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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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guardian to know that there is a curfew two nights of unrest in milwaukee "nat pop of siren" "last night we made a total of 14 arrests" brings forth efforts to calm the tensions "we want to ensure there's safety"as the city tries a live look at sherman park . it was closed at 6 o'clock tonight - and we are less than an hour from strict enforcement of the 10pm curfew - anyone under 18 needs to go home.. those are just two of the plans implemented by the mayor today to help control the unrest in milwaukee last night wasn't nearly as bad as saturday - still there was
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there were at least three fires - and a store had some broken windows 7 officers hurt 4 deputies hurt by flying rocks but the good news - the streets were maintained at a level of control we have team coverage - let's start with jenna sach live near sherman park. one hour from now ... a curfew is going into effect. as you can see there are still we talked to a lot of people out here ... and got a lot of different predictions about what tonight will bring. some told us ... to watch out for more violence ... others were just asking for peace. across the street ... from a burned down gas station ... you can get cupcakes and a hug ... for free. tamesha russell is showing her young son ... that you dont
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the more positivity that we spread the more love that we spread i think its contagious. after two nights of violence in the area surrounding sherman park ... the sheriffs office closes the park early ... at 6 p-m. the crowd leaves without incident. as deputies unroll an orange fence around the parks perimeter. starting monday ... the city of milwaukee is enforcing a 10 p-m curfew ... for anyone under 18 years-old. i think they are great ideas way that theyre implemented there has to be dialogue with the young people. i dont know what on their mind. the owner of clarks liquor store ... shows us his surveillance footage from saturday night. to see the number of young people i mean its all young kids. it shows his store being looted by teens ... whom he believes are from outside the neighborhood. theyre smashing the cabinet walls and stealing all the liquor. as the night goes on ... officers arrive near the park in riot gear ... and stand in groups waiting.
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block. there is a brief confrontation with police ... that ends with one mans arrest. that man told a fox six reporter earlier monday ... that he is the cousin of sylville smith ... the man fatally shot by police saturday night. an hour later ... another crowd ... this one more angry ... after another man is arrested. the crowds feels the arrest is unjustified. the swat team rushes in ... the crowd eventually disperses. were heard a few different reasons for those arrests ... warrant ... and it was suspected another had a weapon. police have not confirmed the reasons for the arrests at this time. reporting live in milwaukee. jenna sachs. fox 6 news. brad thanks jenna the governor - the mayor - the police chief .. all speaking out about the unrest - and trying to offer solutions. theo keith live near sherman park with that part of our team coverage. milwaukee police chief ed flynn said there were out-of-state
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governor scott walker tells me he doesn't want the disorder to linger, because as it continues, more groups may come here. after a second night of disorder neighborhood - governor scott walker - has a message for anyone considering violence. walker - 18:12:04 stop. its real simple. stop :08 18:12:23 if businesses are burned down, people are afraid to live and work there, its only going to make those problems more difficult :30 walker visited national guard members, who remain on standby in the city. he also met with milwaukee police officers. he did not go to sherman park. sunday night, seven officers and four sheriffs deputies were
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shooting seriously injured an 18 year old man whose life, police say, is no longer in danger. but there was no widespread property damage, and milwaukees police chief credits faith leaders for calming tensions. flynn 11:15:36 that had, i believe, a significant impact on the amount of disorder last night - which certainly, by saturdays standards, was far less significant :45 pastor greg lewis was one of those ministering near sherman park sunday. lewis thinks the violence, sparked by a fatal police shooting saturday, has forced the hands of elected leaders. 02:05 dialogue is enough this time, i don't believe. people have to see something happening :10 milwaukee's mayor said he wanted the state doj to make public body cam video showing the fatal shooting of sylville smith. when i asked walker about that tonight, he said he didn't want to rush the investigation. live at sherman near burleigh, theo keith, fox6 news.
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weekend-- milwaukee police ranks are growing. 45 new recruits sworn in today. they'll take part in 6 months of intense training at the police academy. those that pass will become officers in february. milwaukee's not in this alone. several agencies came out to assist m-p-d last night... and tonight-- are on stand-by... ready to go on a moment's notice. krystle kacner joins us live from the police administration building with the latest on this story. fire... throwing bricks and bottles at police cars.. and officers... last night.. the targets weren't just milwaukee officers... but law enforcement from all over southeastern wisconsin - for one.. kenosha county. despite the violence -- the sheriff says those men and women are on standby again tonight-- ready .. should they be needed. we have to protect the people, we have to protect property sometimes those people.. that property... isn't
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milwaukee and be able to do anything we can, i know they would come down here of we had this situation occurring down here, kenosha county sheriff is just one agency that traveled to milwaukee... to help police tackle the riots.. looting .. and violence.. over the weekend... they saw these people breaking cinder blocks in the road, throwing them in cars, throwing them at police cars, throwing them at the officers, throwing them at our bear cat, lighting things on firethe sheriff extended the call for help again monday morning.. through the emergency police se after noon i had about 50 officers already committed from other agencies soon after though..m-p-d told them stand down.. siting enough resources for the night.. the sheriff says kenosha's armored car plus 3 deputies to operate it.. was still requested... everyone else.. is on standby meanwhile... other local agencies dealing with threats circling social media... suggesting the riots head to the suburbs... including cudahy..south milwaukee.. west allis .. and franklin.. cudahy and franklin among the departments that say they're aware of the threats...and
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west allis police issuing the following statement: "the wapd has contingencies to respond to events that may occur in the city and assist other law enforcement agencies as requested." the emergency police services... or eps .. has been used before... for example.. several years ago for the protests in madison.. but officials say that was not violent... like these past few days... so many this weekend's incidents were a first for many of the kenosha deputies that helped out.. of course.. they are all thoroughly trained for something fox 6 news steph thanks krystle you can view our complete coverage of the milwaukee unrest when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. look for the link atop our home page. a storm system will move just to our east tonight, but it could give far se wi a few showers this evening into the overnight. temperatures will fall through the 70s. becoming partly sunny on tuesday
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highs in the low-to-mid 80s and dewpoints in the upper 60s. thunderstorm chances continue on wednesday with highs in the middle 80s. quiet on thursday with a chance for t- storms friday night and saturday. a big cool down is possible late in the weekend. tonight: cloudy with a chance for a few showers. low: 69 dewpoint: 68 wind: ne 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunn w for t-storms, mainly at night. high: 83 dewpoint: 67 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 69 high: 84 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph
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the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. tonight a fox 6 exclusive - the suspect and the cop. two young men - two very different paths.. but it wasn't their first encounter.. how they two knew each other long before saturday's unrest in milwaukee. plus - not giving up - a business owner ravage by rioters - promising to rebuild. the moving message from his customers.. and growing the community.. how something as simple as lettuce -- is helping sherman park heal.
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milwaukee over the weekend. this is from inside a metro p-c-s store near 36th and fond du lac. a group of people broke in -- stole merchandise and ransacked the place. six businesses were targeted over the weekend.. and tonight - owners are on high alert. but they are also hopeful. julie collins introduces you to one convenience store owner - refusing to give up on his
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morning traffic was seen along sherman boulevard many returnign to work - including abu zobra - the owner of three brothers grocery and tobacco store. his store on burleigh street is steps away from the gas station that was set fire saturday night. 'it got me a little worried.' hes been so worried he closed his doors early sunday night as the crowds across the street began to swell. 'i left at 8:30 so i returned this morning to broken windows 'this one, it got repaired." but the damage doesnt stop there. this one, this one.' busted windows & glass shattered - the evidence still there and many of his windows now boarded up. 'i mean its something that doesnt make me happy, but i dont know. im happy that it just didnt get any worse than what it is.' he says he can thank his loyal customers for stepping in to save his store. 'they were talking about it every time they come in here, like yeah, we told them to stop,
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really good.' 'the store has several surveillance cameras however the store owner says there is a glitch in the system. they are working to recover all the footage so they can share it with the police. reporting on burleigh street. julie collins. fox 6 news.' we also found that sense of loyalty runs deep sherman park.. residents are frustrated by the violence - but they're also very proud of sherman park. r story. after gunshots, looting and fires... its just a shame these kids are acting a fool. it's the residents of the sherman park neighborhood who want to see the riots and protests come to an end. "people want to have a great life here" cecil brewer and neighbor kristofer koneazny along the corridor were rocked by violence this past weekend. angry about the violence they became victim of, and also the perception and treatment of an
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people own their homes here, they care about their lives and property. we are at peace " at peace and at one with each other. this area near sherman and burleigh seems to house neighbors who are caring. "i know everybody along this block we all get along we are family we look out for each other " and also the community...koneazn y made sure to connect with those "my wife and kids and i came and sat on the porch as they walked by , met neighbors we didn't know did positive things together, cleaned up. ." many residents say they are ready to get back to positive atmosphere to get back to the positive vibe that once had which was built on community unification. in milwuakee derica williams, fox 6 news.
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milwaukee... and how can the problems that have been boiling over... be solved? those are the hot topics being addressed by a new streaming talk show. its broadcast on facebook... and drawing thousands of viewers. fox6s bret lemoine has the latest. the facebook-live broadcast 'regul8tors' may not have all the answers... nat 'psychologically, anger is part of the process...' but this newly-launched talk show aims to address a wide variety of milwaukees problems... with help from some of its most citizens. eb 'we wanted to create a safe space for black intellectual thought.' host eyon biddle says the show will stream three times a week on facebook live. its an effort to reach out to young people... eb 'we aim to regulate - were not here to do anything but make sure that all sides are playing honest and fair.' on mondays panel: state representative david bowen addresses the unrest in milwaukee... db 'theyve reached a boiling point where they just cant take it anymore.' and pastor gregory lewis calls for change: gl 'if we can get a ground floor we can start to work on all the other things.
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economic foundations.' lewis says milwaukees problems cant be solved by prayer alone... hes calling on groups like 'black lives matter' and the 'coalition for justice' to unite and work toward solutions.... not violence. gl 'im all for walking and praying - but i think we need to start doing something for ourselves.' leaders are also calling for crowd- source type funding to help create and sustain programs that can build up the african american community. gl 'were on these federal programs, state programs and city programs. if all those programs were cut off, our commu this discussion... is far from over... host 'we can start to be more proactive in becoming a village and a community and really start to set goals and an agenda.' 'regul8tors' will air monday, wednesday and fridays. you can visit for a link. reporting live in milwaukee, bl, fox6 news.
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been caught right in the middle of all the unrest and it's meant as a safe haven for kids. how the boys and girls club of milwaukee is striving to maintain peace, without turning its back on those who need it the most. plus, the sister of the man shot and killed by police over the weekend speaks out. the connection between the officer and her brother that she claims goes back years.
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progressive policies that have marginalized black dads. they have pushed them to the side and said youre not needed. uncle sam is going to be the dad, hes going to provide for
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forth. but uncle sams been a horrible father, uncle sam does not love these kids. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke speaking out about the unrest in milwaukee.. he's blaming government dependence for the unrest. caught in the middle of all this-- a chapter of the boys and girls club is located right in the heart of sherman park. programs have not been interrupted by the violence happening the last couple of nights. in fact parents in the neighborhood have been telling fox6 they are very grateful for the club staying open.. nearly 200 children and teens daily. 'the message is if you want a positive place for a young person to go. we are not suffering from lack of opportunity.' the boys and girls club in sherman park continues to add programs, adding to their teen center, and offering free memberships. they're trying to attract as many young people as possible. a storm system will move just to our east tonight, but it could
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overnight. temperatures will fall through the 70s. becoming partly sunny on tuesday with a chance for a few t-storms...mainly at night. highs in the low-to-mid 80s and dewpoints in the upper 60s. thunderstorm chances continue on wednesday with highs in the middle 80s. quiet on thursday with a chance for t- storms friday night and saturday. a big cool down is possible late in the weekend. tonight: cloudy with a chance for a few showers. low: 70 dewpoint: 68 partly sunny with a chance for t-storms, mainly at night. high: 82 dewpoint: 67 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 69 high: 84 dewpoint: 69
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the sister of the victim from saturday's officer-involved shooting gave us an exclusive interview. the interesting detail she reveals about her brother-- and the connection he had to the officer who shot him. and remembering those who lived a life of service.... a golf outing for a noble cause, ahead on fox six news at nine... break break theyre looking at their dad like hes doing all these things. i just got out of jail
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way.
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s, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. back-and-forth in jail and they see these things so id like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. a poignant apology. the father of the suspect shot by police last saturday - speaking out on his role in his son's life..
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death... tonight some more powerful words.. from the sister of sylville smith. in a fox 6 exclusive, she reveals the previous connection between her brother...and the officer who shot him. a.j. bayatpour explains. thats the black-on-black crime but why? was it jealously? milwaukee police are not releasing the name of the officer who sh smith, saying threats have been made against him. sherelle smith says that officer is no stranger to her family. the boy knew my brother personally from high school. they knew each other. you knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him. during our interview, smith says she's skeptical of the ongoing investigation, adding that if body camera footage shows her brother holding a gun, she still won't believe the officer was justified in firing his weapon. if my brother did have his gun in his hand, why he
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go out, why not go out with a fight? why not go out with a big bang? as for the unrest that has followed the shooting of sylville smith, his sister condemns the looting and burning that has happened.... violence is never the key, though, im not saying that. i dont want anyone to be violent. while also striking a somewhat ominous tone. if we dont have answers, were gonna find them and were gonna find them our way, were not find them yall way no more, were not gonna compromise no more. at the same time, smith calls for unity. i invite any col fun with us. come to our parades or come support our barbecues or our rallies or our stop the violence things, you know, it seems like were so segregated. and its for nothing. its for nothing. a milwaukee police source confirms the officer did attend pulaski high school with sylville smith. the
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with the wisconsin department of justice, which has not yet indicated when that video will be made public. in the newsroom, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. at the age of 23, sylville smith had never been convicted of a felony. but he'd been charged with three of them... including one for theft of 16-hundred dollars in dvd's from a south side walmart. a second felony charge came from a 2015 shooting on grant boulevard. and he got a third felony charge for allegedly tampering with a but all three felony charges were dismissed. smith's sister says he was not a bad guy. 'this brother that yall talking about is the sweetest brother i got. the other ones, i probably would believe that, cause they meaner. my other brothers are mean. sylville is the sweetest brother i have! this man wouldnt fight a fly.' smith's only criminal conviction came in 2014 for carrying a concealed weapon
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him for safety. for more on the milwaukee unrest go to fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. look for the link atop our home page. honoring the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice can happen anywhere, even at a local golf course. fox 6's brandon cruz goes beyond the game on this special event. on an overcast and rainy morng together here at ironwood golf course in lisbon. they're here for golf of course, but also for something much bigger. they're here to remember firefighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice while on duty. before any balls are struck more than 100 golfers take part in
9:34 pm
support for their families. "the foundation it supports families in the line of duty deaths when a loved one dies in the line of duty they will give them support they have different things for the kids they do a memorial weekend that honors their firefighter and all the firefighters that were killed the year before." tournament director carrie rydzik rid-zik started the event four years ago after playing in a similar tournament for the foundation in northern wisconsin."i've always been a supporter of the foundation and i thought here i can give back is by running a tournament down here." "all their money is coming in through people like us, that raise money for them, because without it the families wouldn't have anything." like other golf fundraisers there are raffles, putting contests, as well as longest drive and closest to the pin winners...but they have one event that's uniquely their own. "we also have a firefighter hole, which people have to put on a firefighter coat, our bunker gear, helmet and the gloves which are not the most dexterous
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it's a 50/50 raffle so you put 5 bucks in end the end the foundation will take 50 percents 25 goes to the man who hit the furthest, 25 percent goes to the woman who hit the furthest." some have success with the gear on... others not so much. because of what the firefighter driver challenge offers, the tournament seems to keep growing. "first year we had i believe it was 56 golfers it was just trying to get the amount but we still had a good time, this year we hit 120 so it's grown each year, this is our biggest year so far." while it is a very fun event for all involved, it's why the event is held, even on a dark and dreary day, that resonates with each of the participants. "we have 3 line of duty families here today who i met then and now we've become a family with me." brandon cruz, fox 6 sports. this year they hoped to raise around 10- thousand dollars for the fallen
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confessed to murder.. but now brendan dassey's conviction has been overturned - why it's having an unexpected ripple effect - nationwide. plus - in the line of fire.. how local fire crews faced two battles over the weekend.. and the flames and the fury. we could see a few showers overnight with thunderstorm chances increasing later tuesday. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up.
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several businesses all set on fire.. firefighters also deserve a lot of credit this weekend. they had to battle more than just the flames-- as fox6's madeline anderson explains they were also in the
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morning... milwaukee fire fighters were back at the scene of this weekends riots... this time putting out a house fire near 41st and burleigh. most of these firefighters have been up 24, 48 hours fighting fires. batallion chief kevin hafemann says its too early to tell whether this incident is connected to the unrest thats already charred parts of the sherman park neighborhood. people protesting the saturday officer-involved shooting of sylville smith... set this bp gas station up i oreilly auto parts building... the bmo harris bank... and other businesses and multiple vehicles. and thats why we use crews from all over the city, some of the shared services from neighboring communities. many times... those crews were unable to get to the flames... instead they were forced to shield themselves from objects being thrown and guns being fired. when we look at the events of the last couple of days, we are preparing a contingency plan so
9:41 pm
citizens of milwaukee. deputy chief terry lintonen is now looking ahead to tonight in case chaos breaks out for a third day in a row. he says his department and milwaukee police will meet several times to discuss how best to serve and the protect the community while also keeping his men and women safe. its certainly nothing we cant handle and we havent trained and prepared for. :35 the deputy fire chief didn't know how many fires crews have responded to in the sherman park area this weekend... he just said it's been a lot. milwaukee... madeline anderson fox6 news. get ready for some rain. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. a lamborghini split in half.. the dramatic rescue - by an uber driver! and yes - a squirrel with its head stuck in a yogurt cup. how he was finally rescued.
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set-top box. twitter is set to air the first n-f-l thursday night game on september 15th. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. adlib to wx weather a storm system will move just to our east tonight, but it could give far se wi a few showers this evening into the overnight. temperatures will fall through the 70s. becoming partly sunny on tuesday t-storms...mainly at night. highs in the low-to-mid 80s and dewpoints in the upper 60s. thunderstorm chances continue on wednesday with highs in the middle 80s. quiet on thursday with a chance for t- storms friday night and saturday. a big cool down is possible late in the weekend. tonight: cloudy with a chance for a few showers.
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partly sunny with a chance for t-storms, mainly at night. high: 83 dewpoint: 67 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 69 high: 84 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny. am low: 68 high: 87 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms at night. am low: 69 high: mph saturday: mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 68 high: 77 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: partly sunny and cooler. am low: 60 high: 72 dewpoint: 56
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in light of the unrest in milwaukee - politicians are now weighing in.. senators ron johnson and tammy baldwin both talked about ways to end the violence baldwin says: "it is absolutely the truth that these are issues that affect communities all over th most success listen to one another. converse and when those conversations are difficult, keep doing it." johnson says; "what we need is political leadership that is willing to say everything they can to heal the process. this is about healing our community, healing our state, healing our nation. taking to the street, violent protests is not the answer. renewed faith, strong families, strong
9:53 pm
the solution right there. johnson was at a faith-based event. baldwin was taking part in a roundtable discussion about jobs for vets. the milwaukee unrest also a topic in the race for president. "look at what is happening in milwaukee right now. we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principle. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law." hillary clinton crowd in pennsylvania.. republican nominee donald trump did not address the unrest during his campaign speech in ohio.. we could hear from him tomorrow. trump will hold a fundraiser in milwaukee.... then he'll be in west bend at the washington county fair grounds. packers fans headed to green bay may have some trouble finding a place to park with new developments under construction. escpecially for r-v owners
9:54 pm
brittany ford has a look at the changes around lambeau this season. the 2,500 packers parking spaces lost due to titletown development is causing a change in routine for rv's. one alternative for rv's and motorhomes is to at park at the brown county fair grounds. elfers "we kind of go around sightseeing from this point so it works out real nice, it's really nice." reporter elfers marzhal of and his wife usually come up three to four days before game day... which he says made parking at the fairgrounds not so bad. marzhal says they plan on driving to the game. take super s/elfers 34-39 "because even at k-mart it was quite a walk from there it's just an easy to take your car and get close to it on the lot." reporter other game day parking options for r-v's is the open lot behind burkels. dane bolz of medford says for
9:55 pm
caught some by surprise. take super s/dane 1:01 "these people right here we got off the freeway, and sure enough they sped up, and figured we'll follow this motorhome, they know where they're going." reporter bolz says he's not worried about the change in location, because wherever there's packers fans, there's a good time. dane "i don't think it will matter at all, because all of those people that were over there are coming over here now." reporter he says it's just one start of football season. brittany ford fox news. a kenosha county man is hospitalized after a jet ski in his driveway exploded! it happened around 9 this morning in salem. officials believe the explosion occurred due to gas fumes after the jet ski's ignition was turned. the 52-year-old has severe injuries. the explosion is not considered suspicious. jefferson county sheriff's officials say a pilot died
9:56 pm
fire. the 63-year-old janesville man had problems shortly after taking off from the fort atkinson municipal airport yesterday. he died at the hospital early this morning. more than 11-thousand people ... in shelters after "unprecedented flooding" hits southern louisiana. over the weekend-- around 20-thousand people had to be rescued and evacuated aorund baton rouge. five people lost their lives. the downpour has stopped but rivers and creeks are way above the flood stage-- a state of emergency has been declared authorized. in connecticut-- an e-m-s crew out saves a little critter in a sticky situation. this squirrel got his head stuck in a yogurt cup-- jumping around in hopes to get it off. luckily enough-- it happened in the parademics' own drive way and were there art just the right time. while some of them worked to get the squirrel free-- others made sure the rescue was caught on camera. they posted the video to their facebook page, it went viral and the
9:57 pm
a driver in chicago is lucky to be alive after he's rescued from his burning car-- right before it exploded. yesterday- he was driving his lamborghini when he was hit by another car that tried to turn without looking. he swerved-- his lamboghini hiting a light pole and splitting in half. the man owes his life to quick thinkers - including an uber driver - who noticed gas was leaking and pulled him out of the car. 30 seconds later-- the car exploded. officials say one person was taken to the hospital. he was just 16-years-old when he brendan dassey's conviction has been overturned - what does it mean for officers who have to interrogate children? our katrina cravy spoke to dassey's attorney about how last week's ruling could have a ripple effect for cases nationwide. if you watched netflix's making a murderer - you went inside the interrogation room to see how 16-year- old brendan dassey was questioned. "detective; it's ok what did he make you do? dassey; cut her. detective: cut her where? dassey: on the throat." a federal judge recently overturned his conviction - saying that " the investigators repeatedly
9:58 pm
october 31 and assured dassey that he had nothing to worry about." plus "no supportive adult" was with him. dassey's attorney - laura nirider told me in a phone interview what hearing this decision was like. "the first emotion was emotion was gratitude and joy and relief. i had tears in my eyes this was a just result that is long overdue" "brendan was in shock, grateful and i think still trying to process exactly what's happening." dassey's mental limitation was part of the case and nirider says of understand the questioning and the consequences of their answers. "janda; did you do this? brenden: not really? janda: what do you mean not really? nirider is also the co-director of the center on wrongful conviction of youth at northwestern university - a group who wants to help investigators too. "has worked with the international association of chiefs of police to publish the only interrogation protocol on how to question kids in the interrogation room to avoid a
9:59 pm
- much like the decision to release dassey after ten years in prison. his attorney says the wheels of justice grind slowly but they do grind. i'm katrina cravy fox 6 news. we've been tracking the dassey and avery cases for months. check them all out when you search "avery archives" on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. 10pm open we ask you that question every night-- do you know where your children are? tonight-- it's even more important you know. "your kids better be home or in a place where theyre off the streets.' a curfew for milwaukee teens is in effect-- in an effort to prevent another
10:00 pm
complicated time for us.' that is our big story tonight-- as of just a few seconds ago-- any teenagers caught out on milwaukee streets can be fined by milwaukee police. this is a live look at the scene near sherman park. we are told police chief ed flynn will be speaking within the next half hour. we'll bring it to you live. but let's start with our jenna sachs. she's live near sherman park. in addition to the curfew-- the park closed at 6 o'clock. but do people seem to be following these new rules, jenna? it is 10 p-m and that means ... this curfew is now in effect. right now ... ad lib latest spoke with a number of people today ...about what tonight may


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