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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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packers and colts has been canceled due to concerns over field conditions breaking news from canton, ohio. the much anticipated pre-season football game tonight did not happen. the field was just too a we have team coverage from canton ohio - ted perry talked with disappointed fans.. tim van vooren talked to the players - ted and tim-- what can you tell us?
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but at the same time, being in the league for a long time, almost half a century i have seen these things occur. " "i fully support the roll cue to vo: "...early indication of trouble." night." roll cue to vo: "...early indication of trouble." roll cue to sot: plans for the
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the stadium already knew. some questions arose of player safety. were down here midfield, let me show you where the problem is. you see the paint, its rock hard. this is gummy here this is slick. you can see why footing is such a problem. the potential for injury is just too great. fans understand that player safety comes first, they could not understand why the official call we wanted to tell the fans
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from me. tvv toss to ted indication of trouble." roll cue to sot: plans for the
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indication of trouble." roll cue to sot: plans for the night." "definitely, player safety issue. we did the right thing in line with player safety. disappointing for the team coming down here to play, disappointing for our fans." "its something that should not have occurred. we're disappointed. but at the same time, being in the league for a long time, almost half a century i have seen these things occur. " "i fully support the decision. player safety is paramount."
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"links" page at fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app to take a look back at brett favre's pro football hall of fame induction weekend. we have also posted a complete transcript of favre's induction speech. now to our big story - no rest
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their loved one was killed three years ago. each year on the anniversary of his death, and on his birthday, family members of eric benson flood the neighborhood near 50-th and hope to find someone with information about bensons killer. fox6s bret lemoine is live downtown with the latest. bret? the family hopes someone will hear their cries for justice.... and finally give them closure. bb 'im looking for someone to hear my voice today...' nat 'we need peace, we want peace.' of a mother crying out - wants peace and justice for her son.' through the streets of milwaukee... a family begs for closure. rb 'we just want justice. were looking for who killed him so - thats basically it. we want someone to come forward with some information.' on august 2-nd, 20-13, 25-year old eric benson was gunned down in front of this house near 50-th and
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in the head, the other five were in other parts of his body.' family members say the case remains unsolved... bensons killer... still at large.... and many questions.... yet to be answered. rb 'somebody just needs to come forward. yeah.' bensons mother and sisters march to not only heal their wounds... but also to support bensons three year old daughter, emonnee. eb 'love him so much.' she was just a baby when her dad died... your t-shirt?' eb 'my daddy.' incomplete. but as this march carries on for yet another year... nat 'we cant stop, we wont stop.' ...theres hope it will be a final step toward justice. bb 'i believe that - whoever hear this cry, hear this call today, i believe that they will come forth. somebody knows something.' family members say theyre not
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if you have any information about this shooting, youre asked to call milwaukee police. the family is offering a 5- thouasnd dollar reward for any information that leads to an arrest. reporting live at mpd hq, bl, fox6 news. partly cloudy tonight with a low temperature in the middle 60s lakeside, around 60 inland. temperatures will quickly rise into the middle and upper 80s for most of th humidity levels will also increase with dewpoints in the upper 60s and low 70s. our next chance for t-storms will be late thursday into friday and saturday. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 65 dewpoint: 60 wind: ne 2-4 mph monday: mostly sunny. high: 81 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 68 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph 4 years later-- remembering a deadly day in
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is nothing special about out sikh temple here. 6 people were killed in the sikh temple in oak creek. you may be surprised to hear who they are praying for today. plus he quit his job, all to try and lead the fight for a new flag. tonight-- we get an an exclusive look at a process to make milwaukee history. and hope you're hungry! this isn't just any corn dog. the special ingredients inside that its inventors hope will go down in
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one soon-to-be-legendary winner will lead their pack to green bay. packers scratch games from the wisconsin lottery. instant cash prizes... ...and a bonus drawing for a... ...25-person private lambeau suite.
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a mass murder . six shot to death in a house of worship. it is a tragic memory that is being thought of much this weekend. we are talking about the 20-12 shooting at a sikh temple in oak creek. families who've lost loved ones remember with the community. fox6's myra sanchick is live in
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a white supremacist shot men and women inside and outside the temple on august fifth 20-12. the temple is full of prayer and thoughts on the anniversary of that tragedy. the prayers and meals that go on this weekend at the sikh temple in oak creek could have been similar to how it looked four years ago. that's when a gunman opened fire, killing six and wounding four before being shot by police and turning the gun on himself. what happened. why did it happen.we are concerned that all the people we lost were very religious people. some of the best people we lost. swaranjit singh arora says that day it happened to be the sikh temple, but it could have been others at other places. we've seen mass shootings since at nightclubs, and schools. we have to work for understanding of different
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arora says you can just look at this gathering to understand the sikh philosophy. everyone, rich and poor, young and old sit together and eat together. no one is greater than the next. it's something a gunman may not have understood. that's why so many innocent victims lost their lives, leaving children and families behind. the community of oak creek has stepped in to help and understand. now we live with their we think of how great they were and how great the whole community is. and on the anniversary of a tragedy, this gathering is not only praying for the lives lost, but for the one responsible. we pray that we don't know what happened to him . why he did that. there must have been some misunderstanding and we pray because of his mom must be suffereing. we pray for that fami after four years do those at the temple forgive the man who shot so many? the answer we got is, yes. they did that right away. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6news a new twist on the als bucket challenge... and it can only
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covered in cheese sauce! he's traveling to 50 states in 30 days to raise money for a-l-s. in lieu of buckets of ice water, larry will be filling his buckets with substances local to each state, such as chili in texas and salmon in alaska and of course cheese in wisconsin. this stop brought him to the mars cheese castle in kenosha. "when i see the patients, i see the families and i just see that look it i'm doing this for them." kaplan will continue his trip, driving through the remaining states and flying to alaska and hawaii, before finally arriving in the philadelphia area on tuesday, august 30. only on fox 6-- a bay view man quits his job in an attempt to make milwaukee history. his goal--- change the city flag of milwaukee fox 6 photojournalist joe wagener and i show you how he soon found a lot of help. thank you for having us in here.
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to take an idea in our head--- and put it on paper--- i think it will be fun. for months, there have been presentations ? we are a true melting pot of people and we have been since day 1. just like this one it should be effective and handsome. it should look good. a city wide call--- for something new. flags are symbols. they are meant to symbolize greater themes. steve kodis' idea has been rattling in his brain for months.n take me, i would talk to them. i didnt care. the graphic designer is asking people to re-imagine--- the city flag of milwaukee. i cant say i was familiar with our flag before hand. we are really hoping this will be the final conversation on our flag to adopt for the greater good. he has asked designers, students, anyone--- to send in their ideas. its very impactful to see all of them out, physically together. and boy did they. in milwaukee's third ward--- entries seem endless, in an upstairs office space. all in all we ended up with 1,006 designs. kodis, has gathered a team, to narrow the field. i might be a little
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to understand why there is a desire to create a new flag--- it helps to take a look at the current rendition. the milwaukee city flag was designed by an alderman in 1954. and what he did was he took all the elements and kind of rolled it out on a sheet of paper, and it became the flag. unfortunately milwaukees flag is an excellent bad example of flag design. the problem was he thew so much stuff in there, that it kind of just dies of its own weight. haha. we asked people to rate the design qualities of 150 city flags. and milwaukee came in 147th. flag expert ted kaye and milwaukee historian john gurda, panel helping shrink the field. were looking for a unique symbol. a unique color pallet. with very strong symbolism. each design they pick up-- i guess what i am looking for is movement, beauty, and meaning. or i like a lot of the angles. you can seea similarity
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truly believe we deserve to have a great flag. something that were proud of. slowly--- but surely--- hundreds of designs--- are narrowed down. id like to welcome you on behalf of the aiga, and greater together. and unveiled. this started as a very simple idea. that milwaukee is a great city with a great future and in turn, needs a great flag. then in the corner there is a blue stripe also which represents the milwaukee river system. at city hall joel lange is looking up at his entry. i drew like 50 of them because i was bored one day. and im a student so i was taking a study break, so i started drawing different flags. he's made the top 50. today is an unbelievable day. they'd make it this far--- the last two efforts to redesign the flag, the city was involved. those efforts failed. so something unconventional had to happen this time around. something, like taking a personal risk-- i decided to quit my day job so i could lead this initiative full time. giving it your all, and hope the community jumps on board. a year ago this just started with an idea, and i was just sort of yelling it out to the world. and it turned into something much bigger than me. with v-i-p's in the crowd--- 5 finalists are revealed. its milwaukees past present and future, moving in a positive direction. there is just one thing left to do. the people's flag of milwaukee---must be decided by you. an online vote--- leading us here. decision day--- on flag day. sound of steve kodis i'm nearvous. excitied an idea---
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flag to represent our city, hoping for strong winds of support to adopt this new symbol of milwaukee. a new flag to represent our city, hoping for strong winds of milwaukee. the winning flag is called "sunrise over the lake" the people's flag of milwaukee is now working to try and get elected officials to adopt it as the official city flag. want to learn more about the design, and its meaning? or your fox six news mobile app, and click on "links." it's one of the highlights of the wisconsin state fair -- the food! and this week, one dish will be crowned champion of the golden
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finalists that has five different flavors. and back and forth on voter i-d tonight we clear up the confusion. do you need to bring an i-d to
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wisconsin state fair is the food-- and this week, only one dish will be crowned champion of the golden spork award. fox6's jonathon gregg introduces you to one of the finalists. "there are some attractions you can only find at the wisconsin state fair, nowhere else the entire year. we found one of those at saz's" "everyone has been to a brewer's game and in the 5th or 6 inning there are the
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between five classics. "you're at the fair so it has to be on a stick." so steve sazama went all in to create an instant champ of the midway menu. "a hotdog, a chorizo, an italian, a polish and a brat. " all five of klement's famous racing sausage together at last for eleven days only. "a collaboration from everybody to do it. our geniuses and the the klement's geniuses and then we got the blessing from the brewers." "drip off the excess and go 5-piece meat set is battered and deep fried until a golden brown and severed at just one of saz's three fair locations. "it's really been very successful" the racing sausages corndog is an official finalist for the fair's golden spork award which saz's won last year. sazaman hopes the rarity of this year's dish edges the competition. "will the racing sausages corndog be crowned champion in this year's sporky awards? we'll find out on wednesday. the wisconsin state fair continues through next
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if you'd like to size up the other delicious finalists in the "golden spork awards," you'll find a list on our website -- fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app. just click "links" do you or don't you.. tuesday is primary election day and there's still continued confusion .. do you have to show an i-d or not? we clear it all up - next. honing skills. but one camp helps young men in milwaukee go far beyond the game.
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do i need an id? or do i not need an id? that's the question you may be asking ... about the upcoming elections. may have you confused. here's what you need to know. the more these rules go back in forth, the more confused people are. here is what wisconsin voters need to know for the upcoming elections. for the primaries on tuesday, august 9th ... voter i-d rules ... are in effect. acceptable forms of i-d include: a drivers license, free wisconsin i-d card from the
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passport ... indian tribe i-d ... certificate of naturalization ... or an i-d from an accredited wisconsin college or university. if you have none of these things ... it's not too late to head to the d-m-v and apply for an i-d card. the dmv will not give you an id, they give out receipts. on this receipt it your picture and your information stamped on that receipt is good for voting purposes only. for the november 8th ge still need a photo i-d. however ... if you don't have one ... a judge has ruled you can sign an affidavit at the polls allowing you to vote. you should know in signing this affidavit under penalty of perjury you will have to declare you are who you say you are. the affidavit will say you have not been able to obtain a photo id ... with reasonable effort. possible reasons include ... lack of transportation ...
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illness or family responsibility. you'll find everything you need to know before you head to the polls on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. click links to find out whether you have the right photo i-d, to find your polling place -- to see what's on your ballot -- and more. meantime - both party's presidential nominees on the offense this weekend. the trump and clinton campaigns releasing attack ads clinton ahead nationally in a head-to-head race. fox's leland vittert is in washington with the latest. republicans hitting hard on hillary clinton's statement that she "short circuited" in an interview with fox news sunday's chris wallace last week while being questioned on her truthfulness about the f-b-i investigation into her private email server. gingrich says "it's one thing to lie, it's another to lie about lying. and then friday she gave us the perfect
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while she was talking to you. " clinton's running mate responding to the controversy this morning. kaine says "she said she made a mistake and she learned from it and want to looks past it she acknowledges that what she said to the fbi she thought was truthful but chris was asking her a different question but she says i made a mistake and i'm going to learn from it and i apologize for it this weekend hillary's campaign responding with an attack video highlighting trump's rocky week... after he initially failed to endorse fellow republicans and his attack on the family of a fallen soldier -- the khans. two clinton super pacs also releasing an ad that will air nationally featuring a gold-star mother who lost her son to a roadside bomb in iraq. deford says "the sense of emptiness that losing a child could bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their lives and i don't think donald trump will ever
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expected to unveil his economic plan tomorrow, which clinton will counter-punch with a major economic speech on thursday in detroit. in washington, leland vittert, fox news. there of course have been basketball leagues in the past that are focused on getting young people off the streets, especially in the summer. a new league started this year is doing that, but also teaching the players some life skills. brandon cruz goes beyond the game with the cream skills basketball association. with the squeaks of the shoes and basketballs, this milwaukee gym is busy 3 nights a week this summer. but on a 4th day, the sounds are much different as the same teens who are playing hoops are taking part in what they call training camp. they're learning real world coping skills and financial responsibility at m- a-t-c. "we're using sports as a tool to bring them in and incubate them with urban business leaders and urban business role models so that
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nigel harvey came up with the idea known as the cream skills basketball association. created out of tragedy, this is a free event for milwaukee teens between the ages of 14 and 17. "it was initially influenced by my best friend being murdered, in 2008 he was murdered back in pittsburgh that's where i'm initially from and it kind of shook my heart. i was deeply hurt by that and it happen basketball with the neighborhood youth." that has stayed with harvey, leading him to earn a degree in human services and dedicating himself to working in the community with young people. "so what i did was to put a little spin on the league. i made it a professional style league, where as the staff, where owners of each team, we had a draft, we had a lottery and the youth they were very excited." 10 teams make up the league and each one is owned by an urban
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interact with the business owners because that's their team and they get to see them all the time, they mentor them basically, they're surrounded by mentors all the time." through this constant interaction, the mentors promote entrepreneurship, which harvey sees an having a direct effect on the teens view of their own community. "we are really pushing that so the youth understands that when we have more entrepreneurs and more business owners we have less crime in the inner city." it all begins with what court for 16 year old jose alvarado. "the games have been pretty intense actually, it's not real easy, it's real competition." and it transfers to what can happen off the court as well for him and another 16 year old, jawun leon-guerrero. "a couple weeks ago i learned how to manage my money more, one thing they have is pay yourself first which is like taking care putting away like 20 dollars to yourself or something like that. and if you have bills taking care of that and just try to set your money more."
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,we are exposed to an environment that's not really healthy to us and we should be exposed to more educational things." as the kids continue to add to their skill set, harvey is hoping to see the program also improve. "we had a few business reach out to us right after our season already started so i had to unfortunately turn them away. but we definitely look forward to next season because we plan to expand and get larger and to reach out and to one day make this a model and we can go to another city." in milwaukee, brandon cruz fox 6 sports.. and one".. spreading the word to a new side of town.. epikos church - now on milwaukee's north side. why members say this new location could actually help unite our neighborhoods. he's a hothead. and you don't know when he's going to go off. help catch tonight wisconsin's most wanted.. well it was comfortable weekend but temperatures and humidity levels quickly increase from here. details in your full forecast, coming up.
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is gone.. and even the president needs a vacation.. details in tonight's buzz. a town in upstate new york has replaced a statue that became known as "scary lucy." wait for natsot!!! "3-2-1 cheering" that's how people welcomed their new statue of actress lucille ball this weekend. the star of the 19-50's t-v series "i love lucy" was born in that area. the original statue of her w seven years ago. but it took so much flak on the social media that some people raised money to swap it for a new one. the actress passed away in 19-89. president obama has begun his final summer vacation as president with a round of golf on martha's vineyard. mister obama and his family arrived there yesterday. it marked the 300th time mister obama has played golf since he took office. the president celebrated his 55th birthday on thursday.
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scheduled to last for two weeks. and bad reviews? who cares? "suicide squad" demolished the record for an august launch, grossing 135 million dollars.. it beat the previous record holder - "guardians of the galaxy's" record by more than 40-million dollars. and that's the buzz. cooler today - but will the heat return? weather expert stephanie barichello is coming up with the forecast. they tried to make a deal in a walmart parking lot.. instead - beekeepers' plan - that backfired! plus - a stunning light show from the sun.. the story behind this so-called plasma rain..
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nasa, the department of defense, and 97% of scientists agree climate change is real. so where can you find climate-change-science deniers? at oil companies and senator ron johnson's office. i absolutely do not believe that the science of man-caused climate change is proven. oil companies gave johnson over $300,000 in contributions. johnson supports their agenda. we pay the price.
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new at ten it's the spot where three sheboygan county children lost their lives but now-- we're really humbled and honored by their donation a plan to have kids playing in this yard again. an incredible donation. plus--- it's not something you can stick into a washing machine your mattress could be twice as heavy as when you bought it. the reason--- is pretty nasty. when y new tonight at ten. at least 38 people died when heavy rains triggered landslides that buried homes and people in eastern mexico. flash floods hit the area saturday, a result of the now-downgraded tropical depression earl. while the storm has been downgraded, the heavy rains will continue. mother nature stopping the show at the olympic games in rio deo janeiro today. heavy wind gusts of up to 35 miles per hour knocking down security barriers at the olympic park.
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winds moved through. a powerful storm is leaving parts of central china looking more like rivers. take a look at this. rescue workers forced to carry survivors in canoes... vehicles submerged... as many as a thousand drivers were stranded. there is no immediate word on the number of injuries or fatalities.
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weather partly cloudy tonight with a low temperature in the middle 60s lakeside, around 60 inland. temperatures will quickly rise into the middle and upper 80s for most of
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humidity levels will also increase with dewpoints in the upper 60s and low t-storms will be late thursday into friday and saturday. tonight: partly
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wind: ne 2-4 mph monday: mostly sunny. high: 81 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 68 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny, hot and humid. am low: 70 high: 88 dewpoint: 71 wind: s-se 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny, hot and humid with the t-storms. am low: 72 high: 88 dewpoint: 73 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy, hot and humid with the chance for t-storms. am low: 71 high: 86 dewpoint: 70 wind: wsw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and cooler with the chance for t-storms. am low: 68 high: 80 dewpoint: 62
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temperature in the middle 60s lakeside, around 60 inland. temperatures will quickly rise into the middle and upper 80s for most of the upcoming work week. humidity levels will also increase with dewpoints in the upper 60s and low 70s. our next chance for t-storms will be late thursday into friday and saturday. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 65 dewpoint: 60 wind: ne 2-4 81 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 68 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny, hot and humid. am low: 70 high: 88 dewpoint: 71 wind: s-se 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny, hot and humid with the chance for t-storms. am low: 72 high:
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mph friday: mostly cloudy, hot and humid with the chance for t-storms. am low: 71 high: 86 dewpoint: 70 wind: wsw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and cooler with the chance for t-storms. am low: 68 high: 80 dewpoint: 62 wind: n 5-10 mph anchors thanks steph jaw-dropping images from nasa. it's raining plasma on the sun's surface. nasa explains a solar flare can cause material to cascade down in big loops - called coronal rain. that "rain" is made of plasma -- a gas in which positively and negatively charged particles have separated. they form a super-hot mix that rapidly cools as it falls. interesting to note: the sun's corona - or outer atmosphere --
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scientists don't know why. unity and peace across all the message at the inaugural service of a north side church this sunday. fox6s deandra corinthios explains how church leaders hope to achieve this ...and why the messages reaches people all over the milwaukee area. hymns fills barack obama school... this is the first service at the north side branch of epikos church east side of milwaukee...and one in west allis. their mission... serve a multi ethnic...multi cultural...and multi generational congregation. "weve heard the black voice weve heard the white voice but one voice we have not heard is the unified voice of blacks and whites hispanics and asians all coming together who love one another" rosalind tipton and her grandson are from the neighborhood...but new to epikos. "it is good to step outside the box see how other people live and just
9:54 pm
of life" "the pastor says there will be a lot of people from the neighborhood attending services here on the north side he also says there will be people from the east side and west allis that will change where they attend services to come to this location" "we wanted to be here to be a part of everything and encourage everyone leaving the east side and west allis to come here" epikos two thousand parishioners. church leaders are proud to grow into a more diverse congregation "we were white church, college students, when we started and cover with broll honestly it has been a thing of god continuing to grow and diversify us" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. a big night at bradford beach. hundreds of people joined " milwaukee water commons" for their third annual
9:55 pm
our waters and hopes ton inspire people with music, drumming, art and spoken word. "we really feel that art is a huge part of the work. it's a different way for people to connect to the water." milwaukee water commons believes milwaukee has the needed creativity and expertise to become a model water city. last years event drew more than 300 people from all areas of the city. grown and burned down over 10- thousand acres of land. the fire in grant county started last night and grew so much overnight and this morning that resources from the state were called in . 12-to-18 homes have been put under immediate evacuation orders. according to the grant county sheriff's office no homes have burned down and no one's been hurt. firefighters hope to get a plane up at some point to get a better idea of how big this fire is.
9:56 pm
keepers takes a scary turn in a walmart parking lot in oklahoma city. several people were stung after thousands of bees escaped from their hives. paramedics and the fire department rushed to the scene... putting themselves in harms way with the bees still buzzing around the area.. the swarm attack sent three people to the hospital .. two in serious condition. and it wasn't just a few bees that caused all of this... "each hive can have up to 22,000 bees and at the time there were three hives." were half full so there were around 30-thousand or more bees. most bee attacks only involve one or two bees. dozens of people were sent to the hospital after overdosing at an ohio musical festival. people who came to "est fest" were passing around a drug laced candy called "prescribed medi-bles." after 24 people overdosed on what they thought were weed edibles, police chemically tested the candy. police found high concentrated
9:57 pm
"utter disregard for human life" those are the words authorities used to describe just one of the offenses this milwaukee man is accused of. fox6's jonathon gregg has the rest of his wrap sheet in tonight's "wisconsin's most wanted." the words used to describe 24 year old andre body "he's definitely a hothead. you don't know when he's going to go off." paint the picture of an ugly man, "i don't think she figured he'd do what disturbing are the words needed to recount what body is accused of. "he stabbed his girlfriend multiple times." if actions speak "louder" than words, andre body's disregard for human life is deafening . on september of 2015, andre body got into a heated argument with his girlfriend in an apartment on fond du lac avenue. "his girlfriend alleged he was
9:58 pm
body became increasingly aggressive until the convicted felon went off the rails. "he retaliated, punching her multiple times in the face and stabbing her in the left arm with a steak knife." body is wanted for reckless endangering safety. disorderly conduct and use of a deadly weapon. "the police responded. they did interviews and questions but when they did respond mr. body had victim survived the attack and body has been on the run ever since. "this person is like a time bomb and you don't know when he's going to go off." jonathon gregg, fox6 news. andre body is 6 foot two and weighs 225 pounds. he has long dreadlocks and grayish-brown eyes. he has tattoo of "praying hands"
9:59 pm
knife in 2015. if you have any information on his whereabouts, call u.s. marshals at 414-297-3707 10pm open now at 10-- an heartfelt weekend for packers fans-- "an to myself-- i will make it to the hall of fame... applause" ends on a disappointing note. "i'm going to ask ted thompson and mike mccarthy if i can play the first series tomorrow night." tonight it turns out no one gets to play. we begin with that breaking news-- the n-f-l is forced to call off the hall of fame game. turns out the turf
10:00 pm
canton, ohio. our ted perry spoke to disappointed fans-- tim van vooren got reaction from the teams. they join us now live. roll cue to vo: on the field before the game." roll cue to sot: why the decision was made." "i'm not going to get into the specifics and, frankly, it's not my expertise. it's was a


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