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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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there are many unanswered questions after u-s olympic swimmers are prevented from leaving rio de janiero... those questions surround an incident reported as a robbery -- which
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several members of the u.s. swim team are in hot water after questions arise surrounding their claims of being robbed at gunpoint in rio de janeiro during the olympic games. police are still investigating the incident, but, confirm the robbery -- as told by the athletes -- did not happen. the athletes were with fellow swimmers james feigen and u.s. olympic gold medalist ryan lochte sunday morning when they said they were robbed in a taxi as the athlete's village from a party. the incident occurred several hours after the last olympic swimming events were held. but, the gas station attendant says they were drunk and damaged the bathroom. the station's security called the police and the athletes became aggressive, prompting him to confront them. jack conger and gunnar bentz were heading home to the united states when authorities pulled them from their plane wednesday. siera says "they will obviously cooperate with justice and the police." fogelson says "due to privacy considerations, we cannot give
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authorities in this matter for any more information." three of the four swimmers are still here in brazil being interrogated by police. ryan lochte left before the brazilian judge gave an order to seize his passport. in rio de janeiro, steve harrigan, fox it's time for your news and weather together. today, demolition crews tore down part of the o'reilly auto parts store that was set on fire during the unrest over the weekend. the work is giving federal investigators a better look at the damage, as they try to find the people responsible. mayor barrett says he has been in contact with the store owners and is hopeful that they will eventually rebuild.
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the release of the body camera video that shows the officer involved shooting, that sparked the unrest. leaders say there is still a lot of anger in the community, and releasing the video could ease the tension. the state department of justice is handling the investigation and says it is working on the case. four people escaped a house fire in the sherman park neighborhood this morning. milwaukee firefighters say a vacant home near 33rd and hadley caught fire... and then spread to the home next door - where 4 people were inside. no one was third fire in the neighborhood just this week. after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms will work its way through in the overnight hours, continuing through early tomorrow morning.
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tonight: increasing clouds. chance storms overnight. low: 73 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-10 mph a prank emergency call to police sends several departments scrambling to the home of one very confused family. fox6's rachelle baillon
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good evening. this all happened about 4 p-m on wednesday. and it took the homeowner completely by surprise.... the milwaukee county swat and bomb squad joined police officers in rushing to this normally quiet brown deer neighborhood wednesday afternoon. "it was really crazy and scary." police had received a call that an armed man was inside this house, threatening his family and that explosives might also be present. unfortunately this lives in the home with her grandchildren. "we're looking out the window thinking it was our neighbor.." "my grandson said mom they pointing those guns at us." the startled family quickly followed police orders to get out of the home. "they asked us if we had any guns or weapons in the house and of course i do not." the swat and bomb squad searched the home and deemed it safe..... it looked like the emergency caller had just made the whole thing up. "we believe it may be a swatting call which is basically where
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into a police department to elicit a swat or type response." dumas says the caller used the name of her husband, who died about eight years ago...... the fake emergency tied up resources from about half a dozen departments for several hours-- resources that could have been used for other emergencies. "it's frustrating in the sense that it puts unnecessary lives in jeopardy." police are investigating the call's source and say that person could face criminal charges. dumas just wants to know why they targeted her. would go this far you know for no reason at all." the brown deer police department didn't have an estimate on how much all those resources cost that had to respond to this incident. they are asking anyone with information about this call to contact them. back to you. ben thanks rachelle the packers are getting ready for preseason game number 2. coming up we'll go live to lambeau with tim van vooren for the latest on the
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matthews and julius peppers after not meeting with nfl investigators? brandon cruz has the new information next in sports. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira.
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not lead to a solution. the president of milwaukee's youth council has an important message for his peers. i'm beverly taylor. we'll tell you more about that message tonight at six." with the threat of suspensions looming, espn is reporting that clay matthews and julius peppers will meet with nfl investigators regarding the al jazeera report that the two used ped's. no date has been set at this
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investigators by august 26th, the nfl was going to suspend them. meanwhile, they are getting ready for tonight's preseason game with the raiders at lambeau field tonight. tim van vooren is live there tonight as the two teams get ready. tim, we know we won't see aaron rodgers or newly activated jordy nelson playing tonight. but there is a big competition at nelson's position with jeff janis being injured. who will you be looking at closely there? tim talks about raiders-packers game. roll cue: game to match his name. "just going out there, making plays you kind of just build chemistry with the quarterbacks and kind of just confidence within yourself. just go out there and compete and that's kind of what i've been doing. it's out of my hands. i can just do my job the
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tim adlibs about raiders packers game tim toss back to brandon in studio 3 games, 2 runs and 3 losses so far for the brewers in chicago against the cubs. today, they were hoping to change that storyline as well as but the story remained the same early on as the cubs jump out to a 5-0 lead, 2 coming off of kris bryant's home run in the 3rd. the brewers change the script a bit in the 4th as kirk nieuwenhuis delivers a 3 run bomb with 2 outs making it a 2 run game at 5-3 cubs. in the end, the cubs pull off the sweep of the brewers 9-6 is the final. the phc classic at brown deer golf course tees off tomorrow. 144 golfers, all with the hopes
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up the field, including allyssa ferrell from edgerton, wisconsin. while she'll be playing in front of friends and family and her dad is her caddy, the best part of the tour is playing in front of families. "you know it means so much, because you know, we are just a mini tour. but, when they're out here supporting us and i feel like they understand what we're trying to go through and what we're working for. it's so cool to see families out here. i hope there is a lot of people coming out and watching because they're going to see great golf this weekend. this is a fantastic golf course and they know
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overwhelmingly approve the company's merger with tyco international. the deal is now expected to close on september 2nd. to take advantage of a 150-million-dollar tax break -- the deal will move johnson controls headquarters to ireland. but the company will continue operating at its glendale location. harley davidson will pay 15-million- dollars over clean air violations...
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company's "screamin' eagle" tuners -- which allow riders to modify emission control systems to increase performance. the tuners were not certified as meeting the government's clean air standards. authorities say harley sold more than 12-thousand motorcycles with the illegal tuners already installed. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. former n-f-l star and packers safety darren sharper is years in prison. he was accused of drugging and raping as many as 16 women in four states. sharper plead guilty or no-contest to charges stemming from the allegations in federal court in new orleans -- and state courts in louisiana, arizona, california and nevada. prosecutors suggested a 9-year prison term for sharper under a plea deal in june -- but a judge rejected it for being too lenient.
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intense flooding in louisiana. the department of housing and urban development says it will provide support to displaced homeowners and low-income renters. president obama has issued a disaster declaration for 20 parishes -- which allows city and state officials to redirect millions of dollars to address critical needs. a growing wildfire continues to burn through the canyons of southern california. the so-called "blue cut" fire has already burned more than 49-square miles -- people to evacuate their homes since it started on tuesday. it's 60 miles east of los angeles. fire officials don't have a count on the number of buildings destroyed -- but they say there are many. toss to weather weather after a partly cloudy
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helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms will work its way through in the overnight hours, continuing through friday will hit the upper 80s. tonight: increasing clouds. chance storms overnight. low: 73 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny.
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72 wind: sw 5-10 mph
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for the first time in nearly 15 years -- shopping is once again part of new york's world trade center. the "westfield world trade center mall" opened its doors to the public this week. 60 shops and
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-- including an apple store, shake shack and under armour. mall officials say more than 100 stores should be open in time for christmas shopping. uber says it will start carrying passengers in pittsburgh with self-driving cars in the next several weeks. the company says the autonomous ford fusions will also have human backup drivers. uber also announcing a 300- million-dollar deal with volvo today... the automaker will provide s-u-v's for more "harry potter" stories are on the way... and jason sudeikis is stepping into the role of one famous comedian... the details are in tonight's buzz. j-k rowling is apparently not finished with the wizarding world. the author says she'll be
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her digital platform pottermore. each book will be 3-dollars. they are available for pre-order now and will be published on september 6. jason sudeikis will have some big shoes to fill this fall... the actor has signed on to reprise robin william's role as prep school professor, john keating in a stage adaptation of "dead poet's society." the show will open off-broadway in november. "ohhhh. everywhere you look, evr there's a heart and a hand to hold on to." don't expected to see the olsen twins on the next season of "fuller house". jodie sweetin who plays stephanie tanner on the netflix sitcom is saying that the cast have given up on mary-kate and ashley olsen to make a cameo. season two of the "full house" reboot is currently in production. sweetin says you can expect many of the original cast to make an
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for its ambitious next mission... this time -- the agency wants to send a spacecraft to collect a piece of an asteroid... nasa officials say the sample will help scientists understand how the "osiris-rex" spacecraft will travel nearly one-point-two billion miles to visit the bennu asteroid... the launch is scheduled for september 8th out of cape canaveral, florida. "we know there's potential for organic molecules to be there within that material we bring back. so it's important because it helps us understand really the formation of our solar system. that's kind of a big deal." nasa plans to have the spacecraft arrive back on earth
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open now at six. the dust has settled --- "i was still in shock, wondering why they would target this neighborhood." answers in the milwaukee unrest. "anger and tension is high" tonight -- hear from a man hoping to quell rumors -- surrounding the officer and the man he shot. i think the image of both parties are being tarnished. that is our big story. a city looking to heal... as federal investigators continue to sift through debris. a-t-f agents , once again, making a plea to the public to find answers. we have team coverage tonight. madeline anderson has an update on the
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sanchick spoke with a man who knows both syville smith and the milwaukee police officer involved in the fatal weekend shooting. but let's start with krystle kacner and the increasing calls to release body camera footage from saturday's confronation. there are several reasons local community groups are coming together - calling for the release of the body camera video of the fatal officer involved shooting. one-- they say for the family of the man shot and killed.. and two--- they believe it could prevent more riots and unrest..... like we saw in the hours falling the shooting. reignite again 5 days after slyville smith was shot by a milwaukee police officer... police say he was armed.... and the community responds with violence... several community agencies now join together in a public plea for transparency-- to be able to get that information and be at ease of knowing and not having to assume or speculate, maybe it will ease some of the tension in the community the d-o-j released a


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