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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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touched on the past summer in south carolina--when nine people were gunned down inside emanuel ame church in charleston. she said in that defining moment, our state pulled together and found strength to move forward. "our state was struck with shock, pain, and fear. vigils. we didn't have riots, we had hugs." tonight's gop response to the state of the union speech came from the governor's mansion in downtown columbia. governor haley also countered the president's assessment of progress made in the past seven years. jack kuenzie joins us with more on how the governor spoke for her state and her party. charles and judi---the governor mixed sharp criticism of the obama record with an outline of her personal story and a pitch for the republican approach to fixing america's problems. in doing so---the daughter of indian immigrants rejected what she called the "siren call of the angriest voices" against those who want to come
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american dream. but haley also called for limits on illegal immigration and refugee resettlement. and she used last summer's deadly attack at mother emanuel church to point out that faith and unity can prevail over violence, hate and division. we didn't turn against each other's race or religion. we turned toward god and to the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world. we removed a symbol that was being used to divide us and we found a strength that united us against a domestic terrorist and the hate that filled him. there's an important lesson in this. in many parts of society today whether in popular culture, academia, the media or politics, there's a tendency to falsely equate noise with results. haley says if the gop had the white house, taxes would be lower for working
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spending and debt would be reduced, healthcare would be cheaper, the military would get stronger and agreements would be celebrated in israel and protested in iran--not the other way around. in what appeared to be a reference to same sex marriage--haley said the gop would "respect differences in modern families" along with respect for religious liberty. she didn't give her party a complete pass though. haley says while democrats in washington bear responsibility for problems facing america---so do republicans. haley says the gop needs to own that truth and recognize the party's contributions to the erosion of public trust in the nation's leadership. meanwhile--back in washington, tonight president obama looked to solidify his legacy as he nears the end of his second term. it was the president's final state of the union address to both houses of congress. we get the latest tonight from
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more state of the union coverage still ahead. coming up later in the show, political analysts breakdown the
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turning now to your overnight forecast--and a very chilly night ahead. ben tanner has more from the weather center tonight. tonight, clear , breezy and
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20s wednesday, sunny and cold. highs middle to upper 40s. forecast gets tricky by friday as low pressure is expected to develop in the gulf and track off our coast. position of the low and its track will determine how much rain we receive, thinking bulk of the rain remains to our south mostly cloudy friday and saturday with a 30%-40% chance of showers. highs in the middle to upper 50s. things looking much colder again by next week. a lexington county community is hoping for help from the county for a chronic problem. homes and roads along kinley creek flooded in october, before then, and since then and the homes and roads along kinley
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then, and since then and the neighborhood's future came up before the county council today. chad mills spoke with some of the neighbors chad many of the homes there weren't in the floodplain decades ago, because at that point, state and county stormwater management regulations didn't exist. but neighbors say the stormwater runoff problem has only gotten worse as more and more fields and forests are replaced with asphalt and development. "we've ripped the bathrooms out." the historic october flood left its mark on david pointer's lexington county home. "it looked like we were in house boats. i mean, as far as you can see with your camera everything was surrounded by water." but for pointer, who's lived here since 1976, it was nothing new. it's flooded before, since his house is on kinley creek, which flows in several tributaries from the irmo-area down into lower saluda. it's this creek that pointer says is the problem. "once harbison started being built, we experienced more and more flooding. october the
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flooding for years." engineers say urbanization along harbison boulevard and piney grove road without proper stormwater management has increased the amount of water flowing into this neighborhood and others on the creek. and all that water has helped erode the creek and overwhelm it at times. "this has been an ongoing problem, as you've heard, since 1974, and, from what i understand, even small rain events are overtopping its bank and flooding people's yards and, in some cases, their homes." now, lexington county is looking at the problem more closely. in this most recent meeting, county engineers released a joint study with the army corps of engineers. in it, engineers recommend either restructuring and widening the creek, buying and destroying at- risk homes, or doing a bit of both. "these people have families and
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they have to relocate to rebuild, and then when the flood happens again, the cycle starts over and over and over. it's a repetitive cycle." buying problematic homes makes sense to councilman phillip yarborough. and pointer would be fine with "it will absolutely continue. absolutely continue. i mean, it's been going on for years." but, it won't be a simple fix. it probably won't be a cheap one either. the recommended plans for kinley creek cost 18 to 24 million dollars. councilman todd cullum said he didn't know if that level of funding would even be available. there were also questions about whether other municipalities in the watershed should be involved. nevertheless, the council said it'll read this study in an effort to find a feasible
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tonight, a columbia man is now facing murder charges for a deadly shooting in lexington county 20-year-old camry taylor was ordered held without bond today taylor is accused of murdering felix jones on december 19th. lexington county deputies say the victim was shot at an apartment complex off berryhill road--and was then driven to the red roof inn off saint andrews road where he died. investigators are still asking anyone with tips to call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc. a sting operation led to the arrest of a man accused of selling a 16-year-old girl into prostitution. 22-year-old daytronhoefer faces a series of charges including human trafficking and kidnapping. today, at the richland county sheriff's department, sheriff leon lott
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investigators rescued the girl after her mother reported her missing on december 26th. county officials are pointing to this case as a sign that human trafficking is not a foreign issue...but one that happens right here in the midlands. if you are concerned about someone who may be a victim of human trafficking to call the victims assistance unit at 803-576-3115. now to a developing story out of iran-- 10 u.s. navy sailors who were aboard two small boats being held by iran are expected to be transferred to a u.s. ship tomorrow morning. the pentagon says the boats drifted into iranian waters in the persian gulf after one of them had mechanical problems. the sailors were picked up by iranian forces near farsi island. the south carolina general assembly went back into session today. members of the senate held a memorial service for their colleague, the late senator william o'dell who died last week. lawmakers in the house sorted through the bills introduced before the beginning of session.
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will be two of the big issues they work to tackle before the session ends in early june. it was a long trip home--but a warm welcome for the clemson tigers, who returned to death valley tonight. the tigers fell to alabama last night in the national championship game--45 to 40. quarterback deshaun watson set a national championship game record with 478 total yards of offense today, the team boarded the plane bound for the upstate, and were bused back to clemson. the tigers finish their season with a program record 14 wins. after the break--we'll break down tonight's state of the union. analysis and thoughts on that and governor haley's response. how did the big speeches resonate tonight ... jaime harrison is chair of the state
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also joined by south carolina based political consultant shell suber - best moment - missed the mark - obama legacy? - nbc political analysts say
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the park --- agree or disagree?
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for dems? vp? - how move forward? make sure politics reflect what's best in us not worst? - biden & ryan we'll be right back with your
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highs middle to upper 40s. forecast gets tricky by friday as low pressure is expected to develop in the gulf and track off our coast. position of the low and its track will determine how much rain we receive, thinking bulk of the rain remains to our south and east. mostly cloudy friday and saturday with a 30%-40% chance of showers. highs in the middle to upper 50s. things looking much colder again by next week. coming up in sports... the tigers return home from arizona.
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valley to welcome back the players and coaches. we'll here from the tigers next.
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head coach dabo swinney didn't bring the trophy he wanted home from the desert... but he still has some new
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empthe tigers... back home tonight... after losing to alabama in the national championship game... 45-40. here's a look at the team arriving at the greenville international airport earlier in the evening.. before boarding team buses to make the trip to tiger town. tigers fans provided the team a warm welcome home... following a great season in which clemson set a single season school record for wins. the coaches and players appreciated the support. and today... clemson head coach dabo swinney earn national coach of
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honors from the american football coaches association. he's the first clemson coach to receive the award since danny ford in 1981. swinney guided the tigers to a 14-1 record in 2015....the most victories in school history. clemson certainly enjoyed a special season... one to remember. the gamecocks men's hoops team is in the midst of a dream season. carolina's 15-0... and ranks 15th in the coaches poll. usc's next opponent... alabama on the road tomorrow night. game time set for 9pm. gamecocks head coach frank martin's enjoyed the ride of building this program to where it is today. a journey which began in 2012. martin: "their growth. their committment to one another.
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when you start seeing something that wasn't like that start taking shape in that direction makes it a whole lot of fun to be around." in panthers news today... ron rivera was a runaway winner today of the sporting news coach of the year award... it's his first time winning the honor-- and it was a landslide with rivera picking up 23 of the 31 votes by his fellow head coaches.. now that's some serious respect.... rivera has his panthers sitting pretty at 15-1, only two wins away from the super bowl... and trust me--he's honored to win the award-- but his focus is on sunday's match-up with his big message to the players so far this week has been to maintain focus and keep their cool... rivera: "obviously for the most part we've gotten to where we are based on what we've done. hey now we're all zero and zero. i think the most important thing is the message is we've earned the right to be where we are.
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doesn't mean that everything is going to be doing what we're supposed too.
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