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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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fe b burleigh where last night's protests were centered. you can see it's quieter tonight-- but the doors are still boarded up and there are officers on patrol. but police are still prepared for anything. the national guard is on standby after an officer involved shooting involving a black cop and a black suspect on we have team coverage across the city tonight-- madeline anderson spoke with the suspect's family. they're calling for peace. but let's begin with theo keith-- he has more on the response to last night's unrest. milwaukee's mayor and police chief say the man fatally shot by an officer yesterday had a gun in his hand. they made that public - in hopes of preventing a second night of disorder. the unrest overnight left six north side businesses burned. eight police vehicles damaged or destroyed by bricks, bullets or fire. a 16 year old girl is recovering after a stray bullet hit her.
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by a piece of concrete and sustained a concussion and a laceration requiring seven stitches to close after a request from milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, governor scott walker has activated 125 members of the national guard to milwaukee. our intention is that they are not coming over to be immediately on the ground or on the streets, but that they would be available at this site if a request was made sunday, clarke and milwaukee police chief ed flynn clarke said they each have the authority to make that request. c burning down while we're out of resources and still trying to mobilize :29 this is insurance. that's all it is. this is insurance mayor tom barrett tried to calm the community by justifying the police shooting that happened hours before the unrest. the officer who fatally shot 23 year old sylville smith was wearing a body camera. the video is with state investigators, but barrett says he saw a photo lifted from it that clearly shows smith armed. that still photo demonstrates without question that he had a
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community to know that some say they wont believe the police until they see the video. such decisions rest with the state doj. attorney general brad schimel said nothing today about when hed make the video public. only that investigators would work quickly, thoroughly and transparently. also -- the mayor said he did not plan live, theo keith, fox6 news. brad thanks theo dozens gathering tonight at the scene of just one of the fires set last night - the bp gas station on sherman and burleigh. our madeline anderson joins us live tonight from nearby police district 7. madeline, what's
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building... we had to move from the park near the bp station that was set on fire because it became too dangerous. people were marching in the streets... others were yelling and the evening... things remained calmer... the group marched together to 44th and auer to hold a vigil in the street.. near where syville smith was fatally shot
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'are yall ready... we are ready. are yall ready. we are ready. are yall ready. we are ready.' they chanted and lit candles... calling on the community to hold officers citizens... but also calling on the citizens to protest in a peaceful manner. among the group... smiths sisters. they talked of their pain and heartache... their and frustrations surrounding their brothers death... and the violence last night. burning down shit aint gon help nothing. yall burning down shit we need in our community. dont bring the violence here and the ignorance here. how i see it is the community finally stuck together. am i sorry. nope. do i wish it could have turned out another way?
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one of unity and peace. from religious leaders... to the families affected... and the residents who live in this neighborhood. they say if anyone does cause problems again tonight... thats not reflective of the majority of the folks protesting. mary thanks madeline a bp gas station was one of 6 businesses either destroyed or severely damaged by the unrest overnight. . this morning-- firefighters had to go back to jet beauty supply
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there seemed to have reignited. the department of public works was also called in to board up the building. protesters also set the b-mo harris bank near 36th and fond du lac on fire. bank executives are still assessing the damage-- to try and figure out when it can reopen. and this is all that's left of the o'reilly auto parts store at 35th and burleigh . you can see the roof has collapsed-- and everything inside is completely charred. several neighbors came to see the aftermath. taking pictures - some livestreaming on socia believe what they were waking up to. i wanted to come last night. but it was just too crazy. so i thought i'd get up early int he morning and get a smack of this volunteers also came to help clean up the debris left behind. the building appears to be a total loss. a couple of liquor stores were also targeted. breaking news now-- there is a large police presence near 8th and wisconsin
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brad thanks aj
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a pro-police event held in glendale had a different tone in light of saturdays officer involved shooting the governor was in attendance, so was the president of milwaukee's police union. fox6's jonathon gregg has this show of support. the event has bee schedule for weeks, 'i think if there is any time..' a 'blue day' 'that this city needs to come together and show support for police and show support for law and order is now.' but the gathering in glendale. 'the actions last night had a violent prolouge are not at all reflective of the overwhelming majority, the silent majority of milwaukeans who care deeply about law and order.'
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'to make sure something like what happened last night doesnt happened again.' of an otherwise casual outdoor event at a glendale beer garden. each gunshot and thrown brick, landing like an explanation point, anchoring the cries of support for law enforcement. 'we are fortunate that we have such professional officers. they truly do care. they are going to go into the worst neighborhoods we have in this city.' milwaukee police association president mike crivello labels situation. 'let me highlight the fact that anytime an officer utilizing use of force, he is forced to do so by the perpetrator. ' sunday served as thank you to police.. and to those who have their backs, 'and who wholeheartedly support their police officers.. jonathon gregg fox6 news union president mike crivello is advocating -all milwaukee police officers should patrol in pairs,
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six now dot com for the very latest on the unrest in our city. you'll find a collection of our coverage on the links page at fox six now dot com -- including photo galleries showing all the damage. and our coverage does not stop there. coming up next-- a look at some of the groups already trying to rebuild. thunderstorm chances return to the forecast this week, i'll show you when you can expect some rain coming up in your fox6
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the unrest in milwaukee-- this is a live look at earlier today-- the coalition for justice organized a rally for peace for hundreds of people at sherman park. they began with a prayer circle asking for healing for their community. the group then passed out garbage bags and gloves and walked down burleigh street to 35th. picking up trash and cleaning up the
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to show they cared, the preacher didnt come out to pray with they young folks who were hurting so we have to do that today, we have to make sure that we dont have another up roar like this.' the coalition 4 justice says it will continue to hold prayer circles and clean up their city as long as it needs it. and they aren't the only group trying to make a difference. several church groups are trying to promote a sense of optimism and understanding. fox 6's derica williams shows you what they are and outlooks. under sunshine and fluffy clouds... nats the pastor of citybrook church speaks of hope in an area where fire and smoke filled the sky just hours before. nats rage took over milwaukee streets after an officer-involved shooting. "most of them were acting out of anger and anguish and anxiety
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experiences " outreach pastor darnell robinson went to the chaotic scene saturday night. "seen a lot of the kids i knew at 4, 5, and 6 years old involved in a good way in a bad way. " he along with members from several churches and faiths returned to the area sunday. "we need to respond and we need to be there " the group gathered at washington park high school to trek to the troubled sherman and burleigh had its own unifying purpose. church members were asked to meet up with people along the way, share, and listen to life experiences. "we dont lead with religious talk we lead with love and we lead with listening and we lead with compassion as you build a relationship" the multicultural unit also aimed to bring the city and suburbs together. "i hope there can be understanding particularly by christians in the suburbs that they really have advantages that allow them to be there but at the foot of the
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other sin " adjacent to the devastation, folks gather holding hands, praying for peace and guidance. nats looking to make change in this neighborhoods fabric. "now we have to have a long term ongoing plan as to who is going be here and to sow into it and resource we we can do to change the community " in milwaukee derica williams, fox6 news. . the unrest in milwaukee--
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mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s this evening. we'll drop into the middle-to-upper 60s by morning. partly sunny on monday with a high in the low-to-mid 80s, coolest by the lake. clouds will increase late in the day with a slim chance for rain in racine/kenosha monday night. mostly cloudy on tuesday with a
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in the low 80s. thunderstorm chances continue wednesday with a high in the middle 80s. expect dewpoints in the middle-to-upper 60s over the next 6 days, so we will feel that humidity in the air. tonight: clearing skies. low: 67 dewpoint: 64 wind: w 2-4 mph monday: partly sunny. high: 82 dewpoint: 67 wind: e 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly clou for t-storms. am low: 67 high: 81 dewpoint: 68 wind: ese 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 69 high: 86 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny. am low: 68 high: 87 dewpoint: 68 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 69 high: 88
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chance for t-storms. am low: 70 high: 79 dewpoint: 63
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isn't the type to feel the weight of a being in a contract year. the key to his success in friday night's preseason win over cleveland...his answer
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there's no timetable for the return of packers receiver jeff janis because of the fractured hand. that from coach mike mccarthy, who didn't offer anything up about jordy nelson's health today. back up qb brett hundley returned to practice. center kyle steuck-the de pere native 's been signed. eddie lacy hopes to sign a big
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more explosive. "cuts how fast you make the cuts; how fast you get yourself out of the cut, and how fast you put your pad level down and once you and that defender make contact, who goes backwards or if it's a stalemate. what do you attribute that too? i'm a powerful guy". aaron rodgers play? just a couple topics tim, brandon and yours truly will tackle in the fox sports blitz. tonight at 10:35. please vote for a play of the week at fox 6 now dot com-slash-sports. it was a contentious saturday at camp randall stadium as the badgers seemed to be busy fighting rather than practicing. skirmishes broke out on consecutive plays leading head coach paul chryst to take away much needed reps in favor of sprints. but there is
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"everyone that's been here each day knows that there's been some good things. but, there's a ton of stuff we have to work on. today is no different. i thought some lessons might have been different lessons. but, still the same point." the brewers avoided a 3 game sweep at the hand of the last place reds, thanks in part to another strong pitching performance by willie peralta; he worked 6 innings, allowing just one run. then there was the batting of r in a hurry. he hit a 2 run double in the first inning off a cody reed; who fell to oh and 7. braun later scored when reed hit jake elmore. in the 2nd inning..braun puts that patented swing on one and poked a 3 run homer..number 21 of the season. 6-0. the host have homered in 17 straight games. just for good measure..ryan left the yard in the 4th inning. he had 6 rbi before the end of the 4th inning! number 22.
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in his last 11 games. 18 rbi. and then there's mr. peralta- the opening day pitcher who's pitched solid ball twice since being recalled from colorado springs. "he looks great. better command of his off speed pitches. throwing harder. just his demeanor on the mound, everything's better than it was early in the season. so it's really encouraging for us cause i've always thought he has a chance to be a really special pitcher and what we've seen his last couple of starts. so hopefully it's a big step in the right direction." for boston; he hit a 2 run homer, followed by a 3 run bomb, and then a bases empty blast. the red sox ripped the diamondbacks, 16-2. a bad day at the office for former brewers pitcher zach grienke. he allowed 9 earned runs in less than 2 innings. american ryan moore wins the john deer golf classic in silvis, illinois
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11 under par. steve stricker 6 under. mark wilson minus 3. the final round of the u.s. senior open's been moved to monday because of inclement weather brad and mary back after
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one soon-to-be-legendary winner will lead their pack to green bay. packers scratch games from the wisconsin lottery. instant cash prizes... ...and a bonus drawing for a...
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we continue our coverage of the
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shooting. this is a live look at .... remember we'll continue to post updates on our website at fox6 now dot com and join us starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning for fox6 wakeup.
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hey there! how are you today? "hey there"? that's refreshing. is that on the script they give you? pardon? the corporate friendliness... script? it has an acronym on it, like s.m.i.l.e,
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no, no acronym, just... normal everyday conversation. (laugh) i love it! yeah! let's do it! that feeling you get when you discover a bank built for you?
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hello and welcome to the fox 6 sports blitz. hello and welcome to the fox 6 sports blitz. your home for everything local throughout the year. with tim van vooren and brandon cruz, i'm tom pipines. we begin with a busy week for the packers. the team returned to the practice field today following friday's win against the cleveland browns. some of the big ticket items from today. coach mccarthy says wide receiver jeff janis'


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