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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm CDT

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our big story at four...concern from the state capitol. governor walker met with milwaukee officials and the faith-based community today.. about ways to prevent future violent unrest i fox6's myra sanchick was with the governor to hear his plan. the governor said he did go past the destruction of the b-p gas station at sherman and burleigh and hopes that the people responsible for the arson will be caught. but that's only a part of the issue of course. governor walker and lieutenent governor rebecca kleefish met with people who gathered at the greater praise church near 55th and center to thank church leaders for their efforts the
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about stopping the violence. the governor applauded a jobs program called the joseph project, one effort the church has to bring work to those who want it. then the governor met with those at the city brook church near sherman and burleigh, another group trying to reach out to those who are frustrated and turn to what we've seen the past few days, property damage, injuries and looting. "we're certainley going to continue to make sure in the immediate future that happens and long term issues about safety are addressed here and across the state and we're also be working as we have before with local officials, community officia improve opportunities and education, employement, housing, here and elsewhere" the governor stresses that sherman park is a good neighborhood and the violence is not a reflection of the neighborhood
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fox6 news brad thanks myra. milwaukee police tweeting out their numbers from overnight. m-p-d made 10 arrests, there was one report of shots fired. some good news, zero injured officers, zero damaged vehicles, and zero damage to businesses or residences. federal investigators are now on the scene in milwaukee. the a-t-f is offering a reward for information abu the multiple fires saturday night on the north side. a.j. bayatpour is live at sherman park with the details... the bulk of the a-t-f activity is centered around the gas station here at sherman and burleigh. the feds are now offering a ten- thousand dollar reward for information about the burning, vandalism, and looting that happened saturday. the a-t-f says it is working with the milwaukee fire department. the state department of justice is also part of this
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of 8 commercial fires throughout the city. officials say if they do make arrests, they havent yet decided whether suspects would be charged at the state or federal level... "we are going to determine, make a collective decision, on whether federal or local charges are appropriate or possibly both." the a-t-f estimates that, when you put it all together, the eight fires caused of damage. it is the 23rd time this year the a-t-fs national response team has been called out. live at sherman park, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. mary thanks aj. city leaders--spending the day discussing how they'll keep the peace both tonight... and in the long-term in sherman park. common council members and the milwaukee police chief met behind
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president ashanti hamilton says they talked about sensitive issues that can't be yet be shared publicly in the event they compromise public safety. "a lot of the stuff was tactical in nature, so you wouldnt want reveal to the people who may be watching it on tv and then respond to it." the milwaukee black panthers also showed up hamilton's office... asking to speak with him this morning. they told hamilton. come up with a concrete plan now to create jobs and provide quality education for the black community. if that doesn't happen, they feel the ?unrest will continue. fox6 news has had multiple crews tracking the milwaukee unrest for several days now. view all of our extensive coverage on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. there's a link atop our home page. milwaukee police are investigating two death's on the city's north side. a woman's body was found inside a home near 24th and melvina.
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killed by a man she was dating. that man was also found dead-- but the cause of his death is under investigation. republican presidential nominee donald trump making a handful of stops in wisconsin today. trump made a stop at the war memorial along milwaukee's lake front. he was joined by milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani for a round table discussing law enforcement. he has a scheduled at the washington county fair park and conference center in west bend. political reporter theo keith is there and we'll have more on that event at five, six and later tonight at nine and ten. looking ahead in the forecast, and we have some storm chances over the next few days. weather expert tom wachs is standing by in the weather office with more. tom?
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scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight with a low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the mid-to- upper 80s. we have a chance for a few scattered t-storms wednesday afternoon. hot and humid c 90 thursday and friday...with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorms are likely on saturday with a high around 80. much cooler air moves in sunday with highs around 70. tonight: chance for t-storms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. high: 86 dewpoint: 68 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: heat index: 95. partly sunny.
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wind: sw 5-10 mph does your smart phone or tablet have the fox6 storm center app? it's free for all apple and android devices. you'll always have access to the fox6 we eight people are dead after historic flooding in louisiana... officials say 40-thousand homes were affected by the flooding...and more than 20-thousand people have been rescued. two feet of rain flooded the southern part of the ?state in 48 hours. according to the governor, twelve parishes are under a federal disaster declaration. "as begin entering recovery mode, we are still in an
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florida parishes. saving lives is a priority that we have." national weather service experts say the danger of new flooding remains high because of the amount of water flowing into the gulf of mexico. a 40- year-old man on suspicion of starting several fires in lake county over the past year. authorities believe damin anthony pash- ilk started the clayton fire, which forced some four-thousand people out of their homes last week. pash-ilk is now charged with at least seventeen counts of arson... and investigators say - there could be more charges to come. "it is a tragic day, however, when we identify any individual who intentionally starts a fire, and a fire like this, that was
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some four-thousand acres and is only five- percent contained. there is some strange stuff at the bottom of the ocean. but a recent sea exploration has uncovered a cute little creature. take a look at this googly-eyed squid, affectionately named stubby. the purple guy while live streaming an expedition on the ocean floor off the california coast. the scientists encountered a few other weird specimens while down there, but stubby definitely stole the show.
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ahead on fox 6 news at four... the unique golf tournament honoring fallen firefighters. plus -- the record breaking number of guns found in airplane carry-ons in the last week. when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin,
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as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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the t-s-a breaks a record with the number of firearms found on carry-on bags. in seven days, t-s-a agents discovered 78 guns at airports across the country. of those guns found between august 5th to 11th, 68 of them were loaded, and 21 of those had a round in the chamber. the previous high-water
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was in may of this year. the t-s-a maintains in many cases, travelers simply forgot they had weapons with them. it's not just firearms - t-s-a agents found a knife inside a pill bottle in san francisco. and four replica grenades were found in the past week. it's one of the most famous homes in the world. now it's off the market. the playboy mansion has finally been sold for 100-million dollars. hostess brands. the iconic estate was originally put on the market this past winter for a cool 200-million dollars. the five-acre property features 20-thousand square feet of living space, and comes with an official zoo license. playboy founder ...and current resident hugh hefner has lived at the mansion since 1971. a spokesperson for the new owner tells time magazine that the 90-year old will reportedly remain at
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hamilton creator lin-manuel miranda is trying to crack down on "ticket bots" for his musical. those are automated programs scalpers use to buy tickets online, then raising ticket prices for everyone. miranda is teaming up with new york senator chuck schumer to push the "bots act" to stop that from happening. the new bill wouldn't just apply to broadway, it would include other live events like concerts. according to ticketmaster, about 60-percent of online tickets are bought by these bots. honoring the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice can happen anywhere, even at a local golf course. fox 6's brandon cruz goes beyond
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on an overcast and rainy morning, dozens of people come together here at ironwood golf course in lisbon. they're here for golf of course, but also for something much bigger. they're here to remember firefighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice while on duty. before any balls are struck more than 100 golfers take part in the ceremony honoring these heroes showin "the foundation it supports families in the line of duty deaths when a loved one dies in the line of duty they will give them support they have different things for the kids they do a memorial weekend that honors their firefighter and all the firefighters that were killed the year before." tournament director carrie rydzik rid-zik started the event four years ago after playing in a similar tournament for the foundation in northern wisconsin."i've always been a
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i thought here's another way that i can give back is by running a tournament down here." "all their money is coming in through people like us, that raise money for them, because without it the families wouldn't have anything." like other golf fundraisers there are raffles, putting contests, as well as longest drive and closest to the pin winners...but they have one event that's uniquely their own. "we also have a firefighter hole, which people have to put on a firefighter and the gloves which are not the most dexterous they can hit a ball tee off whoever gets the longest drive, it's a 50/50 raffle so you put 5 bucks in end the end the foundation will take 50 percents 25 goes to the man who hit the furthest, 25 percent goes to the woman who hit the furthest." some have success with the gear on... others not so much. because of what the firefighter driver challenge offers, the tournament
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was 56 golfers it was just trying to get the word out so it was kind of a low amount but we still had a good time, this year we hit 120 so it's grown each year, this is our biggest year so far." while it is a very fun event for all involved, it's why the event is held, even on a dark and dreary day, that resonates with each of the participants. "we have 3 line of duty families here today who i met then and now we've become a family with me." brandon cruz, fox 6 sports. around 10- thousand dollars for the fallen firefighters foundation. the original is often called one of the most iconic films of all time. it's remake hits theaters this friday. next -- what it took to fill the shoes of ben-hur. here's a live look outside from our camera on top of the moderne building in downtown milwaukee. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is up next with a look at the
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a
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that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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partly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight with a low in
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and humid on wednesday with a high in the mid-to- upper 80s. we have a chance for a few scattered t-storms wednesday afternoon. hot and humid conditions for the end of the week with highs near 90 thursday and friday...with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorms are likely on saturday with a high around 80. much cooler air moves in sunday with highs around 70. tonight: chance for t-storms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 66 chance for thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. high: 86 dewpoint: 68 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: heat index: 95. partly sunny. am low: 70 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5-10 mph "my family was one of the most respected in jerusalem. welcome
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won't name names. until we were betrayed by my own brother. masala you know we've done nothing wrong. rome is calling for blood, crucify them." it's a story of betrayal -- revenge -- and redemption. our gino salomone sat down with the star of "ben-hur" about taking on this ad lib to bite "a big undertaking. yeah mean really quite something. do you
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a big motion picture and i'm kind of a big deal in this thing. yeah you know this one it's so funny because i want to say someone approaches the script the same way no matter the size of the movie but i have to be honest this was one of the best characters you would be able to read as an actor and i mean in your life you get maybe get a handful of great characters if you're lucky." the story of judah ben-hur has been told before. ad lib to bite "i read this and i said wow, and i was such a fan of the 59 version it meant so much to me and charlton heston his family who i know, all the rest of it you know i read this and thought oh this is beautiful because it's been completely re imagined. it is its own movie. it's in no way stepping on the toes or sandals of its predecessors. it was something that i thought was very
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and like i said one of the great characters, that's what we look for every day." ad lib out of bite
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skull that could be yours. but for how much? just ahead -- a duplex fire leaves six people displaced. why fire officials call it suspicious. we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments
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fire investigators are sifting through debris after a vacant house went up in flames this morning. the two-alarm fire started in a home near 50th and clarke. fox six's derica williams has the details, new at four. orange flames fill the night sky as firefighters and police block off the area near 50th and clarke. "i just smelled smoke ." captured cell phone video while firefighters battled a fire at vacant home. "the embers were coming down " as the sun came up, the damage done was evident. "we have an entire collapse at the rear of the main fire building." "peoples houses are just damaged." "the vacant home is destroyed and the fire caused damage to the homes nearby you can see how the heat melted the structure and its leaning toward the adjacent house and on the other side,the siding of that home is completely melted. " "innocent people are being affected by this ." sherri mcneils home suffered some damage, but shes grateful
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man who was walking down the street on his way to work cause he was beating on my door letting me know the house was on fire. me and my family was in there sleep." now she wants to know why and how this devastation officials are just as inquisitive. "there was no electricity or gas service to this building was we are pursuing at this at this point in time as curiosity of how a without one of those two things. ." residents gathered nearby are concerned for many reasons. - they;re already on edge from the fires, shootings and violence that happened just blocks away. derica williams, fox6 news. six people were displaced from that duplex that was damaged next to the vacant home which caught fire. they are being helped by the red cross.
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florida. authorities say a 19-year-old florida state university student killed a married couple and seriously injured the couple's neighbor yesterday. the neighbor called 9-1-1 last night -- saying he was stabbed trying to break up a fight. when they arrived, they found the teen on top of the dead husband...biting and chewing off parts of his face. officials said it took a stun gun, a k-9 and four deputies to pry the attacker from the husband' the teen was visiting his mother who lived a few block away from the victims. "we know that the offenders and the victims did not know each other, it looked like a completely random and unprovoked attack." the wife -- michelle stevens -- was found dead inside the garage. the neighbor was rushed to a hospital with stab wounds, but is expected to survive. an autopsy is scheduled today... after the body of a baby was found inside of a duffel bag.
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chicago. a landscaper found the duffel bag in the middle of the road near a golf club. for hours the roads around the area were shut down while the du-page county sheriff used dogs to search the area. a resident who lives nearby says she passed the bag on her way to work in the morning. "i drove and i saw the bag around here. i did not see anything inside because the bag was very odd to me to have a bag in the middle of the road." investigators are now asking anyone with information to call county sheriff's office. in the first move of it's kind since the islamic revolution in 19-79 -- russia warplanes conducting bombings in syria, from an airbase in iran. at least 19 people were killed and many others injured during airstrikes today. russia targeted rebel-held areas of the city of aleppo. russia's defense ministry says the raids eliminated five major arms depots used to supply isis militants as well as
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airfields after the attacks. vice president joe biden and his wife visited serbia today -- in part to honor their late son. first the vice president participated in bilateral meetings with serbia's president and prime minister. then, he and his wife plan to attend a dedication ceremony of a road being named in honor of biden's oldest son -- beau biden. he died last year after battling brain cancer. the road honors his contributions to the territory of kosovo oh will travel to kosovo tonight... and will stay for two days. the pennsylvania attorney general convicted of perjury and obstruction announcing her resignation today. kathleen kane was found guilty yesterday of leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it. kane was accused of orchestrating the leak to get revenge on a former prosecutor she blamed for embarrassing media coverage. she was convicted of two counts of
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she faces up to seven years in prison. ben handelman joins us now from the news room with some stories coming up on fox six news at five. preventing violence in milwaukee. in the wake of events like last weekend's unrest a surge of solutions often follow. at five, take a look at one initiative that started years ago and where it stands now. also at five, keeping first responders safe. coming up, the incredible technology developed by nasa to h situations. we'll have all that and more for you in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five. mary thanks ben. to political news now... with 83-days left to the general election, donald trump cannot seem to stop big falls in his poll numbers. the republican nominee lagging behind both nationally and in most key swing states. fox's joel waldman has more from washington. when it comes to the most recent
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9-points, as the republican nominee works to get back on message today in wisconsin, holding a town hall in milwaukee tonight, just days after riots broke out in the wake of a shooting of an armed man at the hands of police. in an interview with fox news, trump commented on recent events. trump says: "well, basically it's just that it's law and order. we have to obey the laws or we don't have a country." despite poor poll numbers, wisconsin governor, scott walker, says he's convinced trump can get back to his winning ways --- if he keeps blitzing clinton like he did in address on isis yesterday --- instead of getting tripped up on "sideshow issues". walker says: "if donald trump can keep the focus on her, and give speeches like he gave yesterday where he clearly lays out a very presidential approach as to how he's going to address important issues like the security of our nation, he can win. speaking of clinton, a pair of leading house republicans, jason chaffetz and bob goodlatte, sent a detailed letter to the justice department laying out why she should face perjury charges after they say she lied
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set-up at the state department. clinton ignoring the issue on the campaign trail in philadelphia. clinton says: "even though we're doing fine right now, i'm not taking anybody, anywhere, for granted." waldman says oncam tag : "the fbi's new york field office will have a special guest tomorrow donald trump is set to receive his first classified briefing. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." it was 20 years ago today when a boy slipped away from his moth into the gorilla enclosure at a suburban-chicago zoo. a female western lowland gorilla cradled the three-year-old boy after he fell 20 feet down at the brookfield zoo. the gorilla carried her own baby, a 17- month-old, on her back the entire time. according to t-v station wgn, the boy suffered a broken hand and cuts to his face, and spent four days int he hospital.
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ad lib about gorilla video ad lib about gorilla video coming up on fox 6 news at four... a las vegas landmark brought the monte carlo tower demolition caught on video. plus -- ditch the sleeping pills. a new insomnia solution with no side effects. here's a live look outside right now from our camera in estabrook park. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in next with
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lots of people have trouble sleeping - and many take a sleeping pill to help. but most of those drugs can come with side effects, and consumer reports analysis finds they dont work all that well.
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no side effects. jenna sachs has details in this contact 6 report. bridgette brawner knows the distress that comes with insomnia. "i was going on over a year of really just not being able to sleep. it builds up and it wears on your body, it wears on your mind, it wears on your relationships!" if your doctor has ruled out medical problems as the cause for your poor sleep, consumer reports recommends working with a cognitive behavioral therapist for insomnia. "cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to get, as well as how often you waken at night and the actual quality of your sleep." heres how treatment often works: youll be asked to keep a sleep diary, along with rating your sleep and how you feel the next day. the therapist reviews that information and suggests strategies to improve the amount and quality of sleep youre getting. "you started off taking an average of 40 minutes to fall asleep. that went down to 10 almost immediately."
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set your body's wake-sleep cycle. "a lot of our job is to make it absolutely crystal clear to the brain: now is the time to be awake, now is the time to be asleep." professional c-b-t-insomnia treatment requires roughly two months of weekly sessions and is usually covered by insurance. to bridgette, the time and effort were worth it. "to go though insomnia cbt and to have it actually work. i feel like my joy has been renewed. i feel like sleeping better makes you feel better during the day, the american academy of sleep medicine says that c-b-t can significantly improve overall well-being and quality of life. if you want to find a cognitive behavioral therapist near you -- we've got a link at i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. remember -- if you have a consumer issue or an investigation -- call the number on your screen or file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox 6 now dot com.
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partly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight with a low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm mid-to- upper 80s. we have a chance for a few scattered t-storms wednesday afternoon. hot and humid conditions for the end of the week with highs near 90 thursday and friday...with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorms are likely on saturday with a high around 80.
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around 70. tonight: chance for t-storms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. high: 86 dewpoint: 68 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: am low: 70 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: heat index: 95. partly sunny. am low: 72 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. thunderstorms likely. am low: 70 high: 80
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sunday: mostly cloudy and cooler. am low: 63 high: 71 dewpoint: 61 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. crisp morning. am low: 55 high: 71 dewpoint: 51
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it's something many people often say - they couldn't live without. and now doctors say we're right... in a way! air conditioning could actually be good for our health. air conditioning not only cools the air inside, but also takes out the humidity. that process allows our body to relax and refrain from overworking. doctors say breathing in cool, dry air can be a simple solution to minor problems. "even in the winter when i tell patients that are having sinus the refrigerator and breathe in the cold air. that sometimes makes their sinuses less congested." doctors recommend keeping the indoor thermostat at whatever temperature feels most comfortable to you. since air conditioning was introduced in the 50's, heat related deaths have steadily dropped too much sitting is a potentially separate risk factor for heart disease and stroke. the american heart association warns
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your heart and blood vessels. sedentary behavior might be linked to a higher risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. in fact, too much down time is a higher risk for death from any cause. researchers say they can't pinpoint just how much sedentary time is bad. but they say, americans should heed the general advice of 'sit less and move more'. if you're a smoker and you want to make some friends, you might want to to a new study. when looking at a group of 700 people who were quitting smoking, researchers found three-quarters of them added at least two friends to their social circle. study authors say people who quit found they became more socially acceptable to a much wider group of people... and the authors hope their work serves as another reason to stop smoking. a landmark on the las vegas strip is razed overnight. the last tower of the iconic riviera hotel and casino is now history after
4:51 pm
explosions toppled the monte carlo tower... reducing it to rubble and smoke. the demolition brings an end to the strip's first high-rise and one of vegas' most famous casinos. the taller of the two towers, the monaco tower was imploded in june. google is now going up against facetime. the company has launched a free "duo"... it allows users to make calls between i-o-s and android devices -- something facetime can't do. and you can see what you look like even before you place a call. plus -- nothing that might interrupt your call will come through. instead.... google sends a message saying you're unavailable. when you hang up, you'll get a notification highlighting the missed call. google also hopes to launch "allo" -- a dedicated text
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if you've ever wanted to own your very own t-rex skull --now you can. that is-- if you have nearly two-million dollars laying around of course. high-end online auction house luxify posted a tyrannosaurus rex skull with a reserve price of 1-point-8 million dollars! it says the specimen is one of the most complete t-rex skulls ever. it was discovered last summer in montana by a private dinosaur fossil the skull dates back roughly to between 65 and 72 million years ago. an interesting world record was broken in cuba recently -- a motorcycle rider broke the guinness world record for driving a motorcycle... blindfolded. he drove four-point-nine miles through the streets of santiago de cuba -- escorted by a police convoy. even the crowds helped to steer him in the right direction. it took about 15 minutes to
4:53 pm
a guinness representative says the previous world record was four point three miles completed last year. the win was dedicated to mark the 90th birthday of cuban leader fidel castro. it's been a popular religious destination for more than 150 years. and -- it just received national designation. the green bay shrine drawing
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5. more than 100-thousand people visited a catholic shrine near green bay last year. an now it has received another national recognition. brittany ford has the story. s/champion 05-10 reporter champion's shrine of our lady of good help has now become the only apparition site in the nation to receive national designation. bishop david ricken of the shrine says being approved for the honor by
4:57 pm
been a humbling experience. s/bishop david 19-24 "we have been working on this for several months, asking for this permission, and its just a joy to see how beautiful things are happening." reporter along with receiving the title the shrine also announced how it will be upscaling its look. bishop ricken "i'm pleased to unveil the new logo for the national shrine of our lady of good help." reporter the shrine, holds great sig first and only confirmed appearance of the virgin mary in the u.s. for more than 155 years' pilgrims have traveled to champion to experience the shrine's great peace and power. s/brittany 55-60 "both people from the shrine and the greater green bay tourism bureau say the national recognition will only bring more people to the area." s/ walter 1:03-1:08 "so we're expecting between 130-135 thousand total pilgrims this year, very pleased that they are finding their way here." s/ brad 1:14-1:19 "it
4:58 pm
to come, and experience it for themselves." reporter toll says as the news of the national designation continues, green bay and champion will be welcoming more people and more pilgrims from around the world. in champion brittany ford fox news. to wisconsin. his efforts to win back voters after a slide in the polls. plus -- learning the cost of unrest in milwaukee. "it's human nature to speculate, but we are here to find facts." the damages are in the millions of dollars. walker: "when you burn down property, you are point blank a criminal." the latest in the investigation -- as city leaders work to keep the
4:59 pm
unrest in milwaukee. we have team coverage tonight. fox6's madeline anderson with the reaction from city hall. myra sanchick-- with the governor's visit to the area today. but fox6's aj bayatpour leads our coverage from sherman and burleigh with the reward now being offered by the a-t-f. the a-t-f says it is offering 10- thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest and conviction. that goes for several fires that federal level as arsons. as investigators try to get a beat on who set the gas station on fire saturday night... anthony hibbler brings over his young drummers from the 'nei phi neph' mentoring program. when you see kids robbing people and theyre doing things, most of the time, it comes from lack and maybe its not a lack of the things theyre stealing, maybe its a lack of discipline, maybe its a
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greater than the things theyre stealing. against that backdrop, a-t-f works with state and local officials to process the arson scenes. officials say if there are arrests, they havent decided if the suspects would face state or federal charges. we have all of the pieces and parts in place to make those determinations and we will make that determination as a collective group. all together, the a-t-f is investigating eight commerical fires. three of them near edward staples hardware store, which has been here front door, you can see the charred auto parts store and beauty shop. youre talking about investment in the neighborhood, that might have a big impact on it. jobs and all this kind stuff, things like that, i think itll have a big impact on people- whether theyre gonna come and invest in the neighborhood. in the sherman park neighborhood, hibbler hopes his position will give his kids some recognition. were gonna keep doing our positive thing and if we have to do it right door next to where something crazy happened, then perhaps thats what we have to do to get their


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