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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 16, 2016 11:33pm-11:59pm EST

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now. >> al: again overtime rules, each team the possibility to process the ball. and the team receiving the kickoff, arizona, scores a touchdown. anything less, the ball will at least be taken by green bay for a possession. if they're tied after one possession each, the next score wins. unlike the regular season, game cannot end in a tie. in the regular season, each team gets two time-outs. but because this is like the
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you get three timeouts. so, crosby, to put the ball in the air. and nelson will take it and take a knee in the end zone. you talk about having cameras everywhere, when you have you seen this? we have a camera on the coin. and you heard him say it didn't flip. and it didn't flip. more than that. >> al: oh, man. >> cris: he couldn't do that if he tried it 100 times and not have it flip once. >> al: you can't. >> cris: really perceptive by aaron rodgers to immediately call for -- >> al: all of the packers did. matthews. >> cris: laughing by the end of it. >> al: and now, arizona from the 20 yard line. blitz comingng palmer extending the play. crosses the field. larry fitzgerald. fitzgerald, is going to take it into green bay territory.
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20. larry fitzgerald, it's insane. to the 4 yard line. one of the greatest postseason performers ever. his only postseason was one for the ages. what happens here? 75 yards, first and goal. >> cris: as great as it was by fitzgerald, it may be better by carson palmer. watch in. escapes, finds fitzgerald across the field, to set this entire thing up. and this was a huge tackle at the end. fitzgerald scores, it's over. great play by casey hayward to give them a chance. and what we've seen around the goal line from arizona, who knows? >> al: play y ock all the way down. and arizona has to take a time-out. took everybody through all of the excitement and having to go 75 yards to get down there. back to see what fitzgerald did
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>> cris: he's going to come all the way across the field because all of the scrambling was happening. and carson palmer, not known for his mobility, not in the least. and burnett could scramble around. and then, somehow find larry fitzgerald, runs into bobby massie. i've seen anything. >> al: oh, yeah. >> cris: i've seen everything. >> al: at seven catches for larry fitzgerald. 171 yards. first and goal from the 5. david johnson is the running back. fitzgerald, set to the right. he's going to go to fitz again. incomplete. that time, sam shields covering. second down and goal. >> cris: they are also flying the safety over the top. ha ha clinton-dix is flying over
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somebody has to get that in there to carson palmer. you have got to be really careful now. they're not going to let fitzgerald beat them on the goal line. >> al: brown, on the left side. much tighter formation out of the shotgun. brown is the motion man. and flip to fitzgerald. he scores. and the cardinals win an amazing game.
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ages. where do you begin to write the story of this one? >> cris: shovel pass, motion here, pulling in front. and simply up between. a very old-fashioned play. a very old-fashioned play caller, bruce arians, came up with, at the perfect time. and who better than larry fitzgerald, who simply took over this football game. carson palmer on the scramble. they lose larry fitzgerald. and here you go. i can't believe what i'm seeing
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al, come on. you've been doing thisis long time. you seen anything like it? >> al: this is -- as i said, this is one for the books here. in so many ways. there's so many plays. and it ends with number 11 going into the end zone. arizona moves on. green bay goes home. postgame next. we brought you here today to get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twentnttwo five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer. we're about to show you an incredibly low fare.
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welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here, now, bob costas. >> and here, now, the final score, just in case, unluckily for you, you just tuned in. 26-20, in overtime. a game that defies belief. defyies description. defies analysis, for that matter. arizona, now, will move on. and they will face the winner of tomorrow's game, between seattle and carolina. if it is carolina, then the cardinal gas to charlotte. if it is seattle, the seahawks will come here. the star of the game, this time, only one game ball. it will go to the great larry fitzgerald. he was targeted 12 times. he caught eight, for 176 yards. and the 75-yarder to set up the game-winning t.d. and he caught that one. 176 total yards. when it is his time to be enshrined at canton, the
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several plays from this game. and maybe it will include his conversation with michele tafoya. here they are. >> larry, another remarkable postseason performance. in overtime, let's talk about the first 75-yard play. what happened? >> it was an over route. and got a little pressure. over in the flat. and i tried to get to the end zone. that's an unbelievable job of the plays for us. our defense played lights-out today. and a great team effort. >> how did you guys overcome so many ups and downs and fight through some rough performances to pull this one off? >> we're a resilient team. a lot of guys thqt believe in each other. we work hard in practice every day. we believe. and coach instills that into us. keep on fighting next week. >> fighting next week. what's the mindset of this team, now that this one's in the books? >> glad to get this behind us. it was tough. that team was really good. you have to tip your hats to them. they did a great job today.
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>> congratulations, larry. >> i appreciate it. >> michele, thank you. larry, thank you. and we're almost finished from the desert. one more break, and then, al and cris, to somehow fry to wrap this one up. i'll be right back. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time.. and 2% back at the grocery store.
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mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's psonal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? welcome back t tthe volkswagen passat postgame report. >> let's go back to the end of the game in regulation.
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season, hail mary, jeff janis pulls it in. and that ties the game. and arizona wins the coin flip, which had to be flipped a second time. fitzgerald, the 75-reception. and the five-yard shovel pass. he caught 7 balls for 170 yards in the second half alone. he had one catch for six yard in the first half. cris, larry fitzgerald's father is a sportswriter. he can't comomup with a lead. where does he start tonight? >> you can't get enough of this stuff. we laugh sometimes. we're all so addicted to the national football league. but there is no reality television out there that can match the drama that we just saw. those men putting everything on the line. so many injuries. here we are with insanity. can you imagine if that had been reversed and green bay had
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>> six years ago, they met in the playoff game here. highest scoring postseason game in overtime, 51-45. what a rivalry this has become. >> we say thanks, very much, for the great showow >> we're done. to nantz and sims and buck and aikman, our buddies, good luck the rest of the way. arizona beats green bay. the final score, 26-20. "saturday night live" expect on the west coast, coming up. adam driver. and musical guest, chris stapleton. for our entire great crew, al michaels, cris collinsworth, and michele tafoya, saying good night from glendale, arizona. what a game. nbc sports thanks for you
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football league. just into our wis newsroom -- one of the 12 marines missing after their helicopter went down this week in hawaii, is from south carolina. 22-year-old sgt. jeffrey a. sempler is from woodruff in spartanburg county. the coast guard and marines have been searching since thursday when two helicopters each carrying six marines went down off oahu's north shore. the search is expected to last for several more days. we'll keep you updated with the very latest on air and online. again, of course, president obama meeting with my kids and with me, and reassuring
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this time that he would get my husband and other americans out, that i'd have to be a little more patient today iran released five american prisoners, including a washington post reporter, just hours before the u-s government lifted sanctions against iran as part of the nuclear deal. iranian officials had agreed to curbs its nuclear program and secretary of state john kerry says the nation is complying. nbc's richard engel reports on a dramatic day of developments. the breakthrough was announced here in vienna, and diplomats here are calling this implementation day. the day the iran deal came into effect, the day iran was welcomed back to international markets. it seemed like a sweetener in a nuclear deal worth billions to iran. and for five americans, it was sweet indeed: they were finally freed. "we've received confirmation that five americans that had been unjustly detained in iran have been released from custody." among those released:
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held over 4 long years, accused of aiding a hostile country. saeed abedini, a christian pastor, jailed for over 3 years. "it seems like a dream. it's something we've been hoping for and praying for." jason rezaian, the washington post's tehran-based correspondent, accused of working to undermine the regime, held often in solitary confinement for a year and a half. "it's spectacular news, we're so happy - can't wait to see him." the washington post in a statement said "we couldn't be happier to hear the news." matt trevithick - a student held for 40 days - was also released. in exchange: the us agreed to drop charges against seven iranians imprisoned in the united states. while the prisoner swap is technically unrelated to the nuclear deal, critics had denounced washington for signing any agreement while tehran held americans. and hours after the swap was announced, the nuclear deal, over two years in the making, did move ahead. "iran has carried out all necessary measures under the agreement." at least 2 americans are still
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missing in iran. the americans who were released today are expected to eventually make their way to germany for medical checkups before heading home. richard engel, nbc news, vienna. southwest winds will give us a much warmer day for saturday, morning clouds will turn to midday sun, highs in the middle 60s. however, by evening skies will begin to become cloudy as the next system moves into the southeast from the gulf. sunday will see considerable morning clouds and a few spotty showers before skies clear during the afternoon, breezy and cooler, highs in the middle 50s. much colder air builds in for much of next week. monday wednesday will see sunny chilly days and clear cold nights.
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40s.lows in the lower to middle 20s. columbia police are investigating a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. officers say a man was walking along garners ferry road near i-77, just before 6 o'clock last night when he was hit by two cars. he died as a result of his investigation. sled is investigating south carolina's first officer involved shooting of the year. early this morning -- investitators say orangeburg county deputies responded to a disturbance at the 'coasters
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number six highway in santee. someone shot at a deputy who returned fire. the officer was not hurt and has been placed on administrative leave. no word on the condition of the suspect. the investigation is ongoing. a former upstate police officer is behind bars. robert shaw has been charged with misconduct in office in connection with an arrest in november of last year. if convicted -- shaw could serve up to 10 years in prison. ahead of tomorrow's democratic presidential debate in charleston, one candidate was courting voters in the midlands today. former maryland governor martin o'malley stopped by benedict college in columbia for a town hall. in his remarks he promised to take action for better wages for working americans -- and continue services for inmate support programs. the latest polls still show o'malley as a distant third trailing behind bernie sanders and hillary clinton. but o'malley says he's hoping for an upset at the
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"rarely has the presidential race on caucus night looked like what the polls said ahead of time so we've been campaigning hard in iowa...i've been to a lot of counties in race that allows us to win the nomination." following tomorrow's debaa o'malley is scheduled to attend king day at the dome in columbia on monday. tomorrow night you can watch the democratic debate right here on wis. the debate will be held in charleston. coverage starts at 8 o'clock. the debate begins at 9. republican front-runner donald trump back in the palmetto state, delivering the keynote address at myrtle beach's tea party coalition convention. the convention has significant meaning for trump - where he first entertained the idea of running for president last year. wis' will whitson reports. presidentiaiacandidate
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records with the groups!" the convention center at springmaid resort in myrtle beach is smaller than the massive auditoriums and gymnasiums trump is used to- just a few miles down the road, addressed a crowd of over 10 thousand in 2015- but springmaid is where, a yeye ago- trump plane - on his private jet, trump explained why he didn't like the current field- presidential candidate 1/19/15 "i was right in 2012, i said i didn't see a strong candidate, we had mitt romney, we went with mitt romney, he failed. now he wants to run again? that was the worst signal! the last thing this country needs is another bush. we've had it with the bushes." months later, trump entered the candidate field. with controversial comments on immigration- and cheers and jeers have followed him ever since. the donald returned to the tea party convention to a aring crowd, and he e uck to his talking points- presidential candidate "we're going to have a big, gorgeous beautiful wall and they're going to name it trump someday." -and vented frustration to the heavily anti- establishment tea party about current establishment republicans. "obama is the worst negotiator i've ever seen, except when he negotiates with republicans. potshots at ted cruz regarding a one million dollar donation from
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"you have to do well- excuse me. excuse me. he didn't report his bank loans. he didn't report his bank loans. say whatever you want. audience, about a third of the crowd neither stood nor cheered as he left. ww, back to you. meanwhile, former arkansas governor, mike huckabee will help lead worship and preach at trinity baptist church in cayce tomorrow morning. huckabee will play with the church choir and praise band duriri the service's first song. a meet and greet will be held after service, at 11 a-m. looking ahead -- gop presidential hopeful dr. ben carson will be in the midlands on monday. carson will join attorney general alan wilson for a forum in west columbia at the brookland baptist banquet and
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the south carolina republican presidential primary will be held february 20th. the democratic primary is the following week... on feburary 27th. voters must register by january 27th in order to cast a ballolo coming up -- south carolina honors dr. martin luther king jr. plus -- meteorologist von gaskin has your full weekend forecast. stay with us. southwest winds will give us a much warmer day for saturday, morning clouds will


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