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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 12, 2016 3:05am-4:01am CDT

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president who never quits.... who never
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a winner and until very recently it seemed like he was out there all on his own but now this movement is united - this party is untied - and we're gonna elect donald trump to be the next president of the united states of america. you decide coverage tonight - a rousing visit from donald trump's running mate in milwaukee tonight. indiana governor mike pence just wrapped up a rally at the hilton downtown. we have team coverage of this speech - and reaction. let's start with political reporter theo keith. tonight mike pence attacked hillary clinton and the media in front of a few hundred supporters - and a handful of protesters. the event is pences fourth in wisconsin - and comes a day after the marquette poll showed clinton surging here to a 15 point lead. nats - people cheer pence walkup mike pence promotes his running
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hasnt warmed up to him. when he does his talking, he doesnt go tiptoeing around the thousands of rules of political correctness. he tells it like it is, and the american people hear him loud and clear cheers :20pence spoke to a mostly-full room in milwaukee. governor scott walker introduced him to the crowd. last week, walker skipped donald trumps rally in green bay. and hes been far more vocal about his support of pence than trump. he i a great leader not just for indiana, but come this january, he is going to join the team that helps turn america around again, and makes america great again! :49pences speech was interrupted three times by protesters... nats - disturbance and people shouting 'trump! trump!' at the protesterpolice led them all out the door within seconds nats - protesters led awaypence acknowledged neither the protesters nor those who chanted 'lock her up' as pence hammered hillary clinton over her email scandal and reports that she may have used her state department position to benefit her donors.
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and not relent until we make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. we will make america great again! :19 the protesters were from the liberal group voces de la frontera. a representative says there were five protesters in all. according to that representative, they are all home tonight -- no one was arrested. live, theo keith, fox6 news. not everyone ws tonight. fox 6's ashley sears spoke with people in the crowd. she's live downtown with that part of the story. among those in the crowd tonight--diehard trump and pence supporters-- others still trying to figure out who will get their vote in november. 07:09 im in this hotel tonight... at the hilton in downtown milwaukee-- 07:11 theres no way i cant come up three flights of stairs. ill go down three
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see what he has to say. the crystal ballroom--fills up with people waiting for republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. ernie blue is an undecided voter. 07:44 if hes representing trump, how does he feel about women? how really is he going to get that wall built? how is he going to deal with foreign affairs? others are already sold--on the trump/pence ticket. 02:14 donald trump and mike pence are honest men that will tell the truth to the our pockets. governor pence--takes the stage-- on his second stop in wisconsin thursday. he tries to rally people--as polls show the republican ticket is losing by double digits in the state. 14:37 out of all the candidates, out of the 17, he wouldve probably bottom choice, but he is the republican candidate and i see no other choice for
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milwaukee-- 22:37 trump and pence would be a catastrophe for wisconsin. state representative latonya johnson--denounces the republican presidential ticket. 18:58 donald trump and mike pences proposal will hurt the average everyday american. november will show-- which message resonates most-- nats i was able to speak with some people after the rally. they say they were pleased with tonight protests tonight--drummed up more support for pence in the end. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. meantime - donald trump is acknowledging his campaign is having a tremendous problem'' in utah. trump told evangelical pastors at an event in florida, that they have to quote get your people out to vote.'' meanwhile, hillary clinton in michigan today - she's depicting trump as a political outlier, promoting what she calls
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check fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app thursday for raw video of governor pence's speeches in la crosse and milwaukee. you'll find them both on the home page. and update on a story we first told you about on fox6 news at 9 on tuesday - a lawsuit has now been filed over the n-f-l's decision to cancel the hall of fame game. fox 6's ben handelman is live in the newsroom with an update. the class action lawsuit was filed today on behalf of four 2 from wisconsin - who traveled to canton, ohio - only to see the game be canceled. the n-f-l called off the game between the packers and the colts because of an issue with the paint on the field. the league says fans will have their ticket costs refunded - but the lawsuit says that's not enough. the plaintiffs claim that the n-f-l knew the game couldn't take place... but intentionally waited until after fans were inside the stadium and purchasing food and souvenirs to make the announcement. the
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expenses for fans who traveled from across the country to see the game. we're not talking about a ton of money to the nfl which is a 14 billion dollar per year enterprise with a ceo that makes 45 million dollars a year. all we're trying to do is get hard working people from across the country their money back. the attorney who is handling the case also represented ticket were left without a seat during the 20-11 super bowl in dallas. he says if a judge signs off on the case as a class action lawsuit, other fans who traveled to the game would automatically be included in the case. brad? brad thanks ben forecast from fox6 meteorologist tom wachs we have a slight chance for a few t- storms this evening, otherwise warm and humid with temperatures in the
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increase overnight with lows in the middle 70s. cloudy, cooler and humid on friday with showers and thundertorms. locally heavy rain is possible. highs in the upper 70s. rain moves out for the weekend, but dewpoints will hold in the 60s to around 70. tonight: slight chance for t-storms. better chances overnight. wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: cooler and humid with rain and t-storms. high: 78 dewpoint: 73 wind: ne 5-15 mph saturday: decreasing clouds, still warm and humid. am low: 67
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a traffic stop-- turns dangerous. a 41 year old woman allegedly leads police on a car chase through multiple cities and counties....before she's arrested in her home town of new berlin. and she doesn't go quietly krystle kacner is live in new berlin.. where that arrest took place... and as she'll tell us .. what happened is quite shocking. as they tried to arrest her.. police say she punched a new berlin officer in the face. she was then struck by a police baton... and tased .. as she continued resi she had been running from police...long before that though.... it appeared to be a routine traffic stop at highway 167 and i-41 ... until.. the suspect vehicle took off. it was about quarter after midnight.. . germantown police and washington county sheriff's deputies take off in pursuit.... following the 41 year old driver for several miles through the northwestern part of germantown ... law enforcement has to fall
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becomes too dangerous to follow... but they eventually find her again-- despite her apparent efforts to hide from them. she's in cabela's parking lot.. in richfield... with all her vehicle lights off. when they spot her .. she tries to drive away again- this time squads block her - she hits 2- causing damage to a sheriff's squad.. and police say.. narrowly missing a germantown officer. the suspect takes off again-- the supervisor for germantown on duty thursday sayson his officers not to pursue, is the suspect got on this interstate, 45 41 southbound, and its all construction. he was worried about the safety of the workers.the vehicle they'd been chasing was registered to a 41 year old new berlin woman... so they call new berlin police.... who go to the woman's house... and confront her right as she pulls in to her driveway. thats when they say she punches one of the officers in the face... she's subsequently hit with a police baton and tased , according to authorities.... then arrested
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there were no serious injuries.. thankfully- but police say there could have been. the washington county sheriff's office is requesting recklessly endangering safety to be added to potential charges. she will remain in the waukesha county jail until she can be transferred to the washington county sheriff's office. live in new berlin, kk fox6 news. caught on camera in cudahy. a police dispatcher... on the dollar parking ticket... led to criminal charges. a mystery in the water. an suv... pulled from a kenosha pond. why was it there? and the cargo that required an emergency response. and -- a teacher... learns a lesson that could cost her, her job. why she won't be back in the classroom this fall. those stories in the next 9 minutes.
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it all started with a 25 dollar ticket. now, a former cudahy dispatcher and police spokesperson has melissa mueller faces pending charges of theft and misconduct in public office. fox 6s madeline anderson has more on how police say they caught her. when dan stanhke found a 25-dollar parking ticket on his windshield earlier this summer... he headed to city hall. 53:20 i went in to put the money in the box on the side and the lady at the desk said, i can take it here. so i went over there and paid it. :28 stahnke tells fox 6 over the phone... he
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reminding him he still had to pay the fine. 53:30. so i called them up and i said, hey i paid it. you can check. police looked through surveillance footage of that day.... according to court documents... cameras captured melissa mueller taking stahnkes cash at the lobby desk... but failing to properly record the parking ticket payment. a half hour later... she pockets the money. to find a ticket on your window, its bad. and to know that someone is stealing that money, its even worse. found mueller had engaged in number instances of suspicious behavior. she was arrested tuesday and resigned from her position as a dispatcher thursday. cudahy residents are relieved mueller no longer has access to their money. these are people that were supposed to be trusting. you want the city to use your money properly. you dont want to go to sleep knowing that your money was stolen. and the special investigations unit at the milwaukee county district attorney's office is handling this investigation right now we don't know exactly how much money mueller is accused of stealing. she's since been
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madeline anderson fox 6 news the man accused of drowning his three-month-old son in a pond pleads not guilty. 25-year-old sean flowers was in court this morning for his preliminary hearing. police say flowers got into an argument with the infant's mother earlier this month. that's when investigators say he waded into the pond-- with the baby-- near 76th and brown deer road. when a witness tried and save the baby-- flowers allegedly only swam out deeper. his bail is set at one-million dollars. the medical examiner's office identifies the man who drowned in a pool at washington park. officials say 19-year-old christopher taylor and a group of friends climbed over a locked fence to get into the closed pool. taylor began having trouble swimming and sank to the bottom. two of his friends tried to help him, but couldn't. a south milwaukee teacher is on leave and could soon face time behind bars.... the teacher has worked at lakeview elementary school since 2007. but now she is acing several drug- related charges. fox6s
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when students return to lakeview elementary for fall classes, long-time teacher tracy wendt wont be there. instead, she faces multiple charges, including: possession with intent to deliver or manufacture thc; maintaining a drug trafficking place; possession of drug paraphernalia and felony intimidation of a witness. the south milwaukee school districts superintendent says wendt is currently on unpaid administrative leave... as i to play out, the district is also conducting its own investigation. she says wendt joined the staff at lakeview elementary in 2007. according to a criminal complaint, police found t-h-c and another controlled substance at her home in early august. the complaint says both tracy wendt and her husband james face drug- related charges.. but james told police all the drugs in the home were his. the document also says tracy told police the couple was in debt and the opportunity to sell marijuana presented itself about a year ago... and
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quiet thursday.. but word of this arrest and its impact on the school is starting to cirulate. 'its very sad really is. what i feel just hurt for the teacher herself and for those shes been in contact with.' tracy wendt also faces a charge of felony intimidation of a witness. a criminal complaint says she told a witness to 'watch his back' after police executed a search warrant at the familys home. reporting tonight in south milwaukee, rachelle baillon fox6 news. kenosha police find a car sinking into a pond early this morning. stolen from a home in pleasant prairie. a semi delivery driver reported seeing the s-u-v nearly submerged in the pond near 76th and green bay road in kenosha. it took about two hours for rescue crews to pull the suv out of the pond - they say no one was inside when it went in the water. hazmat crews were also called to deal with fuel leaking from the suv. "it looks as if the vehicle had not only a large amount of fuel in the tank but probably had some spare gas tanks within it, unfortunately that leaked out
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well as the dnr were notified of the spill. fire officials hope to have the pond cleaned up before it prevent further contamination. an entire building of businesses raided! we were there near 55th and florist when that happened . it was hours of federal officials removing boxes of evidence. now fox6 obtained the federal paperwork that tells much more. myra sanchick has the new information. court, the alleged crimes range from conspiracy to defraud the united states to money laundering. the search warrants name the contracting companies of nuvo contruction, c3t, pagasa construction and the sonag company, as well as a local accountant. we were there earlier this month as agents from the small business administration, veterans affairs, and the f-b-i spent hours taking out evidence and records from the businesses located near 55th and florist. documents allege that to get minority contracts from the
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former hispanic worker, who agreed to become president of another company, nuvo and that minority worker claimed to manage the company. documents say, however, that worker actually had moved to minnesota and had another job there. the search warrant affidavit says the supposed president of the company "was never at nuvo, despite having an office there." allegations are that a similar scheme went on at other related companies to get contracts reserved for disabled veterans. the federal officials, who are investigating, are busy combing files. reporting in milwaukee myra sanchick fox 6 news for more on last week's search warrant execution in milwaukee -- head to our website, fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. on the home page, you'll find a photo gallery showing agents in action. the countdown is on less than 24 hours until the packers take the field but this year, things are a bit different on game days in titletown. what you must know before you head up to lambeau. plus, we now know what caused that large fire at a franklin industrial park. and the cost to the
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few t- storms this evening, otherwise warm and humid with temperatures in the 80s. thunderstorm chances will increase overnight with lows in the middle 70s. cloudy, cooler and humid on friday with showers and thundertorms. locally heavy rain is possible. highs in the upper 70s. rain moves out for the weekend, but dewpoints will hold in the 60s to around 70. tonight: slight chance for t-storms. better chances ove wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: cooler and humid with rain and t-storms. high: 78 dewpoint: 73 wind: ne 5-15 mph saturday: decreasing clouds, still warm and humid. am low: 67 high: 80 dewpoint: 70 wind: ne 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 65 high: 85 dewpoint: 67 wind:
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family night was the first test at lambeau field.. and at tomorrow's preseason game .. there will be more. new security measures, ordered by the n-f-l. how the team is making sure you get in without a hassle.. and what did one milwaukee resident have to do to get donald driver to pay a visit? tim van vooren let's you know as he goes beyond the
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good news for drivers - the zoo interchange project is still on-schedule. and to stay on schedule-- there's going to be another significant ramp closure soon. justin williams shares more details for drivers. while it may sound small, this is one of the lightest volume ramps, in the interchange. the coming closure
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deal. that's 7,000 people, a day, that are going to have to find a different route. we'll get to that, in a moment. first, wisconsin department of transportation spokesman ryan luck, delivers the details. on monday, august 15th, we're gonna be closing eastbound 94, to northbound 41, long-term, until spring of 2017. then, the southeast freeways construction chief describes the detours. highway 100, northbound is the closest to the interchange -- that's probably the primary route. you head north, up to bluemound, and rejoin, at the watertown plank t west of the zoo, is also a good, alternate route. so, you can get off, and then take 164, to capitol, and come in, north, on 41. drivers are not alone, in being made aware, as the d-o-t has notified the neighbors -- including the milwaukee regional medical complex, which, in turn, posts information on its website. all of the people that are very connected to the zoo interchange are aware of this long-term closure. /ryan says you can expect your alternate route to add 5-to-10 minutes to your trip, so, he suggests, you
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more information on this ramp closure, you can log onto fox-six-now-dot- com, and search the 'links' page. for now, this is the latest. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. check the weekly construction forecast for the zoo interchange before you go! you'll find it on the links page of our website, fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. we have also posted a get around guide, and a list of upcoming scheduled closures. morning. a camper being pulled by a tow truck overturns on "eye"-43 north at hampton. the left lane of the interstate had to be closed - eventually all of the northbound lanes were closed. it took about an hour and 15 minutes to clean up the crash and reopen the freeway. extensive - and expensive - damage after this fire at "s & c electric" in
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dollars a large bank of lithium ion batteries caught fire -- it took more than 20 fire departments to put it out. in the middle of milwaukee, a woman and her family are making a choice to live a healthier lifestyle and eat healthier food, and she's ready to grow it all by herself. that effort got the attention of one packers legend. tim van vooren goes beyond the game. nicole santos has quite the project behind her milwaukee outdoor agriforestry center." or to you and me a green house. "this particular project is just to show people that we can in fact change the context of our living spaces and our growing spaces." or better yet, maybe on this day, you can call it a green and gold house. "donald driver...driven to health..yes , i'm all about driven to health." "the santos family has done an amazing job of building their own garden." that's right, packers wide receiver donald driver made a surprise visit to her home and green house. driver and children's hospital of wisconsin have teamed up for
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contest. nicole is this year's winner. "building their own garden so they can have a healthier lifestyle, so they can have fresh fruit, fresh vegetables." "i've invested in to donald, 14 years he was my wide receiver he did amazing things for our organization so to have donald driver in my's fine, fine." she says part of the reason for building the green house was because her kids are half brazilian, and she wanted to grow foods native to brazil. "it was amazing wn nicole how she said it started in brazil, it started with her grandparents teaching her how to be gardeners and she decided to bring it to the states." "we need to be able to grow tropical fruits nobody is thinking brazil kind of weather here but we can create those environments indoors and grow food." the green house has become a labor of love for nicole. "i've done this all by myself." "i did that to show people that one person can do this and how much more we can accomplish if we
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that her green house will be used as a model for other people... "she's not just doing it for herself but for her entire community and that's where its going to start." or even something bigger. "i know there's going to be mistakes and i know there's going to be flaws and that is to maybe represent a space an indoor space that we take over like the milwaukee mall or northridge and institute the same kind of growing power indoors. in milwaukee, tim van vooren, fox 6 sports. nicole is a disabled veteran of the u- would like to open a therapeutic educational center for children and veterans with special needs sometime in the future. the packers play their first preseason game tomorrow night. and fans heading to lambeau will see some changes before they even get inside the stadium. this year, walk-through metal detectors are being used at all of the gates. it's part of a change being put in place as
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machines worked well during family night, and they expect that to continue as the season gets underway. this year, there are also new express lanes to help fans get inside of lambeau faster. "the express lanes are meant if you only bring your keys and your cell phone to a game, you have no bags, no stadium seats or those types of things you can pull those out and you'll be able to hold those over your head and walk through the detector and you'll just keep walking." about its bag and purse policy. bags larger than 12 inches by 6 inches will not be allowed in. and the bags that are allowed inside must be clear plastic. she wanted to make a difference.. so she came up with a unique plan to honor local enforcement.. how her adopt a deputy plan has gone national.. plus - it's unprecedented. a startling new number of drug overdose deaths .. and this
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thunderstorm chances on the increase overnight. how long chances will last and how heavy the rain could be coming up in
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if you don't... you can get a free wisconsin state id... head to the division of motor vehicles. and take a few documents with you: (announcer) proof of your name, date of birth and us citizenship, like a certified birth certificate. if you don't have a birth certificate or other documents, the dmv can still help you get a free id for voting. for a complete list of the documents you can use, visit
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set shot bump back w/ tc "ocean's eleven" is getting a remake... and rumors are already swirling about next year's super bowl
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tonight's buzz. sandra bullock will lead an all-female cast in "oceans eight" - a remake of "oceans eleven." the film will be about a group of crooks who pull off a major heist -- similar to the oceans series starring george clooney. the cast also includes cate blanchette, helena bonham carter and mindy kaling. producers are still negotiating roles for anne hathaway and rihanna. one all-female remake that doesn't seem to be a hit..."ghostsbusters." the hollywood reporter says don't looking at a 70-million dollar loss. sony pictures, the studio behind the movie, hasn't commented. and adele could be taking the stage at next year's superbowl... rumor has it the singer is in talks to headline the big game. according to "the sun"..the n-f-l is trying to persuade her to sign up. a rep for the singer said they had "no comment." and that's your buzz. potowatomi's "heart of canal street" program kicking off
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the event this afternoon. heart of canal street provides funding to charities across southeastern wisconsin. -- to the tune of millions. it kicked off today by announcing ten of the 31 charities that will benefit. a steamy one today - when will the heat break? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. she was "scalped on a ride at an amusement park.. her mission to make all rides safer.. it was a shoot/don't shoot'' demonstration to help train police. it was just a drill - so
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10. in business news- pharmaceutical manufacturer "alcami" hosts an open house at its new germantown location. "alcami" is a development and manufacturing firm that supports the pharma and biotech industry. the company makes medicine ingredients, drug products and packages them for market. they are also a test site for the drug products they
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anywhere from a year to ten years. macy's will close 100 of its struggling department stores. that's about 15-percent of its stores. macy's did not say which stores or how many employees will be affected...but said it will happen early next year. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. adlib to wx weather forecast from fox6 meteorologist tom wachs we have a slight chance for a few t- storms this evening, otherwise
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80s. thunderstorm chances will increase overnight with lows in the middle 70s. cloudy, cooler and humid on friday with showers and thundertorms. locally heavy rain is possible. highs in the upper 70s. rain moves out for the weekend, but dewpoints will hold in the 60s to around 70. tonight: slight chance for t-storms. better chances overnight. low: 74 mph friday: cooler and humid with rain and t-storms. high: 78 dewpoint: 73 wind: ne 5-15 mph saturday:
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67 high: 80 dewpoint: 70 wind: ne 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 65 high: 85 dewpoint: 67 wind: wnw 5-10 mph 66 high: 82 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 66 high: 85 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with
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high: 85 dewpoint: 65
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anchors thanks vince meet the stars of a new we energies campaign promoting safe digging. dogs darby and boca and their owners teresa and frank rizzo showed off the new ads at the state fair today. darby and boca were picked from several submissions to be the furry faces of the safe digging campaign. the utility says if you plan on
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today, more than one thousand milwaukee kids were rewarded with a trip to the ballpark. mayor tom barrett hosted the 12th annual safe summer brewers game... where students got a free ticket and ballpark food. the game is a reward for students who get involved in a wide variety of summer programs run by non-profit groups throughout the city. the mayor says for many of the kids, it's the first time they've had the chance to see a game at miller park. i think anytime they're doing something that's positive it's going to be something they'll remember. some of these kids will remember this day for the rest of their lives. the brewers community foundation donated all of the tickets for the event. florida authorities are investigating the death of a woman killed in a police simulation. the exercise involved guns that were supposed to be loaded with blanks.... but somehow - live ammunition made its way in to the gun that fired the fatal shots. reid binion reports. steve knowlton / son "it just doesn't seem real. the
3:55 am
knowlton - mourning the tragic death of his mother tuesday in florida. 73-year-old mary knowlton - shot dead in what punta gorda police say was a tragic accident... ...during a two hour training course --- part of the department's community outreach. chief tom lewis "it gives the citizen an opportunity to come in, meet the officers that actually serve them."knowlton says the program was the type of thing that was close to his mother's heart. steve knowlton / son "we had been talking two nights before about how for the police in this nation after all the shootings. she wanted to show her support."the fatal shots were fired during a civilian police drill - in which officers make decisions on using simulated lethal force in a live role play. knowlton had teamed up with another volunteer and officer lee coel. but the exercise was supposed to only include blanks. chief tom lewis / punta gorda police "we were unaware that any live ammunition
3:56 am
grief, mary knowlton's son steve -- also expressing compassion for the officer. steve knowlton / son "i want him to know that we know he ... i'm sure didn't intend on this happening and i forgive him."officer coel - now on administrative leave during the investigation. i'm reid binion reporting we're told the officer on leave has been in trouble before. he was accused of using excessive force with his police dog and resigned from another police agency in 2013 for failing to satisfactorily complete an agenc grim new statistics coming out of milwaukee county. the medical examiner's office calls it unprecedented. in just the past two weeks -- at least 20 people have died from heroin overdoses. we're told -- on average-- one person dies from a heroin overdose every 3-days. the other shocking statistic: there are 39-confirmed fentanyl deaths so far this year. for all of last year -- that number was 30. it's happened again - for the fourth time in a week -
3:57 am
ride. the latest incident happened today in pennsylvania. a child fell off a roller coaster at the idlewild and soakzone amusement park. the boy was conscious as he was airlifted to the hospital. no word on his condition. the accident is just days aftr a 10-year- old boy died on a water slide at the schlitterbahn water park in kansas city.. a nebraska girl is trying to make carnival rides safer - after losing most of her scalp in an accident on a ride. back i elizabeth lulu gilreath was critically hurt, when her hair got caught in the handle bar assembly of a ride. now, she's leading a petition drive to create "lulu's law" which would require additional training, including cpr certification, for ride operators. elizabeth lulu gilreath/ carnival ride accident survivor "i don't want any other kids to get hurt scalped - have to go through what i'm going through." lulu and her family have already gathered hundreds of signatures
3:58 am
their job is to protect and serve. but missteps by some have left honorable law enforcement officers in a thin veil of negativity. a whole community has rallied to change that. beverly taylor reports on a remarkable effort in kenosha. katie sielski seal-ski has a certain perspective about law enforcement. her husband is a detective. "i just feel like law enforcement officers do so much more than what is a time of bad press and mistrust of the badge-- by some.... she wanted to do something. this. nat "i think that with all this love and support i think it will lift spirits back here and you know, i think it's just such a positive thing.sielski took to facebook-- asking people to adopt a deputy-- all 125 and provide a thank you letter, and goodie bag.... "they filled our captain's conference room full of things for the deputies.."...people responded and adopted them all. with the gifts
3:59 am
helpers made the deliveries. "i don't think any law enforcement does this job in order to be appreciated and thanked all the time. :54 "it's very heartfelt and we appreciate the gestures people are doing for us." :18the effort was so successful it became adopt a cop... spreading a little love and appreciation to the kenosha police department as well. by august 2nd all of the 340 deputies, officers and the k9s wee people across wisconsin, and some in illinois, texas, north carolina and even alaska-- which made for more deliveries thursday. "our phones were blowing up. i actually told my husband i had to ice my texting thumb because it was hurting so much." :50 beverly taylor, fox 6 news. seal-ski sielski says she got the idea to do the project in kenosha after seeing adopt-
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lights. access. rio. >> he wants to beat me. i want to beat him. >> it's every man for themselves. >> phelps versus lochte comes to its epic conclusion tonight. i'm natalie morales. there's another pair rivals going head to head. tell me about the rivalry. >> did i win? >> ho you did know you didn't win? >> cycling gold part of christen armstrong's amazing journey. i'm kit hoover. if they gave a gold for supermom she'd get that one too. >> he said, mama, why are you crying? didn't you win the bike race? >> no wonder. >> takes more than rain and gale-force winds to get in the way of our olympic fishing reunion. i'm billy bush and my pal johnny weir just upped the ante all the


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