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the limits of their budgets to get more tickets. south carolina does have something of a safeguard on that issue in that you can only buy tickets with cash here. that rules out players who might over-extend their budgets by using a credit card. the jackpot amount will likely get at least one more update tomorrow----and the drawing is saturday night at 10:59. jack kuenzie wis news ten. overcast skies throughout the evening...and maybe a chance of some rain tomorrow. meteorologist ben tanner has your friday night forecast... expect patchy drizzle and isolated showersrshrough saturday morning with lows in the lower/mid 40s. we will have a better chance of showers
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ahead of a cold front, breezy, high near 56. rain chance 60%. showers will end early sunday with clearing skies as it turns windy, highs mid 60s. richland county authorities are trying to figure out what killed a man found outside a home in columbia 34-year-old mario kelly was found dead this morning on the front porch of a relative's house on queen street. the coroner says kelly died from a deep cut in his head...but it's unclear how it happened.
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department says a small print on a car door handle led to the arrests of two men for a murder at a columbia gas station last month. our mike desumma joins us now with more on the breakthrough that cracked the case. judi, authorities say they had access to other evidence in this case. there was video surveillance at the gas station showing the attack as it unfolded. the problem with that video taken from the spinx gas station off hard scrabble road --- was that nobody could identify either suspect. that's because the men authorities believe are in that video 20 year old ibn gadson and 22 year old ryan alston are both from eutawville. investigators say both men drove men drove up to columbia --- and were scoping out their victims at the gas station. they then got into davis's car demanding money and when a struggle ensued, they fired on davis and another person he was with. davis died at the scene.
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lott says dna evidence taken from the door handle of the car led his department directly to ibn gadson. without it he says getting a break in the case would have been difficult. "everything we checked out was dead ends so it pretty much went cold pretty quickly through your traditional means...but again with us being able to process it. all that guy did was touch that door and we were able to get dna from that touch." "it all starts at the scene and i think anyone whose familiar with sherlock holmes probably understand that..that an individual leaves something at the scene and takes something away. that individual who commits the crime." not long after the dna discovery --- both gadson and alston were taken into custody. they're both facing charges for murder --- as well as kidnapping, armed robbery and assault and battery. live at the richland county sheriff's department, mike desumma, wis news 10. sued the town's mayor for defamation two years ago--will get 150 thousand dollars as part of a settlement. newly-released documents show
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settlement was reached last september...after adrienne thompson filed the lawsuit in may 2014 against mayor skip wilson. thompson was town clerk for 13 years before wilson terminated her. a sled investigation requested by mayor wilson also came back in december with no evidence of wrongdoing within the town administration. richland county's transportation penny program could soon be more closelywatched. at a special meeting next tuesday, the county council is scheduled to consider changes to the program. the program came under fire when a state investigation revealed some penny tax money meant for roads, was spent on other programs one suggestion n r reforming it would give members of an advisory committee authority to along with that would come a new name--the citizens' transportation advisory and oversight committee. just three days out from the national title game--the tigers are ready to roar as they head to arizona.
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live outside the airport in phoenix where we're expecting the team very soon. greetings from chilly and damp phoenix, arizona. the highs have been in the 50's this week in the valley of the sun. these are the conditions that will greet the clemson football team when they arrive at the phoenix, airport around 6:10 eastern time...the alabama team is scheduled to land around 7pm. there was one big announcement today...the latest members of the college football hall of fame class. former clemson head coach, danny ford and former gamecock coach, jim carlen were both finalists for the class of 2016...unfortunately they didn't make it. one guy who did is former unlv and nfl quarterback randall cunningham. he was a dual threat quarterback
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watson...a guy who can hurt you both running and passing. cummingham had some interesting comments about the tigers talented qb. "it really does watching the game the other day. running the ball and then throwing pretty sort passes, it's pretet amazing i didn't get to watch clemson much this year but to see this young man play is pretty amazing. do i'm excited to see what he's going to be able to do in th championship game. senator lindsey graham may be out of the race for president--but he's still making his voice heard ahead of the "first in the
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coming up, graham talks about his role in the campaign and when he knew it was time to bow out.
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south carolina senatorsays he's not sure if the future holds another presidential campaign for him. he sat down with our will whitson this afternoon to talk 2016 and beyond. will: when did you know you'd need to suspend your camamign graham: it became obvious to me that it'd be difficult to be on the main stage - national polling requirements kind of put us behind the eight ball - i just didn't see a way forward to get on the main stage - without doing that it'd be hard to break through and i decided to suspend
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with emotional issues like immigration - i think i drove the debate on national security - i hope that will be one of the legacies of my campaign - that people can look back on and be a part of. will: in your campaigning you coined the term happy hour debate - your social media game was on point even with the cell phone. graham: i'm sitting in washington in my office and my phone starts ringing every two seconds - they came into my office and said donald trump just put your number on television - so it rang every two seconds - i finally had to shut it down - we event - i took it for what it was - i wasn't offended by it but it probably wasn't a very nice thing to have done. will: you received praise for your debate performances - why don't you think you were able to breach that threshold graham: the obituary of my campaign - if i had gotten that kind of coverage when i was two or three million the main debate was watched by 20 million - they play the results of the main debate over and over - my debate would last about an hour - i got really good news about having a sense of humor - i tried to show the guguthat
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back of the bar - that i'm will: you've suspended your campaign now - but 2020 2024 - is there the possibility of running again graham: i went from 60 to 0 after i got out of the campaign - i'm glad i ran - i learned a lot about myself - there are people all around the countrtrthat are lindsey graham supporters that will help no matter what i do - i liked it knows - 2020 to me is not what i'm thinking about - if we lose in 2016 - that may be the end of the republican party as we know it because we should not lose to her - the things are shaping up for your weekend in the
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coming up, we'll get a look at your full forecast...and what's in store for the following week ahead.
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. hi, i'm andy stanley. what if there was a new year's resolution that made you a better person and the world a better place? i think there is, and that's exactly what we're talking about
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we will have a better chance of
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tomorrow ahead of a cold front, breezy, high near 56. rain chance 60%. showers will end early sunday with clearing skies as it turns windy, highs mid 60s. coming up in sports... another live report from clemson's arrival to arizona for the
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we'll head bback out to phoenix live plus... carolina's football coaches meet with the media. hear from coach muschamp and others next in sports.
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now the tigers kickoff against the crimson tidede in the national title game in arizona. that's where we find sports director rick henry... camped out at the airport... clemson's flying into... as the set their sights on the
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back in columbia... carolina football... remains focused on turning the
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around... following a 3-9 2015 season. head coach will muschamp understands this off- season offers many chaenges. he hopes the coaches he hired will help ease the transition. today... the band... introduced to the media... inside the zone a williams- brice. some of the new faces on board include... co- offensive coordinator kurt roper. he left the nfl to coach here. defensive coordinator travaris robinson... came with muschamp to usc from auburn. coach muschamp says he didn't need to do much convincing....
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part of carolina's future. muschamp: "these guys all wanted to be a south carolina. i didn't beg any of these guys to be here. they wanted to be here and build something and get on this foundation level and continue to build this program." roper: "it was really an easy decision. one working for coach muschamp was a great experience for me at florida in so many ways both professionally and personally." robinson: "a guy that i'm comfortable with. a guy that shares the same vision as me. i share the same vision as him." frank martin's vision on the hardwood's coming to fruition. usc men's hoops... is 14-0... and the future looks bright. today... coach martin a recipient of jim phelan award mid-season honors. the phelan award presented annually to the top coach in division one men's basketball. martin's done a tremendous job guiding carolina to this point. one of his star players sindarius thornwell is thrilled his coach... received this recognition. thornwell: "big time for him. he worked hard for it. we've all worked hard. he's put in a lot of effort for it. a lot of time with it in the
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him." like the men... the second ranked usc women off to a perfect start. usc improved to 14-0 last night... with an 71-61 victory at vanderbilt. tiffany mitchell delivered 22 points and five dimes in carolina's win. she shined... carolina's bigs inside did not. outside of alaina coates... . outside of alaina coates... usc's post players... combined for just six points and 10 boards. usc knows it must be more physical down low at home sunday against missouri. staley: "i don't think it's a skill. i think it's a decision whether you are going to do it or not. i think come sunday afternoon they'll be ready to be challenged in that
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breaking news tonight. officer ambushed. horrifying images. a gunman firing 11 shots at a
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his patrol car.
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