy tigers and sooners ahead of the game today. a sea of orange invades south miami... into their own death valley... away from home. take sot "when you're 13-0 and have a team like clemson and a coach like dabo you can't help but follow them." oklahoma's played in more orange bowls than any program in the nation... so there fans feel like the sooners run this city. take sot "we're the miami sooners. we own this place. we're the miami sooners we're not intimidated by these people. we own this place. we live here. they're the intruders."
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tigers fans feel differently. "40-6. hey.. .i tell them like drake... we're going back to back. back to back." as fans party on to celebrate this grand stage... they enjoyed a fan fest set up right inside the parking lot. music festive music all around... even some performed by just regular people... on the karokee mic. music one family soaking in the experience... the parents and siblings of clemson cornerback cordrea tankersly. george tankersly/cordrea's father: "it's very exciting to come watch him play. been doing well this year. looking forward to winning this game and he's been working really hard to get to where he is right now." the families favorite moment from their son on the field this season... no brainer... his big time interception... in the acc title game. ledean tankersly/cordrea's mother : "acc championship catch go tigers. that was a big play." the tankersly's and the rest of clemson nation are ready to roar in celebration into the new year. on the basketball court--the usc
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basketball team remains red hot. the gamecocks ran their record to 12 and oh last night with a 78-to-56 win over francis marion. it's usc's longest winning streak since the 1996-97 season. head coach frank martin is encouraging the fans to make colonial life arena uncomfortable for visiting fans. "now we need our fans, that, you know, you have to come support the team if you want to sustain winning. you have to help the team create a home team environment. you have to be there an hour befefe the game and be obnoxious, not rude,
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come out of the tunnel for warm-ups, say oh my god look at all our friends we got here with us today" the gamecocks will next face memphis. they'll host the tigers at the
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