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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> announcer: welcome back to the golden globes much and now
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from, "the force awakens", harrison ford. >> once again it the nominees for motion picture drama. >> announcer: "carol." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "room." "spotlight." [ applause ] >> and the golden globe goes to -- "the revenant." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: coming to the stage and accepting the golden globe tonight is writer/director -- producer of "the revenant," alejandro g.
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[ applause ] >> my god. >> speech. speech. speech. >> sorry, there's a lot of kissing here. i forgot to say thanks to mark, my co-writing partner, all the native americans who help us make this film possible. and, i don't know, i want -- somebody, guys, please jump to do something. i cannot say how surprised i am and how proud i am to have survived this film with all these fellas. please. tony. >> wow, thank you guys so much. this is such a surprise, brad westin, arnon, everybody at regioncy, fox, we love you so much. this was an incredible experience. alalandro, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody.
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>> come, come, come, come. >> thank you. i'm afraid that's it. we're out of time. for myself and melgibson, shalom. >> announcer: the nomination ballots are mailed to all eligible members of the hollywood foreign press association, who choose up to five nominees in each category. on the final ballots, the same members vote forne nominee in each category. information concerning the final results is known only to the accounting firm of ernst & young, llp prior to tonight's opening of the sealed envelopes.
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annual golden globe awards."first at 11 let's get a check of the forecast from meteorologist von gaskin. there is a lake wind advisory until midnight for the midlands the wind will help to blow in a reinforcing shot of cold air from the northwest,
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high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. just one day away from the tide
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showdown in arizona -- as both teams fight for the college football national title. wis sports director rick henry reports from glendale, arizona with how the teams are preparing for the match- up. this is championship game eve here in glendale, arizona. tomorrow the 2015 college football season will come to an end with the title game. when the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide take the field at university of phoenix stadium...they'll be lining up to play their 15th game of the season. both head coaches were together today for one final pregame press conference. dabo swinney is hoping to win clemson's second national championship. when the tigers won the 1981 crown...they played only 12 games. now with the addition of conference championship games and a four team playoff...that adds three more games to the schedule. that means more wear and tear on the
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"we finished the season playing 10 in a row, and the last stretch of that was a challenge because this is obviously a physical game, and it's mentally taxing, and the balance of school and all those things, but our guys did as good a job as they could handling that. we were able to really get our team physically and mentally and emotionally kind of geared back up, and i think the timing of this has been excellent because it's almost like we've got ready for the opener again." "well, i think that as a coach you certainly acknowledge the fact that your players are going into the 15th game of the season, and i think you have to respect that in every way. you try to get people not to focus on necessarily how they feel but to make decisions about what they need to do to continue to play well." both the tide and the tigers are used to playing extremely long seasons. since two thousand nine...bama will have played 96 games...counting tomorrow night...clemson 95. the big difference....alabama has won three national
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that time. the tigers will try to keep them from winning a fourth tomorrow night. on the road w wh the tigers...rick henry..wis news ten sports. while thousands of miles from home -- clemson fans are among family in glendale. a 'fan fest' was held at fans central in the phoenix convention center. die-hard clemson fans were able to test their athletic skills in combine drills. other fun competitive activities were on tap to help build up the atmosphere ahead of the championship game. " we'll we have been mostly enjoying all the festivities - fan fest. hanging out with a bunch of lot of fan. there's a whole lot to do. i don't think you can do it all but we're trying." fan also got to hear from former clemson quarterback -- tajh boyd. our live coverage from the
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continues tomorrow starting on sunrise. then tune in for our special pre-game coverage -- "chasing a championship." that's 7:30 monday night -- right here on wis. the game starts at 8:30 on espn. a major detour in newberry lasting more than a year. the college street bridge will be under construction starting monday. that means, the road between caldwell street and tench street will be blocked. a contractor is replacing the bridge that crosses scott's creek. a detour is in place from college to speers street to nance to harrington street and back to college. sc-dot estimates the road will be closed until may of next year. one party's over...but others are no doubt just beginning out in hollywood. the golden globes have wrapped up...after honoring the year's best in movies and tv. jinah kim join us live fromomhe beverly hilton, where it all happened, with a look at some of the night's
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nats "if you do win tonight, remember no one cares as much as you do!!" host ricky gervais may have tried to dampen excitement at the golden globes.... but it didn't work with rachel bloom. nats oh my god! oh my god! she wononest actress in a tv comedy for "crazy ex-girlfriend". nats i love you so much! also overwhelmed was gael garcia bernal..of "mozart in the jungle"...he won best actor...and his series best comedy. nats "this is really incredible. it's a big surprise!" meanwhile, jon hamm closed out his "mad men" career nats "wow!" with his second globe as best actor in a tv drama. in the film ranks, 18 years after a screenwriting globe, matt damon captured one for came in the comedy or musical category for "the martian". nats "i have to thank my kids, because i said if i got on tv, i'd say something to them." honors for best animated film went to "inside out"... while kate winslet won her fourth career globe... nats "i'm extremely surprised and overwhelmed." best supporting actress for "steve jobs". a standing ovation greeted the best supporting actor winner....sylvester stallone...
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get emotional." he earned his first career globe for "creed", playing the character he originated nearly four decades ago. nats "i want to thank my imaginary friend, rocky balboa, for being the best friend i ever had." a golden moment....on a golden night. jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills. the night's other winners included taraji p. henson, best actress in a tv drama for "empire"..... while the computer hacker series "mr. robot" won best tv drama. in other celebrity news -- mexican authorities want to talk to actor sean penn and television star kate del castillo after rolling stone published their secret interview with joaquin "el chapo" guzman -- the drug kingpin. penn wrote that he met guzman in
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guzman was on the run. in the article -- guzman boasted that he supplies quote -- "more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world". mexican authorities had been searching for guzman since july -- following his escape from a maximum-security prison. he was arrested friday during a raid in mexico. mexico's attorney general says the government plans to extradite him to the united states, where he's wanted on drug charges. on tuesday -- president barack obama will deliver his final state of the union. rather than going to congress with a traditional legislative list wish list, he has promised a look back at his years in office as well as a look forward to things he still w wts to accomplish. governor nikki haley will follow the president's and address the country on behalf of the republican party. but haley says it's not going to be a response. south carolina
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message but i will tell you is, it's not a response, it's going to be an address. and the one thing i know is the president or imply that i could." governor haley says the country has great challenges but also great opportunities, and she intends to talk about both. she is the country's youngest governor and the first south carolinian to deliver a response to the state of the union. a south carolinian will be at the state of the union address on tuesday. edith childs -- a greenwood council member will be one of two dozen guests in the first lady's box. president obama first noticed childs on the campaign trail in 2007 when she helped fire up the crowds. one seat in the first lady's box will remain empty in honor of the victims of gun violence. von gaskin has your forecast coming up after
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plus -- the numbers are in for this weekend's box office. a look at the top three big hits -- one of which cleaned up tonight at the golden globes..
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expect highs in the lower 60s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. another successful week at the box office for "star wars: the force awakens". the film is the most successful movie ever
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conditions will turn breezy as we approach midday, expect highs in the lower 60s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. another successful week at the box office for "star wars: the force awakens". the film is the most successful movie ever in the u-s and canada -- and the world's third highest earning movie in history. this week the hit raked in 41.6-million dollars. so far... it has made 1.73-billion dollars worldwide. expect highs in the lower 60s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool
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the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. another successful week at the box office for "star wars: the force awakens". the film is the most successful movie ever in the u-s and canada -- and the world's third highest earning movie in history. this week the hit raked in 41.6-million dollars. so far... it has made 1.73-billion dollars worldwide. in won for best motion picture tonight -- "the revenant." it debuted this weekend with a solili38-million- dollars. leonardo decaprio won best actor for his role as a frontiersman fighting for survival in the 18-20s. and it also won for best
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taking the third spot this week... the pg-13 comedy "daddy's home" brought in 15-million dollars. will farrell and mark wahlberg play sparring father and step father... competing to be man of the house. reunited and it feels so good. still ahead -- how a local veteran reconnects with his children after 23 years of searching. the new year is getting off to a memorable start for one family in west columbia. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous g gden n rty y r hehebirthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster,
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thanks to help from his loved ones and social media -- a local veteran has accomplished something he's been try to do for more than two decades. wis' mike desumma has the story. "we couldn't find you...and " "23 years." in recent days --- 53 year old ronald johnson has spent a lot of hours in front of his computer. time spent...connecting... "i had nothing from kelly...other then the picture that was in my wallet." for r e retired army veteran
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journey to find his two children. he says his daughter and son were both taken to germany when he and his first wife separated in the early 90's. after that, johnson says, he could not find them. . "i actually hired a private eye to try and find my kids...13 years ago...and it didn't go anywhere." he says the army could not help either. in the end, his step- children encouraged him to try facebook. finally -- a breatk- through, just days ago. "i got the message on the sixth of january." it was a message from kelly johnson --- who lives in nuremburg. "we're good ...and she has been trying to find him for the last 5 years. "i search i guess 20,000 -- 30,000 ron johnsons." "how much love he gave me." imagine ron's joy to get the message --- with a picture of himself. "this is the only picture i have of my daddy." now both are spending time catching up. ron has also reconnected with his son ron jr...and also met his grandson shawn. "are you ready to come see
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"he has the same eyes...they didn't're still looking good dad." "this is all one big happy family." family love that now --- has more time to grow. ron is trying to bring his kids back home for a reunion in the u-s. he is facing a few roadblocks but hopes it happens soon. you can see more on this story online at coming up... we look ahead to one of the biggest games of the year. the tigers taking on the crimson tide in the college football national title game. plus... the gamecocks women aim to stay perfect. highlights and more next.
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college football national championship game. tigers... seek to claim the program's second ever national title. sports director rick henry on how the tigers are feeling... ahead of the biggest showdown of the year. it's the eve of the national
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game here in could be a restless night for the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide. they'll get together tomorrow night to decide who'll be crowned the kings of college football. i spent some time with clemson tightend jordan leggette as he prepares for the biggest game of his career. henry: "are you looking forward to the moment where it's time to stop talking about the game and just play the game?" leggett: "i'm definitely excited. i mean i wish the game would have been the day after the orange bowl. we're all excited. when we found out it was alabama we were even more excited. been preparing as much as we can. it's going to be a pretty good challenge for us. i think we match up well. i think we will do what we need to do to win." henry: the hype from this game.... does it go up a notch or another level going into the orange bowl? leggett: "we're definitely trying to treat it like anothth game. it is the national championship game. the biggest game in college football. we haven't won it in 34 years.
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coming into this game. definitely going to try to get behind each other and just do the best we can really. it's a big game. the orange bowl was a big game. if we lost one we wouldn't be sitting in the position we're at. they are all big games. so we're just going to play it like any other game really." the tigers and crimson tide first played football 115 years ago....the tigers won that meeting 35- nothing......but 'bama leads the overall series 12 to threee . on the road with the tigers at the national championship game. rick henry wis news ten sports. time to talk hoops. prior to carolina's game at home today... usc announced kaydra duckett the former dreher star... becomes the second guard to leave the program this season. to showdown between second ranked usc and 20th ranked missouri. === carolina in control from the opening tip. alaina coates grabs the miss... goes off glass for the and one. coates surpasses the one-thousand career point mark in this game. === later in the first frame...
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mitchell... in transition...
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