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tv   WIS News 10 at 600 Sunday  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm meaghan norman. the carolina panthers are just one win away from the super bowl. but first, they have to beat the arizona cardinals in tonight's nfc championship game. raycom's alex giles is outside the stadium with excitement from the panthers' faithful fans. sports director rick henry is live -- braving the cold at bank of america stadium with all the hype ahead of the big game. rick. thanks rick! raycom's alex giles is outside the stadium with more excitement the nfc championship game is show down. alex: hours before the big game and the panthers faithful are the snow starting to melt away and sunshine out for the before the battle. a sign reads one bird down. 1 bird to go. last week the panthers took down the seattle seahawks. "very excited. i'm so beyond amazed that we made it this far." "it's been really fun to see the team really do well this year. we've been patient so i'm
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when the super bowl this year. california. kickoff scheduled for 6:40. reporting at bank of america staduim in charlotte alex giles for the raycom news network. stay with wis -- we'll have a full post-game wrap on the news at 11. the big blizzard of 2016 has now become the big dig-out as millions try to recover from the monster
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highway crews are trying to get roads open...while some airports remain closed. nbc's jennifer johnson has our story from washington. the sounds of the dig- out from the monster blizzard begins. blue skies and quiet winds -- a welcome change from the white-out that paralyzed millions. "it's not that really heavy it's not that bad cleaning up." it will be days before life gets back to normal....tractor trailer trucks and hundreds of cars need to be removed froro highways from pennsylvania to kentucky....hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. maryland :26-:33 "there's a great amount of work to be done...conduct damage assessments...and recovery from an event of this severity." new york's airports are open but
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remama closed... rail service along the east coast is limited. coastal flooding is improving. governors are still urging people to stay off the roads. new york :47-:53 "the travel ban has been lifted...that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights." in virginia...a buried fire hydrant hampered efforts to save this house. heavy snow is collapsing roofs--this church in pennsylvania...and the washington redskin's training facility. but sunshine has led to celebration.....a friendly snowball fight in washington's dupont circle...sledding around the u.s. capital. a paralyzed east coast is finally moving again. audio outcue: jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. "hundreds of schools have already cancelled classes monday....while congress has cancelled votes tuesday and wednesday...postponing any action until february 1st. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington." if you haven't, you should download the wis weather app to stay on top of the weather wherever you are. it's free; just search wis in
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standard data rates may apply. stay with us -- meteorologist von gaskin has your work week forecast after the break. plus -- one suspect is still on theheun after barbershop customers fend of armed robbers in columbia. a coastal carolina university
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natur in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to knowow
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is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. a win tonight means they're headed to the super bowl. sports director rick henry is live -- braving the cold at bank of america stadium with all the hype ahead of the big game.
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the heat and energy coming from bank of america stadium tonight...should be hot enough to melt the remaining snow left on the ground here in the queen city. when we arrived at the stadium today more than three and a half hours before were milling around and showing us their dabbing know...dab on em...just like cam newton. rick: even when you're not at games do you dab? fans: yes! all the time. when i'm at school. when i brush my teeth. fan: dabbing. the dance? no. no. no. you do the dab and i'll do the peanut butter and jelly like john brown. rick: how many times do you think you'll dab ok you got it. you ready? my son bryan has been living up here in charlotte now and he's and you know what this championship belt. is it the same championship game this is the nfc official championship belt. to play the man you got to beat the man. a coastal carolina university
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natural causes after being found
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yesterday. the horry county deputy coroner says brandon scott had a heart condition. scott was a junior art studio major from north charleston. one suspect in a columbia armed robbery is dead and another is on the run. friday night -- columbia police responded to shots fired at the 'next up barber and beauty shop' on fort jackson boulevard. witnesses say -- two armed suspects wearing masks came in demanding money. people in the barbershop fired at the suspects - killing one. police have confirmed one of the suspect's weapons was stolen from a columbia home back in 2012. the other suspect. if you have information that can help investigators call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. one man is in jail after leading deputies on a chase in northeast columbia. last night -- richland county deputies responded to an aggravated
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camrose court. deputies say arkeem breeland fired shots at them before running into the woods. he was caught and is now facing attempted murder and weapons charges. two teenars are recovering after being shot early this morning. it happened at a party on foxhunt road in northeast columbia. investigators say the victims were shot multiple times after being approached by several people. the victims have non-life threatening injuries. if you know anything about this shooting, call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc.
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that is orangeburg county sheriff leroy ravenell and his wife angela dancing to 'jailhouse rock.' they won 'most entertaining' in the first 'dancing with the orangeburg stars.' the fundraiser supports local schools and was hosted by the orangeburg consolidated district mary king and len kiese were judges. some of the other winners of the
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choice.' still ahead -- a local business for the first time in history -- mother emanuel a-m-e has a female pastor. reverend dr.
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church's pastor in a handover ceremony this morning. she was pastor of mount pisgah ame church in sumter. reverend norvel goff who was interim pastor of mother emanuel, will now run for bishop. nine worshippers were shot and killed at emanuel ame last summer.
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to get back on track following the epic floods in october. that includes a lawn care company in columbia --- washed out by high waters. now, the owners of lawn doctor of columbia say they've suffered yet another setback. wis' mike desumma is live in our newsroom with the story. mike. meaghan, the owners say that setback came at the hands of thieves. dave bussert and his son zack co-own lawn doctor of columbia. thursday night they say one of their trailers was parked outside of their offices on sunbelt court. when they came back to the industrial park there the next day --- the trailer was gone. adding insult to injury -- the brusserts they poured more than four thousand dollars into refurbishing the trailer -- after it was damaged by last fall's floodwaters. their business was just one that got flooded out when a pond overflowed near the industrial park. they lost several pickup trucks valued at more than 100-thousand dollars. the father and son say this recent theft is the latest blow. "it's an up and down thing and we've gone through a lot but we've learned a lot..about all zack and i can do is hug each other and say
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okay." "we talked to our neighbor after the trailer got stolen and he told us a similar thing happened to him. in." the richland county sheriff's department is looking into this case. meawhile the busserts are in the process of getting a new trailer. they say they're just glad this happened during the winter when their company workload is smaller. anyone with any information to help investigators solve this case, is asked to call crime stoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc. in the newsroom, mike desumma, wis news 10. coming up in sports... we preview tonight's nfc championship game. another live report from the queen city with sports director rick henry. sports is next.
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the panthers and cardinals set15 minutes in the nfc championship game... in the queen city. the winner advances to the super bowl. sports director rick henry... stepping away from his front row seat at bank of america stadium... to help preview this great match up for us. rick... this should be an amazing battle tonight between the cats and cards. there will ceceainly be an electric atmosphere inside bank of america stadium. the panthers have hosted some big games in their history....but this is the first time the cats will play for the nfc championship on their home field. the panthers have played in three nfc title games...all on the road....going one and two. this will be the first nfc championship game for panthers quarterback cam newton and many of his teammates. cam has attained many milestones on the gridiron...inclcling winning the heisman trophy and a national championship during his days playing for auburn. tonight he can accomplish another goal...leading his team to the super bowl. he
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teammates, the fans ...and especially for owner jerry richardson...who brought the nfl to the carolinas. newton: "just keeping a promise to mr. richardson and our relationship. for us to kind of be at this point it's just like we imagined a 'x' amount of newton: "just keeping a promise to mr. richardson and our relationship. for us to kind of be at this point it's just like we imagined a 'x' amount of years ago. for him to be as respected as he still a great man... and still see great things happen to him. it's not just as a team... we're going to need everybody rolling on all cylinders." the panthers are a slight favorite to beat the cardinals and advance to the super bowl
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history. if they reach football's biggest game...they'll be looking to claim their first vince lombardi trophy. we'll have highlights and postgame reaction for you tonight at 11. rick henry...wis news ten sports. thank you rick. the winner of tonight's game plays... the in the super bowl. from the grid-iron the hardwood... second ranked usc's currently in the middle of a top 10 battle in starkville. gamecocks at mississippi state today. currently.... yesterday on the road... the 24th ranked usc men... dropped its second game of the season. the gamecocks fell at tennessee 78-69. the vols kevin punter torched carolina... dropping 27 of his career-high 36 points in the final 20 minutes.
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saturday's loss... michael carrera. he played with stiches on his chin after falling face first onto the floor going for a loose ball. all he did was lead usc with 22 points and eight rebounds. head coach frank martin appreciated his effort and grit. unfortunately... carolina failed to take advantage of carrera's good game. martin: "their guards just completely destroyed our guards. on defense we couldn't guard them. we couldn't keep them out of the paint. we're lucky they missed some shots in the first half. michael's playing with stiches on his chin, a bloody nose, and and getting to the f ful line. nobody else wouldld we'll be right back, but first, here's what's coming
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coming up tonight on nbc nightly news -- the latest on this blizzard that paralyzed the east coast. as many are digging out today as millions more try to figure out when they will actually get home. we'll also show you how one country is actually turning into a cashless society. what's it like to only use cards determination and grit. along with some of the nations most well know hiking trails. one final check of your forecast
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next presidenen needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve
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especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. on this sunday night, the big dig out. cleaning up after the massive, deadly storm that dumped record-breaking amounts of snow, landed people out of their homes and left millions stranded. tonight, our in-depth coverage of the blizzard that paralyzed the east coast and left its mark on history. final push. the candidates runningng hard in iowa, just
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first votes for
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