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tv   WIS News 10 Midday  NBC  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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washington for the legislative session. will whitson just got back from a press conference in the congressman's district office- he's live in our newsroom with the latest. congressman wilson's push for the new year includes many of the same agegea items he has pushed for in the past- like a balanced budget, economic development, and support for military veterans. but this year- he says he's also out to tackle cybersecurity threats to south carolina and the nation. wilson's agenda breaks down into four main categories, with several smaller goals for each issue- his newest agenda item- strengthening the nation's cyber capabilities- stems from his work as chairman of the congressional emerging threats subcommittee. wilsls announced the emerging threats subcommittee last year- and said through his work on the panel- he's aware of the growing international threat of cyberattacks- wilson also pointed out cybersecurity is paramount to south carolina- in part due to the fact us army cybercommand will be located across the state line in augusta, georgia. "cybercommand is going to be located at fort gordon, which i consider in the people working in cybercommand
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south carolina, the living is much better." congressman wilson is making three more stops throughout his district today to unveil is the gop controllll senate and house- now under new leadership with house speaker paul ryan- is to repeal the affordable care act. live, ww wis news 10. we've got a cold start to the first full week of 2016 across the midlands. taking a look over the capital city through the wis skycam. tim miller is in the first alert weather center with more on how cold it will get this week. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top
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with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of by thursday. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wedneneay under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of by thursday. we've seen lots of wet weather since october's historic flood and that's made it tough for farmers
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in newberry county, farmers say even though it's been almost three months since the historic floods, they're still seeing impacts from the recent rain. wet weather that hit the midlands recently is the latest chapter in a rocky year. farm owner john long says the rain caused him to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in crop yields. "there's been no place for the water to go...the ground is saturated." "nothings been as bad as this year." long says he and other farmers in newberry county are looking for any help the government can provide. they say they're hoping the colder weather will continue which would help the crops. over the weekend, south carolina department of transportation crews reopened seven roads, closed during the latest round of rains. the last update from the d-o-t
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remain closed in 19 counties because of october's flooding. this includes only one primary route closure - which is highway 193 in saluda county. crews will continue to make repairs to damaged roads as the weather conditions to allow. in addition, scdot is monitoring water levels and bridge conditions from the recent water release at the lake murray dam. today is the last day for flood victims in south carolina to register for fema assistance. the deadline to register is tonight at 11:59. however, for those not eligible for the federal aid -- there are some alternatives. our michal higdon has the details. :01 :12 :51 1:15 according to fema representatives almost 100-thousannpeople have applied for assistance since october's officials with the south carolina emergency management division say if you are declined fema assistance -- you are then deferred to the small business administration for their low-interest loan program. if you're declined that program -- you are referred back to fema for what's
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needs assessment which goes through other programs available to you. all of the volunteer agencies that were available through the flood -- are still available and very active in helping people repair their damaged homes. and emergency officials say they are still very involved in the process but are encouraging you to finish repairs now that we're in the winter season. derrec becker: "right now we are still heavily involved in the recovery effort from the october flood. it's still very early on in the recovery. but we want to start to finish that up january, early february. and heaven forbid we should get any severe weather as we hit prime tornado time in the spring." emergency officials urge that if you haven't applied for any kind of assistance, whether it's through the federal government or through the state, you need to apply immediately, even if you believe you'll be denied. we've got what you need to know right on our website, reporting in the newsroom, michal higdon,
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the tax breaks that south carolina amazon shoppers have enjoyed for years are no more. the sales tax break the state legislature gave to amazon back in 2011 expired on new year's day. south carolina was among 10 states that gave amazon a temporary tax reprieve in exchange for jobs and investment. the seattle-based company has fought for years to remain exempt from collecting saleses taxes from its customers. south carolina troopers are investigating after a teenager was hit and killed by an s-u-v in aiken county. the aiken county coroner says 15-year old david crutchfield was walking along north street near new ellenton last night when he was hit. he says 20-year old raymond burns was behind the wheel of the s-u-v and says burns originally left the scene of the crash. but he later turned himself in to highway patrol. the investigation is ongoing. two men will be in court this
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afternoon for a bond hearing on attempted murder charges. richland county deputies say just before 5:30 saturday evening -- andrew and marlon gathers attacked and stabbed a man multiple times at the title max on broad river road. deputies say andrew gathers also managed to slice off one of his fingers during the attack. but doctors were able to re-attach it before he was put in jail. deputies tracked the suspects down in the 2000 block of ramsgate drive. the stabbing victim is recovering in the hospital. investigators say a u-s marshal in south dakota shot and killed a summerville man wanted in a homicide case. 37-year-old lonnie powers, junior reportedly pulled out a guguwhen confronted by law enforcement in a sioux falls parking lot saturday. a deputy marshal then opened fire. berkeley county deputies say powers was suspected of killing 55-year-old james hill. hill was found shot to death in his ridgeville home back in december. a tense situation continues in oregon where armed protesters are occupying a federal wildlife refuge. authorities are urging people to
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the area. there's been no visible police presence so far and the sheriff says he's working to bring this to an end peacefully. nbc's joe fryer reports the protesters say they are prepared to stay for years if necessary. 1:19 - 1:23 the headquarters of the malheur national wildlife refuge... has been turned into a compound... for an armed occupation. inside... they're making soup... and stocking up. "we are setting ourselves up to help the citizens here in harney county to reclaim their lands back." but throughout this remote community... there's growing frustration... over the occupation. the county canceled school all week... out of a concern for safety. "we don't like the militia's methods." "it's sort of frightening when there's people making threats and people over the weekend... activists took over the refuge... which was empty at the time. it's unclear how many are here. in a statement... the sheriff says the group wants "to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a
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movement across the united states." protesters say they won't get violent... unless the government does. "we are here to defend the people and we will not take aggression." ammon bundy is the group's leader. he's the son of cliven bundy... the nevada rancher who, in 20-14, had his own standoff with the government... over grazing rights. this latest protest centers around oregon ranchers dwight hammond, junior... and his son steven. both are supposed to report to prison today... convicted of lighting fires on public land near their ranch. the hammonds already served time... but a judge ruled it wasn't enough. "it seems like a bit of an overkill." dozens rallied peacefully saturday... in support of the ranchers. that's when a small group soon. the was joe fryer reporting. an attorney for the hammonds has said the men do plan to report to prison sometime today. over the weekend, the hammonds said the bundy group does not speak on their behalf.
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today, president obama is meeting with attorney general loretta lynch to talk about what steps he can take to stop gun violence. many expect the president will use executive action to strengthen background checks for bun buyers. on thursday, the president will join cnn's anderson cooper for a one-hour, live town hall event on the issue. the expected executive actions come ahead of president obama's annual state of the union address, which is set for january 12th. a serious situation developing in the middle east after the execution of a cleric. still to come on the news at noon..the latest as saudi arabia breaks ties with iran.
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this, after the saudi's execution of a prominent cleric.
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1:08-1:30 tensions are growing with mass demonstrations above all in iran, at the killing of a shiite cleric by its main sunnis rival saudi arabia. protests from india, where rioters condemned saudi arabia... to bahrain, where shiite crowds called for the death of the saudi royal family. the diplomatic spat is growing too... saudi diplomats have left iran after crowds burned the saudi embassy. their spokesman giving iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave saudi. the cleric killed was buried quietly but the execution of 47 men has echoed around the muslim world. nimr al nimr was an internationally known shiite scholar - harshly critical of the saudi regime who executed him for inciting its shiite minority. iran's supreme leader warned
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saudi arabia crime. tensions... the two countries' war of words is now worse than ever. s/ bill neely/ nbc news/ london, "and the u.s. is now very concerned, not just that diplomatic ties have been cut, but the affect that could have on the war in syria and planned peace iran and saudi arabia of course back different sides in that war. there is no sign this will boil over into conflict between the two, not yet anyway, but this is serious. back to you." the national transportation safety board has released pictures of the sunken 'el faro' ship. the cargo ship sank in october after getting caught in a hurricane on its way to san juan. it's considered the worst maritime disaster in nearly half a century. all 33 people on board the ship died. the ntsb hopes to find the ship's black box, which could contain more information on what happened. a boil water advisory has been lifted in one area of
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lexington county, while another advisory remains in effect. anyone living in the 400, 500 and 600 blocks of old barnwell road, lynn drive, bel-air drive and in the savannah woods subdivision no longer need to boil their water. meanhile, people living in and around the leaphart road area in west columbia still need to boil their water. the water was shut off saturday morning to relocate several water lines due to an sc-dot road project. once completed, the water line sprang a leak and crews had to fix it before the water was turned back on. people in the area will need to boil water for at least one full minute before drinking or cooking with it. the cats clinch the top playoff spot in the n-f-c. now the road to the super bowl runs through charlotte. the potential playoff matchups for the carolina panthers. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top
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the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near
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will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of rain increase by thursday. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight
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through the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of rain increase by thursday. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top
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charlotte for teams int he n-f-c. the carolina panthers clinched the number one seed in the n-f-l sunday with a big 38 to 20 win over tampa bay. going into sunday, the panthers need a win or a loss by the arizona cardinals to lock up the top spot and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. quarterback cam newton had another big day for the cats. finishing off the regular season with a 3 touchdown performance, there's a good chance newton could end up being the league m-v-p. carolina has a bye for the first round and will play in the divisional round, which is two sundays from now. the panther's will have their eyes on the wildcard round this next sunday in the n-f-c. seattle and nnesota play sunday at 1:05, and the packers play washington at 4:40. carolina will play the the winner of those games with the lowest seed. the arizona cardinals, the other team with the bye week, will play the other winner. that means the panther's could potentially play seattle, green bay, or washington, but the team
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while the panther's are in the hunt to be super bowl champions, the clemson tigers are chasing title dreams in the college game. the number one tigers will face alabama in the national title game a week from today in glendale, arizona. if the tigers win, head coach dabo swinney would become only the second person ever to both play on...and be the head coach of an a-p national title team. wis will have live coverage from glendale starting friday morning. how does 400-million dollars sound? that's how much the next powerball winner could possibly win this week. on saturday several contestants won smaller prizes -- but no one bought the grand prize-winning ticket. the next chance to win is wednesday. the largest powerball ticket was won in florida in 2013. that person took home more than 590-million. that person took home more than 590-million. the news at noon will be right
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back. but first, here's your news 10 stock report. with the cold weather, we could all use a little wool clothing. a sheep in australia could help make quite a few sweaters, after if was shorn for the first time in six years after it was lost in
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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six years after it was lost in the wilderness. the sheep named shelia, was lost in a dense forest on the island of tasmania since 2010. it was rescued by a local man who found it on the side of a road. he says the sheep was unable to move because it had so much wool on its body. "it winked at me. obviously it wasn't dead, so we pulled up and i tried to get it back on its feet. it was in the table drain, not a deep one, but a very narrow thing." the sheep was sheared today and its wool weighed in at just over 46 pounds! that fell short of the
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australian fleece record. the record is held by a sheep named chris, whose fleece weighed in at 90 pounds last year. a cold front will move through
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