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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2016 1:05am-1:36am CDT

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now at 10-- it was supposed to be a ride to remembe fate-- it landed gary wetzel in the hospital. how the medal of honor recipient is doing tonight. plus-- tomorrow is election day in wisconsin! a look at some of the key races. and-- killed at her own birthday party. friends and family remember 3-year-old jayda handy. that's where we begin tonight. prayers tonight a little girl taken too soon. jayda handy was struck by a car and killed on saturday during her
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little girl near 84-th and marion. fox6s bret lemoine has more on this emotional tribute. e 'i wanted everything to be perfect for her because she was so perfect.' shock... and sadness set in... as friends and family members mourn the loss of a little girl... who was full of happiness. jh 'she used to kiss me goodnight and tell me she loved me.' on saturday... a birthday party to celebrate the life of three year old jayda handy... turned into a tearful mourning of the girls death. jh 'they say everything happens for a reason but i dont think i will every unde reason.' friends and family members gather here - at 84-th and marion - where little jayda was killed. it was during her birthday party.... police say the girl was standing outside with her mother. officials say the girl saw her grandfather pull up and got excited. she ran across the street... and was hit by a toyota camry headed northbound on 84-th street. now the birthday wishes... nat 'happy birthday.' ...come with tears. nat 'may the good lord bless you... may the good lord bless
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happy. just like she was. im crying because i miss her. im going to miss her.' the milwaukee county medical examiners report... released monday... indicates jaydas death was an accident. the family... asking drivers to slow down... and the city to consider placing stop signs in this intersection. g 'i feel like some stop signs going north and south right here it might save someone elses life.' go-fund-me account to help cover funeral expenses. so far, they have raised almost 4- thouasnd dollars. we have a link on fox6 now dot com if youd like to contribute. reporting live in milwaukee, bl, fox6 news. brad thanks bret breaking news now from wauwatosa. a 61-year-old man is found dead in a pool at an apartment complex near 100th and north. the medical examiner's office
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along with an autopsy-- they'll review video of the incident. charges have been filed against the sheboygan falls mother accused of killing her 2-year-old child. police arrested katlyn kin-uh-tay-der kinateder last thursday... after officers found the boys lifeless body inside her home. according to court documents-- the 27-year-old told detectives she suffocated 2-year- old dexter with a plastic bag. she told 9-1-1 operators she had lost it-- and was tired of looking at the boy. the distr expects kinatader to plead not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. what that means is, mental health professionals have to determine whether she does suffer from mental disease or defect and in addition, that that particular condition either prevented her at the time she did this from knowing right from wrong or from controlling her behavior. kinatader's bond was set at 750- thousand dollars. she's expected back in court
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and has been fighting for veterans ever since. tonight, he's in serious condition. fox six's jenna sachs explains he had a spill on his motorcycle-- while on the way to accept a prestigious award. garys well known across the country. there are few who have done as much for veterans ... as gary wetzel. just on and on and on the guy never stops. the vietnam veteran ... and congressional medal of honor recipient ... is immortalized on an a moment outside the milwaukee county war on a street that bears his name. its now called gary wetzel medal of honor way that whole street leading into the front of the war memorial. the man who survived an 11 hour battle in vietnam ... in which he was shot ... stabbed ... and lost his arm ... is now in a la crosse hospital. its serious. hell do an operation tomorrow. his longtime friend says wetzel was about 30 miles outside la crosse on sunday ... when he laid down his motorcycle at 60 miles an hour. something happened with his foot getting on the bike, trying to get on the pedal, and either that broke or
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went on the highway. jeffrey dentice says wetzel has a broken shoulder and pelvis. serious road rash and just a lot of pain and hurting. at the time of the accident ... wetzel was on his way to sturgis, south dakota ... where he was to receive the 2016 freedom fighter award ... and be inducted into the hall of fame. wetzel has spent decades advocating for veterans issues ... and founding veterans organizations. he has a long road to recovery ahead ... thankfully ... he's a fighter. coulda been dead, he coulda been just one of wisconsins congressional medal wetzel hasn't just advocated for veterans ... he's also an advocate for people with disabilities and kids with cancer ... among other things. tonight he's at gundersen hospital in la crosse ... awaiting surgery. reporting live in milwaukee. jenna sachs. fox 6 news. brad thanks jenna we're learning more tonight about a fatal motorcycle crash in milwaukee over the weekend. a pickup truck turned in front
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mckinley early saturday morning. both men crashed into the truck and died. according to the medical examiner's office-- there was a marijuana pipe found near the truck and open bottles of alcohol in the backseat. police have arrested the 21-year-old driver-- and charges will likely be filed soon. the man shot and killed by a dodge county sheriff's deputy has been identified. he's 59-year-old james quealy. the sheriff says they were called out to his apartment in beaver dam on and waving a gun on his balcony. after a two hour standoff-- quealy fired at a deputy-- so the deputy fired back. the sheriff's office says it's a case of "suicide by cop". it's been four years since brandon johnson died at the milwaukee county mental health complex. today his family filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages. an autopsy revealed johnson had blood clots and blunt force trauma to his neck-- but it's unclear how it happened. and his family claims
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complex ignored his cries for help. in 2013, the family learned there would be no criminal charges following a john doe investigation. 3 years later-- they still want answers. i wanna know what happened to my son. to this day, i dont know how he injured his neck. the lawsuit does not specify how much the family wants in damages. in a statement-- the county's counsel says they cannot discuss ongoing legal matters. today wasn't bad-- but the next few days are only going to worse. weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather deck tonight with the details. thanks to the high pressure we've had in place the past couple of days, we'll stay mostly clear and quiet tonight. lows will be warm and comfortable in the upper 60s. heading into tuesday, we'll see a slow warming trend, with highs closer to 84. humidity will also steadily
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wednesday and thursday will be the hottest days of the week, as our highs jump back to the upper 80s. heat indicies will feel like the 90s. storm chances return thursday through saturday. we should dry out and cool back off by the end of the weekend. tonight: mostly clear. low: 68 dewpoint: 63 wind: se 3-8 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny, hot and humid. 85 lakeside a 88 dewpoint: 69 wind: se 5-10 mph be sure to download the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available for apple and android devices. and you'll have instant access to the interactive radar and fox6 weather forecast. you decide coverage now.
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election. turnout is only supposed to be around 20-percent in the city of milwaukee. but remember you do need to bring an id to your polling place in order to cast a vote. one of the biggest races on the ballot tomorrow-- house speaker paul ryan and his primary challenger paul nehlen. they made the rounds today. ryan is expected to crush nehlen, with polling showing a 60-point margin. but the race has been in the spotlight recently-- after donald trump praised nehlen and withheld support f trump did end up endorsing ryan. and ryan praised one of his ideas today-- "thats why what donald trump says is right which is, we want good trade agreements, we dont want bad ones, we want good ones but in an economy like this, youve got to have good ones so we can make it here to sell it over there, instead of making it there to sell over there. thats the difference " "im working on behalf of american voters. paul ryan is working on behalf of chinese voters. paul ryan should be the representative for shanghai"
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news conference after only two questions. two democrats are running for state senate-- but before they face off in the polls-- they're facing off over the wording on a campaign flier. lena taylor says mandela barnes is spreading lies-- barnes says he stands by his claims. krystle kacner has the story the democratic candidates for the state senate seat hope voters are focused... i definitely hope they keep in mind our vision, our message about makingu communities safer, and providing economic opportunity i've stood up for women's rights for voters rights for education, for workers rightsthere's also another topic on the agenda-- a mailer sent out by barnes... i want to talk about the lie thats on the lit the offending line is two parts- the first... "lena voted with scott walker to put more guns on milwaukee streets" i did not author anything to put guns on the street. just for clarity, tell the
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nothing but the truth. open carry is legal in wisconsin. people already have guns on the streets. this is absolutely the truth. there is no way conceal carry, 300 thousand permits across the streets, theres no way that doesnt add up to more guns on the streets.the second part- talks about how taylor quote "voted to take money away from our public schools" wheres the vote? what vote is it? there is no such vote? she went around and supported governor walkers plan to increase per people republicans to vote for it. her campaign confirms back in 2013 .. she did support a part of the voucher school program .. yet according to non- partisan records... she ultimately... voted against it. they are the only two running for the seat, so the primary will decide whether lena taylor will serve a 4th term-- or if state representative mandela barnes will take her place. we'll have team coverage of all the key races tomorrow. join us for fox6 news at 9 and 10 for election results. or visit our website-- fox6now
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could be lurking in your floors. in tonight's contact 6 report-- what you can do to limit your exposure to formaldehyde. and later-- he has just weeks to live. but a delavan boy is all smiles after the fire department makes his dream come true.
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the appliance and electronics store h-h gregg -- is closing five of its wisconsin locations. three of them are in the milwaukee area -- includeing brown deer, greenfield and racine. two more are near green bay. employees can either transfer to another store or work with a work-placement company. so far no word on when the
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delta airlines today-- a massive computer outage early this morning temporarily grounded most of the six thousand daily flights for delta. at milwaukee's general mitchell international airport passengers found themselves stranded. we talked to travelers... some said they were able to get on later flights. others say they'll try to fly out again tomorrow. but they still felt the frustration. normally, you'll get a notification on your phone, that the flights are delayed. there's no system-wide outage, so they can't even notify you. on their website-- delta says systems are fully operational. but there will still be delays and cancellations while they try to get back on track. formaldehyde is a colorless gas thats considered a human carcinogen. its in many types of household products and made headlines last year when laminate flooring from lumber liquidators was reported to emit worrisome levels of the gas. consumer reports has tested a variety of flooring for
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tonight's contact 6 report. laminate flooring is less expensive than solid wood, but there have been concerns that the flooring emits formaldehyde. so consumer reports bought a variety of wood-based flooring products and ran lab tests over the past year. "it was a small study, but we did find that laminate and engineered wood had consistently higher levels of formaldehyde emissions compared to prefinished solid-wood samples that we tested." you're putting in new flooring, consumer reports says pre-finished solid- wood flooring is a better choice for reducing formaldehyde exposure. if you've had laminate or engineered wood flooring for several years, theres less cause for concern because formaldehyde is a volatile chemical that will dissipate over time. "the problem is lots of products can emit formaldehyde, especially when they're new. things like permanent-press fabric, upholstery, plywood, particleboard, paints, and
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formaldehyde levels, open windows to let in fresh air, wash permanent-press clothing and curtains before using them, choose wood furniture without formaldehyde- containing glues, and ban indoor smoking. but forget about using an air purifier. it probably wont lower formaldehyde levels. nor will putting a rug over your floor. on july 27th, the epa finalized a new ruleto reduce exposure to formaldehyde vapors from certain year, wood products that comply with the new federal standards will be labeled, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices. i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. thanks to the high pressure we've had in place the past couple of days, we'll stay mostly clear and quiet tonight. lows will be warm and comfortable in the upper 60s. heading into
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slow warming trend, with highs closer to 84. humidity will also steadily increase, although we'll stay mostly sunny through wednesday. wednesday and thursday will be the hottest days of the week, as our highs jump back to the upper 80s. heat indicies will feel like the 90s. storm chances return thursday through saturday. we should dry out and cool back off by the end of the weekend. 68 dewpoint: 63 wind: se 3-8 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny, hot and humid. 85 lakeside. am low: 70 high: 88 dewpoint: 69 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny, hot and humid with the chance for t-storms. am low: 70 high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: s 5-10
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humid with the chance for t-storms. am low: 75 high: 87 dewpoint: 73 wind: w-n 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny, hot and humid with the chance for t-storms. am low: 68 high: 77 dewpoint: 68 wind: ne 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny, cooler. am low: 64 high: 79 dewpoint: 63 wind: ne 5-10
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been swinging a big bat. he flashed the right there! brewers braves..bonus baseball..on deck in sports.
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?to win just once,? ?to win just once.? ?that would be enough...? one dollar megamillions from the wisconsin lottery. the brewers returned home tonight to open a 7 game homestand. zach davies wasn't at his best, allowing 2 homers against the braves, who came to town with a major league high 70 losses! but zach exited after 7 innings
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bat of catcher marteen maldonadoin the 5th. marteen getting his chance to start.. thanks to the lucroy trade. making the most of it right there! they went to the 12th inning still tied at 3...gordon beckham sac fly off carlos torres gonna get the go ahead run in. .keon broxton drops the ball. further damage avoided. but atlanta-loser of a major league high 70 games, takes game 1 of three.."4"-3 atlanta-loser of a major league high 70 games, takes game 1 of three.."4"-3 today's the 10 year anniversary of roger goodell succeeding paul tagliabue as nfl czar. it can't be his proudest moment, given the cancellation of last
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of fame game... despite the league's attempt to distance itself from blame. well, commish....i'm putting in my application to be a painter in canton. it's good to have a fall back job.. plus i can't mess up any more than you folks did! the sticky slippery paint at midfield and in the end zones didn't keep aaron rodgers and hall of fame quarterback brett favre from getting some time together. number 4 told the crowd that number 12's done enough to punch his ticket to the hall already. the rest of his caree the cake. here's aaron on the man he backed up for 3 years. "he often got attention for his ability to throw from different platforms, his feet kind of all over the place. underhand throws or different things but as far as his ability to throw from in the pocket and subtle movements and the ability to time his drops up with the route concepts that's one of the biggest things a young quarterback can learn." the packers are reportedly giving a workout to well-traveled tight end
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has suffered 2 legs injuries- and hasn't played since the 2 thousand 13 season. but the 6th overall pick by the browns in the oh 4 draft may get a shot. with jared cook still on the pup list..why not? fall camp kicked off for the badgers football team today. the biggest talking points are the starting quarterback..senior bart houston or redshirt freshman alex horny-brook, and the tough schedule. dare ogunbowale's part of a talented trio at running back. with taiwan deal, and of course, corey clem'-ent. "he's just worried about now, making the right pay a fun day for nba rookies such as bucks 2nd round pick pick malcolm brogdon and top pick thon maker-- they posed for their nba rookie cards in new york! both young fellas are eager to put some nice stats on that card, and more. "i think i can bring a variety of things. i think i can bring
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specifically, on the court, i think i can bring defense and versatility on offense." "the fans can expect a lot of energy out of me. they can expect me playing hard every single game. coming in and contributing as hard as i can in every single aspect of the game." i think both picks will have put signatures on the bucks future
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delavan welcomes its newest honorary firefighter... unfortunately -- it's not under the best circumstances. 10-year-old "ryan johnson" is battling a terminal illness. he was diagnosed in the fall of last year... and in recent weeks -- things have gotten worse. today -- though -- it was all smiles as he got the chance be a firefighter -- like he always wanted. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking


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