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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 17, 2016 3:05am-4:01am CDT

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destroyed before our eyes. the corner gas staton--- lit on fire-- during unrest in the sherman park neighborhood saturday night. honestly he didn't see it coming, and his world has been flipped upside. a family member of the owner says he is too devastated to talk. his attorney , vincent bobbet says his client now fears for his safety with his future unclear. he thought he was part of the neighborhood. now that's been taken away from him. in the last month the owner, fired his own son, after the clerk fired a g teens tried to get into the store. a boycott of the gas station lasted several days, before the two sides made ammends, they thought their trouble was behind them--- until this. something much worse. "they are going to have a decision to make. does he rebuild the location at the existing location and what does that mean for the future of his business." sometimes, it's when we feel we've lost all hope, we are given a sign. carried out from the ashes--- the store's safe. a family hopeful, their lives can be
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my fingers here are actually black. a few chaplains and i ran up to help them put that very heavy safe into a truck. i asked how can people help. the family says they don't need any help right now. they're working it out through insurance, and weighing their options for the future. live at sherman and burleigh, ben handelman fox 6 news. the b-p is just one of several businesses affected by the events of the last few nights. owners are trying to figure out what's next.
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forward. it is much calmer out here tonight. people have congregated in this area adjacent to sherman park. one business owners says he hopes it stays peaceful out here--after losing nearly everything. 11:34 trying to keep my faith and just it's not easy-- it wears on you. to see your ashes. 12:08 it's been a stressful couple of days. in the early morning hours sunday-- gary mulheron watched as his business a to z wholesale--burn. lit on fire--by violent protesters. 13:10 why my business? why all these other businesses are targeted? since then-- mulheron has returned each day-- trying to get back inside the place he's owned for 14 years. 12:57 heartbreaking... 6 seconds speaking with investigators from
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happening around the city. his family-- 31:29 really emotional, really emotional. stands with mulheron--trying to keep him focused. 29:53 i hurt for my father and i hurt for the community as a whole. this is his son adam's first time seeing the destruction up close. 30:04 me being angry is not going to fix this. it's not going to take back what's been done. in spite of everything--mulhero n says he will rebuild-- in the same spot--because he says he has to. 17:27 tears up i'm a humble person and i d nobody and i believe the good lord is going to get me through it. it could be some time before mulheron is allowed back inside the business. the investigation there hasn't even started. his kids have set up a gofundme to help their dad. live near sherman park, ashley
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tracking the milwaukee unrest for several days now. view all of our extensive coverage on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. there's a link atop our home page. you decide coverage now.. republican presidential nominee donald trump in our area today. he met with local officials at the war memorial for what he called a "law enforcement round table." sheriff david clarke says they talked public safety issues - including making sure the government is an ally for local law enforcement. theo keith and jenna sachs are live in
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crowd." glenn grothman says: "every country should have borders...we love immigrants, but every country needs borders "build the wall! build the wall!" "build the wall! build the wall!" duffy says: "donald trump is not too far away, so don't boo me quite you. he's coming. i know it's hot out there, isn't it? you're all
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donald trump drew an enthusiastic crowd to washington county tonight-- and some protesters. fox six's jenna sachs spoke with both. she's live in west bend tonight ... with their thoughts leading up to trump's appearance. spoke with here tonight ... say he wasn't initially their first choice candidate ... but he has since won them over. now what remains to be seen ... is whether he can win over enough voters ... to win wisconsin. appearing before a capacity ?
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politician ... i would stand with him even if it was just me alone. that trump is not afraid to ruffle feathers ... is what many in this crowd ... like best about him. right off the bat he said dont expect me to be politically correct because im not a politician. hes not stupid hes a very intelligent person and he makes a lot of noise but he also has a lot of sense in his head. larry hamlin says what he likes best about trump ... is that hes not hillary clinton. im here with my liberal daughter so she can maybe pick something up today and change thinking. his daughter .... is one of those rare undecided voters ... traditionally a democrat. shes here to make up her mind ... and needs to hear more than campaign slogans. i want to hear what he plans to do what his policies are. outside the rally ... a quiet protest vows 'never trump.' we have no place for misogyny and xenophobia
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opens his mouth. this group says theyll be surprised if trump carries wisconsin ... or the tradtionally red washington county. i have no idea why hes here if the marquette poll holds i dont think there is any hope of him carrying wisconsin. but this crowd says ... dont count trump out ... or his ability ... to surprise. latest ad lib. senator tim kaine-- also campaigning in the state today. he's in madison for a private fundraiser. this is his second visit to wisconsin this month. partly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. scattered thunderstorms are
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upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the mid-to- upper 80s. we have a chance for a few he's young, heavily tattooed, bragging about getting wasted and blowing money at strip clubs and casinos. that man? the milwaukee police officer who shot an armed suspect last saturd - what the investigators found out.. plus - input from the black panthers - how the local group thinking the city should respond to the recent violence. and fire near 50th and clarke. how a stranger helped save a
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tonight - working toward a solution the mayor - common council and police department - coming together to keep the peace in the sherman park community. they are now planning what to do next to prevent more violent protests.. fox6's madeline anderson
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the unrest in sherman park... the focus of several meetings at city hall this morning. first... milwaukee police chief ed flynn briefed common council members behind closed doors. a lot of the stuff was tactical in nature, so you wouldnt want reveal to the people who may be watching it on tv and then respond to it. :40 council president ashanti hamilton from the milwaukee black panthers' general king rick. rick urging hamilton to use his political power to create job opportunities and improve education for african american youth... as a way to end the violent protests long term. were here to put everyone on notice that if it doesnt change, and we cant all work together, the community is just going to
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that there will be a concrete plan. that the community will be involved in that plan. that we are trying to institute something this budget cycle. :50 this afternoon at a ceremony for local workers who assembled the glass in the northwestern mutual tower... mayor tom barrett... also touched on the past couple days of destruction. this past weekend was by far the most difficult weekend ive had as the mayor of this city.he says more jobs goes hand-in-hand with reducing violence and poverty in the central part of the city. i want this city to grow, i want this city to be safe, and i want us to close the that exists. governor scott walker making stops at several churches in the city. he and lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch met with people at the greater praise church. they thanked church leaders for their efforts the past few days-- talking to people on the streets
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governor also met with another group at city brook church. that group trying to reach out to those who are frustrated and turn to property damage, injuries and looting. "we're certainly going to continue to make sure in the immediate future that happens and long term issues about safety are addressed here and across the state and we're also be working as we have before with local officials, community officials on ways we can continue to improve employment, housing, here and elsewhere" the governor stressed that sherman park is a good neighborhood and the violence is not a reflection of the neighborhood as a whole. the unrest in milwaukee has some calling for the city to hire more police officers. but as city leaders prepare the 20-17 budget-- mayor tom barrett says it will cost millions just to keep staffing at its current level. fox6s bret lemoine is live outside the zeidler municipal building with
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proposed 20-17 budget tonight. a large crowd gathered here just a few hours ago to provide input. barrett says the cost of police pensions... and dwindling state funds... has cost the city a fortune. he says he supports pensions for city employees... but this year alone, they cost taxpayers 30-million dollars for police. the police budget has increased nearly 100-million dollars since 200 tax levy. state shared revenue, meanwhile, has dropped 12-million in that same time period. and barrett says... consider this... in 20-10 mpd staffing levels were at 1- thousand 8-hundred and 78-officers. this year... there are 10 more officers... but its costing 60-million more dollars. tb 'you can see why this can become a tense conversation. the one thing you cant do at the
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several listing sessions planned. the budget will be presented to the citys 'finance and personnel committee' in october. reporting live downtown, bl, fox6 news. brad thanks bret milwaukee police investigating two deaths this afternoon. officials say a man and a woman were found dead in a home near 24th and melvina. police say the two were in a killed the woman. they are still trying to determine how he died. investigators are sifting through debris after a vacant house went up in flames this morning. the two-alarm fire started in a home near 50th and clarke. fox six's derica williams has the latest. "i just smelled smoke ." residents near 50th and clarke emerged from their homes to see flames shooting in the air. "the embers were coming down " four o'clock tuesday morning, firefighters battled the blaze.
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of a vacant home were evident. "we have an entire collapse at the rear of the main fire building." "the vacant home is destroyed and the fire caused damage to the homes nearby you can see how the heat melted the structure and its leaning toward the adjacent house and on the other side,the siding of that home is completely melted. " "innocent people are being affected by this ." sherri mcneils home suffered some damage, but shes grateful just to have made it out. "thank god that street on his way to work cause he was beating on my door letting me know the house was on fire. me and my family was in there sleep." now she wants to know why and how this devastation officials are just as inquisitive. "there was no electricity or gas service to this building was we are pursuing at this at this point in time as curiosity of how a fire could have started without one of those two things. ." in milwaukee derica williams, fox6 news.
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tonight an eye-opening fox 6 news investigation. we've learned the identify of the officer who shot and killed an armed man in milwaukee last saturday.. what his twitter account reveals.. plus - caught on camera. a car stolen - the owner dragged behind trying to stop it.. what that man did that made him a
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a live look at republican presidential nominee donald trump he's speaking to a crowd of about 36- hundred people in west bend right now. we'll have more on his speech coming up on fox 6 news at 10. temperatures falling into the 70s. scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight with a low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the mid-to- upper 80s. we have a chance for a few scattered t-storms wednesday afternoon. hot and humid conditions for the end of the week with highs near 90
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thunderstorms are likely on saturday with a high around 80. much cooler air moves in sunday with highs around 70. tonight: chance for t-storms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. high: 86 dewpoint: 68 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: heat index: 95. partly sunny. am low: 70 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5-10 mph the shooting of 23-year-old sylville smith sparked a weekend of unrest in milwaukee. now-- we're taking a closer look at the officer who fired the fatal shot. his social media account. there's nothing unusual about being a hockey player or a speedskater. but how do you manage expectations when your dad competed in 4 olympics and your mom is one of the most decorated olympians ever? find out when we go beyond the game.
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tonight -- we're learning more about the milwaukee police officer who fired the fatal shots at sylville smith on saturday. he's a young, black male who says he chose a law enforcement car but fox 6 investigator bryan polcyn shows you the surprising things he wrote in a now-disabled twitter account. he's a young, heavily tattooed, black male... bragging about getting wasted and blowing money at strip clubs and casinos. we're not talking about sylville smith, the 23-year-old shot saturday by a milwaukee police officer. we're talking about the officer himself. fox 6 news has learned
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investigation is ongoing and the officer has not been accused of wrongdoing, we are choosing not to name him in this story. the 24-year-old was first appointed to the milwaukee police department as a police aide in 2010. he became a probationary officer in 2013. and his probationary period was extended for 97 days in 2014. a twitter account he used from 2012 to 2014 shows the aspiring cop felt he dope game" wasn't for him. instead he was "chasing a career and a degree." but during his time as a police aide, he also tweeted about "thug love"... getting high... and having sex with someone else's girlfriend. in january of 2013, he wrote, "if your not comfortable with a pistol, its not worth having it, so use it play wit err chance u get so when its time u ready." and the next month, he tweeted, 'karma comes quicker for a racial slur
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december of 2014, but the account remained open until tuesday. a search now shows the page no longer exists. polcyn says: relatives of sylville smith say the officer went to high school with smith, a claim a police source confirmed on monday. in the newsroom, bryan polcyn, fox 6 investigators. milwaukee police would neither confirm nor deny that the officer we described is indeed the one who shot sylville smith. and milwaukee police association president mike crivello declined to discuss it at this time. tracking the milwaukee unrest for several days now. view all of our extensive coverage on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. there's a link atop our home page. mom and dad competed in a combined eight olympics as speedskaters! so following in their tracks isn't easy for their son and daughter especially with dad as their coach! but they've been able to skate the fine line - as a family. tom pipines goes beyond the
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one of the top speedskaters of all-time, and one of the most decorated athletes in olympic history with 5 gold medals!. 11:06:59 i for sure realize now what my mom went through when she was sitting in the stands all those times, watching me race. 11:07:06 these days, bonnie wants to be an all- time great her 18 year old son grant, a future wisconsin badgers hockey player, and to 16 year old blair, a soccer player who might be tracking her mother's footsteps as a 11:07:36 i'm a crazy hockey/soccer mom. 11:07:11 when i'm at hockey games, soccer games, i'm not one that can just sit there and watch. i feel like i need to be on my feet. at the hockey games i've got the cowbells ringing, and i've got horns that i can blow. when they score. but you can't do that at soccer games! 11:07:29 20 years ago, bonnie married dave cruikshank-another 4-time olympic speedskater, 10:02:56 it's really nice to share the memories, and then to share a life with
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do. being with who you love to be with. cruikshank is an nhl skating and performance coach. plus, co-owner of dc hybrid skating -a performance training center for hockey players. that makes dave a natural to coach both blair and grant. but there is the dad daughter dad son coaching dynamic. coach parent relationship 10:06:30 i've just tried to stick to what bonnie and i believe as far just who i am and what fits my personality. sometimes conversations might may get more aggressive or a little more intense. but then also backing off. it's actually being pretty easy wit 10:17:35 there's some things that are hard. some things get a little intense. but it's that intensity that makes everything better. it definitely helps me to be everything that i am today. i definitely credit them for everything that's happened to me. 10:17:49 blair gymnast turned soccer player who got into skating because she was bored. her father coach says that when he watches his daughter skate..he sees his wife in her prime. 10:55:46 he'll send pictures out
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like 'it looks so much like your mom. and it's just crazy because we kind of even look alike. and i';m like following in her tracks in what she did 10:56:01 like her older brother, blair is comfortable being the daughter of 2 former olympians. 10:57:27 we definitely have like a total normal life. other than coming here and training with them. i don't look at them like, 'they're olympians, and everything. i treat them as 'it's my mom, it's my dad. 10:59:04 be the best that you can be, but trying to make it so you have the best of both worlds. my family, dave's family very conscious of keeping you very grounded. and so i think what we learned growing up as kids, we've tried to transform that into our parenting. 11:05:42 10:09:37 whether they do sports or they don't, that's the life lessons that we want to give them, that if you want to be successful, you gotta work. 10:09:42 11:05:58 dave and i feel very blessed that we've got to very good kids. that have blossomed to be beautiful in their own right. they're
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when she sees something; but she's content to let her husband coach the kids. the finish line today is far different than when she competed. 11:10:33 but i'm so enjoying the thrill of watching my kids and what they do and what they become. 11:10:40 11:11:04 being a parent is a hard thing, but it's also very rewarding. and i've been lucky enough to say that i've enjoyed every step; so let's just hope it keeps going in that direction 11:11:18 tp; fss?? bonnie donates her time to a variety of charities she organizes through the bonnie blair charitable fund. when tragedy strikes - many are moved into action. but how long does the movement last? up next - how one milwaukee neighborhood is still making a difference after the murder of
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plus - time to think about snow. yep. how plans for your safety this winter - started - today. thunderstorms will move in to parts of the area overnight. and we are turning up the heat by the end of the week. i'll have your fox6
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often times after a tragedy-- or the violence we saw this past weekend near sherman park -- the community comes together and organizes efforts to prevent something like it from happening again. but what happens to those programs in the years ahead? fox six's krystle kacner checks in with a grass roots ?neighborhood you about in 2015. after 13 month old bill thao was killed by a bullet .. fired into the home he was in... back in december 2014 ... local churches sprung to action- through a program called...'adopt a block' - the idea ... to get the faith community and its leaders to interact with neighbors - get to know them- start conversations.. that could ultimately
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think about it, whats going to be the after caredr andrew calhoun says he's seen it time and time again-- it starts out strong.. but soon...loses momentum.. that wasn't the case at grace fellowship church. i think when you dont quite have a model like we have here, it starts up for a moment then it begins to fizzle away, they now call it 'adopt a neighborhood'... and it focuses on the grover and williamsburg heights neighborhoods. you got can talk about things and say i'm not alone in this whole journey thats going on he says having this program already in place has helped their community deal with the riots and violence happening in the sherman park neighborhood. they know people that live there, they go to church with people from sherman park, so having a way to voice your concerns, and see people who are trying to take the lead consistently relieves a lot of stress even though the church already has programs in place they
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keep the conversation going. for example they are going to have a talking session held here between residents, teenagers and police officers. reporting in milwaukee, krystle kacner, fox 6 news. get ready for some rain. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. plus - save our eroding homes. the plea from people in racine - and how they now have a voice in washington. and a violent car theft caught in camera - a man dragged the victim is partially to blame.
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in business news -- a multi-million dollar apartment project on north avenue is set to break ground next year. the apartments will be built near 15th and north avenue -- and have about 64 units. it's taking over an old ice cream company factory. construction is expected to start early 20-17 - with tenants moving in by early 20-18.. the milwaukee plan commission endorsed the apartment project delta adding a flight between milwaukee and boston. daily nonstop service starts in june. the airline says it plans to be the only u-s global carrier to offer first-class seating on every flight to and from boston. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the
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weather partly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight with a low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the mid-to- upper 80s. we have a chancef afternoon. hot and humid conditions for the end of the week with highs near 90 thursday and friday...with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorms are likely on saturday with a high around 80. much cooler air moves in sunday with highs
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t-storms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. high: 86 dewpoint: 68 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: heat index: 95. partly sunny. am low: 70 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 heat index: 95. partly sunny. am low: 72 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. thunderstorms likely. am low: 70 high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and cooler. am low: 63
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mph monday: mostly sunny. crisp morning. am low: 55 high: 71 dewpoint: 51
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did you go to the wisconsin state fair this year? so did a million other people! for the fourth straight year-- more than a million people attended the 11 day event. other fun stats - about 315-thousand cream puffs were sold - and 150-thousand people went down the giant slide. if you're already looking forward to next year's fair, it's scheduled to start august third. it's almost cruel to bring up snow storms on such a beautiful day. but its in these summer months when people start planning how to keep our roads - and environment - safe in the winter. fox6's carl deffenbaugh explains. it seems odd to talk snow and ice in the middle of august but thats what was happening on a sun-splashed tuesday in milwaukee.
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heat of the summer so you can plan for the winter.' presenters from snowex, an industry leader when it comes to ice control, are on a tour of the northern united states, preaching the gospel of salt brine to local plow companies and contractors. 'its a little bit like going from the rotary phone age into that cell phone era. heres the general idea: instead of salting an area after it storms, you can treat roads before the fact with salt brine. then when it snows, the brine creates a slushy bottom layer thats easier to plow away. 'having our plow trucks go through and have clean pavement after their first swipe throuh does benefit us and helps maintain safe pavement for our customers.' 'that preventative approach requires about one quarter the salt, about one tenth the overall cost.' beyond the financial benefits of using less salt, the diluted mixture is also less destructive to the environment - a real concern after decades of over-
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ground water. 'you have high levels of contamination in your water. its coming from salt. and our industry is the industry thats doing it.' hence seminars like this one. an industry trying to find a solution, through liquid solutions. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. longtime political pundit and commentator john mclaughlin has died. mclaughlin created, produced and hosted the acclaimed political commentary show "the mclaughlin he also hosted "john mclaughlin one-on- one" -- which ran from 19-84 to 20-13. mclaughlin died today at his home in virginia -- two days after missing a taping of his show for the first time in 34 years. he was 89 years old. a man in texas dragged down the road as a thief steals his car. and the incident is caught on camera!
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went go grab his mail. in the 20 seconds he's gone, a man discreetly comes up and takes the vehicle! edge says he got his hand stuck in the car's door handle while trying to stop the thief-- getting dragged along the road. as he re-appears in the video, you can see him fall to the ground and come free-- the car's back tire barely missing him. terrence edge/ victim "i turned around, looked back and he was gr tried to get to him, and grab the handle, but he got in good before i could get it open. then i went for a ride." kimberly edge/ wife "i was petrified. i was petrified that he got hurt. he could have got hurt, he could have been run over." the car was found abandoned a week later in a parking lot. edge's heart medication and gun were missing from inside. he says he won't be leaving the keys in his car anytime soon. a "fire-nado" is caught on camera. a colorado firefighter took this
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a fire tornado-- or fire whirl-- is a whirlwind caused by a fire that's often made up of flame or ash. they usually occur when intense rising heat and turbulent wind condition form a vortex. the beaver creek fire started burning on june 19 - and isn't expected to be fully contained until october. the death toll rises to eleven in louisiana as heavy flooding continues to grip the southern part of the state. officials say since receiving more than weekend-- about 20-thousand people have been rescued in the area-- --and 11-thousand people still seeking shelter following the "unprecedented" floods. though the flood waters are beginning to lower in some parts of the state-- some say it presents a new challenge. brown says: "we always tell people that once the flood waters recede, the disaster is not over becuase people are then going to discover that their homes, the dry wall has been destroyed. the homes are going
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down." new flooding could arise as flood waters begin to move downstream. additional parishes have also been recently added to the federal disaster declaration for the state. there is some help on the horizon for racine county residents living along lake michigan. u.s. senator tammy baldwin makes her first visit to the area to see mother nature's impact on the bluffs.. justin williams gets you up-to-speed. tuesday, im lookin fr being able to get the kayaks back, in the water ... just sit n enjoy the view, n not worry. what john koetz sees, along his eroding, lake michigan shoreline property, in the village of mount pleasant includes a persistent, problem.. if we dont do something, now, a year from now, its gonna be under our deck, into our basement. and another step towards a solution, you're bringing another federal, elected official down here, who has access to bring this issue to capitol hill. as u-s senator tammy baldwin
3:59 am
take time, do take integrated planning, integrated input. and, baldwin explains, she is part of the plan. the conversations that we are helping to convene with the local leadership, i think, helps everyone understand how the process works. the process is being pushed by pending changes. usually, around october, the lake starts to pick-up, with the wave action, 'n' that, so anyone that would be down, at the tow, would be, probably, takin' their life in their hands. just minutes after tuesdays tour is complet village of mount pleasant representative, that the permits for this material will be to be issued as early as wednesday, but by friday, at the latest. so work can, actually, start as early as this weekend. in the village of mount pleasant, im justin williams, fox 6 news.
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? lights, access, rio ? so i'm just going to take the positives and move forward. >> can we just stop with the hating? >> mom's got her daughter's back, and so does hollywood. i'm natalie morales with a flood of support for gabby douglas after firestorm. >> we got a chance to meet your boys. >> one, two, three. >> oh! >> his baltimore buddies are all here. i'm kit hoover. and they've got secrets to share like is michael ready for his big wedding dance? >> that's my move? that's my move? >> we have a special message for you. >> okay. >> oh! >> just another wild day of surprises in rio where pretty much anything can happen.


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