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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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overturned. made famous by the docu-series "making a murderer" -- what's next for brendan dassey. plus -- 9 shootings leave 5 dead -- all within hours of each other. "last night was a bad night." "very very violent 24 hours in milwaukee" and this afternoon -- another death, after milwaukee police fire at a suspect. taking risks on behalf of community and making split second decisions." what police say led up to the shooting. we'll start with the shooting involving milwaukee police. an officer shoots a man dead. another man is in custody. police say an officer fired at a suspect armed with a handgun. fox 6's ashley sears is live at at police headquarters with the very latest. the shooting happened at about
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the scene-- as people tried to understand what too place. near 44th and auer-- police tape blocks several streets-- as officers and squads line the scene. 48:59 i heard bang, bang, bang, three shots and i knew they were gun shots. maxine jeter heard a them from her backyard. 49:30 i heard some yelling prior to that before the shots. i think maybe it might of been the police yelling at somebody. she quickly grabbed her 4-year-old great 49:18 it sounded too close to us. this time it was just so close. then we went in the house and locked the door. police say around 3:30 saturday afternoon-- two officers attempted to stop a vehicle--when the two men inside--ran. 58:44 one man was armed with a handgun. an officer confronted that man in a gangway and the officer fired shots and that man is deceased. police say the 23-year-old was
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he fired it at the officer. 58:59 the gun at the scene we are recovering was stolen from i believe waukesha along with 500 rounds of ammunition. as the man's family arrives to the scene-- emotions are high-- trying to understand what took place. jeter watches-- 46:03 its too much. saddened by violence in her neighborhood-- hopeful it will soon end. 45:47 this brings us to tears. the other suspect was arrested. pol officer involved was not injured. he has been placed on administrative leave which is standard protocol. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. bev thanks ashley ... 44th and auer -- the scene of the latest death-- after an extremely violent night in milwaukee. nine shootings and five homicides...all within a matter of hours. fox 6s derica williams with the details.
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robbery-related shooting near 23rd and state claims the lives of two men, a 21-year-old and 23-year early saturday morning. its very very sad then about an hour an a half later, its very disheartening police say a fight at all stars near 40th and fond du lac spills into the parking lot where two men -- a 34-year- old and a 36-year- old were shot and killed. there were guns guns with 30 magazine capacity a- 26 year- old and woman and 30 -year- old male victim were also injured. praying for everyone affected 40th and fond du lac was just one of the scenes in milwaukee another occurred nearby at sherman and burleigh. the mes office responded to 5 homicide in less than 12 hours. last night was a bad night police say a 33 -year -old- man was driving south on sherman when he was shot causing his car to collide with another car. the man who was shot was taken to the hospital, where he died. i'm angry as to what happened last night but we are going to
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city that can be safe saturday morning mayor tom barrett walked in the garden homes neighborhood as part of his 100 miles in 100 days effort. so they can tell me what's going on in the neighborhood so they can give first hand information as to the things that are good the things that are bad he says the government and the community to work together to get to the root of the violence issue. this has to stop now and its gotten out of hand in milwaukee derica williams f6n. mayor tom baret is the cause of so many of these shootings. it happened way too often it happens because there are too many guns. it happens because there are too many people who dont know how to solve their problems without resorting to violence it happens because there are drugs in this community and because the gun laws are too lax in this state right now milwaukee police say there have been 81 homicides so far this
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netflixs making a murderer documentary has had his conviction overturned. ...and now brendan dassey is the talk of the town in manitowoc today. fox6s rachelle baillon was there. manitowoc is a small, lakefront community that has found itself in the national spotlight following the release of the netflix documentary 'making a murderer'. 'you got trump and clinton and then you got this going on so ever know.' even if you havent watched the documentary, youve likely heard about the cases at its core. the film follows steven avery and his nephew brendan dassey. the pair were arrested for the murder of photographer teresa halbach. dassey was only 16 when he was arrested. he later confessed to helping avery rape and murder halbach. but on friday, a federal court ruling overturned the conviction of dassey, calling his confession coerced. 'the overturn i found out about
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my way home from work and the whole beginning of it pretty much from the beginning.' residents tell us this case has captivated the community since it happened back in 2005.....the netflix film, followed by dasseys newly overturned conviction have again made it a favorite talking point for locals. "look at what the family, the halbach family is going through again you know i mean they shouldn't have to go through that one more time." dassey could be released from prison in 90 days, unless the case is appealed. 'this kid has spent probably going to bring him out into the real world and it's going to be very difficult for him." rach tag: 'if you want to know more about this case and the events that led to it you can review our coverage on reporting in manitowoc, rachelle baillon fox6 news.' read the complete judge's ruling on brendan dassey -- and see all of our coverage on this case on our website -- just go to fox 6 now dot com. investigators are looking into what caused a fire at an auto
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was called to the store near bluemound and hawley about 2-30 this afternoon. officials say the fire is not suspicious. no one was injured and the extent of the damage is currently unknown. officials with the department of corrections say four inmates have been re-captured. yesterday-- these four men from felmers chaney correctional center walked away from a work release job site authorities took them back into custody this morning. to the weather now-- we needed rain-- and some of us got time! others-- not so much! weather expert tom wachs with the winners and losers. a few lingering showers possible through sunset, otherwise clouds will be on the decrease. temperatures will fall through the 70s this evening. mostly clear overnight with a low in the mid-to-upper 60s. high pressure dominates our weather sunday with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low-to-mid 80s.
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thunderstorm chances return tuesday through the end of the week. tonight: decreasing clouds. low: 67 dewpoint: 64 wind: wnw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. high: 83 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 66 high: 80 dewpoint: 66 wind:
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weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 apple and android devices. donald trump is heading back to milwaukee! this weekend-- his cross hairs aren't just on clinton. "the press is protecting her ... im not running against crooked hillary im running against the crooked media..." meanwhile hillary clinton's running mate releases his tax returns. how much did he pay to uncle sam? also-- if you voted tuesday--- you likely had no problem getting in and out. just how
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and check it out! this looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! where this fire-nado
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you decide coverage now -- republican presidential nominee donald trump is asking supporters to become election monitors. meanwhile, democratic rival hillary clinton is ramping up calls for trump to release his tax returns. fox's peter doocy-- with the latest from the campaign trail. presidential nominee donald trump is pitching himself in connecticut - a state that hasn't gone red for a president in almost 30 years. trump move for the state of connecticut just so you know...normally that wouldn't happen bc a republican in theory doesn't win ct." the event comes after trump warned of possible voter fraud in the november elections.. and now on his official website -- he is inviting supporters to volunteer as election observers. trump says: "the press is protecting her ... im not running against crooked hillary im running against the crooked media..." hillary clinton is taking time off from the campaign trail this weekend... but turned up the heat on her rival --
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the same. the clintons earnings put them at the top 10 percent of the 1 percent of americans in 2015. they paid a federal tax rate of 34.2 percent and gave more than a million dollars to charity. fs clintons tax returns the clinton campaign also released 10 years of returns from running mate tim kaine and his wife while stomping in new hampshire saturday -- kaine wasted no time -- attacking trump for failing to release his tax returns kaine says: "every president since richard nixon and including richard returns now he was not known for the most elevated ethical standards but i will say even richard nixon released his tax returns to the public when he was running for president." on cam tag trump claims he cannot release his returns because of an ongoing i-r-s audit. but his running mate, mike pence, said on saturday night that his returns are being prepped for release soon. in fairfield, connecticut, peter doocy, fox news. donald trump makes a return to
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presidential nominee will be making several stops through out the state. he's scheduled fund raising events in both la cross and milwaukee. governor scott walker says he will not be able to attend-- however-- he and senator ron johnson are named honorary hosts for both fundraisers. trump's visit comes as recent polls show him trailing hillary clinton by 15 points in the state. election officials estimate a very low turnout in wisconsin's primary voting tuesday. they say about 13- percent of eligible vot past week -- according to early numbers from clerks. official results won't be reported until early next week. new mexico police have three suspects in custody after an officer was shot and killed. it happened yesterday -- 45-year- old officer jose chavez died at the hospital, after having surgery. earlier, he pulled over a vehicle during a traffic stop. that's when a passenger got out and fired shots at his vehicle. the suspects ran-- carjacked another vehicle-- and then shot the
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the hospital. the suspect who was driving the stolen car crashed and then surrendered. in california -- the mother of a 14- year-old boy shot and killed by police is asking that body cam footage of the incident be released. "jesse james romero" was killed earlier this week. l-a-p-d officers were responding to a call involving possible vandalism and drugs. a witness reported seeing romero shoot a handgun in the officers direction -- the officers then returned fire. but romero's mother says a her son throw the gun away before being shot. she's now hired an attorney and is demanding the l-a-p-d release the footage. jorge gonzalez/attorney "the officers were wearing body cameras. so we want to see the videotaped images from the body images. we want to see what the officers saw at the time they were shooting at this young man." officials say the footage is
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being tested for dna and fingerprints. five people are recovering after being struck by lightning in new york state -- three of them are in critical condition. authorities say the victims were under a tree-- sitting on-- or standing near-- a park bench yesterday when the lightning strike happened. three of the five victims were unresponsive and were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. at least 2 are dead -- as residents in louisiana continue to deal with widespread flooding. fox's will carr reports on the efforts to keep the people of the state evacuations and rescues are underway across louisiana ... days of torrential rainfall swamping the state -- causing widespread flooding edwards says: "as of now, well over a thousand people rescued from their homes and cars. some were clinging to trees and flood waters and a hundred pets." mos 1 says: "the first responders had to come rescue us at the house cause the water was that high." the slow-moving storm is expected to dump even more heavy rains throughout the weekend... governor john bel edwards declaring a state of emergency -- saying residents advised to evacuate should do so -
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have record levels of flooding along our rivers and creeks. we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas." mos 2 says: "it's been flooding progressively more and more as the day goes on. it's just getting worse." the louisiana national guard is now going house to house to save residents and pets stranded in waist- high water. and rescue crews are continuing to search for a washed away vehicle after reports of a missing person. curtis says: "our helicopters are in active search and rescue right now. officials on the ground to get to critical areas." even - the governor's mansion in baton rouge being impacted... the basement flooding overnight... rivers and creeks expected to rise the downpours have also been sending area rivers and creeks rising toward historic crests... edwards says: "this is certainly not over." on cam tag the storm system hovering over louisiana is expected to dump more rain for the next 36 hours... making it uncertain exactly when the waters will start to recede. in texas, will carr, fox news.
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rescue from those louisiana floods is caught on camera. a woman's car-- sinking below the water. ...the quick action that likely saved her life-- with only seconds to spare. plus -- growing the legacy of a young girl lost to violence. how the memory of zalaya jenkins is living on -- and helping
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with 5 fatal shootings -- and another officer involved shooting today. many in the community are looking for ways to end the violence. julie collins has the story. the rain didnt stop janice gorden - 'no, uh hm, it wont stop us.' the cause is the rain didnt stop janice gorden - 'no, uh hm, it wont stop us.' the cause is too
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victims of milwaukee violence burial fund - a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the financial needs of families impacted by violence. this is the groups second year hosting the 3k walk for victims the participation has doubled this year - organizers say sadly thats because violence plaques our city. 'the crime has to end. the violence has to end.' david rehfeld and his family came to todays event supporting their church families who have lost loved ones to gun violence. 'this is an organization that helps on the
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21-year- old la-juan lipseys death. the pretrial is scheduled for next month. to learn more about the organization or to donate-- log on to fox 6 now dot com. a few lingering showers possible through sunset, otherwise clouds will be on the decrease. temperatures will fall through the 70s overnight with a low in the mid-to-upper 60s. high pressure dominates our weather sunday with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet on monday before thunderstorm chances return tuesday through the end of the week. tonight: decreasing clouds.
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mostly sunny. high: 83 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 66 high: 80 dewpoint: 66 wind: e 5-10 mph affected by violence. the touching project taking root -- and how it honors the memory of a little girl killed earlier this year. the badgers are high on quarterback alex hornibrook. find out how a family member has helped him call the signals in his career-- when tim van vooren
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tragedy struck a milwaukee family last may. a stray bullet hit 9- year- old za'layia jenkins, while inside her home. she passed away 11 days later from her injuries. today-- family-- friends-- and even strangers began working on the little girl's legacy. fox6's
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devastating loss, "it just broke my heart." is an incredible burden. "a tragedy has happened for us to get to this point here." on may 5th 9-year-old za'layia jenkins was struck by a stray bullet while inside her home. police say a shootout was happening in the street near 15th and meinecke. "my family's goal is to try and turn this tragedy into a triumph." jenkins died from her injuries eleven days later. "start turning the ground over." it's now been "everyday you move forward and try to help someone through the healing process." and the family continues to heal, with a growing sense of "we don't have to do this alone." "perennials, we brought perennials. and we brought purple because it's to our understanding, the little girls, she like purple." with a corner lot donated by the city... "za'layia jenkins, great cousin." family and friends started to dig in. "so each year she will grow .." and create a living tribute. and each year the garden will grow." for a little girl taken
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this milwaukee neighborhood. "when they hear za'layia's name i don't want them to think about her death i want them to think about her legacy." jgregg fox6 news police are still searching for za'layia's shooter. both the f-b-i and attorney michael hupy are offering cash awards for information leading to an arrest. don't look now, but the college football season is less than a few wee is keeping his eye on the badgers, and one player in particular, even as he does his job in the broadcast booth this summer... tim van vooren goes beyond the game.... either bart houston or alex hornibrook will be the starting quarterback at wisconsin this fall.... whoever wins the positional derby will
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school's all-time winningest q.b.... if it's hornibrook, he'll also be carrying on a family tradition of athletic success... 154908 "we have a catch every now and again, we used to play a little burnout.... i can't keep up with him anymore, but as long as he just continues to be himself, he's a great kid and we love him to death and wish him the best." 154920 ben davis, uncle ben to hornibrook, is now a philadelphia phillies t.v. broadcaster, calling the games of the team he grew up watching.... he spent seven years in the big overall pick in the 1995 draft... he knows what competing at the highest level is all about and beams when discussing his nephew's situation.... 154826 "he's very excited to be at the university of wisconsin.... he absolutely loves it... he's hopefully going to be given an opportunity to compete and being a quarterback in the big ten, what else could you ask for ?" 154838 given some of the defenses that
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not be such a fun question to answer.... but hornibrook is in the running to claim the starting job.... a tall redshirt freshman lefthander, he offers a lot of what coach paul chryst looks for in his offensive leader... through the offseason practices in madison, he shows notable progress..... and he continues to say all the right things when asked about his competition with the more experienced houston for the job... 164005 "i feel like it's kind of the same as it's been... we've both been pushing all spring... coach chryst likes to focus on individual and the development aspect at that position which i've b all spring." 164018 163533 "every single day, there's a new thing, whether it's a read or something i just need to clean up, so the little things, everyday get piled on, so i just try to make that list smaller and get better at those." 163544 wisconsin's season starts on september third, against lsu, so the coach will have to decide sooner rather than later who will be taking the snaps from center... one candidate's
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155010 "you said you grew up watching the phillies... where are you now on the badgers ?? as a fan, are they up there on your list ?? yeah, and obviously now , for usre... .they open the season at lambeau, hopefully if alex does get the nod, i think that's a trip that we might just have to make." 1555026 it would be davis' best road trip of the summer..... tim van vooren, fox six sports... uncle ben and nephew alex are pennsylvania as another guy who did pretty well with the badgers, recently retired basketball coach bo ryan.... still ahead -- a heartwarming reunion. how a soldier and his "war dog" were reunited. and-- an incredible rescue, caught on camera. bystanders were able to pull a woman from her sinking car.. seconds before it went under. the sun returns in full force tomorrow as humidity levels start
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are you today? "hey there"? that's refreshing. is that on the script they give you? pardon? the corporate friendliness... script? it has an acronym on it, like s.m.i.l.e, "service means i like everyone", or... no, no acronym, just... normal everyday conversation. (laugh) i love it! yeah! let's do it! that feeling you get when you discover a bank built for you?
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as you may know, our parent company, tribune broadcasting has been under a blackout by dish network since june as we work through contract negotiations. with the packers regular season quickly approaching, that is bad news for football fans. your friends and family members who are dish subscribers could lose access to the game. but there are options, including other providers. there is also a simple solution, fox 6 carl deffen-baugh shows off high- def tv antennas have come a long way from the 'rabbit ears' versions we grew up with. and with the evolution, theyre making a comeback in stores as well. 'it's actually starting to grow. a lot of people are wanting to cut the cord from cable or dish network.' the modern, digital versions provide access to local channels in high definition - with no monthly subscription necessary. the antennas plug in to a separate
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one-time set-up. the antennas range in price from 20 dollars to over 100. the higher the price, the better the strength and range of the signal, which stretches from three towers throughout the milwaukee area. you can get them at stores like best buy, and also online 10.13.38 - the stronger the antenna, the more signal you're going to be able to receive. 10.14.45 - so some of them are good up to 30 miles, some up to 60 miles or more. antennas even pair well with an existing satellite provider - especially in bad weather. 'i currently use directv in my home and i have an antenna in my home. every once in a while if you do have bad weather, you might get an interruption in that signal and you still want to be able to access local news and see what's going on.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. if youre a dish customer and dont want to buy an antenna, there are plenty of other providers that
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and charter cable. we also stream our newscasts live on our website. go to fox-6-now-dot-com for important information on the dish dispute, to help you understand the situation, as well as, offer you solutions. click on the green banner for more information. still ahead -- weather expert tom wachs is coming up with your full forecast. plus -- a fire-nado caught on camera! ...what causes this cool phenomenon. receiver for a 2nd straight season? brandon cruz has the
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[loud kids and dog] jimmy john's! hello, jimmy john's!
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an incredible rescue is caught on camera in louisiana in the midst of all the flooding. bystanders leaped into action when they saw a woman and her dog trapped in a sinking car! they were eventually able to smash the roof open and pull her out -- just as the car sank below the water level. one of the men was also her dog. a fire tornado -- or fire-nado -- is caught on camera in oregon. the video was taken near portland by the cornelius fire department. wildfire can sometimes create its own wind... and that can turn into a spinning vortex of flames like you see right here. crews were able to put out the fire without any injuries.
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tom wx a few lingering showers possible through sunset, otherwise clouds will be on the decrease. temperatures will fall through the 70s this evening. mostly clear overnight with a high pressure dominates our weather sunday with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet on monday before thunderstorm chances return tuesday through the end of the
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low: 67 dewpoint: 64 wind: wnw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. high: 83 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 66 high: 8 mph tuesday: rain and thunderstorms possible. am low: 65 high: 80 dewpoint: 67 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a
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high: 83 dewpoint: 68 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 66 high: 83 dewpoint: 66 partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 67 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-10
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it was during the first preseason game last year that the packers lost jordy nelson for the season. this year, 2 days before the preseason started, it looks as if another wide receiver could miss a significant part of the season. jeff hand on wednesday during practice. he was seen in the locker room that day with ice on his right hand. but he did not play nor was he on the sidelines during last night's preseason game. if he is placed on injured reserve he would have to miss the entire season. however, the packers could use a designated to return option. the team has not commented on his status or their plans yet. as the packers try to figure their wide receiver situation out, they may have a battle in the punter's role as
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for peter mortell. he's fighting for the punter's job with tim masthay, an uphill battle for sure. but when he got his opportunity he made the most of it, averaging 44 yards a punt, including 1 for 62 yards. whatever happens, last night was very special to the kid from green bay who's dad is the timekeeper at lambeau field just like his grandfather was before that. "it was great. the whole night, just starting off the guys let me lead them through the tunnel and i kind of looked around and i was just like this is pretty damn cool. so i'm happy with it. i'm excited to do it again." "i've had a lot of dreams playing for this team. but i immediately following a safety. that was, that was, interesting. it's kind of unique because how you have to spin the ball to yourself without a snapper or anything. i don't know, it was special. i'm happy with the result. i'm glad we got the ball back." in kansas city today seattle down 16-9 until former badger
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roster helps his cause with no time on the clock, he catches the hail mary for the touchdown. that leads to a game winning 2 point conversion. he catches 3 passes on all for 77 yards, but clearly that was the biggest. on the day the badgers announce vince biegel and dare ogunbowale as team captains, practice was very contentious as the badgers had 2 fights erupt during their workout. that led head coach paul chryst to focus on discipline and he was none to happy afterward. ways. i mean, is it discipline to keep your leverage? you're supposed to leverage the football to keep that. there's discipline in making sure you get your route done. there's discipline in making sure you are doing, if i'm in protection i'm blocking the right person. it comes up absolutely in pre-snap penalties. we had a couple pre-snap penalties. we had a couple of holding. we had a couple of, penalties i
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shifted this month due to a few big trades, one thing has remained, their power. going into tonight's game against the reds, they have homered in 15 straight games. like last night, however, the reds would score first when joey votto singles home billy hamilton in the 3rd. the brewers look to answer in the 4th when hernan perez doubles and scooter gennett races home, but after a replay he's called out at the plate. in the 6th, the reds blow this one open michael blz bomb to eugenio suarez and the reds score 8 times in the frame to take a 9-0 lead. the only bright spot comes in the bottom of the inning as ryan braun extends their home run streak to 16 straight games with the solo shot to center. they lose history was made at yankee stadium today as tyler austin in his first major league plate appearance hits a home run. the next batter, aaron judge, the player replacing alex rodriguez also hits a home run in his first plate appearance making it the
9:54 pm
that players homered back to back in their 1st plate appearance. near columbus, ohio at scioto country club, the us senior open showed a lot of movement on the leaderboard. miguel angel jimenez was able to move to the top of it with his 3rd round 69, which included a birdie at the par 4 15th. he has a one stroke lead over gene sauers who was one over for the day, but did finish with 2 birdies on his final 3 holes. 3 players are tied for 3rd at one over par, 4 strokes back. catch up in the john deere classic. but they got through the 3rd round late this evening. the shot of the round is from wisconsin native charlie danielson on 18 as his approach is perfect as he dunks it right in the hole for an eagle. he's at 7 under. steve stricker is also in the field and playing well, he's at 7 under going into the final round. but he's well off the lead, 11 strokes behind ryan moore who has a 1 stroke advantage. that's it for sports. back to
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unlikely friendship. meet george - a large pup who became very sad after losing his best friend, blackie, a lab. but on monday george came home to find a new buddy -- a large white duck. and according to george's owner the two have been inseparable. they play together, eat together and even sleep together -- the ducks bill resting on the dog's leg. litton says the bird has made her pup very happy again. george may have found a new best friend -- but nothing beats the reunion of two old friends. iraq war veteran mike lamon waited six years to be reunited with his best friend. "that's a good boy, that's a good boy." lamon's k9 buddy adam worked with him as part of a k9 bomb team in the middle east.. adam had to stay behind after lamon came back to the states. but with some help of friends at
9:56 pm
finally going home to be with his buddy. "every time we reunite a handler and a dog its just so rewarding we are just really blessed to do this to be apart of this." and even after all this time adam didn't forget who his best friend was. we are learning more about those terrifying moments thousands of feet in the air.... as turbulence left dozens of passengers hurt on their way to sacramento. from boston... and people on board say they felt a sudden drop mid-flight. the turbulence was so bad the plane was diverted to rapid city south dakota. one passenger onboard says it felt like a roller coaster. "imagine one of those rides in an amusement park where they zip you up really quickly and then they drop you very rapidly. it was like floating, so we all came up out of our seats and everything is flying everywhere. people are crying and screaming. i've never
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land at s- a-c international airport. u-s backed rebels are celebrating victory in syria today -- after taking a city critical to terror group, isis. rebels have control of the center of manbij -- an important point along supply routes, into the capital of isis' territory.the city was also used by isis as a recruiting hub for foreign fighters. into a cyberattack against democratic lawmakers. the hack now appears much bigger than originally thought. fox's' rich edson is in washington with more. personal information, email exchanges and strategy memos of democratic operatives continue to emerge from privacy. last night a hacker identifying as guccifer 2.0 has posted personal information for nearly 200 current and former democratic members
9:58 pm
the posted documents are the result of a breach into the democratic congressional campaign committee - the organization responsible for electing democrats to the house. in a statement, a dccc spokesperson says "as previously noted, the dccc has been the target of a cybersecurity incident, and we are cooperating with federal law enforcement in their ongoing investigation. we are aware of reports that documents claimed to be from our network have been released and are investigating their authenticity." this latest posting of hacked documents follows those unveil ahead of the democratic convention. stolen from the democratic national committee, the email exchanges show party favoritism to hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders in their race for the democratic presidential nomination. several dnc staffers lost their jobs - including chair debbie wasserman schultz. house minority leader nancy pelosi - congress' top democrat - says russians are responsible for the hack. pelosi says: "i do know this is a watergate-like electronic break-in.
9:59 pm
something like that is an accomplice to that." the dnc says it is creating a cybersecurity task force in response. in washington, rich edson, fox news. end of 9pm you are watching fox 6 news at 10. 10p open we are following breaking news of a disturbance tonight in the area of this is video posted to facebook tonight of the scene. witnesses tell us dozens of people have assembled in the area.... as have a large number of police officers. at this point we know that a car has been set on fire.... and bricks have been thrown at a milwaukee fire truck. the milwaukee county sheriff's office tells us they are sending all available squads as well as heavy equipment to assist milwaukee
10:00 pm
scene of an officer involved shooting. one man was killed by police--another was arrested. our ashley sears was there as the situation became tense. she has left the area due to safety concerns-- and joins us live from district one with the latest. it has been a very volatile evening. police advised us--it would not be safe to stay on the scene. this an m-p-d a squad car had its windows smashed, another squad was set on fire. the scene has been very tense--following this officer involved shooting. police tape blocks several streets-- as officers and squads line the scene. near 44th and auer-- 48:59 i heard bang, bang, bang, three shots and i knew they were gun shots.


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