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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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exact details of what's happening-- we have a crew on the scene. we'll have updates on air and online at fox6-now-dot-com. now to our big story at six. after an uprising in the sherman park neighborhood.. hope is now rising. while investigators still sift through burnt out buildings, set on fire during weekend violence, the sherman park community is starting to see things return to normal. we have team coverage tonight from sherman park. our beverly taylor talked with the young man -- shot during the protest. with myra sanchick. myra. a group called voice of the fatherless child gathered young people for an uplifting day of music and free haircuts right across the street from the burned out gas station. not only are there signs of hope across from the gas station that was the epi center of rioting, but at the gas station itself. the owner looks at the
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to be an insurance adjuster. there's no word yet, on whether it will rebuild. right across the street from the burned out gas station barbers give free cuts to children. and advice to the men of the future. we believe there was two groups. the protestors and the opportunists. the organization, voice of the fatherless child, uses theater and music to interest kids instead of fire and looting. the weekend's fire and looting throughout several businesses is the focus of federal investigators. looking for evidence and those responsible. they want images of whatever i'm wiling to give them. and i said no problem one official asked justin knight for a copy of his drone video.. he also offered it to us.. and we were there as he launched his drone over the o-reilly auto parts store and broadcast live on facebook. knight, who is from kentucky says he's an independent journalist, traveling the country showing items of interest, from ferguson to baltimore. the way to get change isn't through violence and i think
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there's just some youth out here that get out of control sometimes at this point we don't know if any of the destroyed businesses can rebuild or even want to. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news brad thanks myra the weekend unrest in sherman park left businesses destroyed and people still trying to process fox 6s beverly taylor joins us with that part of our coverage. today, we talked with a teenager who is now writing in a journal to help him process what happened to him sunday night in the sherman park neighborhood: he was shot in the neck. for at least a week, 18-year-old ben olson will be sporting a neck brace. nat taking off certainly not by his choosing, sunday night he and a friend decided to go to
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all happened so fast because i didnt hear any gunshots or anything before that. we thought it was relatively safe. :22 you know, some debris was being thrown but that was about it. :27 olson was shot in the neck. his friend grabbed him and carried him to a neighbors apartment. 'the only thing i could think was keep my eyes open, try to breathe normal. my friend kept yelling at me, man, you got to keep looking at me, look at me. :09shortly after police surrounded them, got ben into an armed vehicle, and transported him to a hospital. the friend called his dad, richard olson . 'it right passed it, just to the outside of it. just nicked one of this pertrusions of the spine. :27 just took a piece off and decided to settle right on top of the spine.' :31 you can physically see and feel where the bullet is lodged. its expected to move even more to the surface and thats when doctors will remove it. nat? 'it is shocking how things can escalate like that and become very chaotic.: as you can tell, ben has a lot to write down in his journal. it was a very scary
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steph thanks bev the unrest in sherman park brings back memories of an even more volatile time in milwaukee's history. gun fire rang out... and buildings burned during the 1967 riots. that summer... riots had already spread across the country. in milwaukee... people had to put an end to housing laws that discriminated against african americans. on july 30th... those two factors... combined with anger over police brutality... resulted in five days of arson... looting... and even four deaths. lewis says: "i was out there. ill put it that way. i was out there. i was out there like everybody else because i felt like everybody else." still to this day... martin luther king drive... where much of the 1967 riot took place.. still hasn't recovered economically.
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you can see much more of the footage from the 19-67 riots on our website -- as well as the dramatic scenes unfolding in the sherman park neighborhood over the last week. just go to our website, fox 6 now dot com or the fox six news mobile app. the sheboygan falls mother accused of suffocating her child -- will stand trial for the crime. 27-year old katlyn kinateder had her preliminary hearing today.according to a criminal complaint: she suffocated her 2-year-old child with a plastic bag earlier this month. she ale that "voices" told her to do it. the district attorney expects kinateder to plead not guilty because of mental health issues. joe says; "a lot of people have mental health problems, now this is an extreme example obviously if what she says is true, but we'll make for the medical professionals to make a determination, then we'll figure this out." kinateder is expected to enter a plea when she's due back in court at the end of the month. new at six. the former cudahy
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for the department is now charged. melissa miller mueller allegedly stole money from a ?resident who came to the station to pay a parking ticket.the exchange was captured on camera. today -- miller mueller pleaded not guilty to the two charges she's facing.she has since resigned from her job. police are looking for the driver who hit a young milwaukee woman as she tried to cross the ?street tuesday night.. justin williams is live, near 23rd and fond du lac.. with more on this fatal hit-and-run. justin. a witness says tyann bunch was walking -- in a crosswalk, when she was described as a hit-and-run crash. just thinkin', hopin' -- prayin' that you guys will turn yourself in. wednesday, bunch mourns the death of her daughter, 22-year-old tyann bunch, who is killed, around 7 p-m, tuesday night, after being struck by a car, near the intersection of milwaukee's 23rd and fond du lac. she wanted to hurry-up, and cross the street, but her girlfriend stated that she seen a car comin', 'n' she told her that that wasn't a good idea, and she told her that
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daughter ended-up gettin' struck. the striking vehicle, according to investigators, drives about a block away from the scene, where at least one man runs away. it's like a strip, a drag strip, you know, for auto racers. kevin thomas' crash scene concerns continue... as he describes the dangers plaguing pedestrians. they get side-by-side, on this, particular, strip, and then they just speed down here-- with no regards of traffic, life, or anything. meanwhile, a mothe m just sent me a--a little post, on facebook, saying she don't know what to do, if she lost her mom ... that was on the tenth ... police say they believe the vehicle involved in this fatal crash -- a 1999 cadillac deville -- is stolen -- since neither the license
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to that car. their investigation continues, tonight. this is the latest, in milwaukee. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. brad thanks justin the calm has prevailed in milwaukee so far... some say -- the unrest easily couldn't have been much worse. dorow says: " "you don't see a situation like this every day. it is a unique situation." how law enforcement officers keeping their cool -- during a ?very intense situation. plus.... a dangerous twist during a rush-hour. the road rage incident on highway 45. get ready for more heat and humidity before a big cool down by the weekend. i'll have your fox6
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or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible for the content of this advertising. following a road rage incident in washington county. the 31-year-old west bend man reportedly shot this at another driver. it's a very realistic looking airsoft gun. it happened around six this morning on highway 45 near west bend. the suspect was later busted in menomonee falls by a state trooper. the washington county
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was damaged. more local red cross volunteers are headed down south... they're going to louisiana to help victims of the historic flooding. right now -- 37-local red cross responders have been deployed to the area. this is video of the latest volunteer -- getting ready to head to the airport. the situation in louisiana is downright devastating... but there is some hope -- as flood waters have started to subside in some spots. thousands have been forced to abandon their homes. "our main missioni and provide for their immediate emergent needs, so we will try to get them in safe places, try to get them to dry places, provide food and water and health kits." so far -- eleven people have died because of the flooding. there's no word how long the local volunteers will be in louisiana. the heat and humidity is heading
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his complete forecast. plus -- coping with the chaos. how law enforcement is dealing with the stress -- following the unrest in milwaukee. (jet engine reving up) you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines
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some very tense moments since violence erupted saturday night but it's the job of law enforcement to deescalate volatile situations. jonathon gregg joins us in the studio with more on their tactics during stressful moments. we've seen some powerful images coming out of milwaukee the past few days including the massive response by law enforcement. they are moments where officers are under the most pressure but have to police in riot gear and swat vehicles rolling into position are in themselves, lasting images. "it's a unique situation that has developed and that is being resolved." video of upset individuals framed with stoic officers is dramatic but in brian dorow's opinion "in this case your hot zone is moving." this is testament and record of good police training. "very effective, you've seen all
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they are working together." dorow,, a former police officer, leads the criminal justice program at waukesha county technical college. he says in fragile situations officers allow for a higher thresh hold of certain behavior to in effect, deescalate a crowd. "because if you would do something that could cause a whole other spiral out of control situation. he says riots or violent protests put officers under incredible stress but officers learn to control breathing, "they are going to resort back to their training. their training always kicks in." "show those residents they are not going to be pulled into something. so you're seeing the highest level of restraint you will ever see." brian dorow says, how police and sheriff deputies responded a could certainly be referenced in future training.
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weather mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s this evening. patchy fog is possible overnight with a low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on thursday. highs in the upper 80s with heat indices in the low 90s. of the next 6, with highs in the low 90s and heat indices close to 100. thunderstorms are possible late friday night after 10pm and become likely on saturday as a cold front moves through.tonight: mostly clear. patchy fog overnight. low: 68
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index: 92. high: 88 dewpoint: 69 wind: sse 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. heat index: 99. t-storms possible after 10pm. am low: 71 high: 91 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-15 mph saturday: cloudy skies. thunderstorms likely. high: 74 dewpoint: 66 wind: nw 5-15 mph sunday: partly sunny. crisp morning. am low: 55 high: 72 dewpoint: 53 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. crisp morning. am low: 55 high: 75 dewpoint: 52 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny.
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wind: sw 5-15 mph
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and there could be a new "e" ticket ride in southern california.... could to the nba ??? fox six sports is
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you are watching fox 6 news at 6. there is nothing official from the packers yet, but espn's field yates reports that receiver jordy nelson is coming off the physically unable to perform list, which means that he is cleared to take part in practice and games... that doesn't mean he will do so tomorrow night against the raiders at lambeau field, though... this time of year is more for evaluation of young players like third round draft choice kyler fackrell anyway.... he's coming off showing some flashes in the preseason opener.... "i think you just got to keep building, there were some good things there were some missed oppertunities by myself so you know you just got to keep improving both on special teams
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performance so ill have another opportunity on thursday so i look forward to it." a sixteen year old football player out in california continues to make a strong recovery after a freak accident in a 7 on 7 tournament this summer.... toran maronic still has a long way to go after a serious brain injury.... but he is progressing and is becoming a source of inspiration for the raiders this season.... better and better, we get better and better, til we cant be beat, til we cant be beat, wont be beat, wont be beat, raiders on three one two three raiders, yeah" after scoring only one run in losing two games to the cubs at wrigley field on tuesday, the brewers have to face twelve game winner jon lester tonight.... and ryan braun won't be in the lineup after a painful slide into the wall down the left field line last night.... the outfielder is
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to be listed as day to day with a sprained ankle and a sprained knee..... he is milwaukee's leading offensive player.... it's good to see keith tozer again.... the longtime milwaukee wave head coach is now on the front lines of professional and national futsal and he spearheads the conversion of underused tennis courts at lincoln park into futsal courts, which are unveiled today.... we'll go beyond the nine..... and career resuscitation for yi jianlian.... the bucks 2007 first round draft choice who is p,laying with the chinese national team is reportedly close to signing a one-year deal with the l.a. lakers for eight million dollars.... yi hasn't played in the nba since 2012... not a decorated career....eight and a half points per game in his only season as
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an update now to the breaking news we told you about earlier in brown deer. police just tweeted out -- saying they're working to secure the scene. they're hopeful to have the situation resolved in an hour. follow breaking news 24-7 by using the fox six app on your
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> drake went way, way, way over the top to prove there's no beef with eminem. >> the greatest rapper to ever get on the [bleep] microphone. >> drake begins to bow down to eminem. >> say he's the greatest of all time or bow, but don't do both. >> in terms of how people think of eminem, they think of him as one with of the greatest rappers. no one i think, thinks of drake that way. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> i don't. >> that never stopped him before. >> officials in rio are questioning the legitimacy of ryan lochte's claims he got robbed. there's video of them coming
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>> to draw a picture of ryan lochte being the mastermind of something -- >> there's no mastermind. he had to tell cops what he did and contradicted himself. >> no, that's a scam. he plays dumb. >> we got robbed! [laughter] >> zac efron landing in rio to surprise simone biles, who is a huge zac efron fan. >> you're being objectified. the ultimate objectification. if they did that to a woman -- >> it would be a little weird on the other side. >> if ryan lochte wins a medal and said i want to get with -- >> courteney cox. >> courteney cox? [laughter] >> amy schumer going into barnes & noble where she's going to sign copies of her book and then the protesters show up. amy schumer god forbid once wore a coat that had a tiny bit of fur on the collar. >> she said somebody gave her the coat. she put it on, wore it one time. >> it was like one animal. it was nothing!


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