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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's why around noon today, the utility opened one spill gate at the saluda hydro facility. with one spill gate open, an additional 18,000 cubic feet per second has been flowing into the lower saluda river. officials say they will continue to watch lake levels throughout the night to see if they need to do momoe. we manage the lake level to 360 feet, so in order to do that we have to release some more water, so that's why we're opening the spill gate. we wouldn't do it if we didn't need to, but it's part of managing the lake and keeping the dam safe. there have been rumors circulating that three spill gates were open--wis just spoke with sce&g officials who say only one is open--it's the same one that's been open since noon. people who live near the saluda river are urged to use caution because of strong currents. sce&g officials say they can't accurately predict
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people who live downstream--they just have to keep monitoring the situation. contact local law enforcement if you have any safety concerns. live in the newsroom sb wis news 10. right now--clouds continue to blanket the midlands, but no more rain is in the mix. meteorologist ben tanner has your forecast as we start the new year. a cool front has passed through the midlands and brought some changes to the area. new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and extreme eastern midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and d low
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just above freezing. the height of some rivers and streams has once again become a problem in parts of newberry y heavy rains caused part of the saluda river to rise near homes. the saluda river resort was already hit by the historic october flood. mike desumma joins us w wh what's happening there today. charles over the past 48 hours many areas of the neighborhood here that were hit weather event got re- flooded. some resdients tell me they believe the water level this time was even higher than it was back in octter.
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even higher. what's causing all of this is the creek that sits along the resort here. it's coming off the saluda river which flows off of greenwood lake. that lake --- much like lake murray --- has had its flood gates open in recent days, causing all this water to flow downstream. several residents told me because of that they've been closely watching the shore line as the rain moved through. "just kept rising up.rising.wondering how high it was gonna go and if it had an end to it. we finally noticed last night it started going back down.we was praying to god." "i know we can't help the rain and stuff you know..that's uncontrollable but it's kind of heart breaking to see these people
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homes." people who live here say this is about the fourth time rain has caused the water level to go up here since the october floods. they say some of their neighbors have bene putting money into their homes to hopefully move back into them. the rain this week is now setting them back. one piece of good news at this point --- the water level on the river is continuing to drop. live in newberry county, mike desumma, wis news 10. plans to fix up one midlands apartment complex mean the people who actually live there... will have to clear out. they've been given just a few days to pack up and move. willow run apartments have been bougtht by a new company and they're going to be renvoated eventually, the units here will be nicer places to live. but the tenants have to move in the short term. and for some, there is very
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tenants say they knew last summer the complex would change hands, but only found out december 22nd when they were expected to be out of their units so rerevations could begin. originally that date for people in the first couple of buildings was january 4th. they found out yesterday they've been given an extension to january 12th---but that is still not much time especially for longtime residents like lorena kelly. basically we want more time and we would like to have at least 30 days. we're not trying to fight the renovation. we understand it's needed but we would just like to have a little bit for time. it just makes sense. i understand they're under a construction schedule. this should have been factored in when they did it. tenants have been provided a range of options---some to move into other apartments temporarily, some to be released from their leases, some to have storage fees paid for if they live with
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most here live in section 8 or subsidized apartments and don't have unlimited choices elsewhere. we've attempted to contact the new management company---royal american based in panama city florida, and a regional office in charlotte. so far, no response. the clemson tigers come home as champions. after a win over oklahoma last night in the orange bowl--clemson is 14 and 0 and headed to play for the national championship. the tigers landed at greenville spartanburg international airport this afternoon and loaded the buses back to clemson. the were greeted by a packed crowd of excited tiger fans at death valley. they are just one game from winning the second national title in clemson's history. there won't be much time for the tigers to celebrate. they've got alabama to deal with. joe gorchow caught up with running back wayne gallman right after the game. the wayne train in full effect on new year's eve, wayne how does it feel to be orange bowl champions and to now one win away from a national
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to tell you the truth, i really can't tell you how i feel, 'cause i don't know how to feel yet. but just to know that we can play in a national championship, is a dream all in itself. do you ever dream of dancing in confetti, because tonight you get your chance to do it. no, i never dreamed of this. i didn't even know it was going to happen. but it's just crazy to know that all the hard work that we've put in is paying off. clemson's offense, a little slow in the first half to get going, but then you got going--over 500 yards for the tenth straight game. what was the key for your success on the ground tonight? put the ball in his hands and see what happens.s. how long do you let this moment sink in before you start turning the pages and prepare for a national title? really can't let the moment sink in, got to go see what alabama and michigan state do. wayne, we appreciate your time. wayne gallman, running back for the clemson tigers. great night in the orange bowl as clemson wins 37 to 17. the tigers will now face alabama in the national championship game after the crimson tide trounced michigan state in the cotton bowl last
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the tide won in a shut- out 38 to nothing. clemson and alabama will have just over a week to prepare for the title game, which will be on january 11th in glendale, arizona. and for tiger fans wanting to travel to see clemson go for their second title in school history, the athletics department gets 19,500 tickets to the game. iptay members have already reserved 17- thousand of those. for your ticket options, go to wistv-dot-com and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the big red 10. break 2 days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat...
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fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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new year's day: the front is parked close to the coast therefore some widely scattered showers continue in the southern and
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midlands, those will clear out by midday. temperatures will "fall" to the upper 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight lows will settle
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the key to making your new
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stick--may be to make smaller goals. and with a new year comes several new laws on the books. we'll check out a few in effect today. break 2
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trouble for a columbia clean team known as the "yellowshirts." the yellow shirts patrol main street and more recently, the vista to make critical parts of the capital city cleaner and visitor- friendly. but the city of columbia has so far failed to allocate money to pay for the program in the vista for the rest of the fiscal year. the head of the congaree vista guild says the program needs 75 thousand dollars to keep the yellowshirts on the job until the end of june. the question is expected to come up before the city council next tuesday. a new partnership to rescue sumter's hospital is
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the tuomey healthcare system finalized its deal to merge into palmetto health today. the two systems have been in negotiations since last february. tuomey operates sumter's only hospital but it has been struggling with a drop in patients, high debts and a multimillion dollar kickback scandal. the sumter hospital system will now be called palmetto health toumey. with a new year, comes new laws on the south carolina books. though it was passed during the 2015 legislative session, a new series of tax exemptions go into effect today- aircraft parts and supplies are now sales tax exempt, as are some construction supplies and children's clothing. but those supplies and clothing are only tax exempt if they're being purchased by families considered "in need." also officially going on the books today is a law requiring the use of electronic death certificates for south carolina doctors and funeral home directors. lawmakers passed this bill as well during the 2015 legislative session- requiring doctors to file an electronic death certificate within a five
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individual dead. the law imposes penalties for doctors who don't meet that deadline- and also penalizes funeral home directors who go through with cremation before the paperwork is submitted. republican presidential candidate marco rubio is kicking off the new year with campaign stops in south carolina. tomorrow rubio will be at a meet and greet at hudson's smokehouse in lexington. that will be at 4. he's also making stops in easley and hilton head earlier in the day. if you're planning on making a lofty new year's resolution this year--experts say don't shoot too high. especially when it comes to diet and exercise, dietitians say small changes and tweaks can help you reach your larger goal. they say many people give up simply because they didn't break down their goal into manageable pieces. "there are many ways we can break our goals down, definitely by breaking them down into measurable bits.
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definitely making a list. what do i need to do? you know, it's like running a mile, i have to take it one step at a time." experts say it's also important to get discouraged if you have a set back--there's always the next meal or the next workout to recover. another hurdle still remains before clemson can claim another national title. last night--it was their defense that really pulled through. coming up in sports, rick henry breaks down how they got it done and what they'll have to do when they face alabama. break 3 it's on to the national championship game for the top-ranked clemson tigers
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oklahoma in a semi-final game 37 to 17. now one big key to clemson's victory, the play of the defense. they shut out the sooners in the second half and they held the them to just 67 total yards rushing. the clemson defenders came in with some attitude because they got tired of all the talk, all the people picking oklahoma to win, so they decided it was time to put up to shut up. "were you feeling disrespected with so many people picking oklahoma to win?" "oh yeah, we feel disrespected by how they talked, they talked their mouth all week man. that's what they do, we never talk. you can't walk the walk you got to talk the talk." "every year, week in and week out, people doubt us man. we just playing with heart and playing with that chip on our shoulder that we're going to go out there and play clemson football and we know our best is better than their best. we just play to our standard and we got a bunch of guys that are working
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you got that, you good." "that's how it normally is. all these great teams we play we're always the underdogs, so we just got to play with each other, it's a brotherhood out there, nobody respects us like i said and nobody picks us to win ever so it's just within the team, we find it within each other." "my message to them is you know what happens when we take the lead in the fourth quarter. since 2010 we're 51 and 0. these guys finish, they know how to finish, we're 51 and 0 when we take the lead going into the fourth quarter. so that's incredible consistency and that's really the message, let's go get on top in the third and let's put it away in the fourth." "it's like a dream come true, any kid that wants to play college football, their dream is to play for a national championship. and we have the opportunity, we're just living it up right now, we're on top of the world." "it's a blessing to be a part of it, it's our fourth bowl win in in the national championship." clemson is 14 and 0, they have the nation's longest winning streak at 17 straight. and if they can make it 18, they second national title.
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tonight, moment of attack. a suspected terrorist caught on camera spraying bullets on crowded sidewalks, those around him run
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