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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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test test test. tonight, iran releases americans. dramatic images of the moment the navy boats were seized. new details on the efforts to free them and the apology one american made on a iranian state tv. fighting words. donald trump hits back at the rising republican star who took him on and open aid new rift in the party. and hillary clint on the attack as pressure mounts for her campaign. el chapo's texts. new insight into his time on the run. flirtatious messages between the drug kingpin and this actress, calling her beautiful and planning a secret rendezvous with tequila and dancing. and train tragedy. deadly crashes that could have been prevented by technology that has been around for years. so why are so many trains around the country still running
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right now. good evening. ten american sailors held by iran are safe tonight. freed earlier today. quickly sparing another major international crisis. but not the humiliation of this sight of american navy crewmen, hands above their heads, boats and weapons displayed on iranian television and around the world. tonight we learned more about how they ended up in iranian hands and how two long, bitter adversaries managed to extinguish this flat point before it could fully erupt. jim miklaszewski represents from the pentagon. >> reporter: the images are jarring. the ten american sailors on their knees, hands clasped behind their heads on the deck of their own u.s. navy vessel. surrounded by armed iranian military. the video shot by the iranians and aired on iranian-state television. one said more videos
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men and one woman in confinement and sharing a meal in show they were well treated. one of the sailors apologized for entering iranian territorial waters. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> it is unclear what were the circumstances when the video was taken. u.s. military officials call the video pure propaganda. the u.s. sailors were released early today. the two boats returned to the u.s. navy. secretary of state john kerry pulled out all diplomatic stops to personally negotiate the americans' release. calling iran's foreign minister at least five times over ten hours, according to a senior state department official. >> i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> reporter: iran's foreign minnist tweeted happy to see dialogue and respect chblt let's learn from the latest example. but foreign policy experts warn that iran
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adversary. >> there are things they are doing in the region that are not helpful at all. they are american citizens detained in tehran which is of great concern to us. >> reporter: today the revolutionary guard acknowledged they found in evidence the americans were spying. and now that they have been released, the navy should find out why they drifted in iranian territorial waters where they were detained. tonight those ten american sailors are at an undisclosed location in the persian gulf. where they will get a full physical and mental health exam. the exact same treatment given to returning p.o.w. and hostages, lester. >> jim miklaszewski, thanks. this time last night we were in the nation's capital for the state of the union address. the president striking a more optimistic tone than in years past but raising questions he says americans need to answer about the economy, technology, security and the rancor in our political system. one of the biggest regrets he said was
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only grew during his time in office. and he spoke about what it will take to attain the future all americans want. >> but it will only happen if we work together. it will only happen if we can have rational, constructive debates. it will only happen if we fix our politics. >> while the president didn't mention donald trump by name, it wasn't hard to figure out who he had in mind with some of his more pointed remarks last night. and much to the surprise of many, trump surfaced the same way in the formal republican response to the president's speech. as hallie jackson reports, one of the gop rising stars used her national platform to take her party's front-runner to task. >> reporter: even when he's not supposed to be in the spotlight, donald trump still is. nikki hail's republican response
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president obama but her presidential front-runner. >> during anxious times it could be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> in that context, you are referring to donald trump, correct? >> he was one of them, yes. mr. trump has definitely contributed to what i think is irresponsible talk. >> reporter: trump now hitting her back. >> i'm very strong on illegal immigration, she's weak on illegal immigration. maybe it will turn out to be bad for her because people know where i stand and you see the numbers. >> reporter: governor hallie and house speaker paul ryan represent what some think the gop should be, more diverse. more inclusive. what the gop has is donald trump, leading the pack and mobilizing a new base of support for the party. even as the establishment strikes back and his closest rival fights back. >> donald comes from new york and he
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and listen, the donald seems to be rattled. >> reporter: trump keeping up birther attacks on cruz, and republicans now saying it brothers them he was born in canada to an american mother. >> that is a big factor. >> reporter: the rivals now fighting for first in iowa. leaving little room for the establishment candidates. >> the establishment being left out entirely for the first time in history. are we going to be able to pull everyone together. >> reporter: the battle lines drawn and the gop civil war, the fight for the party's future. hallie is standing by her speech even as she comes under fire from leaders on the conservative right. a few years ago she was seen as a key party crusader, a star in the making in that party. >> hallie jackson, thank you. the race is growing contentious from the democratic side with four days until the next debate which will air here on nbc, the latest polls show troubling news for hillary clinton. with her numbers
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stepping up attacks on each other. we get more from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders escalating the sniping today. clinton firing the first volley, repeating her toughest attacks on health care and guns. >> senator sander has been a reliable vote for the gun lobby and i have been standing against them for a long time. >> reporter: on msnbc today, sanders punched back. >> to say i'm a supporter of the nra is a mean-spirited and unfair and inaccurate statement. >> reporter: her ramped up rhetoric comes with the democrats locked in an unexpected nail-biter. a new national poll showing her lead tumbling. she still tops sanders but only by 7 points, a sharp decline from her 20-point lead last today she down played the numbers. >> no, i'm not nervous at all. i'm working hard. and i intend to keep
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can. >> reporter: so why are more and more democrats feeling the burn? sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, could be tapping into voters desire for an anti-establishment candidate. that hunger particularly strong among younger voters under 45 who favor one. >> i think that bernie sanders aligns more with my views and i think we should be voting for the person who will be best in the white house. >> reporter: donald trump may have help erode some of clinton's support, reminding voters of transgressions when he is in it the office. >> i'm so proud my husband is on the campaign trail. in new hampshire and in iowa in the last week. >> reporter: and ted the president returned where he brushed aside the declining polling numbers, saying everything is good. a sign the clinton campaign may be getting jittery, for the second time this week the aids held
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others bashing bernie sanders. he hasn't said how he will pay for the universal health care plan. those details are coming soon. lester. >> kristen welker, tonight, thank you. there are new relations about el chapo's time on the run. just released text messages shows hissin fatuation with the same actress that helped arrange his interview with actor sean penn. we get details from jacob rascon in mexico. >> reporter: it plays like the telenovember ella that made her famous. on the rub smitten with a megastar, planning secret meetings in the mountains. in a series of text messages intercepted by the mexico government, el chapo reaches out to del castillo. i'm very eager to meet and become great friends. you are the best in the world. i will take care of absolutely everything. it is so moving that you say you will take care of me, she replies. no one has ever taken
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thank you. i am free next weekend. later guzman seemed to obsess over which cell phone to buy her as a surprise. preferably a pink phone. and writing to his attorney, tell kate that when she comes we will drink tequila and dance. tell her just like that. as for meeting actor sean penn, el chapo didn't know who he was and told his attorney, i'm looking him up on the internet. guzman, del castillo and penn finally med claiming guzman told him, quote, i supply more heroin, meth and marijuana than anybody else in the world. but guzman's attorney refutes that account. inside the federal prison behind me el chapo is again on the move, this time by mexican authority who have transferred him between cells eight
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here last friday. desperately trying to prevent yet another embarrassing escape. jacob rascon, nbc news, mexico. a warning today from the ntsb that without a major safety upgrade to the nation's rail lines, we risk another catastrophic crash. investigators say a system called ptc, positive train control, could have prevented several deadly crashes. but while amtrak has rolled it out on many trains, tom costello reports that other railroads are lagging far behind. >> reporter: it happened last may 12th. eight passengers died, 200 injured when a speeding amtrak train derailed north of philadelphia. 2013, four dead when a speedy metro-north trail derailed in the bronx. 2008, 25 dead after a metro link train blew a stop signal in california. while the technology was available to prevent those accidents, none of the trains had it. >> it says you are going too fast.
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per hour. it just took over control of the train for me. >> reporter: at the actrack training center in it delaware, we saw how positive train control works. eight months after the philli crash, amtrak has finished equipping the entire north eefts corridor. with transponders in the track's monitor every train and slam on the brakes if necessary. but ptc is only in place in the neeft and areas around los angeles. the rest of the railroads are owned by freightlines which complained about the technology cost and complexity. so congress has given them more time, until 2018, to get ptc up and running. not good enough, says safety experts. >> every day that ptc is not in place, we run the risk of another amtrak crash in philadelphia, or another bronx crash. >> reporter: in essence, the technology is about trying to remove human error as a factor by forcing the train to abide by speed limits
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would have saved lives in philadelphia. >> we are going to move as quickly as we can to make a safer -- a damn safe railroad safer. >> reporter: still no word from ntsb on why the amtrak train was speeding in philli. but the high-speed safety fix is on a slow roll-out. tom costello, nbc news, dell a wear. a bitterly cold night in store for much of the u.s. blinding lake-effect snow and strong winds hit upstate new york. white-out conditions force major roads and schools to close n. erie, pennsylvania, about 85 cars were involved in a chain-reaction crash this morning. and millions were below freezing today in the midwest and northeast. while a slight warm-up is expected forecasters are watching a potential nor'easter this weekend. we'll keep you posted on that. the national guard has been called in to aid in the water crisis in flint, michigan. a water supply contaminated with lead. they are joining
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handing out water to residents. there are fears it may have sickened thousands of flint's children. a dismal day on wall street. stocks dropped in the correction territory. the dow dropping nearly 365 points today. the s&p 500 closed down 2.5%. and the nasdaq plunging more than 3%. still ahead tonight, president obama vowing a moon shot to cure cancer once and for all. offering new hope for patients and their loved ones. but how? also time is running out to pay for -- to play for tonight's $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. it turns out there might be a real diagnosis to powerball fever. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? sure. ooh! hey buddy, what's up?
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let's explore now a very ambitious idea announced by the of the union. a commitment to cure cancer in the way we committed to reaching the moon in the 60s. it will be led by joe biden and aimed at ending the disease that killed the vice president's son and 600,000 other americans every year. anne thompson explains what the new national effort could mean for the millions of cancer. >> reporter: the moon shot is the symbol of american ambition and achievement.
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biden will lead a similar effort to cure cancer. for biden, this is personal. choking up, talking to stephen colbert about his son beau, who died of brain cancer. >> my son was better than me. and he was better than me in almost every way. >> reporter: the vice president has two goals. increase spending on research and increase collaboration. just this week, a group of drug companies and researchers announced they would work together to find better treatments. last week biden's staff met with the president of the american association for cancer research. >> how close are we to curing cancer? >> we could really decrease by a lot the number of patients that die from cancer. so i think this ought to be our decade. >> dr. baselga credited getting the first budget increase in a decade, an extra $264 million, a 5% jump.
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society's dr. otis brawlen said they need sustained funding and all patients need access to best care. >> 20% or more women with breast cancer get less than optimal breast cancer treatment. those are some of the things we could fix right now and fix very quickly. >> emily whitehead is now 10 years old because of a break-through to treat her leukemia at the university of pennsylvania and children's hospital of philadelphia. friday she will meet the vice president, a living example of what is possible. ain thompson, nbc news, new york. when can he come back, they will be there for you. the sitcom reunion fans have been w look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms.
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and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. an unusual chase on the highways of texas today. and it wasn't exactly at high-speed. for an hour and a travel police chased a stolen tractor-trailer through two counties in the dallas area.
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tire deflas devices. they finally fired teargas into the cab of the truck and he finally surrendered. inform an absence of 21 years. the los angeles area is getting its old football team. nfl owners approved the application by the rams to move back to l.a. from st. louis. it will happen immediately. at the same time the owners approved a new stadium in nearby inglewood california that will be the home of the rams. the cost of the stadium almost $2 billion. it is the most fans have waited for since "friends" went off the air in 2004. all six cast members will be reunited by a tv event. but they are not appearing as ross, chandler, joey and phoebe. instead they come together in a special airing in february on nbc honoring tv director james burros. when we come back, an answer to why so many of us hate going out to the record powerball jackpot even when we know how hard
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we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. finally tonight, consider this. just a short time from now america will either have a new billionaire, or the powerball jackpot will roll over to another
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$2 billion. our kreevin tibbles explains to us why we drive to win even when the odds are against us. >> reporter: powerball lunacy is sweeping the nation. the symptoms -- an inineased hope rate and crossed fingers. so we went to renounced behavioral psychologist dr. frank farley to analyze. >> why do we buy these things? >> turns out we americans suffer from a new condition. >> type t., for thrill, type t. personality. >> it is a thrill, man. i love it. >> reporter: that is why we're wearing out the machines, because for $2 a pop we could all be eternal optimists. >> this is it. this is going to change my life forever. >> if you have to have a little hope and drive. >> if you don't have hope, what do you have? >> $2. >> and then there is
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affect. why play? because it is there. >> this is the mount everest of lotteries. it is too big to ignore. >> i want to be a billionaire. >> reporter: and heck, when you see everyone else lining up to play, it becomes contagiois. >> f.o.m.o., fear of missing out. this is the newest fear in the armament of the psychologist. for us to study. >> because everybody else is buying a ticket? >> pretty much. >> reporter: there is another less scientific explanation. >> number one on my >> reporter: and a few other reasons too. but for now the best prescription, stay optimistic until the powerball drops. news, philadelphia. >> i don't know about you. but i feel better. that will do it for us
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i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, good night and american dream. plus - south carolina's top lawman says it's time to clean up how the state house does business. expect clear and cold temperatures tonight in the upper 20s and lower 30s. thursday will be mostly sunny with highs near 60, clouds will be on the increase thursday night as lows drop into the upper 30s/lower 40s. friday, low pressure will track across the south and deliver an 80% chance of molineaux. right now, neighbors, city leaders, and developers are meeting about a proposed controversial project in west columbia. a sleek, new mixed-use development near the gervais street bridge in west
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get a final vote from council


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