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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of rain increase by thursday. sce&g officials say they are keeping an eye on lake murray as more rain is expected to move in
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right now, those levels are hovering at 358 feet--less than two feet below full pool. utility representative eric boomhower, water is being released through spill gates to create more space for more water expected to flow in. the operation is completed through the saluda hydro plant. "anytime we run that power plant, it actually releases water from lake murray into the lower saluda river as part of our continue with the goal of trying to create enough storage capacity." the "full pool" level of 360 feet level is mandated by federal law. boomhower says if the dam reaches emergency levels, local law enforcement will notify neighbors if they need to evacuate. if you haven't applied for fema aid in the wake of october's flood, you are running out of time. we're just a few hours away from
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process deadline. allie spillyards is live at one columbia disaster recovery center allie registration here is closing right now, but if you still need to apply -- you have 6 hours to get it done. you can apply by phone until 10 p.m. by calling the fema hotline at 1-800- 621-fema... or you can register online at you can find a link under the big red 10 at wistv dot com. for that option, you've got until 11:59 tonight. so far, fema says more than 99 million have applied and 79-million dollars has been given to homeowners. the small business administration says its approved more than 122-million dollars in disaster loans. there's been a large crowd here at richland library main throughout the day applying for both, and it seems to be a pretty smooth process. "i think you should come on
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you're eligible because it will be helpful for you in the longer run." the center here is now closing but you can apply for both fema and sba online and over the phone. remember, midnight tonight is your deadline. the two agencies are working very closely -- while fema's goal is to make your home liveable again, sba is to help you get back to where you were before the flood hit. we'll have more on that coming up at 7. one of columbia's oldest and most notorious public housing complexes could disappear in a little more than a year. federal housing officials have given the green light to getting rid of the city's gonzales gardens development. jack kuenzie is there live with the story. city, neighborhood and business
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wanted this to happen for years. and with a decision from hud shortly before christmas day----they have what they've been asking for. housing and urban development told the city of columbia it was ok with the idea of tearing down what is now a more than 75 year old apartment complex----one originally built to serve as home mostly to fort jackson families in the 1940's. now---a place where 616 people live in subsidized housing and in units that do not have showers or laundry rooms. and frankly, a complex that has been visited far too many times by the columbia police department. the columbia housing authority has already notified residents----and they've begun rolling out a plan to relocate them to other cha properties in our area but also other places even outside the state because
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up by the government. one of the things we'll be doing in the next 30 days is meeting whether it needs to be accessible to handicapped people. any kind of health issues that need to be taken into consideration. we'll also be looking at whether they have transportation, whether their children have to stay in the same school district. whether there's a school that they want to get their children into close. so those will be all the factors that we'll have to take a look at. the plan calls for all residents to be moved out by the end of the year---and demolition to begin in spring 2017. the city of columbia will be asked to pitch in a million dollars to pay for the demolition. meanwhile, the city will have to find a source of funding for reconstruction of the site---along the lines of what was done when the saxon homes and hendley homes complexes were torn down and replaced. estimates for that level of work run around $60 to 70 million dollars. councilwoman tameika devine told us today those projects were funded at least in part with water and sewer revenues---but that
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around. the council's work session tomorrow is expected to touch on the one million dollar demolition money request. investigators in orangeburg county are investigating a house fire that left a person dead inside. authorities were called to the scene around 3:30 this morning on old number 6 highway in elloree...where they found the body. the coroner's office says they an autopsy is set for tomorrow morning. in columbia, one man is now facing charges for a christmas eve crash after a passenger in riding in his car died over the weekend. columbia police say piere ray was driving on two notch road on december 24th when he lost control of his car, hit a curb, and crashed into several metal poles and a brick wall. james lightbourne was riding in the car at the time...police say he died yesterday at the hospital.
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resulting in death and possession of marijuana. police say ray was speeding right before the crash. he's still in the hospital. a dalzell man fought until the end to raise awareness of sickle cell disease. saturday, dennis littles lost his own battle. however, as wis' meaghan norman tells us, others are vowing to soldier on. judi, dennis littles described sickle cell patients as "warriors." in august, he appeared on awareness to talk about his personal battle. his family and friends say they will now pick up where he left off. "dennis is good. he did what he had to do. he lived his purpose. there was nothing else left for him to do." dennis littles devoted his life to making sure people knew about the perils of sickle cell disease. the inherited disorder causes sickle-shaped red blood cells that restrict the flow of blood and oxygen. the body then goes through crises --- extremely painful episodes that often require blood transfusions. last august on awareness,
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some of his struggle. "how is your lifestyle different, how is your lifestyle compromised by this disease?" "well, it's very complicated people you want to do things like other people. you want to go out, you want to have fun, you want to participate in different things. my childhood i wanted to play basketball and i did at one point but i ended up going into a crises and i no longer could play basketball." littles was sick for nearly all his life. but ask his family and friends --- "you never saw him sad and down on the outside. his spirit was always high." "he may be in the hospital later that night he would still go to church and dance and do whatever god put in him to do." he started a nonprofit last year -- bread of life community outreach ministry. he had hopes of building an infusion center in sumter to help patients have more convenient access to treatment -- many having travel to columbia or charleston on a weekly or monthly basis. "right now, it's his vision and we're just trying to see it through." "he wanted sickle cell to be
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known and hiv and things like that. he wanted that on the map before he left." littles' sister and cousin say they are just two who will continue his dream while encouraging others to pursue their own. "no matter what you're going through or what you're living with, don't let it keep you down because you can do he never stops. if he had something in mind, he never stopped." a gofundme account has been set up to help with funeral expenses. his 'bread of life community outreach ministry' will continue. for more information, go to wis tv dot com and click on this story. the new year is off to a cold
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we'll be back with a look at a cold week ahead after the break.
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-mistake by charleston county detention center michael slager just bonded out of jail...a judge sets bond at 500,000 dollars for former north charleston police officer michael slager. -slager's bond was previously denied back in charleston police officer michael slager. denied back in september -slager accused of shooting and killing walter scott in april last year as he was running away. -trial date also set for october 31st.
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man is now out of jail. afternoon temperatures will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the will top at near 50 with clear skies the bottom will fall out of the thermometer, look for overnight lows in the middle 20s. tuesday and wednesday under sunny skies we'll only see the upper 40s. things warm up and chances of rain increase by thursday. break 2 people in parts of west columbia still need to boil
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i love taking care of my mom. it wasn't easy at first. she learned how to better communicate her needs. and you learned how to not ignore yours. i discovered how to make healthier meals. and i discovered how much i enjoyed them. narrator: becoming a caregiver is a learning experience for everyone. find articles, tips and tools from experts and others who have been in your place.
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over the weekend, a water line servicing the leaphart road area was relocated due to a road widening project near mineral springs road. water service in that area was cut off saturday and yesterday. theherea remains under a "boil water" advisory tonight. city officials say originally, the water was only supposed to be shut off on saturday but crews ran into several problems. the boil water advisory is expected to be lifted by wednesday. south carolina congressman joe wilson is gearing up for another legislative session in washington- but he says he's got bit plans for primary night back in the palmetto state-
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newsroom. congressman wilson hasn't made an endorsement yet on the republican side of the presidential race- though today during his legislative agenda meeting thth morning he was quick to praise the candidates in the field- in speaking about primary night- he spoke less about who he would support- and more about who will be accompanying him. congressman wilson said during the 2012 primary- he brought envoys from slovakia to witness the american election process- taking them from polling place to polling place in his congressional district- he said he's doing it again this year, this time bringing a group from british parliament to witness election night. "we show up at different polling locations throughout the second congressional district, it's so much fun to see people's eyes get as big as saucers when i introduce after the voted- not to interfere with the voting- dignitaries from around the world." wilson said in the past he also brought along foreign journalists- including reporters from the german news magazine- der spiegl.
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the national championship countdown is on for the clemson football team.... and the usc men's basketball team remains perfect heading into conference play. sports is next!!!! break 3 days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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the tigers will play alabama next monday at glendale, arizona. this will be a busy week for clemson with practices and media interviews. they'll fly to arizona on friday. clemson head coach dabo swinney gave an update today on defensive end shaq lawson. he left the semifinal game against oklahoma with a knee injury. dabo says lawson was able to practice today..and he's optimistic he'll be able to play in the big game. usc football coach will muschamp fills another position on his coaching staff. he officially announces the hiring of kurt roper as the gamecocks' co- offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. roper worked with muschamp at florida for one season in 2014 as the gators offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. roper spent this past season
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as a senior offensive assistant coach. the usc men's basketball team is 13 and oh and moving up in the rankings. carolina jumps up two spots to 22nd in the a-p poll... the programs highest ranking since 1998. the gamecocks remain 20th in the coaches poll. the gamecocks are certainly capturing the attention of the nation. vs to remain relevant in march... usc must find a way to win conference games. last season... carolina experienced success early in the season... only to begin sec play one-and-six. the gamecocks are determined to get off to a better start... with a win tuesday night at auburn. martin: "ain't no one going to care in 2018 if we don't figure out a way to stay in the care about our record or about what we already reached. we are just going to keep moving forward like a train and we won't stop." martin: "the only thing that's relevant is that you can hold up a trophy. if you can listen i played for the sec championship. if you did that then you have
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tonight, campaign bliss. bill clinton hits the trail as donald trump puts his money where his mouth is. but his new ad has already erupted in copt very versailles-- cocontroversy. a we go inside as armed protesters tame control of a federal building unless the feds meet their demands. what they want. taking m.
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