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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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up to .50" of ice may form on trees and other elevated surfaces in chester, lancaster & chesterfield counties. up to .25" of ice could form on elevated surfaces across newberry, fairfield and kershaw counties. rain will become mixed with sleet/snow friday night saturday morning with a dusting to 1" accumulation possible. 1" to 2" totals could accumulate in northern newberry/chester counties. chance of seeing possible icing due to freezing rain falling for
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mid- morning friday, then again friday night. up to .50" of ice may form on trees and other elevated surfaces in chester, lancaster & chesterfield counties. up to .25" of ice could form on elevated surfaces across newberry, fairfield and kershaw counties. rain will become mixed with sleet/snow friday night saturday morning with a dusting to 1" accumulation possible. 1" to 2" totals could accumulate in northern newberry/chester counties. preparations are well underway in the counties north of columbia. in newberry county, deputies
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monitoring the roads and power lines for ice overnight. our chad mills joins us live from downtown whitmire. right now, newberry is under-- so far, we've had some rain, but it's not near cold enough to worry about ice or snow for now. but some who lives in whitmire "my mama always told us that when we were little, you know. you can always eat a bowl of cereal with milk, and you can make a sandwich with bread and just sit on the couch and, you know, watch the tv or just enjoy family time." the owner of the modern beauty salon in whitmire
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too. sherri epps "as far as my salon, i'm going to be very careful. i'm going to, you know, and see, you know, how the snow is going to accumulate during the bad weather, and contact my clients ahead of time, so they do not come out, because i don't want to put anybody's life in danger trying to travel to get to the salon." epps expects whitmire, located on the northern end of newberry county, will get some snow and maybe some ice. sheriff lee foster says that could be a possibility in other parts of the county too. sheriff lee foster "our concern in newberry county in this part of the midlands is where the freeze line is. it's just north of us. newberry county's always right on that line when you have events like this." with the county facing the threat of possible ice and snow, foster getting prepared too. sheriff lee foster "we will have all our four wheel drive vehicles available and ready to roll in case we have to rescue people or take somebody to the hospital that is in dire need / when you live in a
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to you." after a warm winter so far, foster hopes the roads won't ice over. he's more worried about trtrs weighed down by ice tumbling over, since the ground is still saturated from lots of rain. that could mean power outages too. back at the salon, epps' is hoping it won't come to that. i've also been talking to d-o-t engineers tonight. here in newberry they'll start operating on a 12- hour shift tomorrow morning. in kershaw and lee counties, i'm told an overnight crew will be starting work in just about an hour. one engineer tells me one of his
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could be water seeping onto roads from the already very saturated ground. water is unique, because it expands as it freezes. d-o-t says that problem could potentially affect roads surrounded on both sides by higher ground or hills. live in whitmire, chad mills, wis news 10. officials in kershaw county say they're working to stay one step ahead. officials say public works crews have been meeting regularly with the d-o-t to go over plans for treating roads. county responders say their number one concern with this system is the chance for freezing rain. they say that's why they're encouraging people to stay off roads unless needed and have enough supplies with you at home.
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decision on whether schools will be open by early tomorrow morning. communities up and down the east coast are preparing for a possible hard hit from the winter storm. about 75 million people are in it's path--including nearly 30 million under blizzard watches or warnings. and as chris frates reports, some are wondering if officials can handle such a storm. --reporter pkg-as follows-- washington "we are very sorry for inadequate response." washington d-c's mayor is under fire, after just over an inch of snow wednesday night crippled the area. making some wonder if the city is ready for the big blizzard d eading its way. washington
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provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference in last evening's commute. we should have been out earlier with more resources." as the snow began to stick, untreated roads quickly turned to ice ... leaving people stuck behind the wheel for hours... "it was pretty rough driving home. and it took a while ... it took him an hour to get four miles." some drivers abandoned their cars to flee the weather. pedestrians weren't spared from the hellish conditions either ... didn't fare much better ... slipping and sliding on snow- glazed streets... "it's a reminder of how much the going to miss having access to marine one a year from now." around the nation's capital, heaters, shovels and sleds were flying off the shelves. grocery stores are being cleaned out as people begin to prepare. maryland "take action now and prepare, strikes. make sure you have food and supplies at home, not just to last for the weekend, but enough to last up to an cities up and down the east coast are scrambling....
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plows to prepare for what some are calling a storm of historic proportions. governors were declaring states of emergency to free up more resources. virginia and north carolina deploying the national guard. north carolina "i have activated the state operation emergency center. we have declared a state of emergency, allowing me to deploy the central assets of storm response." new york city isn't taking any chances.issuing a hazardous travel advisory for the city. while back in the nation's capital many are hoping that the big snow show..goes better than the rehearsal in charlotte--several airlines are cancelling hundreds of flights tomorrow at charlotte- douglas international airport. many flights tonight were also cancelled. airport officials say they will be working around the clock to de-ice the runways for operations to get back to normal as soon as possible.
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offering travel waivers to passengers who were scheduled to fly this weekend can change their flights to another time without being charged for it. meanwhile, at columbia metropolitan airport, things are mostly on time. at last check, there were no cancellations, but several delays going out of columbia. airport officials say in order to avoid major travel headaches you should plan ahead for possible changes, and stay in contact with your airline to get the latest information about possible flight changes. anytime there is a disruption in the service, it's frustrating for folks and we always encourage people to be patient. be patient with each other. be patient with the gate agents. they're always doing their best to try and rebook and accommodate passengers. so, the first and best line of defense again is following up with your airline, and then as we like to say pack your patience." officials encourage you to download your airline's mobile app and keep phone numbers close. if you have flexible travel
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to check to see if you're eligible to get a travel waiver so you can change your flight. up next on wis news 10 at 11: the policeman who shot and and on the campaign trail--victory in the first contest of the 2016 election could boil down to ground game. an grand jury in georgia has
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year outside a suburban atlanta apartment complex. officer robert olsen faces felony murder charges for the death of anthony hill. olsen shot hill last march while responding to a call of a naked man behaving erratically outside the apartment. in october, an earlier grand jury found there were inconsistencies and contradictions in the evidence and recommended prosecutors investigate. a mexican man accused of killing his wife in west columbia is now locked up near atlanta, nearly six
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ice reports that gerardo rodriguez villarreal was arrested in norcross georgia yesterday.. a murder warrant says rodriguez forced his way into the home of his estranged wife's sister in west columbia in april of 2010. he's accused of hitting his wife several times in the head with a handgun then stabbing her multiple times. federal authorities say villarreal is in the country illegally. 12 marines who have been missing since last week are now presumed dead. the marine corps says the status of the missing marines changed after five days of searching for them. they went missing after two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. one has been identified as a native of the upstate. officials were alerted when the two helicopters did not return to their base after a midnight training mission. hours later coast guard helicopters spotted debris about 2 miles off of oahu. on the campaign trail, a new cnn-orc poll shows donald trump with a double-digit
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iowa...with just a week left before the caucuses. but it looks like a victory over his closest rival--could depend almost entirely on turnout. we get more from sunlen serfaty. --reporter pkg-as follows-- presidential candidate "i want to win iowa, folks, because look, i love the people." donald trump's dream -- looking more and more like it could become reality. the g-o-p frontrunner opening up an 11-point lead over ted cruz in a new c-n-n-o-r-c poll of likely iowa caucus- goers. but. a significant reshuffling when only those who caucused in 2012 are polled.trump's lead disappears . and the race is in a dead heat. showing how critical it is for campaigns to turn out their supporters. the battle ..between the two up the campaign trail today. presidential candidate "guys like ted cruz will never make a deal because he's a strident guy, "no you cannot have that!""
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presidential candidate "here's a united states senator, republican, doesn't have support of one other republican senator, there's something wrong there." cruz today ...combat ready... .....receiving a light saber in new hampshire attack.lumping trump in with establishment republicans. presidential candidate "we are seeing the washington establishment abandoning marco rubio. i think they've made the determination that marco can't win. rushing to support donald trump." trump responding right back today. presidential candidate "he's trying to paint me as part of the establishment. there's a point at which let's get to be a little establishment, we gotta get things done." cruz now also arguing that trump is all talk and no action. on issue after issue, from health care to immigration reform...labeling trump absent from past fights. presidential candidate "and missing from the entire battle was donald trump. if he cared about this issue so much, where was he when the fight was on the verge of being million people here illegally."
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under attack from establishment republicans. in the last 48 hours alone. take downs from iowa's republican governor.. ...former iowa senator chuck grassley. .and former republican presidential nominee bob dole. warning of quote "cataclysmic" and "wholesale losses" for the g-o-p if cruz prevails. a piling on..that is being celebrated by cruz - as proof of his own outsider status presidential candidate "what bob dole is effectively saying and the establishment is saying is the one guy that scares the heck out of us is cruz." that's sunlen serfaty reporting. a new super pac is spending about 45 thousand dollars to send negative mailers about donald trump to potential iowa voters. columbia city leaders were among hundreds of mayors from across the country invited to the white house today. president obama spoke to the u.s. conference of mayors in the east room, recognizing them for their service. mayor steve benjamin and columbia police chief skip were in attendance to discuss the president's task force for policing
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the task force aims to help departments implement best practices for crime reduction and improve relationships with the community. "i think that we have seen our cities take leadership and we have seen transformations of communities across this country... and when cities are strong, the states that they're in are strong. and when cities are strong, america's strong." the columbia police department says it will continue to collaborate with city officials, the department's citizen advisory council, and the community to successfully implement the president's plan. coming up, we're continuing to follow a major winter system that's got
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tonight friday: periods of
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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times. the northern midlands has the best chance of seeing possible icing
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falling for several hours overnight through mid- morning friday, then again friday night. up to .50" of ice may form on trees and other elevated surfaces in chester, lancaster & chesterfield counties. up to .25" of ice could form on elevated surfaces across newberry, fairfield and kershaw counties. rain will become mixed with sleet/snow friday night saturday morning with a dusting to 1" accumulation possible. 1" to 2" totals could accumulate in northern newberry/chester
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the carolina panthers are hoping to make it to the super bowl for the second
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road trip to auburn. the second ranked carolina ladies are 18 and oh after delivering a knockout blow to the tigers in the first half. the gamecocks opened the game with a 12 to two spurt....then auburn had a 13-oh run...... then usc breaks it open for good....tina roy for three...she finishes with 12 points.... tiffany mitchell's jumper gives usc a five point's now a ten-nothing run...13 points for mitchell .... alaina coates has a double-double...17 points, ten's 27 to 20. a'ja wilson rebounds the missed free throw and puts it in...11 points and six x ards for wilson.....carolina closes the half with an 18-nothing run to lead by 13 at the break..... the gamecocks steadily pull away in the second half..... usc wins it 74 to 58. they'll be back on the road sunday when they play at
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the nfl playoffs are down to the final england and denver are left in the afc.....while the panthers will host arizona sunday for the nfc championship. here's the trophy that will go to either the panthers or the cardinals following the's the george halas nfc championship trophy. this is the first time the cats will host the conference title game. they've made it this far twice before. a victory sunday will send the panthers to the super bowl for the second time in team history. it's only four team left....usually the butter's spread out a little bit thinner. bercause of other teams..but now you've got two games left...all the attention is going to be on those two games. just imagine if we're lucky enough to be in the super bowl..just one game left. as big as this game can't make it bigger than it is.this is a regular season game in my's win or go home..there's a ton of implications behind it..but i'm not studying extra film or taking extra reps at practice or we're not doing any extra player meetings. we've got a pretty good recipie that wins games..we've been doing it for a long time
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