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tv   WIS News 10 700 Report  NBC  January 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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near the intersection of cairnbook drive and derbyshire lane. both lexington county sheriffs department and irmo fire department are out here monitoring things. of course, this flooding is caused by the release of water from lake murray dam into the lower saluda river. right now, one still gate is open, since the lake level is so high. take a look at this video from just about an hour and a half ago. water has surrounded several homes. now, a few of them were
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historic october flood, but one of them had been renovated since then. for a while, neighbors used sticks to monitor how quickly water was rising up the gutter on cairnbrook. hey lexington county deponie on scene told these neighbors that sce&g had planned to meet at 6:45 to reassess -- and to determine if the spillgate should be closed. of course, these neighbors hope the gate will be closed and say the lake appears to be leveling off. live in lexington county, chad mills, wis news 10. the persistent rains this week
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in parts of newberry county. in silverstreet, the saluda river has gone up putting water much closer to homes at the saluda river resort. the neighborhood already was affected by the october floods, which forced people to leave their homes. residents told us many of their neighbors have
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rebuilding --- just to have their homes damaged again this week. kayla bennett --- silverstreet "i talked to one of the ladies.ya know this is her permanent home and she's very upset about the fact that she was almost done and now she's got to start all over." water to the resort comes down the saluda off lake geenwood. county officials say they are keeping a close eye on it -- and at this point it looks like the rush is dying down. in just a few days, columbia mayor steve benjamin will make his pitch for millions of federal dollars to help with flood recovery. benjamin is planning to speak one-on-one with members of congress, officials at the white house, and agencies like the department of housing and urban development. there are still vast infrastructure needs, crop losses, business losses, and damage to neighborhoods. the mayor is looking for a piece of 300 million dollars in community development block grants, which is a fund available for "disaster relief, long- term recovery, and restoration of
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"letters and phone calls and e-mails are important, but sometimes, you need to look a man in the eye and say exactly what you want. look him in the eye and say, 'this is what my people need,' and make it clear. we'll bring a history of very good stewardship of federal funds with us, and we'll articulate those priorities, and we won't take 'no' for an answer." the mayor says there might also be opportunities for help through fema's hazard mitigation grant program. we'll have more from the mayor -- and take a closer look at what he says the need is -- coming up at 11 o'clock. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy "won, but not done." that's the mindset of the clemson tigers after last
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the team made a triumphant "won, but not done." that's the mindset of the clemson tigers after last night's orange bowl victory. the team made a triumphant carolina this afternoon. last night's win was just the latest in a storybook season
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championship, number one ranking and perfect record. there is still more work to do. the tigers wll play alabama for the national championship on january 11th. before the tigers returned home, they took time to reflect on their huge victory over the sooners. joe gorchow talked with coach dabo swinney and some players after their orange bowl win. "a new year eve's celebration to remember. the clemson tigers are orange bowl champions, a title which gives the tigers an opportunity to play for the national title. dabo: these guys are amazing, it's one thing to have a talented team, it's another thing to have a talented group of guys who care about each other and want to serve each other. jayron : it's real special, we worked so hard for this. for all this work to pay off, it's a great feeling." all the dreams the tigers had leading up to this game can not compare to the moment
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new year. cordrea: it feels a whole lot better knowing it's my dream come true, it's an alltime dream to win a national championship. we're almost there." "i don't think it has all the way set in just because as a coach, you just stay in that focus mode, focus mode and i haven't gotten away from that and i don't plan to do it so i plan to stay focused." the key to clemson's convincing victory, a strong second half surge. the tigers outscored the sooners 21 to nothing in the final 30 minutes. "it's been a special year, i don't think it's set in, till we're on the plan back tomorrow, we were just so locked in and that was our message to our players...hey lets just stay focused, stay locked in and treat it like any other game we've treated this year and hopefully a special time and a time our players and coaches will remember for a long time." clemson's players dominated in the trenches on both sides.
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bowl record 312 yards, while keeping the sooners to just 67 total on the ground. and the big men who blocked up the sooners, expected to dominate. dabo: "we rushed the ball for 312 yards and they had 9 of 11 starters back, just incredible so you can't state enough the job that offensive line has done. "if we were going to win the game, we had to run the ball and it's just a mentality that coach caldwell instills in us that it's all on our back and that's how we like it." "you know, we were hungry and we feel disrespected being the underdogs all the time so we were just excited to go out there and play." -------------need an edit here---- "we'll enjoy this and then we'll fix our eyes on what's next and it shouldn't be real hard to get guys ready to play for the national championship. this is it, this is truly the biggest game of the year." joe: clemson's next stop, glendale arizona to play for the national championship on january 11th.
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ratings to measure how many people watched this year's college football playoffs were down 36 percent from last season. and officials say it's because of when the games were played. the orange bowl, which started around 4 pm yesterday, drew a 9 point 7 rating. last year's first semifinal game pulled a 15 point 5. ratings for the second semifinal were also down by a similar amount. officials say last year's games were played on new year's day instead of new year's eve. we'll have much more on the tigers coming up in sports. we'll talk one on one with still ahead on the news at seven... "with the new year comes new laws. i'll take a look at some laws on the books in south carolina that go into effect starting today." break 1 new year, new laws. going in to 2016, some bills days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing
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marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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up. college is hard. down. those books are heavy. my sport is football, but my passion is education. so every year, i take promising high-schoolers on a college tour...
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to show them that higher education means a brighter future. [bullhorn whoops] [laughter] my name is nnamdi asomugha. i don't just wear the shirt, i live it. announcer: you can be a reader, tutor or mentor, too. take the pledge at do you wear this? breaks. books. this year only two new laws go into effect with the coming of 2016- in years past, lawmakers passed bills concerning cybersecurity and consumer protection to go into effect six months after the end of the legislative session. 2016's new laws deal with sales tax and medical laws. the first bill adds three new sales tax exemptions to the state's list- placing certain construction supplies, and children's clothes on the exemption list if the supplies are being purchased by
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the bill also adds aircraft supplies and parts to the list. the second bill requires doctors and funeral home directors to get on board with an e-filing death certificate system- and imposes penalties on doctors who do not file a death certificate within a five day time span. ww wis news 10 break 2 the first weekend in january
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partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight lows will settle just above freezing. still ahead on the news at seven...a major healthcare partnership is finalized. details on the deal between settle just above freezing. still ahead on the news at seven...a major healthcare partnership is finalized. troubled midlands hospital is
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plus, clemson is declaring it didn't know about a deadly
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security footage shows the assailant--who was shopping at a nearby store--pull a gun from his backpack and randomly begin firing at people in the area. the suspect's name has been withheld under a court gag order--but authorities say he's 28 years old. the attack comes after three months of palestinian street violence--which has been encouraged by extremist groups. but at this point there hasn't been a claim by a radical group, and police have not released a motive. clemson university is fighting back against a lawsuit in the 2014 death of a student. the school has filed documents answering allegations made by the parents of tucker hipps. one of the allegations was that he was forced to walk along a narrow railing of a bridge over lake hartwell. his body was found in the water below the bridge in september 2014. university officials say the
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sigma phi epsilon had a tradition of forcing pledges to jump off the bridge. they are seeking dismissal of the suit. a new partnership to rescue sumter's struggling hospital is now official. the tuomey healthcare system finalized its deal to merge into palmetto health today. the two systems have been in negotiations since last february. tuomey operates sumter's only hospital but it has been struggling with a drop in patients, high debts and a multimillion dollar kickback scandal. the sumter hospital system will now be called palmetto health toumey. 2015 may be over, but the clemson tigers still have some more football to play. up next in sports, we'll hear from one of the stars
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the south carolina men's and women's basketball teams are ranked--and in action this weekend. the men are coming off a big win over francis marion. tomorrow, they'll host the memphis tigers. the gamecocks are now 12 and oh and ranked 24th in the nation. tip-off from colonial life arena is at 6 pm and can be seen on espn-u. the usc women will be back in action sunday. the number two ranked gamecocks are hosting arkansas. it's the team's conference opener. gametime is at 3 pm. if you can't make it to colonial life arena, you can still catch the action on espn u. the carolina panthers are looking to wrap up the number one seed in the nfc playoffs. they're at home to face the tampa bay buccaneers for the last game of the regular season. even though the buckaneeers are out of the playoff picture, carolina is still taking them very seriously. if the panthers are able to pull out the win, they'll be at home all the way to the super bowl. carolina is 14 and one on the
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the clemson tigers and their fans continue to soak in yesterday's huge victory in the orange bowl over oklahoma. clemson is, of course, on their way to the the national title game and a showdown against alabama. wis has been with the team this week. and following last night's big win, our joe gorchow caught up with one of the stars of the game, bj goodson. "we're joined by one of the defensive men of the hour here on new year's eve, bj goodson had a huge interception in the second half to help lead his team to victory. how does it feel to be the orange bowl champions? bj: that's what got us here and that's what's going to take us further man. you can't serve the lord without having faith man and we never gave up, we kept fighting and we had a little adversity at the begining, but we never gave up, we kept fighting and you see the end result. joe: you guys chant all the time after the games, "we too deep." shaq lawson goes out early in the first quarter and you guys don't even bat an eye. how is that possible? bj: we have so
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we don't get a lot of credit for. in the building, we know what we have, but to the rest of the world, we only have one or two great players, but it is what it is. we're a great defense and we're looking forward to the next game." joe: you're now one win away from being called national champions, how does that sound? bj: i'm focused and i'm humble and i want my team to be the same way. this is a great win, but lets be honest, at the end of the day, it's a playoff game. we're heading to the championship now, we're going to be focused and we're going to be ready." joe: bj, if you're still hungry, take a bite out of an what, the clemson tigers are this year's orange bowl champion and they're moving on to the national title game." one final check of the forecast the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low one final check of the forecast
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will be dry and partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, overnight lows will settle just above freezing. that's all for tonight's 7 o'clock report. another look at your local headlines tonight at 11,
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unforgettable, natalie cole. unforgettable
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