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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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won three championships during that for alabama...this is their fourth appearance in the title game in seven years...they've won three championships during that time.....tonight the crimson tide is hoping to pick up their 16th crown in program history. alabama head coach nick saban is going for his fourth championship...he also win it all with lsu. dabo swinney has guided the tigers to their first championship game since they won the 1981 title. dabo says he aspires to take clemson to the same level where saban has alabama. "it's amazing what they've done. that's why they're the university of alabama. and i have all the respect in the world for what they're doing. that's what we want to become as a program. you know, we want to be a
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got to be top 10, top 15 type program year in and year out. and that's the thing that i'm most proud of with our program is that only us and alabama have had 5-plus 10-win seasons in a culture you have to establish in your program to have the opportunity." thousands of fired-up clemson fans who've made the cross-country trek will be filling the stands with orange and purple tonight. michal higdon joins us live from the field at
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we have made it inside the university of phoenix stadium and in several hours from now the stadium will be packed with over 63-thousand people attending tonight's national championship game. . the first time the team will set foot here on the field will be for warm-ups just before game time. clemson is chasing their first national title since 1981. many say this game is going to come down to clemson's offense and alabama's defense. both teams say tonight's game is going to come down to focus and giving their all. we're hours away from kick off to see who is the 2016 national champion. back at home--clemson fans are getting ready to
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state--including in columbia's five points. that's where we find allie spillyards, finding out who people are pulling for. it's definitely hard to miss the clemson fans today. those i've come across have been decked out in orange since this morning and are ready to cheer at a moment's notice. but in a town dominated by gamecock fans, who do you root for? do you place your loyalty with the sec and pull for alabama, or do you remain loyal to south carolina and put your weight behind alabama. do you remain loyal to south carolina and put your weight behind alabama. i definitely came across some of both today at carolina ale house, and it seems everyone in town has plans to watch the game. but even the minority that don't are putting their weight
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"i hope to keep it in the sec... alabama of course." "alabama's probably gonna win. their defense is too good." "it's hand in hand. like if they're not alumni... they'll root for both. so, yay!" we did a little poll on twitter and let me know what you think. our live coverage from arizona our live coverage from arizona continues on the news at 7-- then at 7:30, join us for a news. our "chasing a championship" special will have in-depth coverage of clemson's quest for a second national we near
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tonight. feeling brisk today. that's another way of saying it's going to be chilly! look for abundant carolina sunshine and a bit breezy this morning, few high clouds by afternoon, highs near or slightly above 50 tonight, clear, lows upper 20s. tururng windy tuesday ahead of a cold front moving through, for the most part my thinking is it will remain dry, temperatures will be in the middle 50s but will fall behind the front. mostly sunny wednesday and cold. highs middle 40s, overnight lows in the lower to middle 20s. keeping an eye on our next storm system that could develop in the gulf by the weekend giving us a chance of precipitation. again, several days out but
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looking ahead to a richland county council meeting tomorrow that will include a plan for significant structural changes in the penny sales tax program. a councilman has proposed those changes in the wake of a state review raising questions about fraud and public corruption. jack kuenzie spokokwith council member seth rose today and has more about why he wants to create new oversight of tax revenues. judi---councilman rose has a three-point proposal aimed at more transparency and fiscal responsibility. this---after dor sent a scathing letter to the county administrator saying the found "multiple instances of illegal activity" over two and half years in the penny tax program. rose first calls for repealing what's known as ordinance"---which changed the normal procurement
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rose says, can give the appearance of impropriety. he also says the general fund should be used to pay for work supposed to be used only for transportation projects. and rose wants to give the transporation advisory committee real authority to scrutinize spending. they're not going to be the only changes that need to be made. but they are three major steps in the right direction to restore trust in the penny program and to make sure that every cent that is collected goes towards the projects and are done in a transparent way. rose also wants the chair of the citizens committee to be made an ex-officio member of the richland county council penny committee---and have a vote, which would give that person access to records and documents. rose is expecting some pushback from other members of the council. the special called meeting is tomorrow at 4:45.
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for the first time in 40 years, the city of charleston has a new mayor. this afternoon, john tecklenburg was officially sworn in on the steps of city hall. tecklenburg takes over for joe riley, who was mayor since 1975. at the ceremony today, tecklenburg acknowledged riley's commitment to his city...saying he has big shoes to fill. tecklenburg will preside over his first city council meeting tomorrow. tomorrow, governor nikki haley will take her message to a national stage following president obama's state of the union address. haley will deliver the republican response from the governor's mansion in columbia immediately following the president's speech. the honor is typically given to a rising member of the opposite party. the state of the union address is tomorrow night at 9--right here on wis. after the break--we're approaching another historic drawing--as the powerball stakes climb above 1 billion dollars.
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win it." we'll check out a midlands institution with a history of... luck. break 2
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as we await wednesday's drawing-- one lottery ticket hot spot in columbia is hoping to continue its lucky streak. wis' meaghan norman has more charles and judi, i think it's still hard for some to fathom the jackpot is in the billions. the obama gas station in north columbia -- known for selling some winners over e last few years -- - has seen overwhelming demand over the last week. close to 30-thousand dollars in powerball
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and almost 9-thousand dollars worth sold on saturday alone. as the jackpot grows, so do the hopes and dreams of many taking a risk to play. one woman i spoke to won 12-dollars from saturday's drawing and is putting that toward the billion dollar jackpot. "i'm trying to win at least 10-million. i don't want it all, just a little bit." "why $10 million?" "because i think i can cover all my bills and my 401-k plan and then a little bit more retirement money. i got everything else. when i do win my priorities are first to get down and thank jesus that i did win, give some to the church and the rest to my family. we're always supposed to have hope. we're never supposed to give up trying to get that ultimate. i'm going to always strive to have a little bit more, a little bit better. i'm always going to have hope. as long as i have cash, i'm real lucky. see what i got on my head? real lucky." a lot of others i spoke to share that confidence and maybe for good reason --- over the last few years, this store has had a 75- thousand dollar winner, 250-thousand dollars and a 2-million dollar winning
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games. even though the odds are around 1 in 292-million, many loyal customers say they will continue to try their luck -- hoping this time, their numbers are called. in the studio, meaghan norman wis news 10. we've got another chilly week ahead in the midlands. we'll have more on that coming up in your full forecast after the break.
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sunshine and a bit breezy this morning, few high clouds by afternoon, highs near or slightly above 50 tonight, clear, lows upper 20s. turning windy tuesday ahead of a cold front moving through, for the most part my thinking is it will remain dry, temperatures will be in the middle 50s but will fall
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mostly sunny wednesday and cold. highs middle 40s, overnight lows in the lower to middle 20s. keeping an eye on our next storm system that could develop in the gulf by the weekend giving us a chance of precipitation. again, several days out but watching. coming up in sports... another live report from glendale arizona.
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we're talking tigers and the tide! we look at clemson's top running threat... plus... how one tigers players overcame personal tragedy to shine on the
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer
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he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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championship game tonight in glendale, arizona. that's where we find sports director rick henry. he's live outside of university of phoenix stadium... with more on the tigers quest to be the best. rick. hi joe...when you're talking about the best...we have the two best teams tonight...clemson and alabama...two of the country's best coaches...dabo swinney and nick saban....the nation's best quarterback...deshaun watson...the davy o'brien winner....and the nation's best player....alabama running back derrick henen...the heisman trophy winner. the tigers also have a pretty good running back. take vo:sophomore wayne gallman has had a breakout year. he's rushed for nearly 15 hundred yards and ten touchdowns. he's established himself as one of the nation's most physical running backs. he has the respect of the acc coaches...they made him a first team all conference selection.
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gallman to show the country that derrick henry is not the only blue chip running back on the field tonight. "does it make you mad that all season long, people haven't been giving you your respect, there have been doubters out there?? "it is what it is, man. i can't really worry about that. i'll i'm worried about is helping my team win." "do you think you're being overlooked going into this game because everyone's focusing on derek henry, the heisman trophy winner and now here's your chance to show what t te of running back you are." "i have no doubt alabama's not overlooking me. no, the media probably is, but just got to prove myself again." "what biggest challenge does the alabama defense present to you?" "the challenge is that they're good all over. and that's the biggest challenge, that we've got to be good, our receiver, our offensive line. just blocking, period. we've just got to be good and come out with our a game." "are they good enough to stop the clemson offense?" "we'll see. i can't answer that." winning the national title would mean the
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for one title would mean the world to any at clemson. for one tigers player... just playing in the championship game... is a victory in itself. senior defensive tackle d.j. reader missed the first six games of 2015 to cope with the pain from losing his father. his dad died in june of 2014. there's no timetable for dealing with grief. although he played all of the 2014 season... heading into this year... the emotions of his dad's passing became difficult to handle. so he stepped away form the game he loves... to truly come to terms with losing someone he loves. reader: "you know just a lot of stuff. a lot of expectations that he had made and stuff and i was finally coming to the end of it. so it all just kind of crashed down on me. kind of had a little trouble.
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head. my mom was the most influential person. she wasaseally strong. just told me everything was going to be ok. really expressing things. as men we're not taught to express things. getting it off my chest was a burden lifted
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tonight, inside the takedown of el chapo. new images from the bloody raid and his hide yout and the hollywood connection. how actor sean penn interviewed him in secret with help of a mexican actress. campaign crunchtime. three weeks until iowa. growing anxiety for clinton. her polls slipping to bernie sanders and she's been trailing in new hampshire. and donald trump like we've never seen him before.
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suspects at large
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