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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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our mike desumma is in downtown columbia with some passionate panthers fan --- and joe gorchow is here with game highlights. joe -- the panthers showed up for this title fight... and delivered.... meaghan... in a big way. panthers set the tone in the very first quarter... by pouncing on visiting arizona. carolina's dominating performance... sends them to the super bowl for just the second time in franchise history. let's take a look at a couple of the big plays from tonight's win. === leading 10-0 in the first... cam newton given time to step into this rocket pass. launches it to corey brown... he speeds past the lone defender in the area... say goodbye... 86 yards to endzone. touchdown panthers. === second half... newton delivers the dagger... good blocking paves the runway for superman to fly... he soars in for the score. newton with four total touchdowns in
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the celebration is still going on in the queen city.... and that's where we find sports director rick henry... live outside bank of america stadium... where the panthers thrashing of the cardinals took place. rick. roll cue: unfinished business fans throughout the carolinas
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mike desumma is live with some fans who watched the game at hickory tavern in the vista. two men wanted for an armed robbery in
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reverend dr. betty deas clark has been named the church's pastor. she was pastor of mount pisgah ame church in sumter. rev. deas clark was officially named this morning in a handover ceremony. "i felt the love. i felt a sense of welcoming. i felt a sense of inclusion and jubilation. i really did. keep on praying don't stop. and in being here as the first female pastor of this questions of society." "we want to tell you that we love you and you're stuck with us and you can do anything about it. put your hands together. i think it went extremely well and most certainly bishop norris made an
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reverend betty deas clark. one who has experience and most certainly we welcome her into this church we call mother emanuel." "god use me- god be with me. please don't leave me." "and so i agonized over and i had several rewrites and you know i edited several times. i think i got some ink on my hand. but hey thank god i made it through the first day." reverend norvel goff who was interim pastor of mother emanuel, will now run for bishop. nine worshippers were shot and killed at emanuel ame last
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one suspect in a columbia armed robbery is dead and another is on the run. friday night -- columbia police responded to shots fired at the 'next up barber and beauty shop' on fort jackson boulevard. witnesses say -- two armed suspects wearing masks came in demanding money. people in the barbershop fired at the suspects - killing one. police have confirmed one of the suspect's weapons was stolen from a columbia home back in 2012. investigators are looking for the other suspect.
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help investigators call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. one man is in jail after leading deputies on a chase in northeast columbia. last night -- richland county deputies responded to an aggravated assault call on camrose court. deputies say arkeem breeland fired shots at them before running into the woods. he was caught and is now facing and weapons charges. two teenagers are recovering after being shot early this morning. it happened at a party on foxhunt road in northeast columbia. investigators say the victims were shot multiple times after being approached by several people. the victims have non-life threatening injuries. if you know anything about this shooting, call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc. von gaskin has your first alert forecast after the break. coming up in sports...
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dominate the weather today, expect dry conditions and highs in the upper 40s. warmer weather is expected
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ridge of high pressure shifts to the east and the wind flow shifts to the south and southwest, highs will settle in the middle 50s. coming up in sports... the usc women grind out a tough win in a top 10
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plus... the panthers are headed to the super bowl. highlights... and a live post game report from charlotte... next in sports. the panthers crowned as
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championship game in charlotte... to punch the franchise's second ever trip to the super bowl. here's how super man... cam newton and the panthers delivered at home. === first quarter... leading 3-0... newton pitches it to tedd ginn jr for the reverse... he slips by one defender... and finds an open lane to the endzone. 22 yards to the house.
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newton with plenty of time in the pocket and launches a dime to corey brown in stride. and brown escapes a would be tackle. cold weather freezing the cardinals up... 49 yards to the land of celebration 17-0 panthers. === late second quarter... panthers up 24-7... carson palmer trying to arizona back in it... instead... he makes a big mistake... he made plenty of them tonight. his pass right into waiting arms of kurt coleman. one of four interceptions thrown by palmer. === second half... panthers put this thing away. newton on the designed run... follows his entourage and soars into the air... like only superman can. someone grab that man a cape! touchdown carolina. === late fourth quarter... palmer just take knee... oh well... luke kuechly thank you sir... pick six.... time to get the party started. panthers beat the cardinals 49-to-15 to win the nfc championship. the celebration is on in charlotte tonight at
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that's where we find sports director rick henry. rick... what a game... what a night for carolina as they punch a ticket to the super bowl. so who will the panthers play in the super bowl...
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super bowl... denver battled new england in the afc championship game. === pick it up 17 seconds left... fourth and goal... pats down eight... tom brady connects with connects with rob gronkowski. for six. === two point conversion attempt for the tie... brady's pass tipped and intercepted. and denver holds on to knock off new england 20-to 18. so it will be carolina and denver... playing in this year's super bowl. football may have stolen the spotlight today... however... on the hardwood...
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time top 10 showdown. second ranked carolina... on the road at 10th ranked mississippi state. the gamecocks winners of six straight over the bulldogs. === will the streak live on... first quarter tiffany mitchell in attack mode. right to the bucket... for the lay in. 7-4 carolina. === bulldogs making it difficult on usc in starkville. victoria vivians... with the nice steal... watch the dribbling skills... from off the deck... to around the back... and sinks the jumper. girl has game. === so does tina roy... 1.9 seconds left in the first half... take her shot to the bank. the triple puts usc ahead 22-20 at the break. === second half... vivians still charging... right thru the teeth of the gamecocks defense... to the tin. she finishes with a team high 19 points. === three minutes left to play... carolina up four... mitchell catches the bulldogs napping... strolls in for two of her game high 21 points. gamecocks win... 57-51 to improve to 19-0 on the season. afterwards... all the talk...
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one final check of your forecast
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i've been designing
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