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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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showers and thundertorms. locally heavy rain is possible. highs in the upper 70s. rain moves out for the weekend, but dewpoints will hold in the 60s to around 70. tonight: slight chance for t-storms. better chances overnight. low: 74 dewpoint: 73 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: cooler and humid with rain and t-storms. high: 78 dewpoint: 73 wind: ne 5-15 mph saturday: decreasing clouds, still warm and humid. am low: 67 wind: ne 5-15 mph
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next 24 hours! it's a free download -- and available for apple and android devices. new at ten-- a brush with death! the archbishop of milwaukee says if it weren't for some luck-- and a lot of help, he may not have survived a sever allergic reaction. what caused it?! fox 6's ben handelman says it's something that is likely in your house. on sunday mornings--- many times all that priests ask--- is that we listen. strangely enough, last weeks gospel was you know not the hour, the time of day, or time of day. after a lesson on how life should not be taken for granted-- no one expected archbishop of milwaukee jerome listecki to deliver a dramatic example. i returned from poland for world youth day, and i had a sinus infection. listecki says monday he grabbed medicine at his home before going to a meeting. so i opened it up and took a swig, of robitussin. he didn't realize it was robitussin cf,
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and it has acytemetaphine. im highly allergic to accytametaphine. listecki first called his house keeper. she said you want me to call 9-1-1, she said no why dont you just come over and well go over to the er. by the time he made it outside, his throat was closing. luckily i had the cell phone in my pocket, as paramedics arrived, another priest happened to be walking by, and delivered the sacrament of the sick. he grabs the holy oil. and anoints me. listecki was rushed to a hospital, and kept overnight as a precaution. an unexpected point about a sermon, that is worth reflecting on. i dont care if youre the archbishop of milwaukee or a police officer, you got to be ready when god will call you. listecki says his guardian angels were working overtime. he says if it wasn't for his cell phone, and a lot of other good fortune including the fact he had benadryl early on which likely slowed the reaction,
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we're glad he is. guys. still developing tonight-- a fatal crash under investigation near whitewater. authorities say a driver ran a stop sign at county line road and highway 12-- and right into the path of a semi. the driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene. the man accused of drowning his three-month-old son in a pond pleads not guilty. 25-year-old sean flowers was in court this morning for his preliminary hearing. police say flowers waded into a pond and dropped the infant after a he's been charged with first degree intentional homicide. we're learning more about the cudahy dispatcher accused of misconduct in office. according to court documents-- melissa mueller was stealing parking ticket money. police say she engaged in suspicious behavior while on the job-- including one instance where a man went to city hall to pay a parking ticket. i went in to put the money in the box on the side and the lady at the desk said, i can take it here. so i went over
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six he got an overdue notice a week later, so he called police.court documents say ?surveillance cameras captured mueller taking the man's cash at the lobby desk... but later pocketing the money. mueller resigned from her job today. new tonight-- a high speed chase-- an officer punched-- and the suspect tased. but believe it or not.. there's even more to this story.. krystle kacner has the details she was on the run from the start... taking off at high speeds from a traffic s i-41 ... just after midnight. police and sheriff's deputies chase the 41 year old driver for several miles through germantown ... law enforcement has to fall back because the suspects driving becomes too dangerous to follow... but they eventually find her again-- despite her apparent efforts to hide from them. she's in cabela's parking lot.. in richfield... with all her vehicle lights off. when they spot her .. she tries to drive away again- this time
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squad.. and police say.. narrowly missing a germantown officer. the suspect takes off again-- the supervisor for germantown on duty thursday says one of the reasons he told his officers not to pursue, is the suspect got on this interstate, 45 41 southbound, and its all construction. he was worried about the safety of the workers.police find her at her new berlinthats when they say she punches one of the officers in the face... she's subsequently hit with a police authorities.... then arrested for owi and battery to a police officer. there were no serious injuries.. she will remain in the waukesha county jail until she can be transferred to the washington county sheriff's office. live in new berlin, kk fox6 news. brad thanks krystle in south milwaukee-- a teacher is accused of dealing drugs. tracy wendt works at lakeview elementary school. but according to a criminal complaint-- she and her husband
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pay off debt. she faces quite a few drug charges. the school placed her on unpaid leave while the court case plays out. it's official-- fans have brought a class action lawsuit against the n-f-l and the pro-football hall of fame. the game between the packers and the colts was canceled because of bad paint on the field. fans will be refunded their money for the ticket. but at least four fans say-- that's not enough. the group includes two people from wisconsin-- they want to be reimbursed for travel, hotel and the time they took off work. he may not be polling well here-- but donald trump is not giving up on wisconsin. his running mate mike pence spoke to supporters in milwaukee tonight. there were a handful of protesters inside the event -- ashley sears has more on that. but we begin with theo keith tonight. he has more on pence's message. pence told this crowd that its trumps avoidance of political correctness that helps make him
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trump to stick to the script as he tries to climb back into the race. just yesterday, the marquette poll showed clinton surging to a 15-point lead. nats - walker and pence on stage mike pence promotes donald trump in a state that hasnt warmed up to him. if you want a president who will upend the status quo in washington dc, and uphold the constitution of the my friends in wisconsin we have but one choice the room was mostly - but not completely - full. governor scott walker, who skipped trumps rally in green bay last week, introduced pence here. they praised one another. he is a leader whos going to be a great leader not just for indiana, but come this january, he is going to join the team that helps turn america around again, and makes america great again! pences speech was interrupted three times by protesters... nats - disturbance and people
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police led them all out the door within seconds nats - protesters led away pence acknowledged neither the protesters nor those who chanted 'lock her up' as he hammered hillary clinton over her email scandal and reports that she may have used her state department position to benefit her donors. lets leave here and not rest and not relent until we make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. we will make america great again! businesswomen - diane hendricks and liz eihlein - to his economic policy team. both have been big donors to governor walker. live, theo keith, fox6 news. steph thanks theo as you saw-- people in the crowd had mixed reactions to the republican vice presidential nominee. our ashley sears spoke with all sides of the political
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at the hilton downtown nats protesters are escorted out one-by-one-by-one vice presidential nominee mike pence addresses a crowd ;unphased-- the room is filled with those in support-- 02:14 donald trump and mike pence are honest men that will tell the truth to the american people and put money in our pockets. others undecided trump, how does he feel about women? how really is he going to get that wall built? how is he going to deal with foreign affairs? and some who see no other choice. this is pence's second stop in wisconsin thursday. he tries to rally people--as polls show the republican ticket is losing by double digits in the state. 14:37 out of all the candidates, out of the 17, he wouldve probably bottom choice, but he is the republican candidate and i see no other choice for me to do. at the democratic field office in milwaukee-- state representative latonya johnson--denounces the republican presidential
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pences proposal will hurt the average everyday american. november will show-- which message resonates most-- nats i spoke with one of the protesters tonight. he says no one was arrested. their goal was to disrupt as much as possible. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 brad thanks ashley as for donald trump-- he campaigned in florida today. in orlando-- he met with a group of evangelical ministers. his opponent hillary clinton was in warren, michigan. today she gave an economic address-- calling trump "untrustworthy". he was a young graduate with a bright future. but 18-year-old angelo young was shot and killed in a robbery just over a year ago. tonight-- a detective speaks exclusively with fox6 about two key clues-- that
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and-- quite the sight! a stolen car ends up in a retention pond in kenosha. that story is coming
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fire at a fran
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park really was. firefighters say it caused 3-million dollars worth of damage. it broke out yesterday on a battery bank inside s & c electric. firefighters had a hard time putting it out-- because the chemicals in the batteries react with water. a bizarre investigation in kenosha-- after a stolen s-u-v is found in a retention pond. a semi driver called it in early this morning. it took the fire department about 2 hours to tow the s-u-v out of the water near 76th and green bay road. no one was inside. hazmat crews were called in to deal with the fuel "it looks as if the vehicle had not only a large amount of fuel in the tank but probably had some spare gas tanks within it, unfortunately that leaked out into the water." the s-u-v was taken from a home in pleasant prairie. police there are looking for any clues the thief may have left inside. milwaukee police are renewing
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since the murder of a high school graduate who planned to attend u-w-m and then join the air force. a detective spoke exclusively with our a.j. bayatpour. he says people should keep an eye out for a car...and a backpack. the intersection of garfield and palmer... it's one of the last intersections angelo young had to pass on his way home late last july. police believe multiple suspects tried to rob the teen. it ended with thieves killing the 18-year- old rufus king graduate. i think of a young kid who had a lot of promise, al life taken far too soon. matthew gadzalinksi is one of the detectives looking for young's killer. we believe that during this robbery, this unfortunate incident with mr. young that occurred, that a backpack wouldve been taken from mr. young - a very specific backpack. it's an element brand "tigerleaf" design. gadzalinski also says surveillance video just a couple blocks from the shooting shows the vehicle they
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a late-90s chevy suburban-style vehicle, dark in color, that emitted some very loud type of noise whether it was muffler or engine noise. two weeks ago, young's stepfather is among the relatives at a 'stop the violence' basketball tournament played in honor of young and other homicide victims. you never think this would happen to individuals like that - especially so young with such a promising future. both demetrius rice, and the detective, believe someone out there knows who killed angelo young. and i have fai of milwaukee - that someone will find the intestinal fortitude to come forward and do the right thing. young's family has raised a little more than $5,000 for a reward. it'll go to anyone with information leading to the arrest of young's killer. rufus king high school now offers an annual scholarship award in young's honor. reporting in the newsroom,, a.j. bayatpour,
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forecast from fox6 meteorologist tom wachs we have a slight chance for a few t- storms this evening, otherwise warm and 80s. thunderstorm chances will increase overnight with lows in the middle 70s. cloudy, cooler and humid on friday with showers and thundertorms. locally heavy rain is possible. highs in the upper 70s. rain moves out for
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to around 70. tonight: slight chance for t-storms. better chances overnight. low: 74 dewpoint: 73 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: cooler and humid with rain and t-storms. high: 78 dewpoint: 73 wind: ne 5-15 mph saturday: decreasing clouds, still warm and humid. am low: 67 high: 80 dewpoint: 70 wind: ne 5-15 mph sunday: mostly s wind: wnw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 66 high: 82 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday:
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high: 85 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 67
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the field tomorrow. finally the packers will take the field tomorrow. and if you listen to players on one side of the ball, there's one guy to watch for tomorrow. you'll hear why coming up. and they didn't allow a zero to be put on the board in any inning. coming up, the brewers enjoy a special day as does a
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weather permitting, the packers will have their 1st preseason game behind them 24 hours from now. after having their 1st scheduled game cancelled sunday night, tomorrow's game against the browns at lambeau field will now be their 1st of 4 preseason match ups. one player
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to is rookie linebacker blake martinez because his teammates are doing the same. "he's like a second voice in my head. he's just talking about what's going on so he's been doing a great job. benny's been doing a great job. and derrick, they all have been doing a great job." in madison, the badgers are also getting ready for their first game. but there's a difference as their game will count as they will face lsu at lambeau field on september 3rd. today, they held their 4th practice of the year and still there's not a clear cut starter at quarterback. got to find the identity of this team and find the identity of this offense. we'll get there but it's gonna be a little bit. we've got to figure out a lot of stuff." there's always a chance you'll see something rare at a baseball game. that was the case in the brewers-braves series finale today at miller park. the brewers get on the board in the 1st when chris carter hits
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brewers have homered. after that, they score in every inning, including a 3 run double by newcomer manny pina as the brewers win easily 11-3. it's only the 16th time a team has scored in every inning and pina was a big part of it. tom pipines has more from miller park. "cruzer, a great day for catcher manny pina. twenty-nine years old, fifth different organization, nearly quit the game. worked hard to get here. he's only catching because of the jonathan lucroy trade and today his first major league rbis. three at one crack." "thre laughs . yeah, so i feel so happy right now. thank you." "the pina double in the bottom of the inning certainly was the hit. he had more good at-bats today. certainly pleased with what he's shown so far. he's done a nice job." "so after losing two in a row, the brewers do what they have done all season long for manager craig counsell. they bounce back, get the final two for a split and the reds come to
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the brewers at miller park, tom pipines, fox six sports." it's just around the corner and now you can plan. the bucks regular season schedule has been released and here are some key dates. they open the season at home on october 26th, a wednesday, against charlotte and are home 3 days later with new jersey. the golden state warriors come to town on november 19th, their only visit of the season. the world on november 29th. and dwyane wade and the bulls come to the bmo harris bradley center on december 15th. we have their entire schedule on our website, fox 6 now dot com. it's a major weekend again, this time for the champions tour near columbus, ohio for the senior u.s. open. and everyone is chasing vijay singh who handled scioto very well, shooting a 4 under 66 to take a 2 stroke lead after 18 holes.
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milwaukee's northwest side. police are on the scene of a serious crash near 91st and appleton. it happened a little before 10. our photojournalist on the scene says police were performing c-p-r on a person in the street. for the latest-- visit our website fox6 now dot com and join us for wakeup starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. finally tonight. a perfect gift -- just in time for the upcoming filled with new school supplies were given out to kids on milwaukee's south side. the event -- taking place at the hunger task force's clarke square meal site. kohl's also hooked the kids up with a book and toy. if it didn't get any better than that -- dinner was also served. the backpack donations are made possible by the "kohl's cares" initiative. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking news anytime at
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