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tv   WIS News 10 Midday  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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those undocumented workers were employed by leon--but he avoided prison time and instead ended up with a year of probation, community service and a 180 thousand dollar fine. investigators believe leon fired the fatal shots when a man was gunned down at a park and ride location on riverchase way near highway 378 last night. the victim, said to be a hispanic male found between a couple of cars in that parking lot. that man has so far not been identified and we don't know what the motive might have been. authorities also say they have spoken to a woman who was said to have been of a gun in commission of a violent crime. he turned himself in last night around midnight. leon is the only person charged in connection with the shooting at this time. jack kuenzie wis news ten. lets take a break from the headlines to get a check of the weather as we take a live look over downtown columbia through the wis skycam. tim miller is in the first alert weather center with the latest.
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in effect for lancaster and chesterfield counties until 1pm. the air is fairly dry and needs to moisten up for us to have any action with this system from a winter perspective, look for light amounts of freezing rain and/or drizzle with up to a trace through the central midlands to a touch more in the advisory area through the early afternoon. this becomes a rain event by afternoon with scattered showers. temperatures will rise to the lower 50s by late this evening into the overnight as a warm front passes through, look for showers and scattered thunderstorms ahead of the cold front tomorrow morning, then clearing skies by late afternoon. much warmer by late week with highs in the
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stay with wis for the latest weather updates by downloading the wis weather app. it's free-- just search wis in in your app store. in your app store. standard messaging and data rates may apply. an update now on that fire at the f-n manufacturing facility on old clemson road this morning. columbia fire chief aubrey jenkins says it started around 6:30 at the firing range. jenkins says they are still investigating what caused some lead-based dust to catch fire. plant operators tell us - the fire caused around 100-thousand dollars worth of damage. there were no reports of injuries. firefighters in elgin are also
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caused a fire that destroyed a home overnight. multiple agencies responded to the scene on wildwood lane just after 3:30 this morning to find that home g-o-p presidential candidates are all over south carolina today as the republican primary gets closer. this is a live look at a luncheon in mt. pleasant where donald trump is expected to speak soon. he will also hold an event there at 2:30 before heading to the upstate for a rally in greenville. one of the big names heading to the campaign trial in the palmetto state today is former president george w. bush-- in support of his brother. the elder bush will appear at a jeb bush rally at the north charleston convention center. the younger bush says his brother can vouch for his readiness to be commander-in-chief. "if the point is is he a popular republican? you bet he is. based on my record and based on how he knows me.
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incredible validator in south carolina where values matter and where national defense matters a lot. so, i'm looking forward to the event. we should have a great crowd. and he'll help my campaign a lot." jeb bush is hoping to gain more momentum after a fourth place finish in new hampshire. ted cruz has three stops planned in south carolina aiken, florence, and camden. cruz started his day at a rally with glenn beck at usc aiken about an hour ago. his two other events are this afternoon. the first is a meet and greet in camden at 3 at the ten eleven galleria on broad street. cruz will end his day in that's at six p-m. ben carson is also making stops around the state today. supporters can hear from him in lancaster county and spartanburg. marco rubio is holding three separate town halls with congressman trey gowdy. the first was this morning in rock hill. he'll also head to francis marion university in florence. and his last stop is here in the midlands in gilbert tonight at harmon's tree farm at
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easley high several key issues including the passing of supreme court justice scalia. "the meaning of the constitution as it was written by the people who wrote it at the time, that is what we need in our justices and scalia understood that better than anyone that's ever served and we lost him. now we commend his soul to god, we pray for his family and now we pray for our country because that vacancy will have to be filled and it will be filled by the next president, not by this one." rubio also has three stops planned for tomorrow in south carolina. today, people across the country are honoring supreme court justice antonin scalia. flags across the country, including washington dc, are flying at half-staff. scalia's death has started a fierce election-year battle over whether president barack obama should appoint a successor. scott mclean has more. :12-:20 :20-:22 1:20-1:28
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as condolences come in, battle lines also being drawn over justice antonin scalia's replacement. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell quickly making clear he wants the "next" president to choose the new justice, with republican presidential candidates following suit during saturday's debate. presidential candidate it's called delay, delay, delay. presidential candidate i do not believe the president should appoint someone. in california, president obama acknowledging scalia's death and promising to nominate a replacement soon. i plan to fulfill my to nominate his successor in due senate to fulfill its give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. getting a nominee confirmed in this election year will be difficult, with senator mcconnell and his democratic counterpart, senator harry reid already at odds. mcconnell in a statement saying,
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american people? should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme possible." without a majority in the senate, the democrats will need a handful of republicans to break ranks, including some facing tough re-election bids this year. the democrats already sharpening their line of attack. new york i think first the american people don't like this obstructionism. when you go right off the bat and say i don't care who he nominates i am going to oppose him, that's not going to fly. the senate is in recess right now. the president has vowed to wait until it's back in session before choosing a nominee. now if republicans were able to delay this process until president obama leaves office, it would be a record. on average, it takes just 69 days to confirm a nominee. there have been some long delays before but nothing like the 11 months that some republicans want to wait now. what action the president and the senate should take following scalia's death are sure to be one of the major discussion topics during
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events this week. cnn will host the back- to-back republican events right here in south carolina. ben carson, ted cruz and marco rubio will be in greenville wednesday night. on thursday, donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich will be in columbia. both events will be at eight p-m. anderson cooper will moderate both events. over at usc- the nation's top journalists will gather for a presidential primary panel tomorrow. nbc's craig melvin will be among the media members at the event. dean charles bierbauer of usc's college of information and communications will be the moderator. the event is free and open to the public and will be tomorrow night at 7:30. it will be held in room 231 of the williams-brice building at greene and pickens streets. for the latest on decision 2016, head to wis tv dot com. there you'll find complete coverage. a kershaw county man will be in bond court this week after deputies say he shot and killed a suspected thief. 49-year-old jimmy methe has been
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shooting death of a 17-year-old. early saturday morning deputies were called to methe's home in camden. methe reportedly told deputies he caught the teen and another person stealing from his truck. he says he shot one of them as they tried to run away. 17-year-old brandon spencer of camden was killed. he was a sophomore at camden high school. the other person involved has not been identified. state senators are preparing to debate how much extra money to allocate for the state's highways and bridges. senators have been given a couple of options-- spend 65-million dollars extra a year to get the pavement on the interstates up to good condition while doing no bridge work. or-- they could use 800-million to fix bridges and widen more than 150 miles of major highways. richland one school officials want your input as they build the district's general fund budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. leaders are holding a meeting tonight at six at e-e taylor elementary school. they'll hold more sessions in
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still to come on the news at noon. battling fraud more on the fight the i-r-s is already in dealing with lots of fake tax returns. we're just a few weeks into tax season and jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like arock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential.
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i-r-s is a arting taxpayers that there could be something terribly wrong with their tax returns. nbc's chris clackum has more. :09 - :14 american taxpayers across the country are getting l lters from the irs..... that shows the agency is again dealing with an onslaught of fraudulent tax returns.
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traced back to last year's data security breaches... ....where millions of social security numbers ended up in the hands of "in most cases, we're hearing that they're e- filing. they're just doing this in bulk...massive amounts of returns and t ty know a lot of these are going to get rejected, they're going to be that many are being caught by the irs... and that more security measures are in place this year to detect the real return from a fake one. but the individual can't do much to prevent fraud.. except to file before the thief in can file right away" which means trying to file your return by the end of this week. chris clackum, nbc news. google says it wants to place its emphasis on just one photo service - google photos. ggle says it wants to place its emphasis on just one photo service - google photos. the search giant says after march 15th the company will no longer support
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picasa desktop application. however, people who have downloaded the software can continue using it, but google won't provide more updates. picasa users will be able t t access all their photos in picasa web albums through google photos. but if you don't want to use google photos, the company says it'll create a quote "new place to access your picasa web data." apple music is quickly gaining on its biggest rival, spotify. apple now has 11 million subscribers which is more than half of spotify's 20 million subscribers who pay around 10 dollars a month for unlimited digital music. the new number was revealed by apple executives in a podcast popular with apple developers. other streaming services such as tidal and google have found it difficult to get a foothold in the streaming music subscription business. ahead on the news at noon... dealing with winter weather. the mess people in north carolina woke up to this morning. freezing rain advisory remains in effect for lancaster and chesterfield counties until 1pm. the air is fairly dry and needs
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to have any action with this system from a winter perspective, look for light amounts of freezing rain and/or drizzle with up to a this becomes a rain event by break two freezing rain advisory remains in effect for counties
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the air is fairly dry and needs to moisten up for us to have any action with this system from a winter perspective, look for light amounts of freezing rain and/or drizzle with up to a trace through the central midlands to a touch more in the
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through the early afternoon. this becomes a rain event by afternoon with scattered showers. temperatures will rise to the lower 50s by late this evening into the overnight as a warm front passes through, look for showers and scattered until 1pm. the air is fairly dry and needs
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to have any action with this system from a winter perspective, look for light amounts of freezing rain and/or drizzle with up to a trace through the central this morning our neighbors to the north did not luck out. parts of north carolina were blanketed with snow early this morning snow fell overnight in northwestern parts of the state. in mount airy the snowfall made for icy roads that led to school closures. several minor accidents were reported, but no serious injuries. that area has already seen two inches of snow
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another inch or two before the storm moves out. 151 years ago today, what was left of the confederate army in south carolina made a last stand to protect columbia from general sherman's union army. they did it all herere at the battle of congaree creek. the grounds are now part of the cayce riverwalk trail, maintained by cayce and scana. you can see the earthworks built for soldiers to hide behind when the union troops moved toward columbia. they're some of the best- preserved earthworks from the civil war era in the country. douglas patterson: "these earthworks have been here for 150 years and one of our gentlemen that works with us who was part of the national park service tells us these are some of the best- preserved in the united states." douglas patterson is one of several volunteers giving tours at the site tonight. we have much more on the significance of the site, and more about the tours on wistv-dot-com.
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back. we'll look at the tough road block the usc women have on their journey to claim an s-e-c title. over the weekend, chileans went to hurling tomatoes at each other for the sixth annual "war of the tomato." thousands of people took part in
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"war of the tomato." thousands of people took part in the battle in central chile. in the tradition of a famed tomato festival in spain, some 100 tons of tomatoes were used by the participants to lob at each other. local tomato growers supplied the dregs of their harvest... just to get some publicity for their crop. combatants emerged covered in tomato juice
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the event was started by a local man and some friends, but the municipal authorities have since taken charge of the tomato war. the usc women's basketball team is back in action tonight against an sec rival. the gamecocks are playing in sec rival. the gamecocks are playing in their fifth straight game against a nationally ranked opponent tonight at tennessee. usc is still undefeated in sec play this season. gametime is 7 o'clock on espn 2. meanwhile -- the usc men are looking to bounce back from a tough loss saturday to kentucky. carolina plays at missouri tomorrow, and then returns home saturday against florida. the gamecocks are are now 21 and 4 overall freezing rain advisory remains in effect for
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until 1pm. the air is fairly dry and needs to moisten up for us to have any action with this system from a winter perspective, look for light
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