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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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sanchick spoke with a man who knows both syville smith and the milwaukee police officer involved in the fatal weekend shooting. but let's start with krystle kacner and the increasing calls to release body camera footage from saturday's confronation. there are several reasons local community groups are coming together - calling for the release of the body camera video of the fatal officer involved shooting. one-- they say for the family of the man shot and killed.. and two--- they believe it could prevent more riots and unrest..... like we saw in the hours falling the shooting. reignite again 5 days after slyville smith was shot by a milwaukee police officer... police say he was armed.... and the community responds with violence... several community agencies now join together in a public plea for transparency-- to be able to get that information and be at ease of knowing and not having to assume or speculate, maybe it will ease some of the tension in the community the d-o-j released a
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expeditiously, and within the parameters of the law, to provide the community a transparent view of the events that took place on august 13 in a timely manner.' the a-c-l-u says.. that's not enough.. every day they hold off on the release of the video and hold off on answering simple questions about the investigation diminishes community trustthe group also wants specific questions answered- was the officer allowed to review the video before he was interviewed?the say they don't want to hinder the investigation- but will not give up pushing for this information and video... because without it... this community cannot fully work to heal and move forward in a positive way some of the groups say they are out here in the community everyday-- urging the youth to adhere to the curfew.. and handle things peacefuly and safely. they plan to continue to that... live in milwaukee kk fox 6 news steph thanks krystle
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people who witnessed the shooting saturday. the d-o-j is telling people to go to its website and submit an anonymous tip or information. we've posted a link on fox six now dot com. meanwhile -- attorney general brad schimel tweeted today --reminding people to be patient-- saying his office always works to finish investigations as quickly as possible. new details about the 41-people arrested during the unrest. we've learned nobody has been the district attorney's office tells us the felony cases are currently under review. the misdemeanor offenders are being told to come into the d-a's office in a couple of weeks. federal agents spend a third day at sherman park neighborhood businesses.. now considered crime scenes. a-t-f agents spent the day digging for evidence at o'reilly auto parts. fox six's madeline anderson is live near 35th and fond du lac with more. demolition crews tore down parts
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clearer picture of the extent of the damage inside. eventually the building will have to be leveled... but both the mayor and residents are hopeful the owner will rebuild. as excavators shovel cinder blocks and sheets of metal to make way for wade watches from her front porch. it makes me sad and angry she grew up across the street from the o'reilly auto parts. now... all that remains is rubble and dust... after protesters set the place on fire saturday night. a lot of african americans use these businesses and for us to be the cause of it, its tragic.mayor tom barrett met with atf agents to
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fast fire. he says he's been in contact with the owners of the property and the business. i told them the city would love to word with them we would love to have them rebuild and to send the message and the reality that we wont coward because of this. :56 the atf is now calling on the public for help finding the people responsible. what people may know or what people may have seen. sherman park residents are adamant... the actions of a few... should not be not reflective of the attitude of the neighborhood. just seeing them break it down, im it together, starting from the bottom, theyll be back, im sure. atf agents say they will remain out here for as long as it takes to complete their investigation. o'reilly's is one of three businesses set on fire that is a total loss. a-t-f agents have been investigating the other businesses this week as well. reporting live madeline anderosn fox6 news. thanks madeline
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continue to create new events for people to ?gather and pray for peace... hephatha lutheran church hosted this neighborhood walk for peace, beginning at 15th and locust this afternoon.the lindsay heights planning council and the hephatha - micah holy ground core team, organize the walks ?frequently.. to address the communitys needs.the gatherings have produced results, like new lights in a neighborhood.. and habitat for humanity homes. i think the churches that are in neighborhoods that are hurting, certainly, are trying to respond to the just one church that is an example of that. people of faith havent given up hope, you know. and in less than 30 minutes, all saints church is hosting a prayer vigil for peace... which was organized by the archdiocese of milwaukee. there is one man who knows both sylville smith and the officer who shot and killed him saturday. that man says social media has tarnished the reputations of both and both don't
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near sherman park with more. the officer and sylville smith may not have known each other well, but at least one man i spoke with knew both. if he was in the wrong or he was in the wrong i hope it comes to some type of closure so we can move on as a city sawi perry-- is a national guardsman and local rap artist trying to promote positive messages in light of the riots in his neighborhood. perry says he and killed by a milwaukee police officer saturday. he also knows the officer. they both, from what i know weren't bad guys so that's the message i want to give so they both were not bad guys and people need to look more into the facts perry says social media posts are fueling anger, trying to vilify smith or the officer. neither of his friends, deserves that, he says. perry knew smith as a dancer, the officer a rapper. perry says he was in the next
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year. perry says the lyrics were not anything more than art, fiction, and entertainment. that's one reason sawi perry says he and other artists will gather in sherman park sunday to talk to kids and hand out school supplies. i think they need to hear our real voice . pretty much the faces that they know and the artists they listen to caring for them and stop all this from happening park on sunday at four to talk to kids and hand out school supplies. anyone can come with school supplies to donate as well. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news brad thanks myra you can view our complete coverage of the milwaukee unrest when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. look for the link atop our home page. ahead at six. a frightening scene -- playing out in a
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pointing those guns at us." dozens of police vehicles called to a home -- all because of a phone call. what the person on the other line said -- that prompted the response. we have a chance for thunderstorms overnight before we have one more day of the heat tomorrow. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. and i'm tim van vooren at
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break multi- county, deadly crime spree pleads not guilty in milwaukee county. zachary hays waived his preliminary hearing today. he's charged with first-degree reckless homicide. -- in the death of "gabriel sanchez." hays also faces charges in sauk county after prosecutors say he killed an illinois woman on the interstate in a drive-by shooting. both incidents happened on may 1st. a prank emergency call to police sends several departments
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in brown deer. police received a call that an armed man was inside a house, threatening his family and that explosives might also be inside. turns out-- this was all news to the woman who lives in the home with her grandchildren. the startled family followed police orders to get out. the home was searched and deemed safe... and now police say the caller may have intentionally made the whole thing up. "we believe it may be a swatting call which is basically where someone into a police department to elicit a swat or type response." police are investigating the call's source and say that person could face criminal charges. good news for anyone who had tickets to the pro football hall of fame game that never happened... in addition to offering a ticket refund -- the hall of fame will also cover one night of hotel costs for eligible fans. ticket holders can also collect four- admission passes to the museum. this comes about a week after
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the league and hall of fame -- after poor field conditions prompted the game to be canceled. if you thought today was hot -- wait until tomorrow. tom wachs is coming up to explain when we can expect a cooldown. plus -- the calm after the storm. the message "milwaukee's youth council" is looking to spread to
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reopen ... reaction. the president of milwaukee's youth council-- speaking out to his peers-- and to you and me. beverly taylor has his perspective. nat "i was like man, i have to say something. and then i was hearing about youth being out there.."like many of us, kalan haywood the second watched the images of the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood this past weekend. "the community's hurt. the community feels helpless. the community feels it's being silenced. so, we need to
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:21 haywood is the president of milwaukees youth council. a group of m-p-s students between the ages of 14 and 18... who come together twice a month to represent kids in their respective aldermanic districts.he says he feels the frustration bubbling up in people, but, his message to his peers. "... we have to think before we act . so for when we grow up and we become adults, we're running the city that we're working with something good. we can implement the change that we want." :35 as for now, he says there should be a sustained movement toward chang working together. he says another key is keeping the community informed... because the lack of information breeds anger. "we're trying to implement change. that's what everyone's trying to do . and the way things went about saturday night was not the proper way to do it." :39 "haywood says the role he expects from the milwaukee youth council now is for members to go into the neighborhood and talk to their peers and make sure that they are well away of the issues at hand. knowledge is power. reporting from milwaukee, beverly taylor, fox 6 news.
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reveal weather after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows chance of scattered storms will work its way through in the overnight hours, continuing through early tomorrow morning. highs
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approaching cold front. the greatest chance of storms will arrive with the front on saturday. once the cold front passes, we'll be much cooler, with highs back in the 70s and dewpoints in the 50s for the weekend. chance storms overnight. low: 73 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. high: 89 dewpoint:
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storms likely. am low: 70 high: 76 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. cooler. am low: 59 high: 72 dewpoint: 56 sunny. am low: 55 high: 77 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 84 dewpoint: 61 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:
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dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-10 mph
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packers players and ped use the situation involving 2 packers players and ped use takes a new turn. we'll have the details coming up. first, we'll head up to lambeau field for a live report from tim van vooren as the packers and raiders are minutes away from kicking off. sports is
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[ bell rings ] oh, hey, jamie, can you hang back a se ?? you wanna tell me about the boy in this painting? i dunno...maybe nobody understands him. well, if he were here, i'd say that being different is what makes him special. just like our discounts -- each one is unique, but together, they help save our customers a lot of money. okay. pop quiz, who's my favorite student? gwen? yeah! it's gwen.
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you are watching fox 6 news at 6. it's a rematch of super bowl 2. but this game between the packers and raiders doesn't have that kind of importance surrounding it. however, it's very important to many of the players who will take the field tonight. tim van vooren is live at lambeau field tonight. the packers won't play aaron rodgers, but the raiders are
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does that mean for the packers defensive starters tim? tim live at lambeau field talking about raiders-packers game. roll cue: dom capers. "it doesn't matter to me. cause each position kind of entails the same skill set. dom likes to have everybody in the secondary cover d into the box and tackle. so whether you're a corner safety, nickel, dime it doesn't really matter. you're out there kind of playing the same things and doesn't matter to me." tim adlibs about raiders packers
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studio as for the looming question of ped use by julius peppers and clay matthews, the two have agreed to meet with nfl investigators according to chris mortensen of espn. no date has been set for the meeting, but the league had warned the players would be suspended by august 26th if they did not agree to meet with investigators. it was get away day for the brewers in chicago and they would like nothing 3 straight to the division leaders. they would have to play catch up in this one too as they were down 5-0 in the 4th when kirk nieuwenhuis helps the brewers get back in the game with a 3 run home run. but the cubs answer in the bottom of the inning scoring 2 runs on back to back to back doubles, extending their lead to 7-3. the brewers can't overcome that and fall in this one 9-6. they head to seattle tomorrow. if you're looking for a chance to get outside this weekend,
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place to go as the phc classic tees off tomorrow. the symetra tour is in town as 144 golfers will vie for the title. all of them are hoping to reach the lpga tour, including edgerton, wisconsin native allyssa ferrell who would be on top of the world if she could win this tournament. "it would mean a lot. it would. especially being at home,and for the year that i've been having leading up to it. it would mean so much to me. i know i'm going to have so much family and friends and fans out here coming from my hometown, it would, it would just be awesome."
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: nicole scherzinger has done something that has never gotten props in the 10 years, 11 years of "tmz." ? she was singing to her own song. >> as fine as she is in a bathing suit. >> it trumps it. >> and it feels natural. she doesn't feel like she's doing it for the cameras. >> no, with no cameras and leg up on a stool shaving, dude. >> they just released video of the alleged robbery that
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they go to a gas station. according to the gas station, they go in and it's locked, the door. so they start kicking and like damaging the door. harvey: these swimmers were drunk and defiant. either the security guard or the manager said you're paying for the door, and they said screw you. right. >> katie ledecky landing at dulles airport and it is chaos. there were eight armed security guards walking her through the airport. she's wearing all of her medals. so we ask her when are y >> in a couple weeks. >> does she ever just go for a dip? [laughter] >> bella hadid, a couple of days ago, the french version of "vogue" released all of these very tasteful, nude photos. who's the first person you showed them to? >> my boyfriend. >> we should ask her if we have permission to use the photos. >> right, we don't have permission to use the french photos. harvey: she couldn't give it to us. >> you know what we have instead, harvey? an artist renderng.


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