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tv   WIS News 10 Live at 500  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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because she's alsoso trying the case of confessed charleston church shooter dylann roof. -slager ordered to house arrest--not to have any contact with any member of the scott family. get ready for a big taste of winter the next few days. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of
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will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the investigators in orangeburg county are investigating a house fire where one person died. authorities were called around 3:30 this morning to old number 6 highway in elloree. the coroner's office is working to make an identification on the body found inside. and sled is looking into the case. an autopsy on the body will be done tomorrow morning. investigators are working to solve a mystery in what's now being called a murder. 46 year old adrian silva crashed on his motorcycle yesterday in the early morning hours. deputies got to the scene at
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and churchland drive in columbia just before 3am sunday and discovered silva - who was dead- had a bullet wound to his upper body. now richland county sheriff's deputies are looking for the murder suspect. if you have any information that can help investigators call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc. time is almost up for people still needing to apply for fema aid from october's floods. allie spillyards is at one of fema's several disaster recovery centers with everything you need to know if you haven't started your registration. if you haven't applied for fema aid and still need to, you have 1 hour left to get here to richland library main or to your closest disaster center. the cut off is midnight tonight -- but you can only register in person at one of the centers until 6 tonight... which fema highly encourages
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you can call the fema hotline at 1-800-621 fema until 10 p.m. and registration will remain open online at until 11:59. it's important to know fema aid is not available for those suffered flood damage in the last few weeks -- this is specifically for those impacted during october's state of emergency. so if you had damage between october 4th and october 23rd -- the big key here here with proof of home ownership and insurance information. "the key is to get the informatino captured by fema. following that they can get the paperwork and documentation that's required in. the important thing is to register by the deadlines at the times that we mentioned." if you've already applied and you've received a determination letter from fema, this deadline doesn't necessarily apply to you. you have 60 days to appeal once you receive that letter.
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told that while they're closing for registration, these disaster recovery centers will remain open for the time being to help those navigating the process. midnight tonight is also the deadline for small business administration loans. coming up at 6, i'll be back here with someone in the middle of that application process. live in columbia, allie spillyards, wis news 10. due to unexpected problems a boil water advisory is still in effect for residents near leaphart road in west columbia. crews relocated a water line over the weekend as part of a road widening project near mineral springs road. originally, the water was only supposed to be shut off on saturday. but delays in completing the project meant no water for residents in that area on saturday or sunday. "we ran into an issue where the existing water line being different then we anticipated which required a fitting we did not
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we got it sunday morning put it back together, then we discovered a leak. we had to shut it back off, dig back down and reconstruct it again." mark waller, director of the west columbia water plant, says all water lines related to the project have been relocated so once the boil water advisory is lifted residents should not experience any further interruptions. once again, the boil water advisory is in effect for residents who stay between the 2900 and 3600 blocks of leaphart road. waller says the advisory should be lifted by wednesday. south carolina congressman joe wilson will be back in the nation's capital tomorrow for the start of this year's legislative session. and he's hoping for more progress than lawmakers had last year. he talked about his legislative agenda today with will whitson. congressman wilson's agenda is arranged by four
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development, promoting military and veterans, reducing regulations that hurt job growth, and strengthening cyber security- but success in wilson's agenda- and the republican party's agenda as whole- depends on coordination between the house and senate- as he unveiled his legislative agenda today- congressman wilson called it a "new year" in washington- with paul ryan as the new house speaker- and gop control of both the house and the senate. but, republicans also controlled both chambers of congress last year. wilson says a big hurdle for legislation last year comes from the way the senate works- with individual lawmakers able to filibuster for long stretches of time- "i believe what's occurring in the us senate has become beyond filibustering to being fully obstructionist. so legislation that should get through, even non- controversial, nothing gets through!" wilson says he is not opposed to
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senate rules to make the chamber more efficient. and with less than two months to go before the south carolina primary- the congressman has yet to endorse a republican presidential candidate- but he did say he has some big plans for the primary. i'll explain live at 6. live, ww wis news 10. the clemson tigers are getting ready to hit the gridiron for the national championship...but according to espn they may have less practice time. alabama's spring semester begins january 13, two days after the championship game. clemson's spring semester begins this wednesday. therefore, the tigers must practice in accordance with the ncaa's 20-hour weekly rule. the tigers will be restricted to a maximum of four hours of practice per day when the spring semester begins while alabama can hold unlimited practices to prepare for the big game.
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to the presidential primaries is on! we have the latest on the campaign trail with will whitson. break
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on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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the south republican primary- and 54 days out from the democratic primary. on the campaign trail today in new hampshire- former president bill clinton turned out to support his wife's campaign- this is his very first public campaign appearance this election cycle- many pundits have public questioned how much facetime president clinton would have this year- after catching flak in 2008 for comparing barack obama's south carolina campaign to that of jesse jackson's in 1984 and '88- today- he kept his comments focused on hillary. "i think this election is about restoring broadly shared prosperity...rebuilding the middle class, giving kids the american dream back.
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- as hillary always says - that keeps americans up at night." and on the republican side- front runner donald trump unveiled his first official campaign ad- running in iowa, the ad doubles down on his call to temporarily ban muslims from the us as a national security measure- "he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil." trump's ad purchase in iowa indicates the donald could be ready to spend more ad dollars in both new hampshire and south carolina- trump is stopping off in rock hill friday- but will not take part in the kemp foundation presidential forum in get ready for a big taste of winter the next few days.
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the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50
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fall out of the million ticket this morning. the ticket was purchased from the kwik shop on north rhett avenue for saturday night's drawing. officialst powerball say to check your tickets. the odds of winning $1 million are 1 in 11,688,054.
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protestors in oregon are still at their posts. details on the fbi's efforts to bring a peaceful end to a a andoff that is capturing the nation's attention.
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refuge in rural oregon, while law enforcement officials say they're trying to end the standoff quickly and peacefully. here's the latest from leanne gregg. 14-21 this is the federal wildlife refuge near burns, oregon, occupied by a group of purported militiamen who call themselves citizens for constitutional freedom when the group set up an armed compound saturday,. "our purpose as we have shown is to restore and defend the constitution." one of the group leaders, aamon bundy is the son of cliven bundy, who had his own standoff with the federal government last year over grazing rights in nevada.
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is a decades long fight over the use of public lands in the west. "this effort started by understanding that a ranching family has been put under duress by multiple federal agencies." the occupiers say they're supporting two local ranchers, dwight and steven hammond who own land adjacent to the refuge and were sentenced to federal prison for reporting to prison. law enforcement is keeping its all week out of concern for safety. "we don't like the militia's method's methods." the occupiers say they're prepared to stay for months, even years, as the fbi, local and state authorities work to resolve the standoff. leanne gregg. nbc news. nearly 175-thousand people petition the president to pardon a convicted killer featured in a netflix documentary series. "making a murderer" focuses on the murder trial and conviction of steven avery and his nephew. a jury found the two guilty of the 2005
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wisconsin. both men maintain their innocence. they're serving life sentences, and change-dot-org petitioners are asking president obama to pardon avery. the stock market is off to a wild start in the new year. on the first day of trading in 2016 the dow jones industrial average dropped more than 400 points before rallying in the last hour. the market closed down more than 275 points. experts say investors are worried about a global economic slowdown and increased tensions in the middles east. also an overnight drop in chinese stocks triggered a down day across the world. bill cosby's wife is being ordered to testify in a lawsuit against her husband. a judge in massachusetts ruled camille cosby must testify in the defamation suit filed by seven women who say bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. the seven women allege the comedian allowed his representatives to paint them as liars.
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making false allegations for financial profit. eight new columbia police officers are spending time serving the community. they were sworn into office this morning, bubu instead of getting out in the field - they went on to serve the community. it's part of their "beyond the badge" campaign designed to show the public another side of law enforcement. today they're helping to fight hunger. it was hands on experience for the newly sworn in officers at the harvest hope food bank. "you know our motto is to protect and serve. this is the part where we serve our community. we are out here putting some meals for people that are less fortunate than ourselves." "as new officers that before they get on the street, they are giving them titie to come in and volunteer and learn about us. i think its just incredible strengthening of our community and it speaks volumes about how our community is first interconnected but how we are supportive of each other." they will also read to local students, visit
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cpd retirees later this week. the program will wrap up on friday. coming up on wis, the days are numbered for one of columbia's oldest and most troublesome housing developments. details on the plan to demolish gonzalez gardens and move its tenants. break thanks for staying with us for
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i'm judi gatson. i'm dawndy mercer plank. we're in for a cold snap in the midlands. let's check your weather with meteorologist ben tanner. get ready for a big taste of winter the next few days. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll onlylyee the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of rain increase
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columbia. wis news ten has confirmed federal authorities have approved plans to tear down the city's gonzales gardens public housing complex. jack kuenzie has been working on the story and joins us live from the complex on forest drive. judi and dawndy---this is something city officials, urban planners and housing experts have
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years. but the concept took a major step forward shortly before christmas. that's when hud, the department of housing and urban development----gave approval to the proposal to tear down this 75 year old complex, first opened in 1940 to house mostly military families linked to fort jackson. gonzales gardens currently has a total of about 616 people living in a complex that contains 280 units. those folks have already been notified they will have the option of moving out to other subsidized housing around the city----or even outside columbia---all at government expense. almost 900 units over the last two years. and some of the housing that we're going to be locating the families in, we'll be offering the housing that we've bought in other apartment complexes like bayberry mews, capital heights,
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elmtree georgetown. the housing authority is working on solutions already. gonzales gardens residents don't have to move to other parts of the city. hud will supply vouchers that are portable---meaning someone who's moving out can opt to relocate to other cities---even outside south carolina. so someone living here now could move to charleston or chicago to before----when the hendley homes and saxon homes complexes were vacated and torn down----with new development in those locations, the rosewood december---and demolition underway by spring 2017. today's top stories - a judge has set bond for former north charleston lice officer michael slager at 500,000 dollars. a trial date was also set for
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slager's attorneys had filed a motion for a speedier trial in the spring. the solicitor argued that a date in the fall is more reasonable shooter dylann roof. with the potential of more rain this week, sce&g officials are continuing to be monitor the lake murray dam levels. billie jean shaw is at lake murray with more. under federal law, sce&g officials cannot let lake murray rise above 360 feet. today, i asked officials about the process which keeps levels under control whenever there is a chance of more inflow, such as
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here's how it works- water is released from lake murray, travels though the saluda hydro plant and in lake murray so that should we see additional rainfall the lake can accommodate that. enforcement would be in charge of notifying residents of an evacuation. real time updates on the lake big red 10. a the lake murray , billie jean shaw wis news 10.
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voting starts in the race for the white house. and there are two firsts today: donald trump in a tv ad and bill clinton on the stump. steve handelsman reports. :9-17 42-49 55-59 with 4 weeks 'til they caucus, hillary clinton promised iowans that she'd run the economy like her husband did in the 90's. sot: hillary clinton presidential candidate :09-:17 "23 million new jobs. incomes went up for everybody! not just at the top. middle class folks, working people, poor people." bill clinton made his first clinton :23-:30 "by knowledge, experience, and temperament to do what needs to be done now to restore prosperity" he was in new hampshire. where bernie sanders still leads in state democratic polling. chris christie, close to second now in
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called the clintons ... lawless. sot: chris christie presidential candidate :42-:49 "and if you don't believe that after watching 8 years of the ted cruz , still leading leading in iowa g-o-p polling, will spend all week there sot: ted cruz presidential candidate :55-:59 "conservatives are coming together and we are uniting and if conservatives unite we win" donald trump, without airing any commercials, holds the lead in every state's poll except iowa's, trump airs his first tv ad in that state tomorrow. nats trump ad 1:08-1:13 voice over announcer: and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern volume audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. because many voters have not decided. the races can change. in 2008 hillary clinton had a big lead over barack obama and he won iowa. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, see why the real 2016 battleground may be right here in the palmetto state.
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president obama says that he's going to spend the next few days announcing a series of gun control initiatives in the form of executive orders. -three month review: remarks after end of a meeting wiwi attorney general, fbi director and other top officials. -theseseill most likely include executive orders bypassing congress--obama says these recommendations are well within his legal authority and ones that he says many americans support and believe in. "what i asked my team to do is to see what more we can do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, to make sure that criminals, people who are mentally unstable and those who could pose a danger to themselves or others are less likely to get a gun. " obama didn't specifically describe his proposals today -- but they are expected to expand background checks for gun purchases. we'll be following this
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bring you updates. a prime spot in columbia could get the final green light next week from the city's design commission for construction. the development will be at the kline iron and steel company property at the corner of gervais and huger streets. a greenville developer plans to build almost 300 housing units, retail and restaurant spots...and a parking garage. another addition would be a traffic light connecting pedestrians and cars from lady street into the future site. "part of what makes retail work is continuity. with this project you'll have continuity between the museums and the riverfront on up all the way to main street, all the way up lady street and all the way up gervais street." the commission meets january 14th at 4:00. coming up on wis--it's definitely feeling like winter weather - finally. we'll check in with ben next. plus--the panthers are prepping to hit the gridiron as they try
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a look now at your first alert
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get ready for a big taste of winter the next few days. afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will their eyes on the wildcard round
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seattle and minnesota play sunday at 1:05, and the packers play washington at 4:40. carolina will play the the winner of those games with the lowest seed. the arizona cardinals, the other team with the bye week, will play the other winner. that means the panthers could potentially play seattle, green bay, or washington, but the team will not play the vikings. coming up on wis-- a new tv concept. details on the flexible screen that can be used in everything from smartphones to cars. plus--a bufffalo bills player gets a big reality check after a helmet blunder is caught on cam. break a customer at a 7-eleven in new york took down an armed robber
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michael slager just bonded out of jail...a judge sets bond at 500,000 dollars for former north charleston police officer michael slager. -slager's bond was previously denied back in september -slager accused of shooting and killing walter scott in april last year as he was running away. -trial date also set for october quarterback scuffling with bar employees, then with san antonio police officers. you can see the people taking a
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says is boykin when some punches are thrown. then police officers get involved - that's when an officer is allegedly punched in the face by boykin. boykin was arrested and charged with felony assault on a public servant. a tantrum backfired.. literally.. for the buffalo bills punter on sunday. take a look. punter dan carpenter.. threw his helmet in frustration during yesterday's game against the new york jets. the helmet bounced right back and smacked him in the face. that had to hurt.. the ultra slo-mo replay added insult to injury. carpenter tossed his helmet after missing his sixth extra point of the season. in today's consumer alert--dairy farmers say expect a milk shortage. last week's freak blizzard in texas and new mexico killed more than 30- thousand dairy cows. because of heavy snow, farmers were unable to reach their livestock to provide shelter and food. so it's likely you'll see a jump
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other dairy products. general motors is making a half-a-million-dollar investment in ride-hailing company lyft. as part of the big investment, gm will work to develop an autonomous on-demand network for self-driving cars. the companies will also set up short-term car rental hubs across the u.s. at the hubs, people who do not own cars can pick up a vehicle so they can work as lyft drivers. television maker l-g has a high-definition tv you can roll up like a newspaper. they'll show it off at this week"s technology expo in las vegas. the 18-inch display is just one of the concept designs l-g will unveil as it attempts to predict the future of television screens. these tvs will not be sold this year -- and it's possible they may never hit stores. details of the foldable display have yet to be released, but experts suggest the technology could soon be used on smartphones and in-car screens that curve around a
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coming up on wis--british singer adele is saying "hello" to another record. plus--as the jumbo jackpot grows, someone's 2016 is going to get off to a great start! break anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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according to billboard, "25" closed out the year with nearly seven-and-a- half million copies sold. and adele's album was just released on november 20th-- so it sold all those copies in only six weeks! the british singer starts her world tour in february. the north american leg begins in july. a woman claims recording artist chris brown hit her and took her phone when she tried to take a photo of him. the las vegas metro police department says it is investigating accusations of battery and theft against the r&b star. the alleged victim was not seriously hurt. police say they have not yet gotten in touch with brown to get his side of the story. the search for sountry singer craig strickland ended today he was found dead at age 29. strickland and his friend chase morland went missing after going duck hunting last week in oklahoma. morland's body was found last week along with their
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an unusual guest makes a surprise appearance inside an idaho home. an elk showed up inside a family's basement. the 600 pound animal fell through a window and into the downstairs living room. the family called authorities who helped chase the elk out of the house back into the wilderness. "to see a full size elk standing in your downstairs living room when you get down there is something that you never expect." the elk did had a minor cut to the neck. other than some window and furniture damage the family is fine. a sheep which was found after being lost in the australian wilderness for six years was shorn for the first time. the sheep named sheila had been lost in dense forest in the tasmania state since 2010. it was rescued by a local man who found it on the side of a road, unable to move because of the amount of wool in its fleece. a berlin zoo presented their
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today...a baby elephant who joined the herd on new year's day. zookeepers originally thought the baby elephant was a girl - but today they announced it's actually a boy. the young calf hasn't been named yet. he was born earlier than expected but is said to be doing well, weighing in at about 220 pounds. 400-million dollars. that's how much the next powerball winner could possibly win this week. on saturday, three- contestants each won a million dollars.....someone else won two-million. many others won smaller prizes......but no one bought the grand prize-winning ticket. the next chance to win is wednesday. officials say the chances of winning the thanks for joining us for the news at 5. we'll be right back.
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how to hit a receiver. the strike zone. the net. you taught him how to hit the upper corner. you even taught him how to hit the open man. but how much time have you spent teaching him... what not to hit? thanks for joining us this evening. i'm judi gatson. new this evening: the former north charleston police officer caught on video shooting a man is now out of jail. this afternoon michael slager's bond was set at 500 thousand dollars and within the past hour he was released on bond. slager has been in jail since he was arrested and charged with murder for the shooting of walter scott in april. cell phone video caught slager firing eight shots at
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traffic stop. also today, the judge in the case announced slager's trial will begin in october. slager was ordered to remain on house arrest and to have no contact with the scott family. richland county investigors want your help to find whoever shot a man in a shootout on pelican drive. deputies say the incident happened around 4:30 when two groups fired shots at each other. they report the victim was armed. he was found shot in the upper body and was taken to the hospital. authorities are still looking information. get ready for a big taste of winter the next few days. a cold front will move through the state this afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight
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