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tv   WIS News 10 Saturday  NBC  January 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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breaking new, the richland county sheriff's office has arrested a suspect after a woman was found shot to death near blythewood. deputies were calald to farrow road, just south of blythewood around 5 friday. when investigators arrived they say they found an "unreponsive" woman next to her vehicle. lieutenant curtis wilson says law enforcement definitely suspects foul play. at this point, we're still waiting on the victim's identification from the coroner's office. stay tuned to wis on air and online for udpates. also new this morning -- richland county deputies have found a missing teen safe and sound. kaila stukes was found on two notch road after she went missing thursday morning. she had last been seen on harbison boulevard near hilpine road and was believed to be in the rock hill area. deputies were concerned becausese stukes has a
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curtis wilson tells us she has been checked out and appears to be in good health. the confessed charleston church shooter will not be making his next appearance in federal court. today dydyn roof's lawyers filed a waiver church shooter will not be making his next appearance in
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the confessed charleston church shooter will not be making his next appearance in federal
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making his next appearance in federal court. today dylan roof's lawyers filed a waiver saying roof will not show up in federal court in charleston for his hearing in two weeks. roof is charged with 33 federal charges including hate crimes for a shooting rampage that killed nine people at mother emanuel church last june. he's also scheduled to go on trial on multiple murder charges in state court. columbia police are waiting for lab tests to figure out what killed a university of south carolina student who was found dead in a downtown apartment richland county coroner gary watts says 19 year old rachel bandman was found dead by her
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apartment complex on main street thursday. investigators say there was no sign of anyone getting into the apartment by force and no sign of any trauma on her body. watts says he's waiting for blood tests to establish how she died. the usc student caught on video spitting and spraying windex on her roommates' food... will enter pre-trial intervention to avoid a felony charge that carries up to 20 years in prison. 24-year-old hayley king's charge of food tampering is on hold and she has 90 days to complete the program. police say the video shot in february 2015 shows king spitting in multiple containers of food belonging to her roommates. six people are now behind bars in connection with two separate burglglry cases. in one of them, richland county deputies say xavier anderson, darius burton and tevan ashford broke into a home on the 8400 block of monticello road on wednesday night. investigators say the trio broke into the back door of the home while the homeowner was still
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all three men are also facing burglary charges in fairfield county. in the other case: three more men were arrested after they were found with two stolen tv's. byron pringle, maurice dunbar and michael houston are being held at alvin s. glenn detention center. state dot crews have finally started some much anticipated work on a road in elgin. part of speers creek church road has been closed off since the october floods--forcing drivers to take alternate routes. it was a breached dam near the road that caused state officials to hold off on repairs. crews are now placing new piping under the road, which should keep it safe in the event of a heavy rain. the dot is working to have the road back open by the middle of march. looking ahead, a faith based effort to fight gun violence. tomorrow, 13-hundred churches.. synagogues and mosques across the state will participate in an event called "stand up sunday". the event will honor the nine
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ame church who were shot to death last summer. pastors are being asked to preach the gun violence issue.... and ask parishioners to sign letters, urging law makers for stronger background checks. we'll have more on this story coming up a little later in the show. we're just days away from the iowa caucuses, how the democratic presidential candidates are fighting for last minute votes. enjoy a full weekend of sunshine with highs in the
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60s and lower 70s. the next chance of rain arrives wednesday! still to come on wis news 10 this morning still to come on wis news 10 this morning hundreds of churches set to come
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still to come on wis news 10 this mororng hundreds of churches set to come together to spread
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break 2 gamecocks hope to avoid being swept away by the tide.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust,
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. hoops... hosts alabama saturday night. the crimson tide... one of just two teams to beat carolina this season. alabama defeated usc 73-50 earlier this year. gamecocks nation... will pack the house... as usc looks to dish out payback. the game's sold out. a perfect time to fill the place for legend's weekend. carolina basketball's honoring former greats on the hardwood. one legend to wear the garnet and black's thrilled saturday's showdown is sold out. gregor: "it's hard to think that you're going to sell out a venue this large against a team like alabama. because alabama has not been a power. kentucky and ohio state when
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teams came in they filled the place. but now we're filling it. that's just great. i just love to see it." as carolina enjoys one of its best seasons in recent memory... usc baseball looks to bounce back from one of its worst. last year... the gamecocks failed to make the ncaa tournament for the first time since 1999. confident this season promises better results. coach chad holbrook believes in his players potential to get this program back into the postseason. holbrook: "been really close to this group as far as practice, every workout, and everything they've done off the field and done in the classroom. i have a good feeling about the way they're going to perform and they product we are going to put out on the field. i think it will be one our fans and followers will be proud of." mooney: "came back and worked harder than ever. we have a bunch of new guys and we're a good collective group. hopefully we'll do what it
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be." usc's first crack to prove itself.. opening day three weeks from now at home against albany. opening day for clemson also three weeks from now on february 19th at home against maine. like the gamecocks... the tigers beginning spring practices today. clemson's operating under new leadership this season. monte lee at the helm for his first year in tiger town. one major priority for coach lee leading up to first pitch... assemble his pitching rotation. lee:"part of what you do this time of year, especially with a young and unproven pitching staff for the most part outside of a handful of guys is.... we want to match these guys up and force them to compete against each other to win jobs." baseball season's about to begin... while football prepares to come to a close. the panthers hope to go out as super bowl champions. carolina battles denver in this year's super bowl in the san francisco bay area. today... the panthers practiced in full pads to make sure they didn't forget the
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would actually be like come game time. also said that this was possibly practice all season long, and despite everyone being excited to play in the super bowl and all the hype that comes with it---they know it's a business trip and they have their sights set on accomplishing one thing. rivera: "one thing i've told the playerss this is super bowl 50 it's an event. at the end of the day the end of the event is to play the game. that's what we're focusing on. to play the game. that's what were preparing to play." super bowl city - is almost officially open for business! thousands are expected to gather there next saturday for a night filled with fireworks and
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pete suratos has the story. the excitement surrounding super bowl city - is at an all time high. s/ ed lee/ mayor, san francisco "everybody welcome to san francisco! the host of super bowl 50." san francisco mayor ed lee, speaking at a site. the event along the embarcadero is free. and it will serve as the main location for concerts, food and interactive fun for the family. s/ ed lee/ mayor, san francisco "i am glad to host this. i am glad to represent a city." above super bowl city, is visa's s/ sam shrauger/ visa "we have a pretty strong vision of where payment and commerce are going in the future." s/ reporter standup and over at the moscone center you got the n-f-l experience, where fans can get a chance to see if they're as fast as their favorite n-f-l player- taking part in the 40-yard dash. even if your team isn't playing
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s/ mary pat augenthaler/ vp of to be prepared. s/ keith bruce/ super bowl public transportation is suggested to avoid traffic. save some stress so you can enjoy the fun. s/ keith bruce/ super bowl committee "once you're in the gates you'll have such a fun time in super bowl city." one thing fans are sure to have as they watch the panthers take on the broncos in the big game is chicken wings! according to the national chicken council, americans will consume one-point-three billion chicken wings next weekend... leading up to and during super bowl 50. that figure is up three percent from last year's big game. to put one-point-three billion chicken wings into perspective... the council says if the wings were laid end to end, they would stretch from bank of america stadium in charlotte to sports authority field at mile high in denver almost 53 times! speaking of food, basketball star lebron james is expanding his pizza business. the james-backed blaze pizza opened its doors this week at the university of
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free pizzas were given to any customers who followed the business on social media. blaze pizza, which specializes in what it calls "build your own" pies, has dozens of locations open across the u.s. and more locations are scheduled to open later this year. break 3 ingredients 2 cups cranberries
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... and the two leading democratic fighting for every last vote. this weekend, bernie sanders will try to push ahead of hillary clinton in iowa, where polls show them running neck and neck. presidential candidate "it's going to be a very very it will depend on voter turnout. if we win, it will indicate that this country is ready for real, significant change." president obama did give praise to clinton in an interview this week, but gave both candidates a boost last night while rallying congressional
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the final sprint is here. republicans and democrats are making a mad dash around iowa, greeting as many voters as possible. victor blackwell takes a closer look. in the final days before the iowa caucuses, the presidential candidates are pouring into coffee shops like smokey row in des moines. "they're coming through all the time. it's awesome to have them here." shaking hands... asking for support. it's the small-scale, face-to-face familiarity iowans treasure. "you get to actually engage them one-on-one or in a community forum and you get to see how they respond to an individual or individual communities and you get an actual feel of their realness." "i've seen bernie" "i heard that hillary has come though" "chris christie has been here" "i've seen santorum walking around. i've seen him a couple of times, actually" many... but not all.
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hasn't come through? umm, i haven't seen trump." it's not just smokey row that gop front-
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hampshire union leader are partnering to host a ewly-scheduled demococtic debatat rachel maddow and chuck todd would moderate the february 4th event - which is five days before the new hampshire primary. the democratic national committee has yet to give its approval for the event. this sunday, churches across south carolina are being asked to talk about gun violence and how to reduce it. more than thirteen hundred churches, synagogues and mosques are
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up sunday. harve jacobs from our sister station in charleston tells us how one pastor plans to get the message across to his congregation. "we're all in the same basket. we all could have been in that movie theatre or in that church like my fellow minister clementa pinckney was that evening last summer in emanuel ame" this video talks about stand up sunday. churches are being asked to in june of last year. "we need every congregation to
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problem is a moral issue and on sunday the topic of his sermon will be thou shalt not kill. gun sense south carolina founder meghan alexander came up with the idea for stand up sunday. "our goal is really to decrease the number of deaths in south carolina by half within a few years." alexander said she was devastated after the church shooting. one of her former classmates also lost a child in the sandy guns to fall into the wrong hands." flowers says sunday he will place these five white crosses outside his church to honor the five people killed by guns this year in the tri county area. he'e'hoping the sight ofofhem will spark possible solutions. "we hope, we don't know but we're sure that if we continue doing what we're doing, nothing is gonna change." reverend flowers says part of the event... he will ask parishioners to sign letters that will be sent to lawmakers... urging stronger background checks for gun buyers. birthday board this morning we're wishing a
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birthday to 9-year old christian nimmons. happy birthday to you! and if it's your birthday, happy birthday to you as well! break 4 good saturday morning, thanks for staying with us.
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columbia right now . let's get a check of your first alert forecast. enjoy a full weekend of sunshine with highs in the 60s and lower 70s. the next chance of rain arrives
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in a developing story we're following, the in a developing story we're following, the richland county sheriff's office has arrested a in a developing story we're following, the richland county sheriff's office
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suspect after a woman was found shot to death ear blythewood. deputies were called to farrow road, just south of blythewood around 5 friday. when investigators arrived they say they found an "unreponsive" woman next to her vehicle. at this point, we're still waiting on the victim's identification from the coroner's office. stay tuned to wis on air and online for udpates. one of the three escaped inmates from california has turned himself in. bac duong was arrested in santa
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city where he and two others made their escape from a county jail. police say he flagged down a citizen and said he wanted to turn himself in. the men escaped january 22nd after cutting a hole in a metal gate and crawling through plumbing tunnels and then rappelling down the 5 story jail.... wittbedsheets tied together.. the seach continues for the other two suspects. all were wanted for unrelated violent crimes. ten migrants including five children died when their greece-bound boat sank off of turkey. 43 passengers were rescued and that the turkish coast guard continued to search for survivors who were trying to reach the greek island. greece is the main gateway into europe for refugees and migrants. a french prosecutor says terrorism has been ruled out the arrest of a man who tried to bring two handguns into a hotel at disneyland paris. the prosecutor says searches of the man's phone records and various locations turned up no link
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she says the man was moving to a new house, and was afraid his weapons would be misplaced or taken. the man was detained.... along with his female partner, who has been cleared. the fbi says four protesters still are occupying a national wildlife preserve in southeast oregon. they have been posting to a youtube channel during the nearly four- week-old standoff but have not issued a video update ..since thursday morning. the three men and one woman have refused to leave without assurances they won't be arrested. authorities have apprehended 11 other activists, including the group leader. president obama pushing again for equal pay for women! he's proposing a new rule that will require companies to report pay data by gender, race and ethnity. the rule would apply to companies that have 100 or more employees. the rule would help aid investigations on employers that are "unlawfully shortchanging workers" based on gender, race and ethnicity.
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-- the state department says nearly two dozen emails from clinton's private email server have now been marked "top secret" and will not be released. officials say the emails were not marked as classified at the time they were sent. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. as hillary clinton was campaigning in iowa - the state department dropped the email bombshell: for the first time, labeling 22 emails from her private server top secret - the highest level of classification - as demanded by the intelligence agencies: sot john kirby "these documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent." just minutes earlier, lester had asked clinton about how the email investigation might affect her campaign: lester: anything could hahaen, indictments could happen. why shouldn't people, as they weigh the delectability question, worry about this hanging over your head as you move
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because the facts have remained the same sent or received that was marked classified to me lester for people who are watching this play out and know the republicans will come after you with an open investigation, shouldn't people have some concern? hillary: no they shouldn't lester. clinton's campaign called it a bureaucratic turf battle brian fallon these emails should be released so that the public can view them. this is an example of over classification run amok. republicans are pouncing: jeb bush tweeted: "we need a president who can be trusted to keep our secrets secret. obviously that's not @hillaryclinton" and marco rubio: "this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier" bernie sanders campaign says he stands by this: sanders: the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. standup: the state department wont be releasing these emails now, and may never, but this re ignites the email issue - just as the voters are
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water samples from more than two dozen flint, michigan homes revealed lead levels exceeding what can be effectively treated by the water filters being given to residents. officials say the approved filters only filter lead up to 150 parts per billion. the highest reading of lead measured from the thirty nine hundred samples taken was 4 thousand parts per billion. water samples with results over 150 parts per billion are above recommended levels set by the e-p-a. the latest numbers prompted federal and state leaders to warn flint residents to get their water tested. "this number of 150 is important because the water filters distributed to flint residents are rated by nsf, nation science foundation to remove lead at levels up to 150 ppb so i want to stress this does not mean that we think there is a problem with the filters." the samples taken from homes with results over
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retested for accuracy. officials say they will release the results of the retests this weekend or early next week. aretha franklin is launching her own food the soul singer told detroit's channel four it will include desserts -- and her own b bnd of chili, gumbo and baked chicken. made headlines over the holiday season after walmart couldn't keep her patti labelle sweet potato pie on its shelves. franklin said she hadn't tasted labelle's dessert but said-- quote - "ms. patti's gonna have to move that pie to the side!" this morning is the annual devine street sidewalk sale, and we've got a live look as shoppers start popping in and find deals on everything from mattresses to massages. more than 50 stores are participating -- many offering big sales from now until 6 tonight. while we can't promise you won't
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-- the event's free and so is parking. listen up apple users! coming up after the break...a recall that you may need to know about. enjoy a full weekend of sunshine with highs in the 60s and lower 70s. the next chance of rain arrives wednesday! break 5 the fatal shooting of an armed robbery suspect inside a columbia barbershop sparked
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-----take vo---- the entire incident was caught on the shop's surveillance cameras. columbia police say two of the victims shot at the
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this single piece of video has been viewed more than 160 thousand times in a matter of days. and the social media response has been overwhelming.nearly all of the comments in support of the actions of the victims. ----on camera---- it's important to note that both the victims who opened fire have a concealed weapons permit. brian sweat teaches cwp classes. he says the reaction was textbook perfect. -----take sot----- "he raised his hand, showing that he was not a threat. he waited for the right time if he would've immediately reached for his gun he possibly would've been taken out." "i tell my students the bad guys never make appointments, they will get you when you least expect it." ----vo trail--- while the actions of the victims are being praised, there is also a valuable takeaway for all law abiding citizens who see this video. -----on camera---- if you feel the need to arm yourself, make sure you're doing it the right way. don't just go out and buy a gun and assume that should you find yourself in a similar situation that you
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get your license, get properly trained and take refresher clases when needed. make sure you are acting responsibly to not only protect yourself, but save lives as well. that's my take, what's yours? enjoy a full weekend of sunshine with highs in the 60s and lower 70s. the next chance of rain arrives
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south carolinians who don't have healthcare
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important information you need to know as you begin the enrollment process. break 6 fast food restaurant giant, mcdonald's has issued an
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media to complain about a key ingredient missing from the mozzarella cheese sticks.
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their cheese sticks lacking the cheese in their cheesy snacks! the says they believe the cheese melted out during the baking process and they are working to fix the problem. nissan is recalling nearly 930-thousand altima midsize cars worldwide... some of which are being recalled for a ththrd time... to fix a hood latch problem that could allow the hood to fly are moving. nissan says paint can flake off the hood latch, exposing bare metal... and over time, the latch can rust and cause the secondary hood latch to remain open. the new recall involves altimas from the 2013 to 2015 model years. nissan will notify owners and replace the hood latches for free starting in mid-february. apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they could cause an electric shock. the company says the two prong wall plug adapters affected were designed for use in other overseas countries. the plugs in question were
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2003 and 2015 with macs and other apple devices, and were also included in the apple world travel adapter kit. apple said it will exchange the faulty plugs for free at any apple store or authorized apple service provider. it will also refund customers who bought new plugs over the issue. you have until tomorrow at midnight to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act. and for those choosing not to sign up -- the penalty has increased. the penalty is now 695 dollars or 2 percent of your income - whichever is greater. in most cases, the penalty could end up costing you more than what several months of a premium would cost. keep in mind, you may be eligible for federal assistance or subsidies to reduce the premium. "we see millions of americans now, working people, i've had people leave my office in teasrs because they can go see a doctor now they don't have
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people with pre-existing conditions are no longer excluded. so many people have had some cancer history -- minor or major it can be, there are no questions if you get in the enrollment period that's what we're leading up to, if you're in a qualified enrollment period and right now the last time to enroll is jan. 31 at midnight, you get in without any underwriting, no questions asked." coverage starts on march 1st. tomorrow from noon until midnight at brookland baptist church in west columbia, you can get free, one-on-one help from licensed agents to navigate the marketplace. a new procedure is available for people battling obesity who have been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. the procedure involves a balloon being placed inside the stomach.. without surgery. danielle barber explains how the process works... and who is a good candidate for
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it's called the orbera balloon system, and it's for people with a b-m-i of 30 to 40. "the idea behind the balloon is that by you occupying the space inside the stomach, when patients eat, they will feel full right away and they can reduce their intake." while the balloon makes you feel fuller, dr. luis garcia says it does a lot that. "the balloon delays the emptying of food from the stomach into the intestine. and also, it somehow communicates with the brain and theoretically it can reduce the appetite as well." the balloon is filled with a saline solution and sits in a patient's stomach r six months at a time. "we give a very thorough follow-up of our patients to make sure they're not having complications. and, at six months, the balloon has to be either replaced for a new one or removed."
9:46 am
there are strict guidelines even before the balloon is introduced. "this is not a cure for obesity. and, evevethe balloon will not work effectively unless you do it in the setting of a comprehensive weight loss problem which includes a lot of behavioral modification, a lot of dietary and psychological support." while there is little risk of having a major complication, there are some side effects. "it is a life-changing experience for a patient because they do struggle at first and patients complain of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or reflux. but, dr. garcia says those symptoms typically only last about a week or two and patients can then continue to live a relatively normal life... if you decide to go ahead with the procedure, your doctor will also go over specific recommendations for patients while the balloon
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now to a breaking news update, we now know the name of the suspect arrested in connection with the shooting death of a woman found near ythewood. richland county deputies arrested andre heatley junior early this morning on broad river road. deputies were called to farrow road, just south of blythewood around 5 friday. when investigators arrived they say they found an "unreponsive" woman next to her vehicle. investigators say heatley is the ex-boyfriend of the victim, and was captured on video surveillance equipment using the victim's debit card at 3 separate locations just moments after the murder. heatley is being charged with murder. the coroner has not yet released the name of the victim. still to come we'll have more stories... plus, a final check of your weekend weather with von gaskin. stay with us.
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start popping in and out of the shops. find deals on everything from
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