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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wis news 10 at 6 starts now! good evening. i'm sam bleiweis filling in for meaghan norman. thanks for joining us tonight. an estill man is behind bars for attempted murder. 27 year old malcolm orr -- was charged in connection with the attempted murder of an estill officer. if convicted orr could serve up to 30 years in prison. he was also charged with possession of a weapon during a violent with carries an additional 5 years. you can expect traffic congestion and delays if you're traveling on trenholm road. all three northbound lanes of trenholm road between coker street and forest drive are closed for a water main repair break. drivers should use a detour at use caution if you're headed that way. parts of west columbia is without water this afternoon due to a relocation project. it will impact more than two dozen blocks in and
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officials say the water will be turned back on at 8 tonight. once water is restored people in no toss primary day is drawing closer
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palmetto state. the new year kicked off with republican presidential candidate marco rubio making a stop in the midlands. "we have forgotten, or at least many in government and in washington, have forgotten--what made america the greatest country in the world. and the result is what we see today." senator rubio spoke and took questions from voters at hudson's smokehouse in lexington. our mike desumma was there and joins us now live with more. mike. sam the florida senator would use his time ahead of that critical early primary to make the case for why he should have the job. rubio's camp planned a real sweep of south carolina this second day of the year -- not only
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making stops in the low country. in what's already been a long campaign season rubio has his work cut out for him. several polls taken last month put him in third place for the republican nomination behind donald trump and ted cruz. those polls projected results both nationwide and here with south carolina voters. today rubio really used his time to attack democrats on issues ranging from healthcare to foreign policy and defense spending. rubio had sharp words both for democratic presidential front runner hillary and clinton as well as president obama. "our constitution is being systematically violated and ignored, treated as an outdated document by this president. he violates the second amendment with executive orders, an wages constant war against it.religious liberties are being eroded under this white house." rubio and other republicans are set to spar in several debates coming this month.
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south carolina the last two saturdays in february. live in lexington, mike desumma, wis news 10 sce&g will slowly close the spill gate at the lake murray dam to try and even out rising water levels. the spill gate was opened on friday to release water into the lower saluda river. the water is flowing downstream and causing flooding at some of the same homes affected by the october floods. time is ticking for victims of the october floods to apply for fema assistance -- and the small business administration says there is plenty of money to go around. news 10's charles molineaux spoke with fema representatives on how important it is to get your name in the pile. charles: a lot of this involves documentation, how important is it to have all this documentation, or can you just get your name in and provide the papers later. carl: absolutely! you can register first.
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over the phone 1-800- 621-fema. online the key is to get in by january 4th - the deadline. the paperwork can follow later. over the phone we'll ask specific questions. the owner of the house -- insnsance papers and that. but the documentation can come later. the key is to register. charles: have people been responding - been getting their names in? carl: they have! we've had over 98,000 registered in this area. some 78-million dollars has gone out to the area back to the homeowners to get their home and property back up to speed. but the key is to get the registration. we'll follow up with the paper work later on. disaster recovery centers will be open until 6 p-m tomorrow. you have until midnight tomorrow to finish the application process online at disaster assistance dot gov. you can also call fema's hotline at 1-800-621- fema. stay with us -- von gaskin has your first alert forecast after the break. plus -- devastating flooding in missouri, we'll have the latest
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the i-r-s will start processinrequest extensions is april 18th. falling on the traditional april 15th deadline. the agency says it anticipates issuing more than nine out of 10 refunds in fewer than 21 days. and if you plan to attend college in 20-16, the first thing you should do this year is fill out your "fasfa" form. and the sooner -- the better. you could miss out on scholarships or grant money if you wait. friday was the first day to apply. a state of emergency in st. louis has been lifted after days
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region. residents are working to clean up and move nbc's chris pollone reports. in arnold, missouri. it's a day for drying out. s/ dan crawford / arnold, missouri resident:07 - :10 "it's at least three feet deep, two feet deep." the town. wedged between the and the mississippi rivers. inundated after storms dumped ten inches of rain upstream. it left 150 homes there under at least 11 levees have given way. 24 people are dead, and two remain missing. s/ gregory scott / arnold, missouri resident:24 - :30 "they keep calling it the 100 year flood, the 500 year flood whatever... i'd call it the 10 year flood, because it keeps coming around." the governors of illinois and missouri damage. jay nixon / missouri:xx - :xx 15:21:36 justas we stood possible and families can get back on their feet the coast guard is watching from the help, too. s/ gov. bruce rauner / illinois :54 - :59 "we've got equipment,
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as sand bags and other supplies to support local first responders." those who escaped with their lives, but little else, remain hopeful. s/ arnold, missouri resident / no id 1:03 - 1:09 "we will get through this and we're gonna come out better on the other side than
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the first weekend in january still ahead -- several bills are on the table for 2016 inside the state house. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s/40s. still ahead -- several bills are on the table for 2016 inside the state house. our will whitson has a preview. in less than two weeks, south
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and they'll kick off the new year with bills left over from 2015. will whitson takes a look at what's on the table. the biggest bill waiting on a vote in the state
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representative's attempt at road funding. the bill was introduced at the beginning of the 2015 session, but went through amendndnt after amendment before passing the house and heading to the senate... where it was amended again... and not voted on. it is on special order in the senate- meaning it gets top priority when lawmakers return. but even if it gets a passing vote in the senate- it would have to go back to the house for final approval. the roads bill has bounced back and forth in political ping pong- but several lawmakers say it's time to vote. york "i think now, south carolina will come together. many of those who were so opposed to a road or infrastructure bill, if you watch those remarks in the media, those remarks have been tempered." while a bill wasn't proposed in 2015- the south carolina supreme court did charge lawmakers with fixing rural school funding through the abbeville school district lawsuit. lawmakers have been meeting regularly regarding the issue- and will hold another meeting next week. "the big issue will be abbeville. it will be an accountability system we will hold all schools and districts accountable to."
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say they haven't given up hope on a new reform bill- but the massive ethics bill proposed last year has not been revived. ww wis news 10 . the legislative session for 2016 officially begins january 12th. the new year brings new tax breaks in south carolina. under laws passed in the 2015 legislative session and in effect as of yesterday, aircraft parts and supplies are now sales tax exempt. so are some construction supplies and children's clothing. but those supplies and clothing are only tax exempt if they're being purchased by families considered "in need." also officially goingn the books is a law requiring the use of electronic death certificates for south carolina doctors and funeral home directors. lawmakers passed this bill during the 2015 it requires doctors to file an electronic death certificate within five days of declaring someone dead. the law imposes penalties for doctors who don't make that deadline- and also penalizes funeral home directors who go through with
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still ahead -- clemson tigers are poised to once again bring home a national
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it's season against the memphis tigers. the score is now -- the game is being broadcasted on espu and esp3. and the other tigers improve to 8-6 on their season. the clemson men's basketball team outlasted the the florida state seminoles in greenville. the tigers outscored the seminoles in both quarters to end with a 75 to 84 final score. and switching to the gridiron -- the clemson tigers are now acc champs! after a win over oklahoma thursday night in the orange bowl--clemson is 14 and 0 and headed to play for the national championship. the tigers were greeted by a packed crowd after they landed at greenville spartanburg international airport on friday. they are just one game from
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title in clemson's history. alabama is this only thing keeping clemson from claiming the national championship title. the crimson tide shut out michigan state in the cotton bowl thursday night -- 38 to nothing. clemson and alabama will have just over a week to prepare for the title game. there's only 25-hundred tickets available for tiger fans. the athletic department says it gets 19,500 tickets to the game but members of the clemson athletics booster club have already reserved 17-thousand. for ticket options you can find a link to all the information on our website, wistv-dot-com and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the big red 10. it has been an incredible journey for the tigers as they managed to get through an ente year untouched. news 10's sports reporter joe gorchow takes a look back on their perfect season. this year... the tigers turned away all challengers to make program history. swinney: "it's been a fun season
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we tried to make every week the biggest week of the year. we've been at our best when we needed to be." clemson's 13 wins are the most ever in a single season by a tigers squad... besting the 12-0 mark set by the 1981 national title team. one of the most memorable victories... came on a stormy night in death valley against notre dame. following the two point win... coach dabo swinney delivered an unforgettable line. swinney: "and tonight it was byog... bring your own guts." that dab of wisdom... just one of many from dabo this season. swinney: "dabz of wisdom can i tell my wife that? a lot of it i go with the flow and lipstick on a pig and roll with... we're going for the triple crown. we're going to be a tough out, and it ain't because we were tip toeing through the daisy's. we're going to play." the tigers fed off his inspirational motto's... to achieve perfection... and claim the school's first acc championship since 2011... with a 45-37
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the conference title game. swinney: "i love the guts and i love the heart of this team. we talk all the time about you've got to be a champion on the inside before you can be a champion on outside, and tonight the inside of these guys really shined through." "the whole team just has a genuine love and appreciation overall. been saying it for the whole year. when we needed it the most, they really stepped up." dabo's leadership earned him five national coach of the year awards from different organizations around the country. his star quarterback received similar recognition from the conference and the nation. sophomore deshaun watson was named acc player fo the year ... claimed the davy o'brien award as the top qb in college football... and finished 3rd in the heisman trophy race. swinney: "not just the best
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the best player in the country. "it's a big role. major task, but this is what play the position of that's guided them into this years college football playoff. swinney: "all the things we've gotten done this year are in the rear view mirror. next." what's ahead... a showdown with the oklahoma sooners in the orange bowl on new a victory to ring in 2016... and the tigers will play for the chance to make college football history. we'll be right back, but first, here's a look at what's coming up on nightly news. tributes have been pouring in
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look back on her career. in nearly four decades making hits .. nine grammys in all .. including that now iconic 1991 duet .. .. natalie cole made a name for herself all right .. but was always nat king cole's daughter. i feel like i've earned the spot next to my dad, not in front of him, not behind him, but next to him." her unique vocal stylings connected with music fans across generations and genres .. pop .. r-and-b .. jazz .. .. crossover appeal many artists pursue though few attain. "natalie cole had hits in the 70s, 80s and in the 90s and substantial hits- different i had to really face myself, my consequences... .. so were her struggles with substance abuse and .. later .. health problems .. chronic hepatitis-c leading to kidney failure. "this is somebody who came back and who
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come back." after gaining sobriety .. cole published her life story and refocused on her music career .. eventually receiving a kidney transplant in 2009 .. the year she also won her final her own. ron mott .. nbc news .. new york. one final check of your forecast
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on this saturday night, manhunt. the intense search in israel for the gunman who brought death and
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recruitment tool.
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