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tv   WIS News 10 Live at 500  NBC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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meteorologist ben tanner has the latest after what feels like days and days of rain. a cool front has passed through the midlands and brought some changes to the area. new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out
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temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. around noon today, the utility opened one spill gate at the saluda hydro facility. officials say the amount of water flowing "into" lake murray from the upstate is not going down as quickly as they had expected. "in october, we had three and a half spill gates open, so comparatively this is less water that will be coming down stream, but it is still obviously a good amount of water flowing out of the gate." people who live near the saluda river are urged to use caution because of strong currents. ntact local law enforcement if you have any safety concerns. the rising water is threatening parts of newberry county too. flooding has become a constant problem at the saluda river resort. our mike desumma is in silverstreet this evening.
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charles, samantha this is just another area where location has become the issue since the historic october floods. the neighborhood here sits right on this creek by the saluda river. typically the shore of that creek is far back into the treeline however lately it's crept a lot closer. the river itself comes off lake greenwood. there county officials say the water level has been a lot higher as of late because of the heavy rains. that contributes to what residents are seeing here downstream. the rising waters reflooded a lot of homes that were already flooded out months ago. residents here told me for some of their neighbors --- that's a setback to getting
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"some of them had actually moved back of them was almost done and another one had some walls and a ceiling to do and now they have to start all over again." "i've been down here for five years and i ain't never seen it get like it is now. heck we've had this happen four times in the last two or three months. it's a shame." the good news at this point is that since this morning levels on the saluda here have been dropping. according to newberry county officials buzzards roost dam is the dam that sits off of lake greenwood. at last check the water coming off of that dam is a lot steadier thank it was yesterday. welcome news for residents here who are just looking to dry out. live in newberry county, mike desumma, wis news 10.
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through our area you can track it anytime by downloading the wiweather app. our first alert weather team is always updating even when we're not on air just search wis weather in your app store and it's free. just into the alert center clemson university is denying allegations made in connection to the death of a student who died during a fraternity run in september 2014 . -tucker hipps: died in september 2014 during a pre-dawn run with his fraternity. -in documents the school filed last week--school answered allegations made by tucker hipp's parents --that he was forced to walk along a bridge railing over lake hartwell. his body was found below in the water. -family two lawsuits: each seeking at least 25 million in damages -school: law suit alleges: long standing tradition of requiring pledges to jump off the bridge and swim to the shore--school officials say they had no knowledge of that. clemson is seeking dismissal of
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a new partnership to rescue sumter's hospital is now official. the tuomey healthcare system finalized its deal to merge into palmetto health today. the two systems have been in negotiations since last february. tuomey operates sumter's only hospital but it has been struggling with a drop in patients, high debts and a multimillion dollar kickback scandal. the sumter hospital system will now be called palmetto health toumey. the clemson tigers have return to the palmetto state as orange bowl champions, but the team still has work to do to become national champions. fans have gathered in tigertown to welcome the number one team in the land back to death valley. clemson players put in a dominating second half performance last night to reserve their spot in the national championship game. the team landed just a little `while ago at greenville-spartanburg airport returning from miami after beating the oklahoma sooners 37-17. the tigers were down at the half 17 to 16, before shutting out o-u in the second
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away for the win. fans are celebrating. the players are looking ahead to more practice as they'll soon play again for a national title. the tigers' opponent for the championship also put on an impressive show in the semifinals. the alabama crimson tide got home to tuscaloosa earlier this afternoon. the tide cranked out an impressive shutout of their own in the cotton bowl last night. alabama defeated the michigan state spartans 38 to zero in the second semifinal. the tigers and the tide will face off in the e national championship game on monday january 11th in glendale, arizona. for tiger fans wanting to travel to see clemson compete for the schools second national title. the athletic department says it gets 19,500 tickets to the game so far the members of the schools athletic booster 17-thousand. for ticket options you can find a link to all the information on our website, wistv-dot-com and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the big red 10.
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big role in last night's game, especailly during the first half, was kicker greg huegel. he nailed three first half field goals and four extra points. joe grochow talked with huegel while the confetti rained down. we're now joined by greg huegel the bythlewood native and the kicker f f clemson, big night for you three field goals made how does it feel to deliver when clemson needed you most? "oh it feels fantastic, i'm just glad i had all the support throughout the season the confidence of my team and i'm just glad i could deliver for them." in the first half you just rrlly had to stay clam and poised it was a close game, everything was one the line seemingly when you took that kick, how did you stay so calm? "i just tried to approach it like every other kick, you know you trust the process, you kick thousands of balls every single season and you just have got to trust yourself." what's great about greg is that he started 2016 not on the clemson roster, didn't think about playing football, you're ending it as the star kicker, how
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"that sounds good to me, i'm just thankful to be here." what does this moment feel like to you? dancing in confetti, your teammates are celebrating and you are surrounded by a sea of orange. "i can't even explain it, i can not even explain it. like i was saying before it was a surreal situation, i'm just living the dream right now." for the folks back home watch in the midlands, what's your message for them? "let's just say if you believe in yourself and you keep working, it will work out for you." the dream year for huegel continues into 2016 as the clemson tigers are headed to the national championship." we have much more on the the orange bowl game and getting ready for the national championship on our website, wistv-dot- com. the business of dying in the palmetto state is going high tech. and the tax man is giving a break for plane parts... and baby clothes. next on wis at 5, we'll check
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the new year. break
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new year - new laws on the south carolina books. though it was passed during the
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session, a new series of tax exemptions went into aircraft parts and supplies are now sales-tax exempt, as are some construction supplies and children's clothing. but those supplies and clothing are only tax exempt if they're being purchased by families considered "in need." also officially going onhe books today is a law requiring the use of electronic death certificates for south carolina doctors and funeral home directors. lawmakers passed this bill as well during the 2015 legislative session- requiring doctoars to file an electronic death ceritficiate within a five day time span of declaring an individual dead- the law imposes penalties for doctors who don't meet that deadline- and also penalizes funeral home directors who go through with cremation before the paperwork is submitted. tomorrow, one republican presidential candidate will make a pit stop
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florida senator marco rubio will hold a meet and greet at hudson's smokehouse barbecue at 4pm saturday. he's also expected to be holding events in hilton head and easley. republican presidential candidate ben carson's trouble in the polls has now turned into trouble within his campaign. carson's campgian manager barry bennett and communications director doug watts have steeped down. the deputy campaign manager lisa coen also resigned. carson has struggled in the polls since october when he was rivaling donald trump for the lead in the republican race. while many new year's resolutions deal with health, most people focus on losing weight and getting fit. a growing number of americans are trying to focus not only on working their bodies, but also their brains. brian moooor explains. :20-:26 millions of americans are hoping to wind down in 20-16. "meditation is becoming incredibly popular, you're
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athletes meditate" according to a creative research designs study, more than half of americans meditate or are interested in meditation. and for good reason. "there are now over 1000 published studies demonstrating meditation's ability to improve your attention decrease your stress improve your productivity and more" meditation may be an ancient practice. but modern technology can help get you started. popular apps like "head space" aim to make meditation easier. and similar to the way fitness the "muse" brain sensing headband. "so muse actually has sensors on your forehead and behind your ears slips on just like a pair of glasses and sends your real brain data to calm... and gives real-time feedback. "you're actually able to hear the sound of your own brain so you can take it from that crazy busy place to a place of clear focused attention in a way that's easy to do every day" finding your own personal calm within the storm. brian mooar, nbc news.
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300 dollars and is the muse headband costs about 300 dollars and is available both online and in some best buy stores. a cool front has passed through the midlands and brought some changes to the aaa. new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the
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a cool front has passed through the midlands and brought some changes to the area. new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out by midday.
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upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight lows will settle just above freezing. break 2015 marked a signififant rise new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and
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midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the
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south carolina. there have been 942 deaths this year compared to 813 in 2014. this is a very disturbing and shocking fact. despite a 1.3% state population growth rate in 2015, we have seen an 18% increase in the number of fatal crashes. so, what is causing this dramatic increase? some
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dramatic increase? some are attributing it to lower gas prices putting more people on our roads. more people on the roads also gives rise to more people making the wrong decisions behind the wheel. driving on our state's interstates and highways, you may have noticed electronic signs now displaying the same startling traffic death statistics. additionally, new television and radio ads try to hammer home the three top causes of traffic deaths in the state: drunk driving, speeding and not wearing seat belts. state officials are trying to get your attention. slow down and use more driver discretion. the message is simple: use common sense when driving. don't drink and drive. and don't speed and force those driving around you to make quick lane changes to allow you to go even faster. and finally simply be a what's yours? one lexington church is getting involved in a nationwide effort to provide a
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to young people with special needs. this year, the harvest is one of 127 churches participating in night to shine, organized by the tim tebow foundation. the event is coming up valentines weekend. it has grown from 44 churches last year. from hair and makeup to dancing and dinner, guests get the total prom experience. and everyone is crowned king and queen. "the hope is we can turn night to shine on valentine's day weekend from a celebration of just romance into a celebration ntered on god's love for people with special needs." "it would be my hope that we, as a church, and as a volunteer pool of people, are able to show god's love, that these people with
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feel loved, feel appreciated, feel valued because they are." if you would like to volunteer or donate for night to shine, check out this story on wistv-dot- com for a link to contact the harvest church. coming up on the news at 5:30...a check of your weekend forecast. plus, some people are starting 2016 frustrated after they were told they'd have to move
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i'm charles molineaux. today's top stories - the clemson tigers are back in south carolina after their big orange bowl victory over the oklahoma sooners last night. clemson used an amazing defensive effort to shut out o-u in the second half and win the national semi- final 37-17. fans gathered at death valley to welcome the team to tiger town. clemson will next take on alabama monday, january 11th for the national championship. right now, we are montioring the
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sce-and-g announced it needed to open another spillway gate. this is the second time in two days the company has had to open a gate at the dam. the comapny says because of all the water pouring in overnight it needs to release more water from the lake. officials say the are watching the lake levels to see if anything else needs to be done over the next day. clemson university is fighting back against a lawsuit in the 2014 death of a student. the school has filed documents answering allegations made by the parents of tucker hipps - including that he wasorced to walk along a narrow railing of a bridge over lake hartwell. his body was found below the briie. university officials say they have no knowledge that sigma phi epsilon had a tradition of forcing pledges to jump off the bridge. they are seeking dismissal of the suit. a cool front has passed through the midlands and brought some changes to the area. new year's day: the front is
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coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight lows will settle just above freezing. new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast massive flooding is along the mississippi river. the water is still rising in southeast missouri and southern illinois as more water
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raycom's amanda hanson has more from cape girardeau. i'm out here at the red star district. and i want you to get a look at what the conditions look like. just early this week were doing live shots at the the water was just up to the, up to the windows. the water keeps trickling down the street even closer to more homes and structures like the red star baptist chchch. just last night, they started filling up sandbags and placing them around the based of the building trying to keep as much water as they can out. already water is starting to get into the basement. they're working around the clock. it's something they've been doing for day now and will continue to do throughout the weekend. the mississippi river is suppose to crest at 50 feet in cape girardeau comes saturday. that could cause even more concern for the church and homes around the area. already 18 homes are said to be underwater. we're going to continue to
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search wis weather in your app store. you can also look for updates on wis-tv-dot- com and click on the weather tab to get the latest from our first alert weather team. an officer shot today in savannah during a foot the officer is in the hospital and stable--and authorities have arrested the man accused of shooting him. -started at a convenience store -suspected shooter: malcolm orr, attempting to rob a customer, police called and approached him--took off. -slight chase, orr shot officers hitting officer quincy smith. -orr taken into custody quickly. officials say officer smith is now in stable condition the year is off to a frustrating start at a columbia area apartment complex. some of the tenants have been told they have to move in a matter of days. jack kuenzie joins us live from near the apartments
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charles, the complex is called willow run. it's been here for several decades and has probably seen better days. but changes are on the way in the new year. the complex has a new owner as of november and will be operated by the royal american panama city florida. the company's website says it oversees two other columbia apartment complexes, brookside crossing and arcadia park in the parklane road and decker boulevard areas. the plan here is to start renovating and upgrading the buildings---doing so in phases. tenants say the company has begun a process of relocating some of them---to other aparents, hotel rooms or by giving other options including paying to store their belongings if the tenants live with friends or relatives.
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make that move is now just ten days away. lorena kelly has lived here 33 years. well first of all i need to be able to transfer my services that i have in my home. i live alone so i've got to get some help to pack my and we need at least 30 days....i think 30 days notice is adequate to let people prepare and do what they have to do. the changes are especially problematic here because most of the apartments are subsidized and the tenants' ininmes don't give them a lot of choices. we've attempted to contact the company in florida and a regional office in charlotte but we have yet to hear back from anyone. live near alcott drive jack kuenzie wis news ten. in less than two weeks, south carolina lawmakers will be back at the state house
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and they'll kick off the new year with bills left over from 2015. will whitson takes a look at what's on the table. the biggest bill waiting on a vote in the state house in january is the house of representative's attempt at road funding. the bill was introduced at the beginning of the 2015 session, but went through amendment after amendment before passing the house and heading to the senate... where it was amended again... and not voted on. it is on special order in the senate- meaning it gets top priority when lawmakers return. but even if it gets a passing vote in the senate- it wouou have to go back to the house for final approval. the roads bill has bounced back and forth in political ping pong- but several lawmakers say it's time to vote. york "i think now, south carolina will come together. many of those who were so opposed to a road or infrastructure bill, if you watch those remarks in the media, those remarks have been court did charge lawmakers with fixing rural school funding
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district lawsuit. lawmakers have been meeting regularly regarding the issue- and will hold another meeting next week. "the big issue will be abbeville. it will be an accountability system we will hold all schools and districts accountable to." advocates for ethics reform also say they haven't given up hope on a new reform bill- but the massive ethics bill proposed last year has not been revived. ww wis news 10 . the legislative session for 2016 officially begins january 12th. a legend in the world of music is gone. grammy award winning singer natalie cole has died at the age of 65. her publicist reports she died in los angeles yesterday. cole was the daughter of legendary singer nat "king" cole. she had been dealing with multiple health issues including hepatitis c and a kidney transplant in 2009. a family statement reads, in part, "our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever."
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in israel. authorities are trying to see if there are connections to isis. nbc's edward lawrence reports. as new york work crews clean up after one of the largest new year's eve celebrations..... authorities in tel aviv, israel look for a gunman. this security camera video shows the gunman first looking at produce.. then pulling out an assault rifle and killing two people injuring at least eight more. in germany... authorities evacuated two train stations just hours before the new year. they had a credible threat that suicide bombers targeted those stations for a midnight attack. new years day also brought evacuations in ramadi, iraq. iraqi forces pushed isis out of the city and now are helping relieved residents get out from under the terrorist group's control. meanwhile in the united states... emanuel lutchman spends his first full day in jail. the f-b-i arrested the rochester man, who they say, was poised to
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eve isis inspired attack in his hometown. new york and this was person who was a muslim. was in the state prison system but then became radical--radicalized through the internet. security was tight for all new year's eve celebrations. spectators saw the same level of security at the 127th annual rose bowl parade. this is the los angeles unified school district all district honor band. each of the floats decked out with thousands of flowers. this year along with the floats bomb sniffing dogs, more uniformed officers, and a police helicopter patrolling. as we start this presidential election year a gallup poll shows that americans now name terrorism at the number one problem, for the u-s. edward lawrence nbc news .. washington. a historic event that changed the palmetto state forever. looking back on the flood that was theheumber one story of the last year. break a look now at your first alert
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when i was 6, my days were spent playing basketball. when i was 6, my dream was to make it to the nba. when i was 6... my mom had a stroke. i'm paul george, and i want you to spot a stroke, f.a.s.t. f, face drooping. a, arm weakness. s, speech difficulty. t, time to call 911. protect the ones you love.
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a cool front has passed through the midlands and brought some changes to the area.
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parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight lows will settle just above freezing. break new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast
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continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to o e upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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october's thousand-year flood that killed 19 people and cost the state millions. it was the number one story of 2015 for our wis year in review. :01 "hundreds of rescues." "first responders are doing everything they can to try to help people and keep
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countless lives saved. "obviously first responders you guys are super heroes to us." "thank you for the heroic job you and other law enforcement have been doing for the last 24 to 48 hours." "these images we are seeing this morning for the first time are going to live in our minds for a very long time." lives forever changed. "we have lost everything, but the best thing is we still have our lives. we still have our lives." "we want to make sure we are doing all we can to get through this together and to get through it as safely as possible." heartbreaking destruction "it's devastating. just devastating. the whole neighborhood is devastated." from tragagy: new hope "i actually saw dawndy's broadcast last night so i
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clothes." "take a look at all of the bottled water that has been donated to the evacuees." the midlands: pulling together. "everybody is helping everybody." "such an outpouring of compassion." "it's been awesome to watch." south carolina: united by tragedy. "our goal is to o ke sure we recover and that we come out of this stronger than when we started." neighbors helping neighbors. "there are a lot of families that could use our help." "we can help in anyway we can." "it has been awesome to see how many people have been trying to here." "it's been amazing to see columbia people coming out and support one another." "we will get through this." "thank you so much for saving my life. cause if you weren't there i never would have made it." incredible stories of survival. "i am just thankful my parents are alive." "i said, 'dear lord are you taking me home right now?'" "i got it open - thank god - and got her out of ththcar." some lost everything. but escaped with their lives.
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not afraid to die.' i told him i was and we weren't going to die." still ahead on the news at 5. he went to "war" against one of the biggest meanest new years challenges. we'll check out one "tough" guy's weapons in a "tough" battle a lot of us know all too well. break if you plan to make a lofty new
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especially when it comes to diet and exercise. dietitians say small changes and tweaks can help you reach your larger goal. too many people give up simply because they did not break down their goal into manageable pieces. "there are many ways we can break our goals down, definitely by breaking them down into measurable bits. so we could write them down, definitely making a list. what do i need to do? you know, it's like running a mile, i have to take it one step at a time." stepp says it's also important not to get discouraged if you have a set back--there's always the next meal or the next workout to recover. a proud "ex" smoker is offering a road map for one of the toughest of new year's resolutions.
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kicking the habit can be a matter of making a lot... of small changes. :30 1:04 this guy looks tough... ... and sounds tough. "it's a done deal, bah dah bing, bah dah boom.." that's nothing compared to the first week after giving up cigarettes.. "ooohhhhh talk about tough." bob horak did it though... quit smoking a year ago after picking up his first cigarette when he was just 14. "shoulda done this years ago, but the timing wasn't right." the right time -- the time that worked -- was when bob realized he wasn't in control of the cigarettes. they controlled him. .. you own me.' that was really the turning point for me to say, all right, somehow, wewere going to war." when bob went to war... "i'm calling to check in on you..." ... this woman provided the artillery. "i'm so proud of you.." kelly roberts runs the quit smart program at
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she's a firm believer in nicotine replacement therapies like the patch and gum... she also shows people how to shake up their routine -- disassociating cigarettes with everyday life. "if you came down every morning and had a cup of coffee and you had your first bob took the idea -- and hit the gas. "i would drive down different roads. i've lived in charlotte 27 years. i drive down different roads i've never been down." the plan is working... a year later, bob horak remains smoke-free. erika edwards, nbc news. bob changed his routine in other ways, as well, like brushing his teeth with the opposite hand. shortly after the clock struck midnight last night, partiers cleared out of new york city streets and cleanup crews moved in. people were still leaving time square when crews started cleaning up the confetti covered streets. revelers left party hats, noise makers, streamers, and other items left from what people say was a great party.
5:45 pm
26 mechanical sweepers, and 25 collection trucks cleaned the streets by 7 a-m. last year crews picked up more than 48 tons of debris. thanks for joining us for the news at 5.
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announcer: they'll test you. try to break your will. but however loud the loudness gets. however many cheese puffs may fly. you're the driver. the one in control. stand firm. just wait. [click] and move only when you hear the click that says they're buckled in for the drive.
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again on lake murray as the neighbors keep an anxious watch. and some homeowners say our new round of flooding is even worse for them than october was. and the victorious clemson tigers are home, celebrating, and getting back to work for the national championship good evening and welcome to the news at six. i'm dawndy mercer plank. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm charles molineaux. for the second time this week, sce&g is working to balance the water levels at lake murray. sam bleiweis has the latest sam? charles, dawndy, the biggest thing sce&g officials are tring to tackle is a consistently rising lake level after the rainfall we saw over the course of the past few days. officials say the amount of water flowing "into" lake murray from the upstate is not going down as quickly as
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that's why around noon today,
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