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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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dedicated group of concerned citizens meeting at the boys and girls club. theyve been brainstorming ways to make this park better. now, their efforts have taken on new meaning. bg 'the main focus is just to get youth, police and residents all talking.' barry givens is head of the sherman park neighborhood association. for the last two months, hes held meetings at the boys and girls club... giving interact and dialogue with police. bg 'unless we keep that dialogue open, things are not going to change.' but its also been a discussion about getting young people jobs and opportunities. ns 'closing the park down, thats not going to change anything but bringing kids back on to the streets.' 15-year old niekale steward says hes had little to keep him busy since the park started closing early and offers suggestions for when it re-opens full-time: ns 'rebuilding the courts, stuff like that. give
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resident of sherman park for 31 years. i was very disappointed. very upset what happened. but we are trying to bring back sherman park.' this meeting is about rebuilding a community... getting parents active and involved in their childrens lives... and urging all adults to be mentors. kjm 'a lot of youth have said they want adults to come out and interact with them.' meeting are held here every wednesday night at 6pm. who want to make a difference... and kids... looking for change. reporting live at sherman park, bl, fox6 news. brad thanks ben new details are still trickling out about the officer-involved shooting that sparked the unrest. now the waukesha county sheriff's office says the gun held by sylville smith-- may have been stolen from a home in the town of genessee back in march. they are tracing the gun using its serial number. but sheriff's officials tell us they don't know if smith was the one
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he bought it from someone else. we've also learned sylville smith did not attend the same high school as the officer. at least, that's what the officer's family tells fox 6 investigator bryan polcyn. the 24-year-old police officer is a 3- year veteran of the force who graduated from high school in 2010. we are not identifying him because the shooting investigation is ongoing and he has not been accusing of any wrongdoing in the death of 23- year-old sylville smith. claimed that the officer and her brother were well- acquainted. "this boy knew my brother personally. from high school. they knew each other."the officer's family now tells fox 6 news the two never went to high school together. smith went to pulaski high school. and the officer attended w.e.b. dubois on the campus of marshall high school. milwaukee public schools tells fox 6 they have no records that indicate the two attended the
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are concerned for the officer's safety, as social media threats against him are mounting. milwaukee police issued a statement noting a "disturbing national trend" in cases of deadly use of force where users of social media have "threatened the officers and their families, and demonized them." the police department says it is aware of "some general threats" to its officers and that it is taking those threats seriously. in the newsroom, bryan polcyn, fox 6 investigators. sev the weekend. some hit by concrete-- others by broken glass. two teenagers were shot. that includes 18-year-old ben olson. he describes the moment a bullet pierced his neck. "i just felt impact out of nowhere. my bodys immediately running backwards and i cant move my arm.' and my friend immediately covered it up and carried me over to an
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surrounded olson and his friend, got him into an armed vehicle and took him to the hospital. olson was taking a friend home from the state fair-- when they noticed all the commotion near sherman park and decided to check it out. for the first time today-- a milwaukee man is let back inside his business following the weekend unrest. his business was set on fire. fox 6's ashley sears was there with him. she is live near sherman park tonight with what it looked like. his son last night as they waited to get inside a to z wholesale. today--they did--the damage worse than they ever imagined. 00:26 14 years and it all goes up in smoke. a heartbreaking sight-- as gary mulheron examines what's left of his business. 04:04 this is a little traumatic. a to z wholesale was set on fire during
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57:28 all the family pics are gone, grand kid pictures are gone. ash and rubble cover the floor-- 42:16 this is really, really crushing. juice and soda inventory destroyed by the flames. 41:01 looks like labels were melting off the bottles. mulheron's son adam-- 44:57 i know what he's feeling. tries to comfort his dad-- i know he's hurting. salvaging what he can from the destruction-- an old coat-- now becomes a symbol of resilience. 43:32 i'm going to do what i but not destroyed by flames, smoke and heat-- it is just like his dad--a survivor--- 39:59 it's rebirth... wipes hands. mulheron thought he'd be able to fix up the building-- but now says that's impossible. 01:25 i'm not going to give up. i just gotta find a new location. as he looks for a new place-- 01:57 it's my faith that's getting me through this. he tries to stay positive--ready to start over. 02:33 i'm not going to let negativity take me down. i
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through everything mulheron has been trying to keep up with business. buying from his competitors-- in order to stay in business. a gofundme has been set up for him--we have a link on fox 6 now dot com. live near sherman park, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thanks ashley the bmo harris bank at 36th and fond du lac was also targe says they're still assessing the damage. employees were transferred to other locations. and customers are asked to go to the location on martin luther king drive. they say they're working closely with police on the investigation. only on fox6 tonight-- a surprising connection! nearly two months after a wauwatosa man is killed by a police officer, his fiance says they have a close connection to the man killed by a milwaukee officer. fox 6's ben handelman with the similar request from both
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he spent a lot of time here. it may be hard to come back to this park, star delarosa says while this place has brought her so much sadness--- madison park in wauwatosa is where she takes her kids to be closest to their father. it's been nearly two months since 25- year-old jay anderson was shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer while inside his car. my kids life has not being the same. we miss him dearly. as his family still waits for answers--- they watch news of the latest police shooting, delarosa says she is surprising amount of similarities. they both was murdered by a police officer, they both was murdered at a black officer at that and they both had families. they both had kids. delarosa's connection even closer. she says she personally knows the brother of syville smith. both of these families are grieving. no answers as i understand it from both sides.
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differences. after smith's death--- business burned. following anderson's-- peaceful marches. investigators say smith was running from police with a stolen gun. anderson-- sitting in a car. it's unclear if he was holding his weapon. whether the same or different, delarosa says the pain its causing the entire community is on full display. im not surprised it happened because a lot of people are angry behind everything. there have been immediate calls video by smith's family. in anderson's death, the family has been told there was no body cam, but they want the dash camera which they have seen 20 seconds of, to be made public. the tosa police department, tells us tonight, investigators are still waiting on enhanced dash cam video to be sent back from the f-b-i. both investigations will be made public when it they're completed. live in the newsroom, ben handelman fox 6 news. mary thanks ben the unrest in sherman park -
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for some long-time residents. gun fire rang out... and buildings burned during the 1967 riots. people in milwaukee were mad about housing laws that discriminated against african americans. and riots had already spread across the country. on july 30th... those two factors... combined with anger over police brutality... resulted in five days of arson... looting... and even four deaths. i was out there. ill put it that way. i was out there. i was out there like everybody else because i felt like everybody else. what's now known as martin luther king drive. to this day it still hasn't recovered economically. you can see much more of the footage from the 19-67 riots on our website -- as well as the dramatic scenes unfolding in the sherman park neighborhood over the last week. just go to our website, fox 6 now dot com. it's hard to know what the long-term effects of the unrest will be. coming up-- how milwaukee organizations are already doing damage control. and milwaukee police have the
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but it's going to be a lot harder to find the driver. we'll explain. get ready for more heat and humidity through the end of the week. i'll have
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a false alarm in brown deer. police got a call about a man with a gun threatening his parents on silver brook lane. they were also warned there might be explosives involved. but when they arrived-- the homeowners came out peacefully. no one was arrested. no bombs were found. now police are trying to figur we're learning more about last night's fatal hit-and-run crash in milwaukee. 22-year-old tyann tie-anne bunch was crossing the street at 23rd and fond du lac when she was hit by a car. the driver kept going for about a block-- and then got out and ran away. bunch's mother is begging that person to turn themselves in. just thinkin', hopin' -- prayin' that you guys will turn yourself in. police did recover the suspect's car. it's a 1999 cadillac
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and the vin number aren't listed to that car. they believe it was stolen. the man accused of causing a fatal crash in yorkville has been cited for failure to yield. police say 58-year-old "samuel han" ran a stop sign near county highway "u" and two mile road back in june. three teenagers were in the car he struck. they were on their way to a banquet for their softball team. 17-year-old taylor skend-zel skendziel died. the two other girls were hurt-- but are recovering. the former cudahy police dispatcher accused of stealing parking ticket money has been charged. prosecutors say melissa miller mueller was caught on camera pocketing the cash. she has since resigned from her job. but today mueller pleaded not guilty. the effects of the recent violence in milwaukee will be felt for a long time. it's already tarnished the city's image. some tourists are hesitating before visiting the area. fox's jenna sachs with the message
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popular festivals ... and as crews put the finishing touches on food stands ... organizers of irish fest want to ease any fears. i think for a lot of people who don't live in milwaukee, they weren't sure where this event happened. so the first question is, is the city safe? the festival has called visiting dignitaries and vendors ... to discuss the city's recent violence ... so far no one has canceled plans to attend. i think they're realizing that it's a big city, this even that's away from downtown and away from the grounds. irish fest has also hired extra security. just so that people see the presence and they feel more assured. first thing monday ... visit milwaukee was calling its conference reservations ... and other visiting groups ... to offer reassurances. it's business as usual and they should expect to have the same experiences they've had in the past. still the tourism group acknowledges ... there's no real way to measure the full impact recent violence has had ... on future visitors. we know
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making travel decision and making decisions where they can hold their meetings and events, these types of stories do make them think. irish fest says as the violence has calmed down ... the number of concerned calls its been getting has also decreased. visit milwaukee is not aware of any major cancellations. mary thanks jenna mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the
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low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on thursday. highs in the upper 80s with heat indices in the low 90s. friday will be the warmest day of the next 6, with highs in the low 90s and heat indices close to 100. thunderstorms are possible late friday night after 10pm and become likely on saturday as a cold front moves through.tonight: mostly clear. patchy fog overnight. low: 68 dewpoint: 67 wind: w 5 mph thursday: partly sunny. dewpoint: 69 wind: sse 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. heat index: 99. t-storms possible after 10pm. am low: 71 high: 91 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-15 mph saturday: cloudy skies. thunderstorms likely. am low: high: 74 wint: 66 wind: nw 5-15 mph sunday: partly sunny. isp m 5-10 mph monday: partlynny. cr low: 60 high:
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to the pros. coming up, kyler fackrell talks about who's helping him with his transition. and there's a change in jordy nelson's status. when we come back what that means for the wide receiver that's been out of football for more than a year.
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raiders, they're also getting ready to welcome jordy nelson back to the team. according to espn, he's passed his physical and is off the physically unable to perform list. but don't expect to see him on the field tomorrow night, or aaron rodgers for that matter. on defense, you won't see much of clay matthews or julius peppers either, but you may see the result of some of their hard work. as they prepare for the season, rookies, like kyler fackrell are using the experience of those veterans to help build their game moving forward. "i w a specific move but they have offered just kind of guidance of general concepts. you always want to work on the edges of the tackles dont run down the middle because they are bigger and stronger than me." this is your time to get involved with our sportscast as we are looking for your input. the high school football season kicks off this week so which game would you like to see tom pipines cover on friday night ? your options are
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at nicolet or brookfield central at whitefish bay. just go to our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports and register your choice... you have until 10 o'clock tomorrow night, after which we'll announce the winning contest.... after dropping 2 to the cubs in a doubleheader yesterday, the brewers were back at wrigley field tonight looking for a reversal of fortune. not just from those losses, but also for starting pitcher jimmy nelson who comes into the game 1-9 in his last 13 well those trends continue for the crew in the 1st inning as the cubs bat around against nelson, scoring 5 runs, including 3 on this bomb by jorge soler. nelson would throw 49 pitches in the inning. after a scoreless 2nd, nelson gives up another long ball in the 3rd when david ross makes it a 6-0 game with a solo shot. nelson would last 5 innings, giving up 6 runs, all earned. and the brewers were never in this
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afternoon. a blast from the past tonight, as former 1st round pick of the bucks, yi jianlian agrees to a 1 year $8 million with the lakers. we'll see how he pans out this time around. brown deer golf course is all set to host another professional golf event. the symetra tour is there for this weekend's phc classic. 144 golfers will compete beginning friday, all have hopes of reaching the lpga tour. on wednesday, the atmosphere was a little more pro-am took place. edgerton, wisconsin native and symetra tour player alyssa ferrell was very happy to be out on the course with her group today. "i love pro-ams. it's a great opportunity for us to get out and interact with the community. i think it's a fantastic thing. i just love to do it and you always have such a great group of guys. and they take it so seriously and it's so much fun for us. you know, we're able to help them. and they get so excited about making a putt or hitting a really good drive. so, especially being back home it's fantastic and everyone's from around here. so it's great."
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time... that means it's time to get those classrooms ready!
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siefert elementary school doing just that.the volunteers helped create an outdoor reading area, they painted the playground, and helped paint and tidy up the classrooms. officials say it's very much appreiciated. "so it's really important to us because we need to see the community behind us and students need to feel that they're valued, that they're respected, that the school and the district is doing anything and everything to make things happen for them, to help them achieve at high levels." members of the milwaukee bucks front office were also there helpin doing similar clean-ups at
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