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known as the undercard debate is now underway. and with south carolina's first in the south primary coming up in just five weeks, some of the candidates are taking tonight to try to close the deal. i had a chance to talk with trump campaign manager katrina pierson a short time ago. "mister trump has been the first person out there "mister trump has been the first person out there about immigration, china, trade, jobs, the economy and how to do those things. so now, it's his opportunity to
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there...we absolutely need angry voices because what we have are politicians who are not representing the voters. a beautiful, but chilly string of days continues as we take a live look through the
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capital city. meteorologist ben tanner is in the first alert weather centnt and ben there are changes on the way. low pressure will cross through the state friday and deliver 1" rain totals in most areas with highs in the 40s and 50s. saturday, partly cloudy, breezy
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60. sunday will be partly cloudy with just a 20% chance of a shower. low pressure will cross through the state friday and deliver 1" rain totals in most areas with highs in the 40s and 50s. shower. south carolina state employees
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easier time paying their bills if a group of lawmakers have their way. those legislators are behind a pay raise proposal that would tap into the state's large budget surplus. jack kuenzie says the proposed pay hike would help make up for some lean budget years. he's in the newsroom with more. dawndy, state government has been through some difficult times. downsizing, the recession, tight budgets and more often than not---state employees had to give up even minimal pay raises. state government has about 35 thousand employees. three fourths making under $40 thousand a year. and only twice in the past seven years have they gotten any kind of pay increase. this budget year is different. the state has a significant surplus---and senate members say they can take $75 million from that surplus and provide workers with a five per cent raise. we have balanced many budgets on
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state employees. when the state retirement accounts was short, we called on paying into that same account. last year the best we could do is to give an $800 dollar bonus and it still was not fair. the head of the state employees association says there are probation employees who are required to have college degrees but only make $26 thousand a year---and can't pay off their college loans or support families. republican senator john courson--helping to spearhead the raise effort---says his chamber can support the pay hike but any challenge for passage would likely come in the house. if approved the raise would kick in on july 1st. jack kuenzie wis news ten. a columbia man will send 15 years in prison for a human trafficking case. kristopher block pleaded guilty yesterday to
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minor and human trafficking of a minor. attorney general alan wilson says block will have to register as a sex offender and will be electronically monitored for life. investigators say the minor was found with block at a motel in columbia on december fourth. the ag's office says this is the third human trafficking conviction in the past three months under the state's 2012 human trafficking law. in about an hour, south carolina state university and benedict college students will hear from a special speaker as part of presidential candidate bernie sanders' tour of historically black colleges and universities. billie jean shaw joins us from sc state. dr. west says he will discuss several topics tonight including tuition free universities and colleges as well as criminal justice reform. the civil rights activist says tonight he wants the audience to know why bernie
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become the next president. west also says tonight is not all about politics. he says historically black colleges and universities hold great value and he wants the students to leave tonight feeling inspired. he says sc state was the perfect institution, they produce such high quality folk and we had figured in order for the next president to make a major entr\e in the black context this is the place to be." tonight's "feel the bern" campaign kicks off at 7 p.m. here at scsu at the barbara a. vaughan fine arts center. jesse jackson will also be joining dr. west. it is free and open to the public. live in orangeburg, billie jean shaw, wis news 10. sanders will not be at tonight's event; he will be in the palmetto state this
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where he'll take the stage with other democratic presidential hopefuls hilary clinton and martin o'malley for a debate in downtown charleston. you can catch that debate on wis at 9 o'clock sunday night. and those same candidates will be in columbia next week. clinton, sanders anano'malley will be in the capital city for king day at the dome on monday. the event is held annually at the state house and is hosted by the naacp. ahead of monday's martin luther king day events a group of politicians and legal expertrtare discussing education and social equality right now. the panel discussion featuring several public officials just started at the top of the hour in the university of south carolina's school of law auditorium. the event is sponsored by the black law students association. our own judi gatson is at the event. with so many presidential campaigning happening right here in the palmetto state over the next few days wis will have a decision
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saturday night. we will have one-on-one interviews with several gop candidates and an overall look at the race for president leading up the south carolina primaries. all of taht again leads into sunday's democratic debate in charleston that you can watch right after our decision 2016 special. a couple of great, if a little chilly, days across the midlands. coming up after the break meteorologist ben tanner will have the latest on a front that will bring rain to the midlands.
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and deliver 1" rain totals in most areas with highs in the 40s and 50s. saturday, partly cloudy, breezy
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60. sunday will be partly cloudy with just a 20% chance of a shower. low pressure will cross through the state friday and deliver 1" rain totals in most areas with highs in the 40s and 50s.
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60. sunday will be partly cloudy with just a 20% chance of a shower. people across the region are in the 40s and 50s. saturday, partly cloudy, breezy
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60. sunday will be partly cloudy with just a 20% chance of a shower. low pressure will cross through the state friday and deliver 1" rain totals in most areas with highs historic flood, clean up is still part of daily life for some. mike desumma is in lexington where images of the damage are met with a plea for help. break 2 months after the history making
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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rebound. the pond that sits near the old mill off highway one was a scenic place before the nearby dam breached --- sending out millions of gallons of water. town leaders are hoping fema can help. mike desumma is at the old mill. mike. dawndy time has passed since those heavy rains came down --- but you look around here and you can still see the damage they caused. this used to be a parking lot behind me. it was left completely broken up by all the water when it came flowing out. even now the sites owner says as long as the dam is broken --- no repairs down here can be made. several business owners say the loss of the scenic beaututhere is another lingering effect from what happened. the problem of course is getting repairs done is the cost. high seas properties, which owns the site, says the pond and dam have been here in lexington for the last century and fixing
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anywhere from two to five million dollars. what town leaders are counting on is the site's place in future planning. lexington was looking at placing a walkway around the pond and over the dam before the flooding happened. officials say since that could be considered public space for recreation they've appealed to fema for some help meeting the cost. "you know we kind of advocated felt very good about it..and it was received very well." "it's still the esthetic beauty is gone. the dock being up.being able to feed fish.the geese..all that's missing from here..just the tranquil beauty of the body of water that used to be here." town leaders say at this point it's not clear what they'll look at for funding if the federal government says no. at this point t ere's no telling how long the site could look this way. lexington town and county
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concerning the old mill dam next month. live in lexington, mike desumma, wis news 10.
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showdown between the second ranked gamecocks and the number nine kentucky wildcats. this has become a very intense series. they've split their two regular season games...two of the past three years. last season....the gamecocks won 68-to- 60 in columbia....the wildcats were victorious in lexington 67 to 56....that was carolina's only loss last year to an sec team. memorial coliseum can be an intimidating venue...especially for players making their first trip to blue grass country. we've tried to get them up to speed with what it's going to be like. you can't simulate it in practice...much like no one can simulate coming into colonial life you've got to do the best you can by prepping them. our players watched the
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rivalry game for them..just to see the atmosphere and how hard they play. up it a level of energy, intensity when it's a rival game. like the usc women....the usc men were 15 and oh until last night. the 19th ranked gamecocks were knocked off by alabam 73 to 50. south carolina was done in by the three point shooting 0f the crimson tide's riley norris. he was averaging only six points a game...but he burns carolina for 27. he was eight of 11 on three pointers..... usc will try to get back on track when they host missouri...saturday at one o'clock. the clemson men's basketball team is in the middle of a hot streak. the tigers have won four in a row. the tigers upset sixth ranked duke last night...68 to 63 in greenville. clemson is racking up victories against an impressive lineup....they beat then 16th ranked louisville on sunday....last tuesday they also beat syracuse on the road. the tigers are now 11 and six
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four and one in the a- c-c. you know we've been fortunate..we've had some of these games at home. i thought we played great at syracuse..that win really helped us..again our confidence just continues too grow...and certainly tonight..we just kind of hung in there and know it was just a good basketball game. candidates will take on one other as they take the main stage in the lowcountry for the fox business network debate. charles molineaux is at the north charleston coliseum. charles? republican presidential hopefuls are in north charleston for the latest debate in the race for the white house. charles molineaux joins us from the coliseum. low pressure will cross through
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and deliver 1" rain totals in
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tonight, the clash
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