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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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breaking news. north korea claiming it successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb overnight. the tremor of the size of a moderate earthquake. the reaction in countries around the world, swift and intense, but was it really an h-bomb, and if so, what didn't u.s. intelligence know it was coming? cruz in the crosshairs. donald trump questions ted cruz's eligibility, much like he did president obama's of. is trump feeling the heat as his republican rival surges in iowa while other republicans question the sincerity of the president's emotional news conference. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad.
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over this nearly two-minute pat-down of his 10-year-old daughter by a tsa agenting? did it go on too long? did it get too personal? what the tsa has to say about it this morning. and gigantic jackpot. tonight's powerball now up to $450 million. one of the ever and the frenzy to buy more tickets could make it even bigger when those six numbers are drawn today, wednesday, january 6th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. wednesday morning. if al roker were sitting here he would say $450 million. >> i know, and it could get dollars. i got powerball fever. >> that's a big jackpot. that. by the way, speaking of things that are exciting. as you know, we're going to head to the golden globes come up this weekend.
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to new york, at least not immediately. it's a morning show first, and we'll tell you about it coming up. >> yeah, the whole show is head somewhere. more on that in a minute. first let's get right to our breaking news. north korea claiming it has detonated its first ever hydrogen bomb. if true, it would mark a significant and dangerous advance for north korea's military and a disturbing threat to the region. let's get right to nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely. bill, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. no question this was a surprise and an unpleasant one, especially for north korea's neighbors. the world's most closed country announcing what would be a dramatic escalation in its nuclear capability if that is is to be believed there was a test but was it really a hydrogen bomb? a north korean tv announcer claims the country's first hydrogen bomb test and calls it a success. we won't stop our nuclear
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aggression. they cheered in north korea's capital. they have seen three previous tests announced but never of an h-bomb, a far more powerful weapon. . the u.s. is waiting to invade our country, this man says, so it's the right thing to do. the hydrogen bomb, he says, is a reliable way of defending ourselves. the tremors from the underground explosions were felt in china pand in south korea where officials say it's a provocation. north korea's leader kim jong-un knows that and signed the test order anyway. japan, too, is alarmed. military planes taking off to test air samples. the u.s. ambassador meeting to reassure a government that says the test is a serious threat. >> we stand with japan and our partners and allies in solidarity with this north korea provocation. >> reporter: north korea has an aggressive nuclear weapons program showing off hardware
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what's dangerous about this latest test is that a hydrogen bomb can be smaller, lighter and easier to deliver on a missile warhead. north korea's leader kim jong-un is still consolidating his power and now flexing his muscles at a world that's looking at north korea are real anxiety. and it may take weeks to work out if this was a hydrogen bomb, and if it was successful and a viable device, but anything that can produce a seismic shock of 5.1 is dangerous, and there will be consequences for north korea. the u.n. will meet later and may move towards tighter sanctions, but kim jong-un is unlikely to be deterred by that. matt, savannah. >> bill neely in london, thank you. >> let us quickly bring in nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. andrea, if the north koreans have now successfully tested their first hydrogen bomb, that's a very dangerous first step forward, but if u.s. intelligence was caught off
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>> reporter: absolutely. this was, as bill was just saying, a complete surprise. they knew that something was up. they had seen some tunnels but no idea if this is, and this is a big if, we haven't confirmed it. it will be days if not weeks before they can absolutely confirm it, but it is this is true, a major escalation, a much more powerful weapon. they had done three previous tests, but they were lower yield plutonium devices. they also have a uranium program but no idea that they were this advanced if this is indeed a hydrogen blast. >> all right. andrea mitchell, andrea, stick around. we'll talk about poll nicks just a moment. >> yeah. let's turn to the presidential race now. new attacks from republican front-runner donald trump against both his republican and democratic rivals. in a moment, how hillary clinton is responding to trump, but, first, let's go to nbc national correspondent peter alexander in washington for the late on the republican side. peter, hi, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning. those republicans once just curious about trump are now increasingly committed. here you go.
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shows trump way out in front at 42% nationally, three times ted cruz's support. still, cruz polled best in iowa. the first caucus state and in a clearer sign yet that trump sees him as a real theat he's talking up questions about cruz's eligibility to be president. the nation's best known birther donald trump famously demanded to see president barack obama's birth certificate and now taking issue with texas senator ted cruz's birthplace, canada. raising the topic on msnbc's "morning joe." >> it's a problem for him. let's assume he got the nomination, and the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve so how do you run? >> reporter: trump later pinktating his point to "the washington post." a lot of people are talking about it, and i know that even some states are looking tat very strongly, he said. the fact that he was born in canada and he's had a double passport. cruz tweeting his response, this unforgettable seen from "happy days" with the fonz literally
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trump is getting desperate. most legal experts agree he's the son of an american mother cruz qualifies as a natural born citizen. nbc's casey hunt asked jeb bush about it tuesday night. do you think that ted cruz is a natural born citizen and is eligible for the presidency? >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: trump isn't backing down from his confrontation with the clintons either. >> it's fair game when they attack me. i'm going to attack them >> reporter: billionaire insisting he only brought up bill clinton's extra marital affairs after hillary clinton accused him of sexism first. >> when she said that, well, your husband is now campaigning, it's open season. now if he wasn't campaigning, maybe it would be different, and if he weren't a past president it would be totally different. >> reporter: and hours after president obama's emotional appeal for an end to gun violence, the republicans remained unimpressed. trump teeing off from new hampshire. >> they are not going to take your guns away, folks. >> reporter: ted cruz mocking the president as a tyrant
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government control. and new this morning, trump's wife milania is speaking out candidly, the supermodel telling "hereby's bazaar" magazine that she's chosen to stay quiet but is, quote, very political in private life. sheization she hasn't thought much about life in the white house but has been working with the couple's 9-year-old son baron to keep his life in her words as normal as possible. matt and savannah. >> all right, peter, thank you. >> on the democratic side, front-runner hillary clinton is responding to some of trump's rhetoric as she takes her campaign west today. nbc's kristen welker has more on that. hi, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. that's right. secretary clinton will be campaigning in las vegas later today. of course, nevada is a key western state, and it comes as the verbal attacks between clinton and trump are escalating. facing an increasingly competitive race in must-win iowa hillary clinton ignored donald trump's attacks late tuesday focusing instead on
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>> you know, i'm excited about the organization we've been building here in the state. >> reporter: but earlier in the day, fireworks for trump. clinton saying his heated rhetoric makes him unfit to lead. >> we should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric, who use the kind of derogatory comments whether it's about muslims or mexicans or women or people with disabilities, whoever it might be. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with msnbc's chris matthews clinton warned -- >> that's a sign of, you know, showmanship, of desperation that should be rejected roundly by the american people. >> reporter: strong words, but clinton stopped there, refusing to engage trump on his personal attacks of her and her husband who is back on the trail this week. for days trump has excoriated president bill clinton for the transgressions that nearly brought down his presidency. >> is this sexism, is this what sns. >> i will not respond to his --
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>> what does it say about the republicans? i sound like a lawyer. >> he can say whatever he wants to say. i'll talk about what i wanted to talk about and thousands of miles away at the white house president obama announced new actions on gun laws. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> clinton making no mention of the president getting emotional, praised obama while also taking a little credit. >> i was very proud that he made these recommendations, some of which i have been advocating in this campaign for. >> reporter: now, clinton has made gun control a key pillar of her campaign t.resonates with democratic primary voters and also one of the rare issues that she's seen as being to the left of vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders also praised president obama's actions on guns yesterday. the two democratic candidates will face off at a party dinner in las vegas tonight. matt, savannah, back now. >> all right. kristen welker, thanks very much.
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the race with less than four weeks to go from the iowa calkouses with chuck todd and amitchell and here in the studio nicolle wallace and mark halperin and managing editor of bloomberg politics and msnbc commentator steve kornacki. >> segment is over with all of yours resumes. ted cruz has launched a missive -- excuse me, trump has launched a missive on ted cruz's eligibility to run for president. do you think this is something that will have appeal with conservative voters, or does this have the feel of kind of throwing everything at the wall? >> i think it's a distraction. i think, you know, watch today when -- when the talk radio circuit who has been very supportive of ted cruz, and any time there's been a split between cruz and trump they have sided with krumptz i suspect unless they somehow turn on cruz on this issue, i don't think this is going to be an issue at all with conservative voters. >> nicole, let me turn to you. where's myth romney. when is he going to endorse a
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how important would would that endorsement be? >> i think he's wise to stay quiet because the age. arbiter or the referee in republican politics is long gone. john mccain is another figure in the republican party. he used to be able to throw a flag and call this or that in bounds or out of bounds. the reason i think people like that have stayed kwai set that the republican base is so disdainful of the whole notion of any sort of establishment figure coming in and giving them any sort of guidance. >> if he were to jump behind chris christie or marco rubio any difference? >> not only do i think it would not only help them, i think there's possibility it could hurt them. >> that leads me to the question with steve kornacki which is where is this vaunted republican establishment that used to be the heavyweights and could call balls and strikesing? where are they? is this campaign going tonight end what have we call -- >> if it rears its head it will be in new hampshire. it won't in iowa, and the biggest problem the establishment has in new hampshire slight now is you've
7:13 am
rubio, kasich and bush, running 10%, 12% and all eating up the so-called establishment vote and letting people run away so if one can consolidate they can give trump a run for the >> unon rare occasions when the discussion includes anyone other than donald trump and hillary clinton you hear more and more people saying chris christie is heating up. he's on the move. he may be peaking at the right time and yet if you look at his national polling numbers you don't really see that. why are people suddenly going behind chris christie? >> because to win you've got to win a state or do really well in a state and chris christie in new hampshire, to take the old line, perfect together. it's a good state for him. donald trump, based on his resources and his message and poll stand, he'll be a finalist. ted cruz, resources, poll standing, finalist. mitt romney, paul ryan won't create another finalist. you've got to create it if you're jeb bush or chris christie or marco rubio.
7:14 am
can create this for himself right now because he's got a message and he's swaggering. >> you agree? >> in new hampshire, can i see him emerge there. >> i think he's making more moves outside of new hampshire that's been detected on a wide scale. made some good moves in iowa. drove over the holidays from o'hea to iowa. national security voters in iowa who care a lot about fighting terrorism. the world is on fire. >> he could finish third in iowa and then mitt romney and others will say this is our one guy from our establishment lane, we're going to get behind him but i agree with nicole, may not help him. >> i want to get andrea into this conversation. let's talk about the bill clinton factor, andrea. obviouslyy incredibly popular with democratic voters and yet we've seen this wound open up that donald trump has driven right through in terms of the negatives of bill clinton. is he a net positive or net negative when you factor all that in? >> ilthink given his overwhelming popularity in every poll, especially with the general electorate, i think it's
7:15 am
he's obviously a lightning rod in republican primaries, and that's why you're hearing donald trump and all the othths going after him. so it's a great issue in the republican primaries, but in the general election i think he's a net positive as long as he goes along with the guide action. you can see when we were with him the other day in nashua, in new hampshire, he really wanted to respond to trump and bit his tongue and pulled back but there will be a moment when he might go off the program. >> mark, that was one of your questions. will he take the bait at some point? >> the clintons have a big choice to make, do they want to spend january fighting with trump? they say if he goes after other americans that they will engage him, that they will hold him accountable. personal stuff. let's see if they can be disciplined. fighting with trump, everyone we learned this year and last year is hard. >> thank you all so much. >> thank you. new developments this morning in another story. the investigation into last month's terror attack in san bernardino, california.
7:16 am
for the public's help in accounting for every moment of the killers' whereabouts on that day. there is an 18-minute gap in the time line between the massacre that left 14 dead and the shootout where both gunmen were killed. the fbi says they want to know in syed farook and tashfeen malik stopped at any residence or business that they don't already know about. and now to the situation still unfolding in oregon where armed anti-government protesters have taken over a federal wildlife refuge. this morning there are hints that the occupation may soon come to an end. the leader ammon bundy says the group has a plan to help ranchers in the community defend themselves against the federal government and provided few details. one of the other activists said on tuesday that he needs to get back to his nevada ranch say, quote, i've got some cows that are scattered and lost. >> perfect segue. mr. roker is here. don't even go there. with a check of the weather, how are you doing? >> doing good, but,
7:17 am
california not doing so good. take a look. now, watch this. there's a lamborghini going to try to get through this. >> oh, whoa. >> in san diego. he actually made, it believe it or not. yes, he did, but then he got out and got out on that paddle board, no, and then this guy had to go get his car. this is rough stuff, and we've got more heavy rain coming again for today. look at what's happening. another storm system pushing on in. that first system now moving into arizona. the second one coming into central and northern california and eventually makes its way down to southern california. with we've got flash flood watch eds stretching from oakland all the way down no san diego. 19 million people in effect on this and also a winter storm watch up for 4 million people in the pacific northwest and southwest. more snow in the sierra. here it comes. more heavy rain. this is the last round of the heaviest stuff. rain and snow will be added to the previous totalso we'll be watching that as well. snowfall amounts. we are look amount a lot of rain
7:18 am
some areas could pick up 5 inches and rainfall inches 1 to 2 and the good news is plenty of snow, especially up in the sierra again. blizzard conditions, wind gusts of 60 miles per hour and whiteout conditions. this is el nino. it's going to be over and over and over again for the next several weeks.
7:19 am
foreca >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, mr. roker. coming up, are you trying your luck? the powerball fever taking the country by storm. tonight's jackpot up to -- >> $450 million. >> and the tsa under fire over a lengthy pat-down. why one father says the agent crossed the line with his 10-year-old daughter. we'll show you that video and
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clear and very cold this morning with temperatures in the lower 20s with a few areas in the teens! look for a mostly sunny day with a few clouds by mid-afternoon highs upper 40s. due to a few more clouds and
7:25 am
southwest, not as cold tonight, lows middle 30s. increasing clouds thursday, much warmer, high in the upper 50s. more clouds for friday with periods of rain likely, warmer with highs in the lowers 60s. saturday now looks a little wet highs upper 60s over the weekend. skies, highs near 60 this morning there's still no word on what caused 3 tractor trailers to go up in flames last night near two notch and north brickyard roads. we received several calls into our newsroom about explosions heard in that area just before 11. it took about 45 minutes to get the flames under control. columbia fire says nothing suspicious was found. state leaders are meeting for the first time this year to talk more about improving operations within the department of social services. several state house groups including the house legislative oversight committee are currently conducting oversight studies on dss. during the last legislative meeting -- lawmakers discussed 4 laws. 3 dealt with child support and one with the investigation of child fatalities. dss' director says the agency believes a local rapid response team is needed to investigate child deaths and determine the whether there's an immediate danger to
7:26 am
the home. south carolina chamber members will also meet today at the state house to talk before their official return to session. local leaders will meet with business owners to deliver the group's agenda. chamber president and the chairman of the board will then travrel to greenville to hold a news conference. we'll have more on what that will be about later
7:27 am
we're back at 7:30. we promised a big announcement. here it is. you see the white house there. next tuesday in a morning show first we are going to broadcast our entire show there. this is unprecedented. this is the day of president obama's very last state of the union address. we will have unique access inside the white house for the entirety of our show. we're going to have some rooms that are rarely seen by the public walking through them and, of course, we'll sit down with the president as well and talk about some of the issues facing his presidency in its final year. >> that's today at the white house. we'll call it today takes over the white house because the secret service had a problem with that. >> we need a catchier title with that. >> not going to work. >> next tuesday morning right here on "today" and as savannah mentioned we're all going.
7:28 am
>> why are you looking at me? >> i'm good. we are looking forward to that. now it's time to take a look at the stories making news this morning. >> breaking news out of north korea, claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test resulting in an earthquake and an emergency meeting of the united nations security council. >> the north korean regime is essentially a rogue state. we have no reason t t think they will behave responsibly. >> president obama outlined his new gun control executive order, unable to hold back tears as he remembered 20 children murdered at sandy hook elementary. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> conservatives are hitting back. >> they are not going to take your guns away, folks. >> donald trump taking issue with ted cruz's birthplace, canada. >> it's a problem for him and it's a problem obviously for the republicans. >> reporter: trump didn't backing down with his confrontation with the clintons sgleert it's fair game when they
7:29 am
i'll attack them. >> that's a sign of showmanship, of desperation. >> reporter: extreme weather slamming into the west. >> none of us are going to escape the wrath of el nino. >> relentless rain, cars and roads submerged. rock slides and flooding. >> this storm is real, and it's coming. >> quick look at head links, and here's another big headline of the morning. powerball fever sweeping the nation with tonight's jackpot now at a staring $450 million. that makes it one. largest ever. nbc's kerry sanders is in miami where people are business buying tickets. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. i'm at the caribe cafe and there's a little bit of a lull. a line on and off this morning as people are lining up in 44 states, in puerto rico and in the virgin islands all hoping to get what will be the fourth largest jackpot in u.s. history.
7:30 am
are 1 in 292 2292,201,338. you're more likely to get struck by lightning, become president of the united states, get bitten by a shark or die from an head. now, if you are going to play $2 bet. it's not like you increase your odds by buying more tickets, so don't go play the wholele paycheck here while you're trying to win. if you buy a $2 ticket or buy five tickets your odds are about the same. that's the way statistics work according to the statisticians. now, if you are lucky enough to walk away with this jackpot alone, you'll still have to pay some taxes, so your winning will be $275.4 million that you can take as a lump sum, or can you take it out over 30 years, and those federal taxes, they will take about 25% and then, of course, you have state taxes unless you happen to be in one
7:31 am
where you don't have to pay income taxes because there aren't any. we found this lucky dollar on the sidewalk today, so we're going to take these two and we're going to play those and we're going to do a quick pick here and hopefully among the many people playing there will be a winner, because if there is not a winner, this will roll over, and haven't quite calculated how big it will be, but it will be likely the largest jackpot ever. so, guys, there's my numbers, what do you think? >> kerry, if it rolls over, there's a 100% chance you'll be doing that live shot again next week. >> kerry, powerball fever. >> reporter: and if you don't see me here tomorrow you'll know why. >> powerball fever at that store is 98.6. not exactly burning up there, guys. by the way, guys. >> oh, come on. >>really. >> what if i win, then what happens? >> i get 75% of it.
7:32 am
odds are the same if you have one ticket or bought 500 tickets. >> according to kerry. that doesn't make any sense to me. >> remember who bought you those tickets. >> when a guy. >> okay. we're going to change gears and talk about one father's outrage over what he sees as an overaggressive tsa pat-down of his 10-year-old daughter. it dragged on for nearly two minutes and you have more on in. >> kevin pace is normally an advocate of security, but he says that the pat-down at airport in raleigh, north carolina, made his 10-year-old daughter feel very uncomfortable, and he says it crossed the line. using his cell phone camera a shocked and upset father record his daughter receiving what he believed to be an unnecessary and invasive tsa pat-down. >> she just had a completely blank stare on her face. i could tell it was very uncomfortable for her. >> the video shows the agent slowly and meticulously frisking the 10-year-old for nearly two full minutes. >> what was going through my
7:33 am
i don't like this. i want to run out t t door. >> the girl was screened after a juice pack was found in her carry-on, according to her father. a swab from her bag came back with a false positive reading. >> it's not broken. it's not clearing. >> it seemed to be the go-to option for them and they could have done a better scrutiny of what they were looking for prior to putting their hands all over my 10-year-old daughter. >> the issue over whether children should receive pat-downs is controversial. according to tsa protocols, officers will work with parents to resolve any alarms at the checkpoint and has modified screening procedures for children 12 and under that reduce theikelihood of pat-down screening. in a statement to nbc news, the tsa says tsa screening procedures allow for the pat-down of a child under certain circumstances. the process by wit child was patted down followed approved procedures.
7:34 am
process was observed by the child's parent and there was a cell phone with an alarm going off in the child's bag requiring additional resolution procedures. as for the paces, they understand the importance of airline security, but when it comes to kids, there has to be a better way. >> maybe they need retraining. maybe they did everything by the book. i don't really know, but it was, you know, an uncomfortable situation. >> and pace says he has contacted his u.s. congressman about the incident, and they will be filing a formal complaint. obviously tsa doing their jobs, but i think we all have to question on a 10-year-old, is it excessive? with children it's always a difficult barometer. >> you can understand how a father would feel. >> absolutely. >> mr. roker. >> all right. let's show you what we've got going on right now. another area of moisture affecting the folks who got flflded out last weekend. here we go. we've got gulf moisture coming up out of south, and it will be combining with that storm system that brought all the heavy rain
7:35 am
going over saturated ground. rivers are still rising from earlier rain. to the north we've got a wintry mix. going to make trouble for travel with ice and low visibility, so right now as far as flooding is concerned, 181 river gauges nationwide above flood stage. 21 locations at major flood stage. the good news is the lighter rain will fall right over the mississippi, so that's good news. we're looking snowfall-wise out of this between today and
7:36 am
get >> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al, thank you. just ahead a potential game changer that could be coming to the twitter feed. >> but first the president moved to tears and what happens when politicians show their emotions right after this. weight watchers has changed. our all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you and not just the number on the scale. lose weight while eating healthier, with all new smartpoints. and move more by including fitness in ways that work for you. see how good you'll feel with the new weight watchers beyond t t scale program! join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us. the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. thatat cash back now, and cash back again later.
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we're b bk now. 7:43. a lot of people watching this live. a lot of people talking about it today, the rare display of emotion from president obama. >> he wiped back tears, if you saw it during the speech on gun violence and whaha happens when politicians wear emotions on their sleeves and nbc's andrea mitchell has been looking into that part of the story. andrea, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning again, savannah. well, he is famously known to his staff as no drama obama. even criticized as a political mr. spock, but president obama was unapologetically angry and emotional when talking about the
7:41 am
especially the children of new town. perhaps it was the weight of so many tragedies, charleston, gabby giffords, concernedio, sandy hook elementary, the thought of those children reducing the most powerful man in the world to tears. >> first graders. and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun: ever time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> reporter: it isn't the first time this president has cried in public. sometimes it's personal, when the grandmother who raised him died. >> there's great joy as well as tears. >> reporter: or after winning re-election thanking his
7:42 am
>> i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. >> reporter: but barack obama is hardly alone among politicians showing their emotions. it can cut both ways. formerenator ed misk's presidential hopes were washed away on a teary day in 1972. in 2008, hillary clinton won new hampshire by showing her human side. >> just don't want to see us full backwards, you know. i don't. >> reporter: even dwight d. eisenhower, the celebrated commander of allied forces in world war ii, wasn't afraid to cry while saluting veterans of the 82nd airborne during the 1952 campaign. ronald reagan didn't cry, but his emotions were raw after the "challenger" exploded in 1986. >> as they prepared for their journey and waved good-bye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of god. >> reporter: first president bush out of office struggled to
7:43 am
jeb in 2006. >> a true measure of a man is how you handle victory and also defeat. >> after 9/11, the second president bush. >> our unity is a kinship of grief. >> the son feeling the comforting hand of his father, but no president has been a match for the former speaker of the house. >> our hearts are broken but our spirit is not. >> reporter: never afraid to show his emotions. presidents and other politicians turning the old adage on its head. big men and women do cry. back to you guys. >> all right, andrea. >> that brought us to tears, and i yeah, watching it back. >> yeah, thank you. >> look back at those stories as we remember them, i thought ronald reagan's words after that shuttle disaster was -- every time i hear them i get choked up. >> pierces your soul. >> carson over in the original room and a lot of people talking about this online. what are they saying?
7:44 am
rather mixed. support from the president like the "new york times" columnist enkristoff tweeting some think that obama's tears about gun violence show weakness. know. we should all be crying about 320,000 deaths per year. seeing president obama cry makes me proud to have a leader so moved by the stories and lives of americans and there were others not show moved. this one and the as car for the best fake crying to make an emotional point to push his anti-gun agenda goes to president obama and nick addressing his message to the senior adviser valerie jarrett. at least have obama practice making fake tears before putting hipg him on stage. like it or not, social media had plenty to say on this topic. >> sure did. >> carson, thank you very much. coming up got to see the new video a that fallout boy has channeling their hey, remember the game when i set the rookie passing record? i mean, you only mentioned what, 50 times...
7:45 am
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7:49 am
coming up, help around the house. the mobile breakthroughs that will help you controlling your home from whatever are you are. >> and dr. oz on why women have a harder time sleeping than men and his tips for getting a better night's rest for all of us, but first on this wednesday morning a check of your l this is a labrador retriever. this is a golden retriever. they may seem similar. but when you take a closer look, the details tell a different story. these dogs. eat, digest and process energy differently. at royal canin, we obsess over these details. so we developed over 200 specific formulas for cats and dogs. because precise nutrition can transform your pet into a magnificent animal. royal canin. incredible in every detail.
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
commute. clear and very cold this morning with temperatures in the lower 20s with a few areas in the teens! look for a mostly sunny day with a few clouds by mid-afternoon highs upper 40s. due to a few more clouds and winds turning to the southwest, not as cold tonight,
7:54 am
increasing clouds thursrsy, much warmer, high in the upper 50s. more clouds for friday with periods of rain likely, warmer with highs in the lowers 60s. saturday now looks a little wet and sunday drier, this is a change from yesterday..moved up the timing of the weekend rain saturday. sunday returns to partly cloudy skies, highs near 60 an orangeburg county man charged with attacking a nurse during a medical exam will stay locked up. 28-year-old bryan pierson was ordered held without bond yesterday. he's charged with kidnapping and first- degree assault and battery. orangeburg county deputies say the assault happened at the regional medical center in orangeburg on new year's day pierson grabbed the nurse from behind and put her in a choke hold. he's being held at the orangeburg county detention center. a sleek, new mixed-use development did not get a final vote in west columbia last night. council members delayed that vote after hearing a lot
7:55 am
the development is known as "brookland," and if approved, it would be built in the now vacant piece of land at the intersection of state and meeting streets in west columbia. council had already delayed a final vote on the project, and last night, they delayed the vote again until they get more specifics from the developer. keep it tuned right here to w-i-s news 10 for more of the "today show". and get breaking news first at w-i-s t-v dot com. good morning.. time now is
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today," and coming up, help is on the way. from an oven you can set from your smartphone to a virtual doorman. a first look at the latest and greatest products to help make your life easier. then sleep and the sexes. dr. oz is here to tell us why women have a harder time sleeping than man and what you can do about it. and from the red planet to the golden globes. >> i am the greatest botanist on this planet. >> matt damon stops by studio 1a to talk about his out of this world performance, today,
7:57 am
>> i'm here hon my 60th hello, new york. >> celebrating my 40th birthday on the "today" show. >> good morning, ft. hood, texas. >> good morning, ohio. >> good morning, north carolina! >> i just graduated college and i need a job! >> we're book now. 8:00. on a wednesday morning. it's 6th day of january, 2016, and it's another chilly morning here in new york city. doesn't feel quites bads yesterday. >> no, it does not. >> wind isn't as bad. >> we had a big night out last night. al and deborah have written a book. they had a book party. we were there, "been there, done that" and it brought everyone together. >> that's right. the morning show, our friends from "good morning america" were there hand also our friend, the
7:58 am
kids. >> it was really fun. >> look at the gang. >> all the morning show people. we were up until like 7:30. >> david muir and elizabeth vargas. >> and robin roberts. >> hold it. we're on a roll here. >> come on. you've got to show it. >> coming up, we're going to have breakfast for dinner. the recipes you need for a fast, easy and cheap solution to week night ideas to feed your family. >> trying to make ends meet, we greatest thing. >> whenever my dad cooked it was breakfast for dinner. we still do it. >> let's go inside. natalie has a check of the top stories, natalie. the u.s. is investigating north korea's claim overnight that it carried out its first successful test of a hydrogen bomb. the announcement on north korean television said the weapon would be used to defend against the u.s. and other enemies half. hydrogen bomb is much more
7:59 am
tested previously by north korea. >> the real danger is not so much that north korea has a nuclear weapon per se but that it might sell such a technology. or a finished weapon to a rogue in the middle east or even to a terrorist group. >> u.s. intelligence was apparently caught off guard by the test. with less than a month until the iowa caucuses republican donald trump is raising birther questions about his closest rival. trump, who famously demanded to see president obama's birth certificate, says ted cruz could face lawsuits if he becomes the nominee because he was born in canada. cruz's parents were working in the canadian oil industry at the time. his mother is a u.s. citizen. his father was born in cuba. most experts agree though that cruz qualifies as a natural born citizen. hillary clinton will face off against her main rival bernie sanders at a dinner party in las vegas tonight. clinton campaigned tuesday in
8:00 am
become increasingly competitive. in an exclusive interview with msnbc, clinton condemned donald trump for his statements about muslims, but she refused to respond to trump's personal attacks on her husband, former president bill clinton. a woman who has stolen a small fortune from jewelry stores across the south has struck again. police hospital public can help track her down. nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> their brazen robberies that have the fbi and police in five states stumped. a string of jewelry heists across the south over a nine-month period, making off with nearly half had a million in valuables. the latest armed robbery coming monday new york at a jared vault location in georgia. the same woman believed to have committed all six robberies with a male partner helping her in the firstst three. during munld's heist, she held
8:01 am
according to the fbi forced two employees in a back room and zip-tied their hands before taking merchandise. in at least one of the robberies, store employees say the female suspect had come in a day earlier, inquiring about some. items she later stole. this morning authorities are asking for the public's help while wondering where she will strike next. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news. long lines are forming at ticket counters for tonight's high stakes powerball drawing. the jackpot worth an estimated $450 mill yonel. it's the fourth largest of all time. a single winning ticket would pay you a lump sum of $275 million. >> i get 75% of that. >> not a chance, lauer. >> wow. >> an australia fisherman didn't realize how close he came to being impaled until he saw this video from his boat's camera. take a look.
8:02 am
lucky day when he saw the tug on his line but then this anglery 2020pound marlin jumps out of the water with the spear-like nose aimed right at him. you see it in slow motion hand how close it was. twisted away at the last moment and the mad marlin. >> i love how you say he was angry. >> the mad marlin. was that the marlin making the beeping noise. >> by the way, did you want to mention what happened after your largesse of giving out tickets? >> i gave everybody a lottery ticket and i said let me initial it so we know which ticket is it and natalie refused to let me initial her ticket because she wants to be able to say she won off of a different ticket. >> because you said you were going to get 75%. hey, i'm the only smart one thinking. >> learn a lot about people when money comes into the picture. >> a big event that has lots of people flock nothing las vegas. >> that's right, the annual consumer electronics show is kicking off today.
8:03 am
with some of the great novations, olivia, good morning. >> reporter: sin city being taken over by a slew of new smart products. the big theme this year, technology designed to make your life easier, one device at a time. at ces a new year means new technology, and 2016 is turning out to be the year of the smart house. these appliances are getting an upgrade with new features that allow you to control your home away from home with a tap of a finger. many amount samsung they are calling it connected convenience. in the kitchen, the family hub, the refrigerator does more than keep your food fresh. realtime photos of the contents of your fridge let you see what you're out of and whatever you've got left. >> this is a family communication center. >> reporter: and the touch screen panel can be controlled remotely through an app allowing you to post your family's schedule, leave a note for your
8:04 am
>> you can search and select your foods, put it into your checkout basket. >> reporter: you can even order groceries online from the comfort of your kitchen and set expiration date trackers ensuring no more food goes to waste. and if youan't handle the heat, you can get out of the kitchen all together. >> let's shay 3:45 i wanted for 20 minutes. >> you can start your oven or turn off that burner from the road.. even the mashing ma sheenl is joining the movement. >> in the past you moved around washing machine schedules and now the washing machine will moch around your school. >> repepter: this is a low-they can live saver coming in handy for that stray sock that missed the spin cycle. >> open up the trap door and
8:05 am
this allows you to keep an eye on your home no measurement where you are. >> welcome, home, i can unlock your door for your kids, note you knoll when a delivery is at the house and from a firstly is putler to a personal trainer, in these will track your vital signs and with more accuracy. >> if you touch your right ear you'll hear a mouse pleasant woman's voice telling what you your heart rate is pushing you to go the extra mile during your daily session. >> my heart rail is at 73. let's see if you can get it up a little bit. >> let's see if we can work on tom jim to help me with moy jump shot. >> so, it's embarrassing. plate hand vafrna, the future of
8:06 am
only my left wrist i've under armour's activity tracker and on my right wrist is the new samsung smartwatch in a fayency rose gold case, two of many new smart devices to help you track your health and fitness. >> be honest. did you ever cake a shot but it took about 20 times. >> honesty is good. olivia, thank you. up next, up tennis player's unexpected gesture in the middle of an important match that stunned his opponents and the people in the crowd. it was a nice gesture. >> really was. and then we'll get you red for sunday negotiatesb negotiate golden pick and dr. it is is taking a renewed look at sleep. are women
8:07 am
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it's 8:15 and let's trend. >> have you heard this news. have you heard about it? twitter has announced it's considering expanding the 140-character limit to not 200, not 2000 but 10,000 characters. >> what? >> yeah. >> no thank you. >> that's a lot. >> well, wait a minute. >> no thank you. >> want to hear how it works. >> no. >> well, you're going to. here's what happens. when you scroll through your
8:10 am
the first 140 characters and if this change went into effect you would then have the option to expand the tweets and see it in its ent tiahrt. >> that's a blog. >> some fans, apparently you're among them. >> 101000 more ways for people to hate us. >> that's long. >> this is approximately 10,000 characters. do not do this, twitter. >> that's an essay. >> people love twitter made you concise. it changes the complexity in which you conversated with somebody. >> conversated. >> maybe 150 characters, by 140, no. >> come on. >> people who say not so nice things now can use 10,000 characters to say not so nice things. >> put if on facebook. >> exactly. >> another tweet, apparently apparently @twitter is considering expanding tweets to a 10,000 character limit. i think 140 characters is more than enou --.
8:11 am
saying we won't be shy about building more utility and power for twitter for people as long as it's consistent with what people want to do. we're going to explore closed. >> doesn't seem like it's twitter. >> exactly. >> it's something else, which is cool. >> the smell of these egg mcmuffins is driving me crazy. >> what about that? >> twitter, a great debate last week. how should a dog wear pants, on all four l ls or just on the back two? >> i missed this. i don't know how this happened. >> what is your opinion real quick? >> i think it would be easily like that. >> we've got geef on the phone right now. >> dylan dreyer took aside her dog and put him in some daisy dukes. did anyone at table think a dog should wear pants with all four legs? >> i didn't take a stand because it madeence. >> have you ever had to walk a dog. >> the hole idea are pants are to cover legs and the dog has four legs. >> this is the great debate that broke twitter last week.
8:12 am
a company in canada that thinks a dog should wear pants on all four legs called muddy must. should be called depends and make what looks like willis for your dogs. due to exceptional demand they are currently low on stock. >> wlou. >> does this change anyone's mind? >> might change mine. they wear it well, that makes some sense. >> look at him. >> look at the four little legs. they are covered. they are willis. >> and most appropriately the back is free. >> what about the bott tom. >> the back is free. also. >> let's all right 10,000-character twitter essays >> exactly. >> you don't see this afternoon. players are finding the definition of being a good serve. latian hewitt served the ball and the umpire took the ball and then american jack stock shocked
8:13 am
>> fault. >> i think you ought to challenge it. >> challenge it. >> the faces say it all. jack told lleyton he should challenge the point. the ball was in. >> you won our hearts with that. >> best thing i've seen. >> sportsmanship. >> it was in if you want to challenge it. >> exactly. good for him >> all right. now to fallout boys in the music video and some golden globebe fun. carson. >> egg mcmuffin, don't worry. fallout boy has released a new music video featuring demi lovato and does this video look familiar to anyone. they parody f fmer b b band 'n sync. it was 2000's video "it's gonna be me." remember, that savannah, i played this a million times on trl.
8:14 am
the fun and have videos in the cameos and playing with the dolls they once imitated. >> up next, sad news for "girls" out there. the seer list conclude after its sixth season. that has not been announced by writer lena dunhamas mentioned in interviews she imagines the series ends after six series. season five is set to air on february 21st. bradley cooper turned 41 and in ant interview he revealed his favorite birthday magazine. >> i was going to say the first thing that comes into my head. it was mcdonald's. we used to have birthdays at mcdonald's growing up. we would get big macs on our way to the jersey shore. no, we wouldn't get big macs, no, egg mcmuffins. i loved the little trays with the party, he would come in boxes, every kid would have little party box you would eat all your stuff in. you were not expecting that answer.
8:15 am
that i had to go back to 8 years old to tell you my favorite birthday. >> happy belated birthday n.honor of your birthday, bradley, we're having egg mcmuffins here. thanks to carter from "pop start". >> any execution or small linkage for breakfast foods for the crew. >> although he said the big mac too. >> i'm on a cleanse. >> i hate this week. >> golden globes are around the corner. thought would be fun to throw in our predictions for two of the big categories. you guys have your pens and write this down. here's our predictions starting with best motion picture drama. the nominees are there you go, "mad max," "room," "spotlight," "the reven ha nt" and "carol." >> write it down. are we revealing them right now? >> what you want to win or what you think will win? >> either one. >> whatever you want. >> predictions. >> what you think will win. >> okay. >> you want to tell us yours. >> "ref nant."
8:16 am
>> i said "carol." i was showing it to that camera. >> write down our predictions, best television series drama. >> okay. >> nominees. "game of thrones, ""mr. robot," "narcos," "outlander" and "empire." >> i don't know. >> what have you guys got. >> "game of thrones." >> finally "game of thrones." >> i went "empire." >> give me those. i'm going to lock them up. >> matt is going to sinl each one and puppet our nishlz on them. >> all right. >> this is a good reminder about our golden globes ticket to the golden globe. three lucky finalists will be here on friday where one will win a trip to attend the viewing party, walk the red carpet, stay d dine and shop and play fall golden style. the 73rd golden globes sunday, 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific right
8:17 am
see al, matt, willie and tamronn on the red carpet. >> we'll miss you this year. >> let's get a check of the rhett carpet. >> all the winners and red carpet stuff and on next monday we'll all be hanging out. light winds hanging around. this is the last morning, the cold temperatures. right now feels like 4 in bangor and 14 in boston and 27 in new york city. binge himton feelsls like 5 and then temperatures will start warming up over the next 24
8:18 am
>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> already feeling tired this morning. according to a new study sleep problems are more common in women than men, but, of course, we could all use help getting a better night's rest and the dr. oz will be tackling that on his show later today. dr. oz, good morning. >> good morning. >> an interesting study, women tend to report more sleep problems than men. why is that? is there a gender difference? >> we've known this for a long time. we're hard wired to worry more. and women haveenstruation and menopause, pregnancy, someone else actually keeps you up. not surprising at all and reinforced for single women it's a big problem trying to rear kids and get sgleep another piece of the study said that men reported more often getting less than the recommended seven hours so they may not be complaining about sleep problems but not getting theleep that they have. >> they don't even know it's a problem. really important for us to get this right because it causes a range of floobs are not
8:19 am
high blood pressure, how is that a possibility but it does actually link to not getting enough sleep and putting weight on, is linked to sleep. if you don't sleepepnough youou won't be table lose weight. >> on the other hand, all of us who are run down, i'll just eat whatever, you don't have the willpower to resist. >> there's emotional issues and what i'm focusing on this afternoon and today we'll focus on physical problems that keep you up. okay. the first one has to do with the temperature. >> be clear on this. you really w wt to sleep in a cave. >> how cold? >> let's get this straight. if you're fighting with your spouse about the appropriate temperature, whoever wants it colder, they win. no magic number but never want to be warmer than 68 degrees. >> really? >> and it's okay to go down below 65, even to 62 degrees. you might be seeing your breath when you sleep and had a little tip from you from the doc, if yoyo don't mind. from my friends in the sleep business. if you can't get cold enough for the temperature put socks on. keeping your feet warm allows
8:20 am
cold and like a bear you would hibernate. >> if it were 68 i would pile on will clothes. >> under the covers it's okay. you want your extremities to feel chill, especially your face and hands. you want that. if you're uncomfortable you'll sleep much better. >> our blowing my mind. >> after you keep things chilled, deal with the light issues. a very toxic problem we have had our sleep. when you have bright light it turns off the brain's ability to make melatonin. for half han hour before you go to bed dim down the lights or be smart and buy some of the l.e.d. lights that don't release the ultraviolet ray that turns off the melatonin. that way your body will naturally fall asleep. ever go camping? >> i did, as a kid a lot, yeah. >> when the sun goes down, the bright original rays make you feel a little tired so you sleep really well. create a similar environment. >> what do you do if you like to read a book and they help you
8:21 am
>> now light bulbs that have bright lights but don't turn your brain on. >> food? >> you can't lose weight if you're not sleeping hand eating late in the day will mess up sleep. a big problem for folks. they don't understand the bile jiff blubber and the day off dirkts all this information is on the "today" show website. the one day off website, take one day off and it makes you eat early in the day because if you eat early you'll sleep bert and if you sleep better your brain which is hard wired to desire sleep and when it doesn't get it it will wantt food. it will turn both off together. >> should you exercise early in the day. >> don't do anything that heats you up late in the evening. exercise, warm baths will do that, get that all out of your system and get nice and cool and chill and turn the lights out and get back in the save and enjoy sleep. >> a lot more advice on the show later day. check your local listings for that. matt, over to you. thanks very much.
8:22 am
was it at least a fun date? >> it was a really great date, but this is all steals and deals and how to make your life better in the new year. >> alet's check on your morning commute. clear and very cold this morning with temperatures in the lower 20s with a few areas in the teens! look for a mostly sunny
8:23 am
clouds by mid-afternoon highs upper 40s. due to a few more clouds and winds turning to the southwest, not as cold tonight, lows middle 30s. increasing clouds thursday, much warmer, high in the upper 50s. more clouds for friday with periods of rain likely, warmer with highs in the lowers 60s. saturday now looks a little wet and sunday drier, this is a change from yesterday..moved up the timing of the weekend rain system. saturday. sunday returns to partly cloudy skies, highs near 60 governor nikki haley will be the face of the republican party on the national stage next week. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority republican party on the national stage next week. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced that haley will deliver the party's response to president obama's state of the union
8:24 am
the governor says she plans to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing our country. haley's name has also been floated around as a potential pick for vice president on the republican ticket. the state of the union and haley's speech will take place next tuesday. money is also coming in by the hundreds of millions to assist flood victims. two federal agencies say they've given more t tn 219 million dollars in grants and loans to help people deal with the flooding aftermath. that includes 79 million dollars in grants by fema's individuals and households assistance program. fema's public assistance program has also provided 17 point 2 million dollars in grants to local governments and communities. that's in addition to more than 122 million dollars in low-interest disaster loans that have been approved by the u.s. small business association. keep it tuned right here to w-i-s news 10 for more of the "totoy show". and get breaking news first at
8:25 am
hi, everybody. good morning. good morning. hi, everyone. it's wednesday, january 6th. it's a beautiful morning. we've got mate lauer here, miss natalie morales, wrangler, al, carson. the gang is all here. god, i love you. >> you know who else we're talking to. matt damon, ridley scott and the guys behind the very highly acclaimed move called "the martian." we'll ask them about how they
8:26 am
>> one of my favorite movies of the year. >> and jill martin with a special steals & dales. bargains on products to help perk you up and pamper yoururlf. >> had that mask on her face. >> marcel marceau. >> also, feed your family for under 15 bucks. that's right. it's possible. we'll show you exactly how to do it. >> first, mr. roker, let's get a check of that forecast. >> let's start off with today. wet weather along the pacific northwest, and in the southern california coast. snow inland. look for an icy mix in the mid-mississippi river vale. rain through texas. plenty of sunshine along the eastern seaboard and then for tomorrow we're looking at sunny skies continuing to get a little more moderate as far as temperatures. more wet weather through southern california. snow through the rockies. look for the wet weather from the gulf coast into the california area, and look at this, your forecast coming up for the golden globes, looking at partly sunny skies on sunday to start things off on the red
8:27 am
goes inside 64 and cloudy. that's what's >> and that's your latest weather.
8:28 am
>> award season just about to kick into high gear with this weekend's golden globes. one of the films getting a lot of attention is "the martian," the film directed by ridley scott stars matt damon as an astronaut who gets stuck on mars and has to get creative to survive. take a look. >> i've got to figure out a way to grow three years worth of food here on a planet where nothing grows. luckily luckily, i'm a botanist. mars will come to fear my botany powers. >> matt damon and ridley scott, guys, good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> congratulations on the nomination, best director, best actor in a musical comedy. >> yeah. >> i watched it this weekend with my 14-year-old son, and right about the point you're taking the antenna out of your gurkts i'm thinking this isn't a comedy. how did that happen. that's right when he cut out the musical number that was right there. we had a big dance. we had -- yeah. >> but do you like it in that category? do you think that that gives it a good shot, or would you rather see it elsewhere or does it snaert. >> it doesn't matter. i mean, it is -- it's certainly not up to us, so, you know, there's not anything really we
8:29 am
tonight we get to go and put on tuxedoes and go and sit at a table together. >> get all dolled up. a lot of times actors or directors come here, ridly, and the awards season is about to begin and they count so much on the awards because they want people to get to the movie theater to see their project. this thing opened in october. it's already made $3.5 trillion or something, is that close? >> but we need more people to see it. >> wait a second, matt. >> don't talk people out of going to see it. pressure off though? >> for me, yeah. i mean, yeah. it's been -- look, we -- you know, we've made a lot of movies, and we both are kind of worker bees. we love to work. we love what we do, and you love all of the movies that you make equally. i remember clint eastwood said that to me years ago. some people think this is just -- this one is a a masterpiece or that one is terrible and inlove them all. i know why i did them all. >> you feel the same way about that? >> yeah, yeah. >> people say what's your favorite movie? >> i haven't got one.
8:30 am
>> yeah, so to have one where this happens, it's really -- it's really fun and you just kind of lean into it because you know it doesn't happen a lot and we'll been around the block enough to know when no smell the roses. >> because i have a room temperature or iq like the room temperature and as i watched the move you're alone a lot on screen and i'll ask you both this, what was it like when you're making a movie where it? >> one. things exciting about taking the job, but also one of the reasons i -- i only would have done it with a handful of directors. you know, when you're working with a master director, you know, that risk is really mitigated, you know, by knowing that you're not really alone. scott. lines to him. >> yeah, yeah. so he was my scene buildy. >> and he's been here over 100 times over the years and gotten
8:31 am
how did you survive being alone with him on a soundstage hour after hour after hour? >> well, it's -- it's a very beautifully putdown play h.the words are lovely and humorous and you have to be able to reflect as to what he's going to do next and there lies the humor. we came up with a solution so you can have apt character with him, something with him. it was a gopro, 24 little cameras in the habitat and thinking and pondering what he's doing and suddenly he's talking to the gopro so suddenly there's a changed international because suddenly he has someone to talk to. >> it snepd. >> and because there's the other story line, the whole nasa story line and pl and jessica chastain and the rest of my team trying to get back to me so two exciting story lines so if i'm
8:32 am
something to get back to. different than what tom hanks did in "castaway" or sandy in "gravity." and they were on their open and had to hold screen for two hours. i hedged a little bit. >> you had some insurance there. you're working on the latest bourne movie. how does that end? >> it's great. you know, the ending -- we don't even have the title yet. we are halfway through. we haven't shot ending, but i'm leaving tomorrow morning to start the third act of that. >> text me on that. >> i will. i got >> you ridley scott, krmgs congratulations. >> matt damon, thanks. >> jill and i are relaxing with a pamper "steals & deals ""coming up. >> there's candles all over the place.
8:33 am
set this place on fire. we are back. it is 8:39. more of our month long start today challenge and today we're cleansing your martin. "today" show contributor jill martin is here to help us relax and find more me time. a special "steals & deals" all about pampering ourselves. >> it really is, and how you can do external things to make yourself feel better internally, and that's what this is about, tricking your moipd andind and putting maskk mask on and saying this is my time a week where i put my phone down. >> and that lead us to the first deal which is the mask you're wearing. >> i'll give you the product so you can use these at home. this is the ling skin care investment the retail is $120. three different masks too-to-choose from. go on to see what they are. the retail is 120 and the deal is 36. that's 70% off. >> for one of these. >> okay, wow. >> the deal is here you can put it on once a week, give yourself
8:34 am
>> trick your mind to say this is my time for me. >> it's a set of three though. >> you get a set of three. >> right. >> okay. great deal. >> off you go to carson. >> the comfy robe. >> this is a really high end designer robe. they are velour robes. >> beautiful. >> the retail is $220. >> of course. >> the thing with a robe it, you know when you put on a tie and you go like this and it makes you stand up straight and it prompts you to say, okay, this is worktime, when you punctuate your work day it's great to put on a robe to say it's time to chill. >> this robe is the exact opposite, it's soft and comfortable and in every possible color. you see the deal there at $220. jill martin, what is the steal and deal today? >> $65. >> omg. >> and that's 70% off. >> and you look very regal actually in that robe with the suit under. >> al, are you okay? >> i'm feeling great.
8:35 am
>> this is if you like to meditate. >> oh, yes. >> or you want time towers, and you can just lay down and read for half an hour. these are candles. the retail is $97. okay. >> why did you blow it out? >> what's great about the candles you get one large and one small and they are lit an that's a body butter when it's cold and then it becomes a body ail when it's arm. let mow show you. >> agh! >> i should have known better. i should have known better but isn't that great. it doubles. like two for up. >> like madonna and william dafoe in that movie. >> the deal is $30, 69% off. >> oh, that's great. >> what movie? >> i don't report name of it. >> you know what, i was going to ask but i thought i should know is so i skipped that one. here we move on. okay. now this is, again, about externally what you can do to make yourself sort of get out of
8:36 am
me that concealer is your thing. >> definitely. >> that makes you feel better. >> and you told me. >> got to have lip gloss on. >> right. >> mine is getting a blowout. >> okay. >> i thought this was important to have sort of a salon at home you can give yourself a lift if you need it. the retail sets, 199, and it's two three-piece set. you can get the flat iron and curling iron or the mini hey dryer set. go online to >> these are good travel size. >> they are. >> and they are lightweight. >> yeah. >> and fashionable. >> yeah. >> so it makes you -- and i like this one, too, because it's not the one with the clip on the curling iron.
8:37 am
>> bat and body bundle. and matt lauer in the bathtub. >> thanks for putting me in the cialis commercial, i like that. >> but we gave you -- we give you a rubber ducky. >> yeah. >> this is about taking time in the day for yourself. again, to either meditate, take time, say this is my break, so we're giving you the bliss bath and body bundle, $103. you get the retail is 113 and the deal is $30 at 70% off. jill. >> you didn't want to -- >> to try any of it? >> no, no. what i was going to say. >> i'll do it from the bathtub. >> okay, all right. home source international towels. >> mm-hmm. >> yeah. >> so after you use the loofa this is a great way to spruce up your bathroom and make you feel like your home is red for 2016.
8:38 am
two bath, two hand towels and two washcloths, micro cotton, one. finest cottons in the world, retail 159 and the deal is 39. 75% off. >> that's a wonderful deal and i feel all relaxed. >> do you feel relaxed? >> i do. let's go back over to carson. we've joined by gretchen ruben, the author of "better than before" and the idea is more me name in twiskt but it's kind of far fempd. let's talk about habits for ching the mind. >> quick way of getting calm is make your bed. >> for one hour once a week list. you get a sense of energy from getting those things fished. >> the exact opposite of a power nap. >> and here's some central artery jis to use. starting with the strategy of scheduling. >> if you're a person who doesn't make time for
8:39 am
like going to the dentist. if it's in your calendar you'll do it. >> strategy of accountability. >> if you never make it to get a massage. met a date to meet you at the spa. she will be annoyed so you will show up. >> i get it. >> strategy of convenience. >> get the quick easy jolts of happiness, a beautiful smell, no cost, no calories, no planning.. a grapefruit, baby lotion, a beautiful scented candle. get that quick jolt of happiness and calm. >> make it sound so easy. >> thank you, gretchen. >> more of her advice at >> let's go over to matt. >> i got so relaxed in the bathtub that i forgot to have you do a little thing and recap the product. >> this is really exciting. tweet us a photo of your crazy hectic life using the #start today for a chance to win one of every deal here. you have 24 hours starting now. >> lets us run through the
8:40 am
ling, the robes, candles from objects with purpose, hair tools from neo professional, the bliss bath and body bundle and towel sets from home source international. you've got questions, just head to the "steals & deals" page at up next, saving money -- thank you, by the way. saving money in 2016. family meals for under 15 bucks, and we're starting with
8:41 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. back now at 8:49 with "today food." all week long cooking up family meals for under $15. brandy maloy is here cooking up breakfast for dinner. >> the only thing better than petia for breakfast is breakfast for dinner. >> this is one of your favorite recipepe >> love this. >> this recipe is so easy and
8:42 am
staples, bacon, pasta, egg, scallions, butter, tomatoes, s & p and cheese. >> the technical name for this is spaghetti carbonara. >> it's a lot easier than spaghetti carbonara? >> take me through it. >> we're tak starting by cooking the past a. use any long pasta you want. spaghetti, buccatini, linguine, any of the pastas that end with the "inis." >> let that boil up. >> an iny or out? >> do you cook it fill or save it a little bit? >> love that you ask that question. we'll threat boil until it's al dente. >> all right. >> push that in there. >> through the magic of television. >> over here we'll cook it until it's al dente and we'll save a quarter cup of the starchy water. >> okay. >> over here we're cook up the bacon and this is the best part about this recipe, bacon,
8:43 am
take a piece of that. we have just a little bit of that bacon fat that's going to add some flavor. so i have my pasta draining in here. i'm just going to take all of our pasta many, whoa, and put it in there and matt i'll have you toss the pasta around with the bacon. >> perfect. >> scoop all that yummy bacon flavor. there we go. just kind of getting and then we'll add fresh tomatoes. >> i love using diced tomatoes and pop a can of rotel in here and scallions and salt and pepper. >> guys, how is this taste? >> really good. >> breakfast, lunch or dinner. do you try this, do you like to do breakfast for dinner? >> absolutely. >> definitely. >> talk about the best part of this. when i see this, it's like be still my heart because it's like we add a fried egg on top.
8:44 am
>> you need that runny yolk. >> while we watch the guys downstairs. >> delish. >> grated cheese on top. get a little bit of the egg yolk. >> grab theying yolk, a little bit of the bacon. >> stuck there. we're going to try and you can catch this recipe at
8:45 am
this is "today" on nbc. we're back at 8:52 with one of hollywood's surprise heats as we hit the awards season. "creed," the latest dhapter in the rocky series has won over fans. >> willie sat down with "creed" writer and director. >> you're nominated for a golden globe. >> thank you. >> most think you'll be nominated for an oscar for this performance. >> what would you mean for you to win another oscar? >> absolutely extraordinary. it really would be such a validation that this character has meant a lot to so many people and it would be great to -- to show my daughters what i do for a living and that it turned out really good. >> also, it's kind of full circle. we come all the way back to something that you thought was gone. >> yeah. >> you know, and yet it works for another generation seen
8:46 am
this character really, you know, it's kind of human. we all go through a certain kind of mortality fight. once an athlete moves on and then the real event of living comes into play and how does it turn out and quite often it's a struggle. so that's what i thought was so amazing, and i didn't realize it the first time. i thought, i don't know, rocky's getting sick fatally, maybe dying. i think couldn't it be a neighbor? maybe burt young gets sick. can we bring pauly back, and i'm bringing him soup, and it's okay, pauly, i know what you're going through. no, you don't, you dodot, and, no, it's absurd. >> right said no. >> is it intimidating at all to think about the project you're stallone says yes. >> one of those things where you have a lofty dream and it comes true, the happiest day and also
8:47 am
you've got to the back it up. back up all the talk. >> i loved it. i love the rocky character. >> i liked it. >> i hope it wins. >> what's coming up? >> coming up, hank azairian talking about his new animated know "border town". >> and matt damon and ridley scott, willie sat down with them upstairs. >> eating breakfast for dinner. so much more coming up. first, a check of your local news and weather.. before we get to your headlines, let's check
8:48 am
clear and very cold this morning with temperatures in the lower 20s with a few areas in the teens! look for a mostly sunny day with a few clouds by mid-afternoon highs upper 40s. due to a few more clouds and winds turning to the southwest, not as cold tonight, lows middle 30s. warmer, high in the upper 50s. more clouds for friday with periods of rain likely, warmer with highs in the lowers 60s. saturday now looks a little wet and sunday drier, this is a change from yesterday..moved up the timing of the weekend rain system. sunday returns to partly cloudy skies, highs near 60 this morning there's still no word on what caused 3 tractor trailers to go up in flames last
8:49 am
notch and north brickyard roads. we received several calls into our newsroom about explosions heard in that area just before 11. it took about 45 minutes to get the flames under control. columbia fire says nothing found. with attacking a nurse during a medical exam will stay locked up. 28-year-old bryan pierson was ordered held without bond tueday. he's charged with kidnapping and first- degree assault and battery. orangeburg county deputies say the assault happened at the regional medical center in orangeburg....where on new year's day, pierson is accused of grabbing the nurse from behind and putting her in a choke hold. he's being held at the orangeburg county detention center. keep it tuned right here to w-i-s news 10 for more of the "today show". and get breaking news first at w-i-s t-v dot com. good morning / afternoon / evening, i'm
8:50 am
this morning on "today's take," oscar winner matt damonon on her performance in "the martian" ahead of this weekend's golden globes. "bay watch" is back and guess who is in pam anderson's old news. we'll shale the casting news. and sylvester stallion is here as he scores a new hit request w with "creed." all that and more coming up next >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with willie geist, al roker, natalie morales and tamron hall live from studio 1a. >> welcome to "today." it's wednesday, january 6th, 2016. the temperature is dropping. >> no, it's going up. >> i'm just referencing the size of our intimate group outside. >> the people are dropping from
8:51 am
>> that's what i'm saying. >> colder than a kuiper stick. >> i believe you look like a fine croupier. >> what's that? >> you run the craps table. >> not a crapper. >> he's a croupier. >> that would make sense. >> but that would be bad luck if you step up to the table and the croupier. >> i like the yosemite sam tie. >> took ten ties of this thing. >> i like it. >> and the last time i wore this someone said the man from -- the guy from "little house on the prayer, "request thehe minister. >> michael landon. >> no, no, the minister guy. >> i'm surely twitter will tell us with the more than 140 characters that you may be able to use now. >> 10,000. >> that's dreadful. >> too much. >> too much time. >> it's a blog. >> just stop it. >> let's talk about the president. united states yesterday making a speech about guns, announcing some executive actions he plans onon taking.
8:52 am
in this country, he said. president obama angry as he spoke and then emotional when he talked specifically about the children and the victims at sandy hook. >> first graders: and from every family who -- who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. >> every time i think about ththe kids it gets me mad. >> hmm. we don't see that a lot. >> no. >> from any president, not just this president. it became a partisan issue almost instantly. >> yeah. >> people thought it was crocodile tears to help get gun control through but i think any of us who sort of covered that story, any time i think about
8:53 am
it doesn't mean his policies are going to fix the gun problems, doesn't even mean it's the right thing, talking about that emotion. >> behind were the parents who lost their children in violence, with gun violence. the children in chicago, and you see them in the background. how could you stand in the presence of that pain that continues every day they have to wake up without their children and not be moved by that, politics aside. >> you're surrounded by so much emotion, it would be hard not to take that? >> yeah. >> however you fall on that issue. you know, it's a human issue. >> and there's been a lot of times that we've seen politicians show emotion in the past. >> it takes a lot. i mean, it sakes sandy hook or president george w. bush after 9/11, emotional and rightly so and president eisenhower saluting veterans of the 82nd airborne and a man who knew war all too well and as he said there was -- you know, you heard from different sides in
8:54 am
>> wow, started a conversation. >> also continuing jackpot -- powerball jackpot fever. >> we've got tickets. morning. >> did you know about this? >> here's the thing. here's why you don't know about it. >> because our producers have all pitched on this and said we have no stake in any of these tickets. >> it was a media blackout. they turned off my tv at home. producers. >> she's australian. she doesn't believe in the lotto. >> they don't have lotteries in australia. >> not eligible here because she's australian. >> i just made that up. >> completely eligible. >> she's not american so is against our system of getting rich. >> like unicorns. >> this from a person from a place who sells vegemite. >> like the ad says, got to play to win. >> got to be in it to win it. >> 450 mill.
8:55 am
all time. drawing at 10:59 tonight. chances in winning with, 1 in 292,201,338. so -- >> we're in. >> better chance of getting struck by lightning, which is 1 in 1 million. >> $40 worth of chances. >> becoming president of the united states, 1 in 10 million and gotten bitten by a shark 1 in 1.5 million or die from an asteroid strike you, 1 in 700,000. any one of those not a very good day except winning the president. >> don't'till my joy. like i don't want to heart odds against me. >> if you win it's 100%, which is fantastic. >> if you don't buy one ticket you have 0% chance. >> when it gets a lump sum of $275.4 or do the yearly payment option. >> don't do that. >> take the money. >> take the money and run, absolutely. >> matt lauer, our estaemd colleague on -- on our earlier portion. "today" show.
8:56 am
>> i love that you have to say esteemed. >> esteemed. he was really ticked this morning because he brought us all lottery tickets and asked if he could initial it just so we could show. >> because he said he's going to take a 75% cut. >> and natalie refused to let him initial. >> right. >> because -- >> he was joking. >> then i could say i bought -- >> you can't enforce that. >> he can block her up i i urt. >> wouldn't that be a great story. >> great legal battle here. >> your children will be out of college by the time she gets your hands on the money. >> i'll take 25% of 450 mill, that's hock. >> you say that now. >> i don't believe in splitting a lottery ticket. if you're going to buy it, buy it yourself. >> and mr. lauer is a very generous man. hehe brought -- purchased them and gave them in the spirit of which it was given. >> it's not a confirmed wing ticket. >> and the amount of that, all
8:57 am
>> who is that esteemed man, matt lester? >> lester? >> he would forgot those names. >> adam wants those tickets back. possession is 9/10 of the law. >> now you're turning into natalie. >> here's one for you. >> here's one for you. >> i'll tablgt $20 share. >> no one is in the control sgloom if i have to share i don't want any of them. >> wow. >> i like that. that's a good sportsmanship which segues us to our next story. >> high school basketball coach in middletown, pennsylvania, caught on camera. this is pretty bad. knocking -- >> oh, geez. >> that's a head bumpt foottt! >> that's the coach from nashimy high school. i love how we say it looks like he head butts.
8:58 am
without some impact on him, so the school district issued a statement on facebook saying the coach has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a review for both --- >> do we know who the ref is? >> you know what? >> i can't even imagine. >> look at how he's propelled back. that's a hard hit. >> wow. >> gosh. >> i'm glad somebody caught that on video so. >> this guy needs to lose her job. that's -- that's inexcusable. >> beyond that, it certainly -- >> that could be criminal. >> that's what i was about to say. the job, of course, is a big deal, but he could perhaps face >> for sure. back that. man could have hit the back of his head, anything, and the stadium or arena are filled with >> kids. >> remember we had the football
8:59 am
coaches allegedly sent their players. >> i always wonderhat gets into people like in that moment. remember the coach from texas tech, the famous one who threw all of the chairs. >> bone knight. >> what gets into you, that kind of rage comes out. >> there's being competitive. >> caught up in the sports. >> but you can't forgot ortsmanship. that doesn't go out window. >> well, yesterday, we had a lot of fun here. we were talking about the new nbc news survey monkey politics, the poll, the partnership. >> the partnership that we, have and al took issue with survey monkey. >> i didn't take issue, i think that's a funny name. >> where does this name come, from what's it all about? >> what goes on at survey monkey? are there monkeys sitting around? >> how do you visualize? >> eating bananas and grooming each other. >> you're not too far off. >> you aren't. >> because the company tweeted after the show saying hey, al row, we're all here, hard at work, improving the quality of
9:00 am
>> pretty far off. >> okay. >> well, look. >> they got one monkey. >> one monkey. >> that's a very disturbing monkey. >> and all the employees who provide us with their great polling. >> and they told us the company's founder wanted a name that represented people who asked questions and are curious and i guess monkeys are curious creatures.s. >> curious george. >> and they do have monkeys all around the office and they also eat a lot of bananas, fun fact about the employees. they eat about 1,100 bananas a month so, yes, they are rewarded by banana, banana peels. >> wow. >> and bananas are the theme throughout the office. >> sock monkey. >> i love sock monkey. >> they do an awesome job. >> fantastic. >> a lot of hard work. >> that's awesome. >> survey monkey says -- >> that's right. >> got a check of the weather. >> a lot going on. we've been talking about el neonio. the typical el nino pattern has been kind of off a little bit because most storms have been up to the north and the pacific
9:01 am
but now we're seeing a more typical el nino pattern where we're seeing heavier rain now moving into southern california and also another big storm moving into central and northern california, but we've got to worry about more flooding. a flood threat for our friends in los angeles down to san diego. rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour possible and you look at all the snow that's going to be fallinin we even could have blizzard-like conditions in the cascades and sierras. wind gusts of 60 miles per hour with whiteout conditions and a warmup coming. look at this, by friday, temperatures will be starting to warm up anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above average, but minneapolis, boston, atlanta, down on into daytona beach, look at how much cooler it gets as you head out west so we flip the
9:02 am
tale of two countrie and that's your latest weather. >> we've got some great interviews coming up. matt damon and ridley scott and sylvester stallion and the young director ryan cougar. the young guy who at 26 years old had never made a movie. says i have an idea for the next rocky movie and said i'm going to call stallion. who is this guy calling me? >> just like it. >> and ryan sailed i just didn't know how hollywood worked. i'm going to call stallion and got the movie made and they are nominated for everything. >> from the red carpet to the red planet, we're counting down to the golden globes with matt damon and director ridley scott
9:03 am
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huh. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your multivitamins. the blockbuster film "the martian" has made more than half a billion at box office, a major player this awards season. matt damon and ridley scott are both nominated for golden globes and the film about an astronaut who gets stuck on mars after a storm separates him from his crew. >> you ready in.
9:06 am
>> i'm okay. >> hey! we might be able to keep it from tipping. >> watch out! >> hand that is just the beginning. matt damon and ridley scott, good morning, guys. good to see you. >> i was going to ask you about playing such a solitary role, matt, but now that i understand your relationship together, you were not out there alone. >> no. >> in the desert or on the soundstage. you had this guy at your side. >> i had one of the greatest directors of all time next to me, so, yeah, it made it a lot -- you know, it kind of took -- handled the risk factor for me having ridley next to me. >> how does it work, ridley, as a practical snaert are you standing there by matt or feeding him lines, talking back and forth with him? >> a bit of everything. there's a bit of communication and a very good spacesuit with a
9:07 am
i can talk to him. and some of them are going to go out there and chat. or if i've got it i usually have to go out and say, you know what, i think i've got it. are you happy, and he says can we just do one more? >> okay. >> and a lot of times he says say it like this, dumb-dumb and gives me a line reading right into my ear. >> i don't care now. >> likewise, okay, ready. give him the line. >> that's the relationship you two guys have. i feel like, matt, i know a ridley scott movie when i see it, when it comes up on the screen the first couple of minutes, as an actor what's the ridley scott experience? >> it's really funny you should say that, well, first of all, he uses four cameras at a time on everything, even on quiet scenes like three people sitting around talking. there will be four cameras, and if you told me at the -- at the outset of this project that that could works would i have said that's just not true, but he's somehow kind of able to do that. >> and for you, ridly, the flip
9:08 am
what's the matt damon experience. this is an actor who obviously has a director's eye. >> not all actors are -- have all the everything being -- to be really agreeable, great fun, very talented and fundamentally does the whole thing and thinks very much as an artist actor and also as a mindset of a director, definitely going to do it. and -- and -- and as a producer, so it's a real partnership of practicality and artistry. >> i've got to throw something at you, matt. you've seen this, maybe you've not. this is going around online right now, and -- and someone has gone to the trouble of tallying up the total money spent rescue is your characters from movies. this is a man who gets stranded and needs help a lot. "courage under fireworks" 300 grand is the estimate. >> pretty cheap. >> "saving priflt ryan," 100 grand which sounds low to me, not mention the logs ofive.
9:09 am
went a long way. i guess it was 1945. >> exactly. >> okay, but if we adjust it for inflation. >> okay. >> had a whole different story "titan ae," 200 billion, now we're jumping up a bit. >> an animated film so it couldn't have cost that much. >> "siriana" 50 krand. >> "green zone," 50 grand. >> and "allysum" 100 million. >> and "interstellar" 100 million. >> just for a camaro. >> and finally "the martian." $200 billion and this puts the cost of your rescues mere $1 trillion. >> but i'm not there yet. >> knocking on the door. >> so for the sake. traction pairs can we get you in a rom-kon. >> i feel like i owe whatever they want at this point. i'll take any and all suggestions. >> obviously you're both nominated for this film. the film is nominated.
9:10 am
an oscar as well. you won won in '97. what would you mean this time around, best actor? >> you know, honest to god, i really -- there are other performances i would give it to. i'm much more interested in the director race this year. >> yeah. >> i did this movie with ridley because he's a hero of mine and when it started out he direct the the best picture, directed "gladiator" and wasn't a producer and didn't have one so for me it's like -- you know, our awards are all diminished until he wins one, you know. >> would it mean something to you, ridley, would it be a big deal? >> yeah, of course. it's been a long time. >> well, of all your great films this might be the one, guys. >> thanks. >> congratulations. thank you, right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell.
9:11 am
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...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid . 100% real milk. no discomfort and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid ice cream still ahead this hour, the return of rocky just in time for the iconic film's 40th anniversary. we're talking with "creed" star sill vestier stallion. tamron >> all right, willie. got a lineup coming up in "pop fix" including the scoop on amy schumer's new man, and what to know about gisele and tom brady's fitness and i guess health routine. going to make you jealous. what their personal chef is revealing about their diet. al and natally. >> they don't eat. >> that's right. >> you know his voice after 27 years on "the simpsons.
9:15 am
behind the main character of the brand new animated series "bothered found." to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you...
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you're doing it!
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students and leaders from a charlotte elementary school will travel to columbia today deliver flood relief items to pine grove elementary school. their goal is help students who were affected by devastation from the historic floods back in october. they students from river gate elementary school are expected to arrive at 10:30
9:18 am
meanwhile last night the city of cayce's parks department was honored during the city's council meeting for their clean-up of the riverwalk after october's flood. while clean-up continues from recent rains, the city says the department has gone above and beyond already removing 30 trees and more than 500 tons of silt. department members were given a standing ovation and honored with the whole sole award for their long hours and hard work. clear and very cold this morning with temperatures in the lower 20s with a few areas in the teens! look for a mostly sunny day with a few clouds by mid-afternoon highs upper 40s. due to a few more clouds and winds turning to the southwest, not as cold tonight, lows middle 30s. increasing clouds thursday, much warmer, high in the upper 50s. more clouds for friday with periods of rain likely, warmer with highs in the lowers 60s. saturday now looks a little wet and sunday drier, this is a change from yesterday..moved up the timing saturday. sunday returns to partly cloudy skies, highs near 60
9:19 am
headlines. a new study finds a rule to protect airline passengers has actually made travel-related delays even longer. the tarmac delay went into effect in 2010 after passengers were left stuck on planes for hours after ground delays. it impose fines on airlines that keep passengers on the tomorrow mac for more than three hours. the study by researchers from dartmouth and m.i.t. finds the rule has actually reduced the frequency of those long tarmac delays, but it's also raised the cancellation rates and made travel times even longer. researchers say women are more likely than men to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. they say hormone levels that fluctuate throughout the month
9:20 am
parents, especially women, get less sleep and have more sleep-related problems than other types of adults. experts advise keeping the temperature cool and dimming the lights 30 minutes before bedtime and not eating within three hours of going to bed. chick-fil-a is trying to attract customers with young children at a growing number of its restaurants and is starting a new service called mom's valet or parent valet allowing parents with kids to order at the drive-up window and go inside where the table will be set up and ready with high chairs, if needed and their food will be served. chick-fil-a says the aim is taking the stress out of dining. and an australian fisherman has an amazing story to tell and he has the video now to prove it. conore cogan felt a strong tug on his line, knew he hooked a big one and it's what 200-pound marlin jumps out of the water and heads right towards him and the man fell out of the water
9:21 am
back into the water and later pelphrey and cogan said he's lucky to be alive. sure is. now a check of the weather? >> and after something like that, i'd be chicken of the sea. that was from our camera guy actually, john, a good line, john. very good line. look at the wet weather coming from texas all the way, icy mix into the mid-riesries vale. more el nino weather out west from california all the way into the rockies with snow that continues tomorrow. more snow in the upper mississippi river valley. rain along the mississippi, and that's where they have had all that flooding. hopefully not too bad and for the golden globes, we'll be there live, the whole gang, 3:00 during the red carpet. 12:00 pacific time. 55 degrees by 8:00 and it's going to be about 64 degrees
9:22 am
good golden globes >> and a that's your latest weather. willie? >> it's what "rocky" fans have been hoping for, another film in the blockbuster franchise, and the latest chapter is called creed about adonis, the son of apollo creed who tracks down his father's most famous opponent rocky balboa and asks him to become his trainer. >> your father was special. to tell you the true, you will know that when the time is right. you going to take this, going to get knocked down and you're going to get up and see if you
9:23 am
got to work hard. i swear to god if you're not going to do it, i'm out. >> every punch i've thrown has been my own. nobody showed me how to do this. i'm ready. >> and we're here with rocky balboa himself, sylvester stallion, nominated for a golden globe for his performance in this field and also "creed" writer and director. >> gentlemen, good to see you. >> can you believe, sylvester, it's been 40 years since that first "rocky" movie. >> good news, bad news. >> i think that's pretty good news, thor saoies has held up well. >> it's amazing. just i think the "rocky" story was pretty much told and i was very, very happy with the results of the last rocky balboa, and for this young man to come up and reboot the franchise but not a rocky movie, it's "creed" and i've been kind of relegated into mickey, i'm not the trainer, and it's a whole other journey, and it's
9:24 am
millennials and even younger so i think it was pretty extraordinary. >> when you finished "rocky balboa" in 2006 did you say, okay, put to bed. rocky is done. it was one of my gratifying moments because i never thought it could be done, you know, just -- it was a hard -- a hard film to get made. well, we have this thing about a 60-year-old fighter, what? and when it finally did reach completion, i thought it's amazing, a minor miracle, and then all of a sudden just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. >> this man enters the picture. >> we were just talking, ryan, about your gut, a guy who a few years ago whose first feature film had not been released which went on to great critical acclaim and success and that movie wasn't out yet. you approached sill vestier stallion before your first movie is out and said i'm going to make the next "rocky" movie. where did you get the courage to do that? >> i've never asked you.
9:25 am
millions of people. the gal, the absolute gal. >> it was more naivety i would say. i had nothing to lose, didn't really know how the industry worked, and really inspired from my relationship with my father and my father is crazy, you know what i mean. he just goes for it in every situation, you know, and when i came up with this idea for him and had the opportunity to -- to talk to stallion about it, i just took it. you know, i was too young and foolish to know better. >> if he understood how the business worked it wouldn't have worked. now i get it. >> what's your reaction when you get a phone call from a guy you never heard of, wants to put out the next rocky movie. >> kind of a deep sigh, let's leave it alone, in the ground since 2006 and he came in with all this exuberance, very athletic, and jumping around and very physical. >> in the pitch he's doing that.
9:26 am
he burns thousand hand millions of calories a day. am i right? and the his enthusiasm was infectious and hadn't done anything. thanks anyway, appreciates it and he comes back with the award-winning movie. >> intimidating at all to think about the project you're taking yes. >> you have a lofty dream and the day comes true. it was the happiest day and the motivating. i report first day in philadelphia, running around and sly came on the set and i remember, said, hey, man, you going to stand over here, have any questions and before i could even finish my sentence, all. extras said give him a standing ovation, 3004, hundred philadelphia extras for this fight and i couldn't even finish my sentence because everybody was so happy to see "rocky" back in the ring and we had to take a five-minute break. >> ryan, thank you for jumping around in that office that day and convincing sylvester
9:27 am
remarkable film and you deserve all the praise. >> he real, real does. >> amazing, amazing movie. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for being born. >> "creed" the is in theaters now. >> thanks for being born. i never told th when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. but mostly, just play. when you plan a vacation at any one of hilton's 12 distinct brands, you always get the lowest price. only when you book direct at i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose
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when you realize that you don't have to give up anything, that's when you can really manage everything. open. still no customers, but we're gunning for you. come on and join us because it 2016. let get the party started. i love this story. looks like amy schumer has a new man in her life, that according to "people" magazine. the comedian is dating this fellow, ben hannah, a furniture designer based in the great city of chicago. the pair have even made it official on social media with ben posting this adorable shot on his init a gram account. sometimes in life you get extremely lucky and the most funniest, smartest most beautiful woman comes along when
9:32 am
tweeted a shot of ben and her siblings what the she called the white hisey. she was at the press conference yesterday front row for gun violence, a cause she's been supporting the last year. cute guy and if you're looking to get healthy in 2016 take a cue from tom brady and gisele. only telling think story because it's yet another reason to be jealous of them. the personal chef revealed the secrets to their healthy diets telling 80% of what they eat, veggies, organic, whole grains, like brown rice, quinoa, beans. the other 20% lean meats. guess whose highs don't want to visit but i still love them. what's not on their list, tom and gisele don't eat white sugar, white flour, caffein, dairy. the sacrifices you make to look like that and to be a fabulous nfl quarterback. yes, i said, it even though i love tony romo. hollywood is gearing up for the golden globes.
9:33 am
and helen mirren are all slated to hand how the awards and they will join many a-list presenters including jamie foxx, amy adams, julian moore and eddie redmayne and also taking the stage mel gibson making an appearance in the past years has been a favorite target of the host ricky gervais and keep an eye out for jamie foxx's daughter. her name is corrine. she will be miss golden globes, this year. that jock, of course, grass digsly to the celebrity daughter or son of someone in the crowd. the 73rd annual golden globes airs this sunday right here on nbc, and we'll all be hanging out there and the show super live and get ready to hit the beach. bay watch is back for the big screen reboot and coming out with one of the movie stars duane "the rock" johnson breaking major news regarding casting on instagram. here you go. >> excuse me, darling. take a look. >> what's your name? >> can you swim? >> no. >> it's all right, perfect. welcome to "bay watch."
9:34 am
>> call me mitch, we're in character. >> that's sports ilstraighted model kelly warbach taking on the role of c j. played by pamela anderson and they show off another "bay watch" staple. slow mo run on the beach and it also features hottie mchot zach ephron, and it's set to start shooting. yes, will you help me. never seen a full episode of "bay watch." up next, spent nearly three decades hamming it up "the simpsons" and now frank azaria is taking us to his new home. >> they took it off of me. >> "bothered town," coming up.
9:35 am
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9:38 am
well, you know hank azaria's face from some of his amazing roles over the year including "spartacus" including "bird cage" or he is recent role as ed cochran on the drama "radon van" but his voice is just as famous playing beloved characters on "the simpsons" like mo the bartender and abu, the manager of the quickie mart. >> so classic. hank has a new show called "bothered town." he's the voice of the border patrol agent who is a little threatened by all of the cultural changes happening in his neighborhood. hank, good morning. >> good morning, hello. >> congrats on the show. >> thank you.
9:39 am
it's animated but it's based on real topical issues and events. >> yeah. >> the town is called mefifornia so you get an idea of what are border town is. >> that's a dead giveaway. >> it's more timely than i think the writers even intended. animation takes years to sort of find its way to the air because so much is involved, and it's become even more topical thanks to certain candidates who will remain nameless. >> yes. >> yes. in the premiere episode bud finds a stash of $10 million and wants to build a wall. >> yes, which we thought was a joke at the time. the joke was on us. >> surprise. >> yeah. >> so that brings up an animation, for example in, your show, the other show you do "the simpsons" and this show "bothered town." you can get away with more in an animated cartoon than you could ever if this was a live action series.
9:40 am
people have drown similarities to "all in the family," a lot of the similar dynamic which is one of my favorite shows ever and even as far as cable can go these days you could never get "all in the family" on the air now because it would upset too many people. >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> but you can do it in an animated version. >> right. >> you know, listening and watching the show with my -- i was watching with my son which i probably shouldn't have been watching with my son. >> that was a mistake. >> would you let your 6-year-old recall. >> he thought it was hilarious. >> there were a lot of things that went way over his head but it was animated so he thought it was, you know, for him. >> let me know when he gets out of prison. >> i'm that kind of parent i guess. >> all. voices though, i'm just amazed at the track of your career. all of the voices this you've given life to, these characters. do you ever mix them up? >> no.
9:41 am
occasionally, not of apu. i know you couldn't even mention apu without laughing. >> i don't see what's so fun we it at all. why are people laughing here. he's a man who works 24 hours a day, you know. nothing funny. >> just the character. >> a little m ho. >> a little mo. no such thing as a little mo. there's only a whole lot of mo, al. >> bring it up like that. >> occasionally they will forget, oh, that's what that guy sounded like. >> incredible. >> a great show. hank azayre yeah, thank you so much. always great to see you. >> my pleasure, al. >> oh, yeah. >> wiggam. >> "bordertown" airs saturdays
9:42 am
>> coming back, >> all right.
9:43 am
al, deborah, celebrating the big book, "been there, done that." >> "been there, done that" and all the morning shows, norah o'donnell from cbs, robin roberts, george george stephanopoulos, of course, all of our folks, there's deborah, our news president and my kids. >> adorable. >> dylan and jena and robin and savannah, wow. >> all the networks. >> david muir and elizabeth vargas. >> roker, uniters. >> i'm sorry i missed it. >> what were you doing? workouts. we're doing a story -- what am i seeing? >> fitness trends for 2016 so we were doing three different workouts. >> i'm sore in places i didn't know could be sore.
9:44 am
amazing night of days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
9:45 am
students and leaders from a charlotte elementary school will travel to columbia today deliver flood relief items to pine grove elementary school. their goal is help students who were affected by devastation from the historic floods back in they students from river gate elementary school are expected to arrive at 10:30 this morning. meanwhile last night the city of cayce's parks department was honored during the city's council meeting for their clean-up of the riverwalk after october's flood. while clean-up continues from recent rains, the city says the department has gone above and beyond already removing 30 trees and more than 500 tons of silt. department members were given a standing ovation and honored with the whole sole award for their long hours and hard work. clear and very cold this morning
9:46 am
temperatures in the lower 20s with a few areas in the teens! look for a mostly sunny day with a few clouds by mid-afternoon highs upper 40s. due to a few more clouds and winds turning to the southwest, not as cold tonight, lows middle 30s. increasing clouds thursday, much warmer, high in the upper 50s. more clouds for friday with periods of rain likely, warmer with highs in the lowers 60s. saturday now looks a little wet and sunday drier, this is a change from yesterday..moved up the timing saturday. sunday returns to partly cloudy skies, highs near 60
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