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tv   WIS News 10 Saturday  NBC  January 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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some breaking news overnight. security forces have killed a fourth extremist after an attack at a hotel in west africa. reports are showing more than 20 people have been several gunmen, linked to al-qaida militants, are taking responsibility for the act. french forces killed the jihadist while searching the hotel yibi after ending the operation at the splendid hotel where they freed 126 people and killed three attackers. two of the three attackers killed earlier saturday have been identified as women. looking like a line of showers will move through the midlands between 6a-11a on sunday. this is part of a complex low pressure system that will have most of the energy to our
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enough cold air in place to have a rain/snow mix in northern part of chester and york would be very brief at best. the system moves out quickly and we'll see sun by early afternoon. columbia police are
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crash involving a pedestrian. investigators say a man was hit by two cars while he was walking along garners ferry road. it is believed that he unlawfully stepped into the roadway and died as a result of his injuries. traffic investigators spoke to several witnesses at the scene. both drivers stopped after the collision and provided information to investigators. the richland county coroner's office is assisting cpd with the investigation. a 22-year-old columbia man will spend the next 45 years in prison after a judge found him guilty in a 2012 murder. cheo green was sentenced thursday after a four day trial. investigators say in october 2012 michael davis met austin murray and asked murray where he could trade use of his car for drugs. murray said green maybe able to
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drugs. later that day murray and davis picked up green, the men started to argue that's when green got out a gun and shot davis. green was charged with murder, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime and carjacking with injury. lawyers for the north charleston policeman caught on video shooting a man want papers in his case kept under wraps. michael slager is charged with murder. he and his lawywers are asking for documents in two of his bond hearings to be sealed so some of the information can be redacted. slager and his attorneys want the documents formally filed so the media and public can see them. but they want the identifications of the people who wrote letters about slager's character to be removed to respect their privacy. sumter police are trying to track down the missing mother of two young children. investigators have been looking for 27-year-old shardae davis since a disturbance call at her
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the scene on west liberty street they found a two-year-old and 5-week- old alone and unharmed. friends say it is highly unlikely davis would leave her children at home alone. officers say davis has a history with herbert butler, who investigators have not been able to find. butler is wanted for questioning in the disappearance. he also has a warrant against him for domestic violence. anyone with information should call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. in charleston this sunday, it will be the democrats' turn.. as they go head to head for the final time before the votes are cast in iowa. nbc's lester holt will moderate that debate on nbc, along with andrea mitchell. we get more from nbc's kristen welker. its the showdown in south carolina - sanders set to take the stage what promises to be the most contentious debate yet.
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trail a preview..of things to come. 7:12:47 senator sanders has been a pretty reliable vote for the gun lobby.. 16:57:07 "secretary clinton voted for the war in iraq! it will be the last time the candidates face-off before the critical iowa caucuses, with the race now in an unexpected dead heat. on the tonight show.clinton brushed aside her evaporating lead. "this is not a job they give away. you really do have to work hard for it and it is the hardest job in the world so i get up every day and go right at it." but could it be dj vu from 2008..when a surging clinton came in third behind political upstart barack obama.. the latest des moines register bloomberg poll shows her leas has narrowed to 2 points...42 to 40 percent. today on morning joe - she argued, she's a different candidate now. "look im different. you know, i have served as he's flexing his muscles..... welker standup: with preparations underway here in charleston......the candidates expected to draw sharp battle lines over guns, wall street and
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traction by slamming sanders' proposal for a medicare for all, government run healthcare plan: "basically he wants to start all over again with a whole new plan and another big national divisive debate, which i just " sanders insists that's not true.telling nbc news. 15;20;47q; proposing getting rid of programs in place? 15:21:04 move toward one system which expands medicare to all people, you're not gonna need medicaid, every america will have comprehensive healthcare a sleeper a political thriller....kristen welker nbc news charleston. he's in...barely! martin o'malley will get to participate in tomorrows debate, despite averaging just 4-point-six percent in iowa. nbc had said in order to participate, candidates would have to average at least five percent nationally or in one of the states with an upcoming contest. o'malley barely cleared the bar, thanks to nbc's willingness to round up his percentage. the south carolina republican presidential
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saturday, february 20th. the democratic primary is the following week... on feburary 27th. and voters must register by january 27th in order to cast a ballot. happening today, the fifth south carolina tea party convention will be taking place in myrtle beach. plenty of familiar republican presidential candidates will be attending the event. it will feature mike huckabee, ted cruz, donald tump, rick santorum, jim gilmore and dr. ben carson. event organizers say they are expecting around 15- hundred people this morning. america's largest retailer is closing hundreds of stores, including one in our area. wal-mart announced its first ever mass closing today... with 269 stores worldwide closing their doors. 154-of those stores are in the united states including one store on u.s. highway 321 in winnsboro. approximately 10- thousand employees in the u.s. will be impacted by the closing.
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a lot of customers crying." kim murphy, upset about walmart closing "i'm devastated." jessica mitchell, upset about walmart closing "it's basically the only store." the winnsboro walmart officially closes at 7 o'clock on january 28th. three lexington county deputies are making their department proud. they took home medals of valor in a special ceremony last night. the south carolina sheriff's association awarded deputies from departments across the state, including richland, florence, and horry counties. our chad mills spoke to three men from lexington county who were honored in such a special way. these three lexington county deputies are sporting some new hardware around their necks -- medals of valor for
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first, a crash last june on tram road earned deputy damon prater the distinction. "when we got out of our vehicles, we were checking to make sure everything was secure around the vehicle. then, the neighbors that were outside were saying, 'someone's in the car! someone's in the car!'" a driver had crashed into home. that driver was trapped inside car and it was on fire. "the way the flames were coming out is it wasn't just like a campfire fire, because it hit that gas line. it was actually kind of spewing. / at one point, when he was reaching his hand back, i managed to grab his hand, pull him from the vehicle, and secure him in the back of my patrol car." fast forward to the fourth of july. "i didn't get a call for service. i was just in the right place at the right time." the place -- the lake murray dam. deputy scott zylstra had a driver pulled over but was interrupted.
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patrol car, a lady came to me pretty upset stating there was a distressed swimmer. / all kind of things are going through your mind. what are you going to do? you know, i was thinking, 'get there, take your boots off, take zylstra found a swimmer struggling to stay afloat. he used a buoy and rope, that he'd bought with his own money, to pull in the swimmer and another person trying to help. finally, this fall on orchard drive, deputy thomas smith got a call for a suicidal patient. "we were notified that the ambulance had arrived on-scene. the female saw the ambulance, jumped in her car, and took off at a high-rate of speed." smith found her here on orchard. she had crashed, had a seizure, and passed out. she wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse either. "i began cpr immediately. / in the process of chest compressions, i noticed that she was breathing. i checked again to make sure that her pulse was back, and it was." three heroic acts that earned the three their medals.
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is to continue doing what they do best. "it might not be a big change, and it might not be something that lasts forever, but to honestly help someone in need, to get them past that situation, that's the most rewarding." all three officers say that law enforcement officers everywhere do similar heroic acts everyday, whether they're recognized or not. looking ahead, presidential politics will play a significant role in this year's king day at the at this year's annual civil rights rally at the state house a group expected to appear at monday's observance will be bolstered by the three leading democratic candidates for president. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will attend. state naacp president dr. lonnie randolph says it's a logical move for anyone seeking black voters. "this is the place, we have the fifth largest percentage of african- americans in the country
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so any...person wanting to serve the country and serve all people--if they're smart they'll come by here." monday's king day activities start with a prayer service at zion baptist church at 8:30 in the morning. some people will be starting the celebration today by lacing up their shoes for the martin luther king celebration run and walk. the 5k started 8:30 at martin columbia's greene street. organizers ask that you bring items for their "honor the dream" food drive. a big bill is due for the boston marathon bomber. coming up, we've got details on the court ordered restitution for dzhokhar tsarnaev. looking like a line of showers will move through the midlands between 6a-11a on this is
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part of a complex low pressure system that will have most of the energy to our south. there could be enough cold air in place to have
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northern part of chester and york would be very brief at best. the system moves out quickly and we'll see sun by
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still to come on news 10 this morning. detail on how the panthers are gearing up for their showdown with the the carolina panthers are
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the first one was pretty good....they finished the regular season with a 15 and one in the n-f-l. their second they'll host the seattle seahawks in a playoff game. quarterback cam newton and his teammates looked very relaxed and loose today at practice.
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in the nfc goes a five percent raise. the plan has bipartisan support and is being led by republican senator john courson and democratic senator darrell jackson. the proposal covers employees at state agencies and colleges---and if approved would take effect july 1st. the pay raise would cost the state $75 million dollars. senator courson says the state
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budget surplus, the raise can be provided without a tax increase. the 33 thousand state employees have had pay raises in only two of the last seven years. governor nikki haley unveiled her executive budget friday. it comes in at nearly 7 and a half billion dollars - the largest budget ever proposed for the state. the budget for the 2016- 2017 fiscal year has five main themes of education, public finance, public safety, flood recovery and economic development. it also includes a reduction of the state's debt obligation- dropping about 100 million dollars from where it was the year before, and at the same time, doubling the state's available cash reserves. "we don't owe as much and we have more in savings as we need should something happen. after this past year, when you think you have to dip into your reserves.
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our reserves, the fact we were able to pay for the flood tragedy and everything else that we dealt with shows that south carolina is on good standing." and this proposed budget would do something that has not been done since the great recession: fully fund county and municipal governments. a somewhat controversial development in west columbia got a big endorsement friday. the greater cayce-west columbia chamber of commerce announced its support of the planned mixed-use development project known as "brookland." if built, it would include homes for purchase and for rent, cafes, restaurants, and green spaces. the project has drawn critics who fear problems with parking and traffic. the west columbia city council will take one final vote on rezoning the land for the development next wednesday. birthday board break 4 good saturday morning, thanks
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i'm allie spillyards. looking live over downtown
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. let's get a check of your first alert forecast. looking like a line of showers will move through the midlands between 6a-11a on sunday. this is part of a complex low pressure system that will have most of the energy to our south. there could be enough cold air in place to have a rain/snow mix in
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york would be very brief at best. the system moves out quickly and we'll see sun by early afternoon. the surviving boston marathon bomber must pay his victims more than 101
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that ruling came friday from a federal judge overseeing the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev . restitution payments to the 49 victims and their families must begin immediately. tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the april 20-13 attack that killed three people and wounded more than 40 others. aiken county is mourning the loss of a teenager killed in a hit and run crash. south carolina highway patrol arrested "ryan kelly" around one this morning. he's charged with leaving the scene of an accident. driving on hammond road in beech island ---when he hit fifteen year old errik giles
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katy solt from our raycom sister station in augusta spoke to neighbors that say they're still in shock. logan patterson/erikk giles' neighbor/"i saw the shoes, and i saw something in the side in the ditch. i thought it was just junk. i didn't actually know it was a body." logan patterson saw his neighbor---15 year old errik giles---just moments after he was hit and killed thursday night. logan patterson/erikk giles' neighbor/"finding out it was a body in general just freaked me out. but especially being someone that lives so close, and that being a kid, it just, it broke my heart." giles was a freshman at silver bluff high school---and he's the second silver bluff student killed in just 12 days. 15-year-old david crutchfield was hit and killed by a drunk driver on january third. as a silver bluff alum -- patterson says it's hard to wrap his head around the tragedy that's hit the town. logan patterson/erikk giles' neighbor/"it's just, like i said, devastating. you know, you just don't hear
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especially in these parts." a producer for a chicago tv station was killed while on vacation in belize according to police in the nation and the state department. 39 year old anne swaney, who served as the executive producer of online operations for abc7 chicago, was found dead after a day-long search in the central american country. she was last seen thursday morning when she went out to do yoga along the mopan river near the resort. a tour guide found her belongings along the river but no sign of her. her body was found friday morning, only partially clothed and floating in the she had bruises around her neck and head, and police believe she may have been sexually assaulted. back in chicago news of her death is playing across her news stations ticker feed and weighing on the hearts of staffers. "a lot of people are terribly broken up about this." butted to "she had the capacity to make everybody around her better, and
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those around her, she mentored people throughout her career." all guests and workers at the resort are being questioned, but local police say there are no known suspects at this time. this morning... rescuers are searching choppy waters where debris was sighted after two marine corps helicopters crashed. six crew members each were inside when it went down late thursday off the hawaiian island of oahu during a nighttime training mission. there's no word on the fate of those aboard or what caused the accident. officials are asking people to immediately report any sightings of possible debris. less than one week after the release of his controversial interview with a notorious mexican drug lord, actor sean penn is speaking out about it all for the first time. penn now says he has big regrets about what followed publication of the article. nbc's jacob rascon in mexico city. they met secretly in a mexican jungle
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decades the idea, actor sean penn tells cbs' charlie rose, was simple. penn: "i thought, this is somebody who - upon whose interview i could begin a conversation about the policy of the war on drugs." "el chapo's" sinaloa cartel is blamed for billions of dollars worth of drugs smuggled into the united states. but targeting drug lords, alone, is pointless. penn says. writing in rolling stone, "there is little dispute that the war on drugs has failed ..... as many as 27- thousand it's the conversation penn wanted - that nobody seems to be having. penn "i have terrible regrets i have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose." back in mexico, the prison
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eduardo guerrero has spent four months upgrading the country's federal prison system. 16;46;58;15 eduardo "hoy, tenemos cuatro mas --- jacob track: "today we have four times more cameras, sensors on the floor, 24-four hour guards, new drug and metal detectors and all high priority prisoners are moved between cells every day. standup outside prison: "you will see the federal police passing by there are so many of them, they are constantly circling the area." i'm convinced, the commissioner tells me, el chapo will not escape again -- as for penn, he tells cbs news.. the actor or the drug lord. jacob rascon, nbc news, almoloya de juarez mexico. the state has ordered more than 330 thousand dollars in restitution for food stamp fraud cases. attorney general alan wilson says this is restitution from 99 cases in the state and is the result of the first year of a partnership targeting abuse of the federal snap program. as many calm down from lottery
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claim their cash prizes...there's a scam alert out this morning. police are warning you to a new wave of lottery scammers hitting the area. according to a newly released better business bureau report, a caller is going around telling people that they've won a large amount of money. and in order to pick up that money their asking for an "insurance" or taxes on your winings before it will be sent. if you have received a suspicious call or have a question, you can call the sheriff's office or sc education lottery ---the number is listed on your screen. and the democrats are planning to be in columbia next week. "one day south carolina will be a better state. and why is this true? because mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord.glory!" soon it'll be king day in the capital city. presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will be in town for 'king day at the dome 2016'
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the event is held annually at the state house and is hosted by the naacp. looking ahead. the democratic presidential candidates will also be in town a for a debate this sunday. it will be held at the gaillard center in downtown charleston. the debate is sponsored by the congressional black caucus institute and is hosted by nbc news and will be streamed on youtube. wis will have a special decision 2016 show tonight at 7pm. we will have one-on-one interviews with several gop candidates and an overall look at the race for president ahead of the south carolina primary. lexington is also kicking off the new year by launching projects designed to cut down on traffic. the town installed new 'in sync' traffic signals at five intersections close to downtown. that includes where east main street meets church
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town officials say the new signals don't change based on a timer but rather how many cars are building up at the light. if the number of cars is over the average for a given time, the light will change automatically to reduce the congestion. lexington is aiming to have 35 intersections equipped with these lights by the end of next year. "we have crews out at night installing the soon as they get a complete intersection installed they'll plug it up. it'll start working with the five that we have current online and then go from there right on down the line." the town is also looking to create one way traffic patterns on lake drive and church street close to officials say studies show that should also cut down on the traffic. plus... the kissing disease is making the rounds. we're breaking down mononucleosis and its symptoms coming up. looking like a line of showers will move through the midlands between 6a-11a on sunday. this is part of a complex low
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have most of the energy to our south.
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enough cold apart of a complex low pressure system that will have most of the energy to our south. there could be enough cold air in place to have a rain/snow mix in northern part of chester and york would be very brief at best. the system moves out quickly and we'll see sun by
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strong winds, rain, and lighting swept through central florida, leaving a path
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wake. in lehigh florida several homes were hit by the storms, with fallen trees in yards, and damaged roof and fences. throughout the town debris were scattered throughout front and back yards. one homeowner even had her shed thrown into a neighbors tree by the winds, and crews worked to repair a church's blown-off roof. no injuries were reported, but the cleanup will continue through the weekend. a popular lip bomb is under fire after users blame it for severe rashes. we'll tell you the company involved and its response coming up.
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release of its poorly- received operating system. the company says all users should upgrade to windows eight-point-one, or windows ten. the end of support means the 50 million or so worldwide windows eight users will no longer get updates to block viruses and hackers. sears holding corporation says it's closing a number of stores across the country. a company spokesperson wouldn't say how many stores would be closing... but said it would only be "a very small percentage of our overall stores." most of the closures will be k-mart stores. the company has been trying to reduce the number of stores it owns as consumers do more of their shopping online. the maker of a popular lip balm is the subject of a class-action california lawsuit that claims it causes lips to crack and bleed.
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smooth, uses celebrity spokespeople like kim kardashian and jennifer lopez to promote its products. the company bills its products as all-natural, but there are ingredients derived from items the fda classifies as allergenic. eos said the lawsuit was without merit. general electric is selling its century old appliance business to china's haier group. last december, g-e pulled out of a similar deal to sell its appliance business to sweden's electrolux after months of opposition from u.s. department of justice antitrust regulators. if the 5-point-4 billion dollar deal is approved, haier will hold the right to use g-e branding on appliances for 40 years. and if you love chicken, k-f-c is whipping up some with a little more kick. it's "nashville hot chicken." k-f-c rolls out the new menu item monday. it pays homage to a popular local specialty in
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it's the fourth chicken flavor k-f-c has added to the menu in the chain's 86-year history. amazon is offering a huge discount for its prime membership this weekend. the subscription fee will drop from 99 to 73-dollars. the promotion starts tonight at nine-pacific time... and ends sunday at noon. only new customers can take advantage of the deal. amazon is celebrating the two golden globe wins for one of its original shows "mozart in the jungle." the first two seasons of the show will be free to anyone who wants to watch this weekend, even if you don't sign up for prime. a contagious virus that can be confused with the flu in its early stages is making the rounds. britney glaser explains the signs and symptoms... mononucleosis is oftentimes called the "kissing disease" because the virus is transmitted through saliva. brenda sonnier, a nurse practitioner, says mono can also be spread
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coughs, sneezes, or sharing utensils and dishes with an infected person. the symptoms are flu- like in the beginning. "it presents exactly like the flu. you have extreme fatigue, you have fever, you have body aches and most of the time it is diagnosed as the flu sonnier says mononucleosis usually is not serious, but it can last for weeks - even months. "be aware of it, especially in the winter months it seems to be more prevalent. i see it a lot in my teenagers and young adults." a diagnosis comes through a blood test. treatment is only symptomatic. "there is no treatment. you have to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and just get back to your normal routine. it's a virus, it's going to have to run its course." the infection is only contagious in the early stages. "you're contagious the first two to four weeks, that's when you have to not kiss anybody or drink after or
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the most common cause of mononucleosis is the epstein-barr virus, but other viruses can also be the culprit. most people who have infectious mononucleosis get it only once. rarely, though, symptoms may recur months or even years later. a nationwide health advisory out right now about what's called the zika virus. it's transmitted by mosquito bites, and can cause birth defects in pregnant women. the centers for disease control has issued a travel alert covering countries in central and south america, and the carribbean. it recommends special precautions for pregnant women or those trying to become postponing travel to those particular areas. fast food hasn't been known for organic fare, but one fast food chain is jumping in on the organic craze. come monday, chick-fil-a will launch its first organic item nationwide... honest kids' appley ever after
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customers who choose the drink as the kids' meal drink option will not pay an extra charge. still to come, more news. plus a final check of you weather with von gaskin, coming up. break 7 tonight- the koger center will serve as the stage for
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the elton john tribute show is a benefit for the nancy perry children's shelter in lexington county. the shelter has provided a home for abandoned or abused children since 1972. tickets for the concert are 25 dollars and the show starts at 7:30 tonight. we've put a link for tickets on
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if you're looking to remodel your home, you may be in luck! right now, the columbia home building and remodeling expo is taking place at the columbia convention center until 5 o'clock, so you still have time to get out there. the show features home building and remodeling exhibits. looking like a line of showers will move through the midlands between 6a-11a on sunday. this is part of a complex low pressure system that will have most of the energy to our south. there could be enough cold air in place to have a rain/snow mix in northern part of chester and york would be very brief at best. the system moves out quickly and we'll see sun by early afternoon. thanks for watching news 10 saturday morning. download the news 10 app to get
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have a great weekend.
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