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please don't kill me, i have children here and you can take the money out my coat over there." harris and investigators say that's when the customer opened fire striking the victim. "he got the shots out and set everything in motion and then the other barbers that was here was loaded with a pistol and started chasing him out the back door. harris says the suspect ran out of this backdoor, he says he and a few other co workers chased him, holding him down until the police came. "seeing the boy laying on the ground saying don't let me die but it wasn't nothing we could do. he chose his destiny." police say the wounded suspect was taken to the hospital where he was later died. the second suspect, shown in the video fled the scene. police are still looking for him. "if anybody know who did it, say something, get it resolved so he can't do it to somebody else." cpd says both of the victims who shot at the suspects had valid concealed weapon permits. the identity of the deceased
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yet been released. if you have any information about this case, call crimestoppers at 1-triple 8- crime-sc. a murder suspect from texas is dead after a shootout with law enforcement this afternoon in columbia. our wis team is on the scene. we start tonight with senior reporter jack kuenzie. this unfolded with an exchange of gunfire between members of a fugitive task force that included the u-s marshal's service, sled and the columbia police department. the officers were trying to serve a warrant on a houston texas man wanted for murder. the confrontation happened in a parking lot of the byron road apartments
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hospital just off veterans road. officers say the suspect---his name still not formally released as of the past hour---opened fire on them and they returned the gunshots, hitting the man several times. he was pronounced dead early this afternoon. none of the officers was hurt. a police spokeswoman says they knew they were dealing with a dangerous man. with the propensity for violence, considering that they were attempting to arrest a murder suspect that's safe to say that it would have been an armed and dangerous individual however, these officers assigned to the task force are highly trained. this is an elite task force so officers on scene here at the time of the incident. crime scene investigators collected evidence for hours and are now clearing the scene. police tell us the suspect was
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suv, which appeared to have been hit at least eight times based on the number of holes in the windshield. we counted markers apparently for the location of casings----there were at least 13---some of them possibly from the suspect's gun. again, none of the officers was hit. the investigation being led by the sheriff's department which has a member assigned to the task force but did not have an officer at the apartments at the time of the shooting. live at the byron road apartments in columbia, jack kuenzie.... people in the area who say they heard the shootout stayed inside for much of the afternoon. sam bleiweis joins us with more
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people i spoke with out here say they heard multiple gunshots but they didn't even think they were gunshots because of how rare something like this is in this area. show you some video of what this looked like shortly before 1 this afternoon. this apartment complex is right next to the dorn va center. right around the corner is meadow field elementary school and down the street from the hammond school. police say generally this is a pretty safe area minus the occasional incident. woodhill family dentistry is right on the periphery of where this was roped off earlier. employees there tell me the last time they remember seeing police presence like this was a couple years ago across the street on the other side for a similar case. here's what one employee says she heard: take a listen "shannon and i heard two of them and it sounded kind of like the trash pick up people and then i walked just didn't sound right and i heard four more and when i came out i saw two people. one lady was in a panic she
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the person who was in the jeep just flew backwards. and by that time when i looked here i could see like a couple of cop cars and when we went inside that's when all of them came." live in columbia, sam bleiweis, wis news 10. taking a look now at your evening forecast. meteorologist ben tanner has a look at what's in store tonight. few clouds tonight, lows upper
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breezy, much warmer tuesday with increasing clouds, highs middle to upper 60s. a cold front will move through by early wednesday giving us a good chance of rain, cooler highs middle 50s clouds, chilly thursday, highs upper 40s. will keep an eye on the cold front, it may stick around for a few days, if that's the case, we'll increase shower chance thursday and friday. if not we'll see mostly sunny skies and warmer daytime highs. a suspect with a violent past is back in jail tonight accused of trying to kill a deputy. arkeem breeland has been charged with attempted murder and weapons violations after richland county
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fired multiple shots at his deputy. wis' meaghan norman joins us with more on what happened. dawndy, when deputy christopher bagby showed up saturday night he knew the suspect might be armed did not know what would happen. he was responding to a domestic violence call on camrose court. sheriff lott says the suspect, arkeem breeland was trying to kick down his parents door. just one day before, lott says breeland's parents filed a report saying their son had threatened their lives. sheriff lott says the suspect fired at least seven rounds -- three of which hit deputy bagby's patrol car. "it was a shock. we knew from dispatch he was possibly armed and trying to get into his parents house but i wasn't expecting to be standing in the driveway. i heard of couple of tinks... i served overseas but you never get used to getting shot at." instead of returning fire and possibly injuring innocent bystanders, bagby says waited on backup. breeland did take off into the
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captured. deputy bagby has earned several awards of honor and valor over his law enforcement career and military service as a sniper in the marine corps. as for suspect arkeem breeland, he has been charged in the past with shooting into cars and homes and is not supposed to have a weapon. after the break--with just one week until the iowa caucuses, it's crunch time as the democrats are get ready for their final town hall. plus--panthers fans will have to dig deep into the bank if they want to make the trip out west for super bowl 50. break 2 one suspect is locked up after a 30 mile weekend chase through
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rasheed sumpter for erratic
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saturday and he took off. sheriff jim matthews says sumpter drove into two yards damaging personal property, hitting a parked car and a patrol car, eventually crashing in lee county. sumpter was out on bond for burglary charges. "oh, i think the system is totally broken. we do our job but once it's out of our hands they get out on bond or they get slapped on the wrist or the case gets dismissed or plead down to something lesser. they go out and they're problems. they reoffend and they do other things they continue to break into people's homes, sell drugs or shoot at people and it's just over and over and over again." sumpter is now facing several charges including failure to stop, resisting arrest and dui. there was a passenger in the back seat who was not charged. inside the state house- lawmakers and policymakers want early education available to as
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but they told will whitson the difference between private and public 4k programs is causing a surprising issue. it all comes down to teacher retention- 4k programs provide early education for thousands of south carolina children- but according to a report presented the education oversight committee- they're having difficulty keeping teachers in private 4k programs. while lawmakers are trying to incentivize teacher retention in school districts across the state- the eoc is looking at how to retain teachers at private early education centers. according to eoc executive director melanie barton- a lot of issues with teacher retention deal with resources available to small, private groups- and rising costs of maintaing a 4k program. "they have a hard time recruiting for those classroom centers because they're small operations and can't pay the level a district pays, so you get a lot of turnover." the reporter presented to the education oversight committee did lay out several
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including merging private and public early education programs under one state-funded administration. ww, wis news 10. the polls remain tight in iowa, where we are just one week out from the first votes of the primary season. and tonight, the democrats will once again share the stage for a town hall debate. senator bernie sanders has continued to chip away at the polls and is running neck-and-neck with hillary clinton. former maryland governor martin o'malley remains in the single- digits. tonight's town hall will be at 9 pm on cnn. it will be the final democratic forum before the iowa caucuses next monday. if you're a carolina panthers' fan, you're in good spirits today after the team secured its place in super bowl 50. if you're looking for a trip to the big game yourself, make sure you have some deep pockets. according to ticket price
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average resale price of a ticket to the super bowl this year is 5 thousand 178 dollars. a pair of club seats near midfield have already sold for more than 12 thousand dollars. the panthers will play the denver broncos on february 7th in santa clara, california. a warmer week is in store for much of the state. coming up, we'll get the full details from meteorologist ben tanner. your weather is next. break 2 few clouds tonight, lows upper 30s. breezy, much warmer tuesday with
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columbia fire spokesman said emergency vehicles on the bridge will be affecting traffic. drivers are asked to avoid the area. crews are working the scene. few clouds tonight, lows upper 30s. breezy, much warmer tuesday with increasing clouds, highs middle to upper
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a cold front will move through by early wednesday giving us a good chance of rain, cooler highs middle 50s clouds, chilly thursday, highs upper 40s. will keep an eye on the cold front, it may stick around for a few days, if that's the case, we'll increase shower chance thursday and friday. if not we'll see mostly sunny skies and warmer daytime highs.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises,
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the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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leadership abilities this season. cam's outstanding play on the field has lead the team to the super bowl for only the second time in franchise history. his leadership in the lockerroom may ensure the panthers return to the queen city carrying the championship trophy. newton was outstanding in sunday's nfc championship game. he passed for over three hundred yards and two touchdowns....he also ran for a pair of t-d's. but it's something that cam did at halftime that may have had the biggest impact on the game's outcome. the panthers were leading 24 to reminded the team what happened the week before when they nearly blew a 31- nothing lead against seattle. the cats came out in the second half and kept pounding their way to a 49-15 win over arizona. here's what coach ron rivera had to say today about cam's motivational speech. ron: it was about playing to our abilities..playing the
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it was good. it really was a heartfelt message..shoot i got excited about it. i think this game really epitomized what we're capable of..that's one thing we're going to talk about the next few days as a team. it's funny. you start talking to people about how to do things the next doing that. i say wait a minute guys...let's stick with what we've done. that's what got us to where we are. that's going to be my i go through getting our team prepared for the next two weeks. corey:it's great! look at this environment...everybody still sitting in their seats man. it's a dream and it's becoming reality. i'm excited for me, i'm excited for my teammates..that we even get this opportunity to do something special. coach rivera also gave us an update on one of the panthers defensive leaders. rivera says linebacker thomas davis had surgery this morning on his broken right forearm....but he is expected to play in the super bowl. davis broke his arm in the second quarter of sunday's nfc game while attempting to
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davis said after the game he was fully confident he would be ready to go for the super bowl...february 7th in santa clara, california against
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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willing developing news tonight. buried by a history making blizzard. dozens killed. slammed. neighborhoods still stranded, and a travel 13,000 flights cancelled. the ripple effect all across the country. one week to go until the vote in iowa. a frantic sprint for clinton and sanders, cruz and trump. but is anoth new york billionaire about to shake up the race? a massive manhunt for three dangerous inmates who masterminded a daring
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security jail.
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