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mayor riley is giving his farewell address right now -- with just 6 days left in his forty years in office. good evening and thank you for joining us for the news at 7. i'm dawndy mercer plank. and i'm meteorologist ben tanner top story tonight -- it's cold outside!! lows will drop down into the lower/mid 20s and even the upper teens in a few locations to start the despite full sunshine, highs will again struggle into the mid/upper 40s wednesday afternoon. lows return to the 30s thursday and the 40s to finish the week with clouds on
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thursday. expect a 60% chance of showers friday and highs near 60 degrees. an inclement weather center is open on calhoun street to the homeless. on nights like tonight, men and
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a ride will be picked up from the "clean of heart" offices on laurel street betwefn 5:45 and 7 p-m. the salvation army will provide showersrsnd hot meals for dinner and a small the shelter will close every morning at 7. the fbi is now saying there's no evidence linking the san bernardino attacks to a foreign group. fbi officials say that they believe the shootings were inspired by terrorism but no evidence that they were terrorists. today agents are also asking for help as they try to figure out what syed farook and tashfin malik immediately following the attack on the inland regional center. the fbi also released images of the vehicle and the license plate and the suv used in the attack. david bowdich fbi assistant director in charge "the missing timeline i have, this is where i ask for the publics assistance, the missing timeline is from 1259p and 117p on december 2, 2015. that's 18 minutes of time we are
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bowdich also says that the search of the lake close to the site returned nothing in connection with the attack. 15 and oh. it has never happened in division one college football. but the clemson tigers will be chasing history monday night. joe gorchow spent the day at death valley as players and coach dabo swinney talked about the quest for history. on august third before clemson even played its first game in death valley... coach dabo swinney laid out the vision. to be the best ever. they created t-shirts for the players and on the back... it said 15 for 15. the main message... make history. become the first college football program to finish a season 15-0. a dream finish that's within reach as the tigers face alabama
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"it's awesome. i tweeted it out. that was my last tweet was 15 for 15. now that we're finally here, it's pretty incredible." "i never thought we'd be sitting in this position, being the number one seed going into the playoffs and coming off such a great win over oklahoma. it's a surreal feeling." "kind of aying the road map out there and these guys embraced that. it wasn't necessarily about being 15 and 0. it was about being the best we could be. now, if we're going to win it, we have to be 15 and oh. that would mean we're the best and who is going to argue with one of ya'll will. you'll lose in a court of law." the key to clemson's undefeated season to date... its approach. they've treated each game like the biggest of the year. an approach they'll carry over to this week's preparation... as they get ready for what truly is the greatest opportunity of the season. reporting from death valley joe gorchow. live coverage from death valley begins this friday. wis will also air a half- hour special on monday night at 7:30.
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next tuesday, governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response after the president's state of the union address. she's the first south carolinian to do so. house speaker paul ryan says haley has a positive vision and is an alternative to the status quo. haley says she plans to speak on the country's challenges and opportunities. the state of the union address is january 12. former columbia city councilman brian newman will not get jail time for tax charges. charges against newman and richland county councilman kelvin washington came up after a state investigation into the use of penny sales tax money. today -- newman pleaded guilty to failing to file state tax returns for 2012 and 2013. he has agreed to pay 98- hundred entered a plea. elloree homeowners will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who was burned inside their
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the homeowner was not there during yesterday morning's fire. the orangeburg county coroner says the remains were so badly burned they're having to rely on dental records to make a positive i-d. sled is heading the investigation with the help of the sheriff's office. today president obama laid out executive action on gun safety measures. some of the measures include expanding background checks for private sales, bolstering a database of prohibited buyers and hiring more agents to do background checks. he also wants to increase funding for mental health care and research to develop technology. obama's executive action has south carolina lines. will whitson takes a look at why democrats say there's more work to be done -- and repeplicans say this is too much. president obama's expansion of background checks to gun shows- and executive action to hire personnel and explore gun tech- sparks a debate two ways.
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argument of separation of powers- in this case who makes the laws: congress of the chief executive? attorney general alan wilson joined several other state attorneys general saying the president overstepped his bounds. sc gun owners assciation president gerald stoudemire agrees- "president obama has no authority to make law." but- in his address today, the president says he's acting because congress isn't. "the bill before congress three years ago met thatat test, unfortunately too many theirs." "it'll be a straight party battle." the second debate deals with federalism- or who makes the laws columbia or washington. state senator marlon kimpson prefiled multiple gun regulation b bls for this year's session- including stricter background checks and a longer waiting period. charleston "we're going to have a our state." "i don't believe that those bills can regulate federal law from state level." but in a phone conversation with senator kimpson today- he said state laws can overlap federal regulations so long as
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more elaborate- so a bill increasing the waiting period is constitutional, while one reducing it is not. state rep beth bernstein has also prefiled waiting ww, wis news 10 ahead on wis at 7 ... if your dogs could talk some of them would be saying, 'oh, my aching bones.' so the pet vet is in to cover a break 1
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this is an excellent photo of 80% of giant breed dogs have the problem. follow me for wis tv updates twitter: @dawndywistv facebook: dawndy mercer plank wis tv weather is next.
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lows will drop down into the lower/mid 20s and even the upper teens in a few
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despite full sunshine, highs will again struggle into the mid/upper 40s wednesday afternoon. lows return to the 30s thursday and the 40s to finish the week with clouds on the increase thursday. expect a 60% chance of showers friday and highs near 60
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joe riley just wrapped up his last address as the mayor of charleston. riley served as the longest
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longest sitting mayor in the country and in charleston's 345 year history. he's credited with charleston's urban renewal that made the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the
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here's a look at his 40 years. riley: "no i can't, that doesn't make sense. it couldn't be that long!" for many of us, joseph p. riley junior is the only charleston mayor we've every known as he's been in office since 1975... and now it's almost over. "when you go into your office for the last time and look around.. click that lock for the last time and close that door and its over.. that's gotta be tough!" "i really don't know how i'll feel, but i have so much gratitude for the opportunity the citizens have given to me and it serve them in this wonderful city to work in and for" the 72-year-old thought he'd only serve one term in office...
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slowing down. he compares his time in office to a road race... one much like the cooper river bridge run that's held right here in charleston every spring. "you know the mental picture i have is running a road race.. you know how long it is, this one was 40 years, and to be able to finish with a kick and cross the finish hahaha!" the mayor says now's the time for him to leave office... while he's at full speed. "i didn't want to get into another term and the risk of saying to myself 'i'm too tired to do this tomorrow night... or i don't have the energy to tackle that." as far as his legacy, the mayor says he hopes people will remember that he worked very hard, was honest and opened up city government to everyone..
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minorities of the city. he hired the first black jewish police chief and first women fire chief. now, he looks forward to sometimes being an anonymous fly on the wall , as he puts it, at one of the city parks he helped create. " i like it when i can watch themselves. like if i go to one of our parks, west ashley park, and, you know, on a saturday doing soccer and see all those kids playing and all the families and coaches and they're not noticing me you know, no one knows what joy that gives me." now while a new mayor has already been elected to , mayor riley says he still has so much to do. his last day in office will be january 11th of next year. "i'll miss it. i love the people i work with, i love the people of charleston i work for." tonight at 11 - a look at the
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riley has faced, including the tragedy that broke his heart. the carolna panthers are enjoying their bye week..... and the clemson football team is preparing for a big challenge...sports is next. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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steps on the field for their biggest test in what has been a magical season. top ranked and undefeated clemson will battle number two arizona....monday night in glendale, arizona for the national championship. the tigers are undefeated at 14 and oh. they're number one in all of the polls. they know it'll all be quickly forgotten if they don't win the final game. a victory over the crimson tide will secure clemson's second national championship and cap off one of the great seasons in college football history. jordan leggett/clemson tight end "it's definitely a surreal feeling, i just have to pinch myself everyday and tell myself that you're going to the national championship game." wayne gallman/clemson running back "emotions are real man, just to be here is a blessing. prayed so much, we've done so much and it's really good to see hard work pays off artvais scott/clemson wide receiver "it's a great opportunity, most players don't get to play on this type of stage and we're just blessed to get to go out there
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this is." dabo swinney/clemson head coach "we want to be the best, so let's go play the best team out there. to see if we can get it done and measure up. and if we're good enough to get it done, we'll get it done and if we're not, we'll go back to work." dabo and the tigers are hoping for another postgame celebration bigger and hoping for another postgame celebration bigger and better than the one they had after winning the orange bowl. we'll be in arizona covering the tigers quest for the title. our live reports start friday. there was a surprise announcement today in the s-e-c. eric hyman has stepped down as the athletics director at texas a-and-m. hyman resigned today after three and a half years with the aggies. he spent seven years with south carolina. undd his watch....usc won two baseball national championships....he also hired basketball coaches dawn staley and frank martin. the carolina panthers are enjoying a bye week after wrapping up homefield advantage throughout the nfc playoffs. several of the players were at the comedy zone club in charlotte last night.they were there to support linebacker thomas davis
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having a fundraiser to benefit their thomas davis foundation, that supports young men in the community and tries to help keep them on a straight
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