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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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milwaukee's southside.. there has been a shooting death near milwaukee police district 6. that's near 27th and oklahoma. our jenna sachs is there live on
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now to tonight's big story - healing milwaukee.. the city and its people are moving forward from last weekend's violence.. we have team the prayers for peace. but first our ashley sears with the latest on the investigation. ashley? state investigators are calling on the public for help. asking for online tips-- about the officer involved shooting. it's been five days--- since yellow tape block streets near 44th and auer-- now that police have left the scene-- the investigation hasn't stopped. the state department of
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the case-- gathering information about what happened during that fatal officer involved shooting--that killed 23-year-old slyville smith. now--investigators ask the public for anonymous online tips-- anyone with information related to the case can sumbit what they know, straight to the d-o-j. meantime-- 35:13 right now, we need to be finding a way to move forward and to heal. at a news conference--thursda y--- community gr investigators to release-- video--from a body camera worn by the officer involved. 44:10 when you have such a murky situation, that's going to lead to speculation, that's going to lead to apprehension. in a statement--attorney general brad schimel said: 'it is my goal to complete officer involved death investigations expeditiously so the community gets the answers they deserve' answers--many will be waiting for... 37:54 anger and tensions are high, so this could possibly
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investigators say submitting a tip will not trigger a radio call or send police to your location. we have a link to that tipline on our website fox 6 now dot com. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. stop the hate... and start doing something positive in sherman park. thats the message from the archdiocese of milwaukee after days of rioting. tonight, nearly 200 parishes are coming together to pray... and take action in a neighborhood torn apart by violence. fox6s bret lemoine has the latest its a packed church... that could rival a sunday mass... 'peace is something that we are all responsible for!' inside all saints parish thursday night... there are prayers for peace to heal milwaukees sherman park neighborhood. nat 'we have isolated ourselves and we have lost the power of conversation.'leading the service... tk 'prayer gives us the starting point.' father tim kitzke, who was appointed 'vicar general for
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the archbishop to challenge parishioners to face these issues head on. tk 'we are all in this together. thats the theme of the mass were going tonight.' kitzke says prayer is only the beginning... but it isnt enough. going forward, he wants area catholics to take action... and form relationships with residents in milwaukees troubled neighborhoods. tk 'as soon as youre in a relationship with someone - put a name and face to them, all of the sudden, e become a fellow journeyer.' peace can spread from the walls of this church.... to the streets around sherman park... but kitzke says it can only happen if were all in it together. tk 'from the first moment of conception to the last natural breath - everyone matters. we want to work hard to bring our resources and understanding of social justice.' if youre wondering where the archbishop is, we're told he is
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is traveling out of town. other groups also looking to improve the neighborhood. the lindsay heights community planning council and the hephatha micah holy ground core team organized a neighborhood walk today. they went door to door, asking people about their priorities and what things they want to see changed in their community. i think the churches that are in neighborhoods that are hurting, certainly, are trying to respond to the needs that are there. this is just one church that is an example of that. people of faith hope, you know. organizers say despite the problems, there are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things in the area, that often get overlooked. it is the third day of sifting through charred remains. federal agents were on-site again in the sherman park neighborhood. today -- atf agents spent the day digging for evidence at o'reilly auto parts. fox6's madeline anderson takes you
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blocks and sheets of metal to make way for federal investigators... lakisha wade watches from her front porch. its just crazy to me. im still in shock. we use that a lot over here for cars. she grew up across the street from the o'reilly auto parts. now... all that remains is rubble and dust... after protesters set the place on fire saturday night. i mean, jobs are lost, families without jobs. theyres no telling how long it will take to rebuild the business. mayor tom barrett met with atf agents to view the damage. it was obviously a very hot and fast firehe says he's been in contact with the owners of the property and the business. i told them the city would love to word with them we would love to have them rebuild and to send the message and the reality that we wont coward because of this. :56 the atf is now
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no information is too big, no information is too smallsherman park residents are adamant... the actions of a few... should not be not reflective of the attitude of the neighborhood. we gone bounce back. im sure we are. but need to come together to rebuild our community. atf agents say they will remain out here for as long as it takes to complete their investigation. o'reilly's is one of three businesses set on fire that is a total loss. a-t-f agents have been investigating the other businesses this week as well. news. you can see our complete coverage of the milwaukee unrest when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. look for the link atop our home page. four people escape a house fire this morning in the sherman park neighborhood. it's the third fire in as many days for the area... milwaukee firefighters responding to 33rd and hadley around 5 a-m. a vacant home caught fire and the flames spread to the home next door -- with four
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department says the home collapsed -- but crews managed to save the other. "inside will be salvageable, there is some cleaning and stuff that will have to take place but they should be able to in a little while be able to move back in" on monday firefighters were called to a house fire at 41st and burleigh... tuesday they responded to another fire at 33rd and hadley. all the calls were between 4 and 5 am. the cause of each fire is under investigation. after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms will work its way through in the overnight hours, continuing through early tomorrow morning.
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tonight: increasing clouds. chance storms overnight. low: 73 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind:
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check the radar anytime - right from your phone. just download the new fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. new information tonight about the man shot by milwaukee police as well as about the officer who pulled the trigger and it's from a man who says he knew both. the new perspective. the attack on social media. and why he claims neither men were "bad guys." it's a story you'll see only on fox6. already milwaukee's carjacking numbers almost surpass all of last year's incidents. the arrests that are calming nerves. and a scary start to the work day for a milwaukee bank. the note found when doors opened. those stories are coming up in
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three arrests were made this week in connection to several carjackings across milwaukee county. and julie collins shows you -- some of the suspects have long rap sheets. on tuesday, this man, who didnt want to show his face saw a
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everywhere, it was just cops everywhere...'police say the suspect is connected to several carjackings and armed robberies in the past few days. 'that aint the stuff you supposed to be doing. youre supposed to be doing something positive instead of taking something people work for.'the arrest has many talking - including alderman tony zielinski. 'the sacrifice that our officers make to keep our city safe cannot be stated enough, this is great news, this is great zielinski via facetime while he was out of town - he says the arrest should help his constiuints and others across milwaukee feel safer. 'im in close communication with the police department and they had indicated to me that they did apprehend and arrest an individual that is suspected in as many as 8 carjackings and at least 2 or three in the bayview area.'on wednesday another 2 suspects in an armed
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fleeing from police during a traffic stop. the pursuit began at 27th and atkinson and ended at 32nd and villard when the suspects drove over a curb and crashed into a vacant field. the two who were arretes have lengthy records that included a felony. 'the case against the carjacking suspect here on cherry street will be referred to the das office in the coming days. as for the third carjacking suspect on the north side milwaukee police are still looking for him. reporting in milwaukee, julie collins.' since july milwaukee county has seen 260 carjackings that's 2 shy of last years total of 262. new tonight -- there's an effort taking shape -- looking to crackdown on teens joyriding in stolen cars. it's called "stop the stollies." mary stoker smith is live in the newsroom tonight to explain. unfortunately -- people die every year in our area -- all because of teens driving recklessly -- while behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle. some local young people are hoping to change that -- by
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driving stolen cars. the teens are painting a mural near 19th and meinecke. the goal is to send a simple message to other teens: driving stolen cars is dangerous -- illegal -- and sometimes deadly! tyrese irving -- artist says: "regular people citizens just walking down the street and one day they just walking and they never knew that their could end right there cause of somebody else's mistake beth says: "we're facilitating an opportunity for young people to say 'hey, this matters to me in my neighborhood.'" this project is one of five that's currently underway in the c challenge teens to identify and address issues-- through large-scale artwork. reporting in the newsroom -- mary stoker smith -- fox six news. steph thank mary a threat this morning at the wells fargo building in downtown milwaukee... authorities arrived after a note was found. it happened before the bank opened -- so nobody was let in. police are looking through the video surveillance for any suspicious activity. so far they've released no
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multi- county, deadly crime spree pleas not guilty in milwaukee county. zachary hays waving his preliminary hearing today on a charge of first- degree reckless homicide. hays also faces charges in sauk county after prosecutors say he killed an illinois woman on the interstate in a drive-by shooting. both incidents happened on may 1st. he's expected back in court next month. social media posts are lighting up with comments and opinions about the milwaukee officer who shot sylville smith -- and about fox6's myra sanchick talked to one sherman park resident who knew both men -- and says neither deserves what is happening. i think the image of both parties are being tarnished. sawi perry-- is a national guardsman and local rap artist trying to promote positive messages in light of the riots in his neighborhood. perry says he knew sylville smith, shot and killed by a
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officer saturday. he also knows the officer. they both, from what i know weren't bad guys so that's the message i want to give so they both were not bad guys and people need to look more into the facts and one was a college graduate, one was a good kid . i know for a fact the officer was a college graduate. he was not a street dude . the other guy i know was not a street guy perry says social media posts are fueling anger, trying to vilify smith or the officer. neither of his friends, deserves that, he says. perry knew smith as a dancer, the officer the next room when the officer recorded this rap video last year. perry says the lyrics were not anything more than art, fiction, and entertainment. that's one reason sawi perry says he and other artists will gather in sherman park sunday to talk to kids and hand out school supplies. i think they need to hear our real voice . pretty much the faces that they know and the artists they listen to caring for them and
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officer and smith ever really knew each other. they may have certainly passed each other before that fateful day both had guns and the officer fired. if he was in the wrong or he was in the wrong i hope it comes to some type of closure so we can move on as a city local artists will gather here at sherman park sunday at four and hand out school supplies to kids and speak to them. if you want you can bring a school supply to donate as well. in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news milwaukee county district attorney's office still hasn't charged any of the people arrested from the weekend violence. the felony cases are under review. those charged with misdemeanor - will see the d-a in a couple weeks. and the wisconsin department of justice - announces an anonymous tip line for anyone with information about last saturday's officer-involved shooting. for a link to that tipline go to our website
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some players go to the hall of fame -- some to the hall of shame. a former packers star.. now with a long prison sentence. how many years darren sharper will spend behind bars. and -- police had the house surrounded. the call indicating lives inside were in danger. how the family was able
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you are watching fox 6 news at 9. after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms will work its way through in the overnight hours, continuing through early tomorrow morning. highs friday will hit the upper 80s. this is all ahead of an approai greatest chance of storms will arrive with the front on saturday. once the cold front passes, we'll be much cooler, with highs back in the 70s and dewpoints in the 50s for the weekend. tonight: increasing clouds. chance storms overnight. low: 73 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. slight t-storm chance. high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy skies. rain
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sw 5-15 mph it was a frightening call - an armed man - inside a brown deer home - threatening his family and there could be explosives. only problem is - it was all a lie.. next - we talk to the family that fell victim.. college basketball coaches aren't just heading to the courts to find the next great player. the big role the internet is now being used in recruiting the best high school
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sends several departments scrambling to the home of one very confused family. fox6's rachelle baillon has more details. wednesday afternoon, police received a call that an armed man was inside this brown deer house, threatening his family and that explosives might also be present. police from several area departments
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milwaukee county swat and bomb squad. unfortunately this was all news to carol dumas, who lives in the home with her grandchildren. "we're looking out the window thinking it was our neighbor.." "my grandson said mom they pointing those guns at us." the startled family quickly followed police orders to get out of the home. "they asked us if we had any guns or weapons in the house and of course i do not." the swat and bomb squad searched the home and deemed it safe..... it looked like the emergency caller had just made the whole thing up. call which is basically where someone spoofs the information coming into a police department to elicit a swat or type response." dumas says the caller used the name of her husband, who died about eight years ago...... the fake emergency tied up resources from about half a dozen departments for several hours-- resources that could have been used for other emergencies. "it's frustrating in the sense that it puts unnecessary lives in jeopardy." police are investigating the
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could face criminal charges. dumas just wants to know why they targeted her. " angers me that somebody would go this far you know for no reason at all." "the brown deer police department didn't have an estimate on how much it cost for all of those resources to respond to this incident. they are asking anyone with information about this call to contact them. reporting in brown deer, rachelle baillon fox6 news." a federal judge tells former nfl star darren sharper that courts can't ignore the damage he inflicted on the judge then sentenced him to 18 years and four months in prison. sharper pleaded guilty in federal court to drugging three women so he could rape them. he has also pleaded guilty or no contest in four states, where he's accused of drugging and raping as many as 16 women. before he was sentenced, sharper said he had lived quote right'' for 38 years -- before he took this path.'' the pro football hall of fame is refunding ticket holders after
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conditions. it says ticket holders can sign up for a reimbursement plan. a group of fans has also filed a class- action lawsuit seeking more damages. you can find more information on the reimbursement plan -- on our website fox6 now dot com. a sheboygan woman is arrested for shoplifting at a grocery after applying for a job at the pizza shop that was right next door. police say abby pease dropped off a job application at little cesar's on 15th street in sheboygan. they say she then walked to the piggly shopping basket with items, and walked out. a store employee stopped her, and pease allegedly told him to stop harassing her. police identified pease using that job application and security footage. she faces a misdemeanor retail theft charge, as a repeat offender. when it comes to college basketball, there has always been interest in the recruiting process, what players might be coming in next to help the team.... nowadays, fans have a much more informed view on who those prospects are.... tim van vooren goes
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the ny2la summer jam has grown in popularity and certainly stature over the past decade.... many of the top high school basketball players in the country come together under one roof at homestead high school... and some interested observers are here, too... 12606 "the best part is there's players here... i'm not coming here unless there's players here." 12605 evan daniels is representative of another huge part of the event... he's the director of basketball recruiting for scout dot com... the job where i'm covering the recruitments and trying to figure out where they're going to school and writing stories about them and not only covering their development, but also their recruitment to where they are going to end up in college." 12440 12450 "without the college recruitments, i don't really have a job... that's where this excitement comes from and that's why our website has gotten so popular, the fans of these particular schools want
9:34 pm
scout dot com website, daniels has more than 65 thousand twitter followers himself... the explosion of social media runs right alongside the growth of events like the summer jam... and the fan interest in these prospects shows no signs of abating.. 12843 "not only can they watch the kids on highlight reels or scout or youtube, or they can read the stories, now they can follow them on twitter, they can follow them on instagram, it's a lot more personal." 12852 13147 "in today's recruiting world, fans want to know about players, but let's face it, there's another college coaches." 13158 12922 "if steve wojociechowski or greg gard are in a gym." 12926 12905 "somebody tweets about it, everybody knows." 12907 the college coaches who are in the gym at the summer jam want the players to know where they are from... on the first day and night of this year's event, more than 500 coaches are in attendance... incidentally, daniels is aware of passion
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packers wide receiver randall cobb... 121750 "we kind of got to be buddies through acquaintances." 12752 12809 "i've actually been to a game at lambeau each of the last five years so i always come up and watch him play and awesome guy, he's a good dude." 12820 daniels will tell you he's living a good life, popping around the country to watch basketball, talk basketball and communicate what he's learned to big basketball fans... in mequon, tim van vooren, fox six sports... from california to new york, the state of washington to florida, as well as australia and canada..... the interest in the recruting process is now as widespread as the roster of teams.... social media does indeed make the world a lot smaller.... it's a story that has the whole world buzzing ..
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and what now happens to them.. and high rollers. the indian tribe adding hotels and expanding casinos in wisconsin. plus - and what it will mean to the workforce.. we've got some storms on the way overnight tonight ... and a major cool down ahead. stay with us. your
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releasing three short "harry potter" e-books...on her digital platform pottermore. each book will be 3-dollars. they are available for pre-order now and will be published on september 6. jason sudeikis will have some big shoes to fill this fall... the actor has signed on to reprise robin william's role as prep school professor, john keating in a stage adaptation of "dead poet's society." the show will open off-broadway in november. "ohhhh. everywhere you look, everywhere yo go there's a heat don't expected to see the olsen twins on the next season of "fuller house". jodie sweetin who plays stephanie tanner on the netflix sitcom is saying that the cast have given up on mary-kate and ashley olsen to make a cameo. season two of the "full house" reboot is currently in production. sweetin says you can expect many of the original cast to make an
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weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. plus a big day for free stuff! from healthcare to school supplies. the a look ahead to tomorrow's event. tragedy on a wisconsin farm. a man and several cows killed by manure. how the weather created a deadly dome of poison gas. break break
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before...get ready to say hello again to the man on a mission. this is whole heatedly to support the men and we milwaukee. 100 percent. that is why i made this. see the honor he created for police officers...even before last weekend's riots - and how his work may extend beyond police to members of the community. new at ten. johnson controls shareholders overwhelmingly approve the company's merger with tyco international. the deal will move johnson controls headquarters to
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150-million-dollar tax break. the company will however continue operating at its glendale location. the deal should close september 2nd. harley davidson will pay 15-million- dollars for violating federal clean air laws. at issue: the "screamin' eagle" tuners -- which allow riders to modify emission control systems to increase performance. authorities say harley sold more than 12-thousand motorcycles with the illegal tuners already installed. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. weather after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms
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through early tomorrow morning. highs friday will hit the upper 80s. this is all ahead of an approaching cold front. the greatest chance of storms will arrive with the front on saturday. once the cold front passes, we'll be much cooler, with highs back in the 70s and dewpoints in the 50s for the weke clouds. chance storms overnight. low: 73 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy skies. rain and storms likely. am low: 70
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sunday: mostly cloudy. cooler. am low: 59 high: 72 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 55 high: 77 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 84 dewpoint: 61 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: partl t- storms. am low: 64 high: 84
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drive sober or get pulled over campaign is now underway. it joins local task forces to stop drunken drivers on our roads. the crackdown runs august 19th through september 5th. the ho chunk nation is planning to expand 3 of their wisconsin casinos. the tribe is planning to build new hotels and add slot machines to existing casinos in wittenberg and black river falls. they also plan to remodel the hotel and casino, while adding a poker room and an off-track betting area to the project could add another 100 jobs to the ho-chunk's wisconsin workforce. before they head back to school -- families can make sure the kids are healthy and ready for a new year. a free screening event is happening tomorrow... more on what it entails from our carl deffenbaugh. preparations are underway at north division high school for another year of milwaukees back-to-school
9:53 pm
community all year round and then starting in the back to schools.' for the 16th year in a row, the health department is putting on this free event, which runs from 10am to 3pm friday. students, and even some parents, will receive health and dental screenings, and even shots if they need immunizations. 'most of the services that we offer are services in which some of the community cannot afford to go. or, sometimes, they dont want to go to one of have at least all the free services available.' beyond the health side of things, there will be free backpacks and school supplies for the kids - making sure they are ready for the start of a new year. 'sesame street is going to be in the area and then a lot of things for the kids. so they can play around and make sure that this is a good, community, healthy event.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. again -- this event runs tomorrow from 10am to 3pm at north division high school. there will be another one at south division high next
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now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click "links." a wisconsin farmer, and more than a dozen cows, are killed by fumes from manure. the accident happened at a farm near amherst. the portage county coroner says the 29 year old man was found dead in a field monday, along with at least 13 cows. investigators believe the man agitated a football field-sized, outdoor manure tank... releasing a cloud of deadly methane. dissipate, but in this case, the weather conditions created a deadly dome of poison gas. brazilian police say ryan lochte and three other american swimmers were not the victims of a robbery as some of the athletes had claimed. rio's police chief claims the swimmers were lying to cover up an act of vandalism at a gas station... that lead to a drunken confrontation with security guards. police confirm
9:55 pm
swimmers, but said that it was probably justified. police say it would be dignified for the athletes to apologize. others are saying it's a reminder for all americans to think about how they act while in another country. when anybody goes out into another country to represent our country, and olympians are part of that representation, they should not be out on the streets at 4:00 a.m. drinking and carousing. and i think that is kind of common sense. you represent your country. detained by police were allowed to leave brazil this evening. the u.s. used a plane filled with $400 million in cash intended for iran as "leverage" to ensure that american prisoners were released by tehran. that according to the state department. it insists the money was not a quid pro quo for the hostage release, explaining that tehran ultimately would have received the money, separate
9:56 pm
police in india say 3 people were killed in the same day - by kite string! investigators say all of the incidents involved a kite string is called manja - which uses a synthetic string that is coated with glass. two of the victims were children, who had their heads out of a sunroof when their throats were slit by the sharp string. the third is a man who was suffered a lethal cut to his neck while on a motorbike. officials in india are now moving to ban any sharp kite strings. southern california has now consumed more than 25-thousand acres. it broke out tuesday east of los angeles. the brush fire is only about four- percent contained. more than 82-thousand residents in san bernardino county have been ordered to evacuate. officials say weather and dry conditions are making the fire unpredictable. more than 15-hundred personnel are on the scene fighting the blaze. they are using 178 fire engines, ten air
9:57 pm
secretary touring flood-ravaged southern louisiana. jeh johnson said more than 900 fema personnel are there and hundreds more are expected. he and the governor urged those affected by flooding to apply for government assistance. more than 40,000 homes were affected by the flooding and more than 30,000 people have been rescued. at least 13 people have died. check this out! a dust devil in oklahoma city! it briefly swirled near the runway at will a dust devil - is a rotating column of air that kicks up dust and dirt as it moves. and even though it looks like a tornado -- the national weather service says dust devils usually form on hot, dry and clear days. ...sharing the same frustations-- but not the same reaction. the president of milwaukee's youth council-- speaking out to his peers-- and to you and me about the recent violence in milwaukee. beverly taylor has his
9:58 pm
say something. and then i was hearing about youth being out there.."like many of us, kalan haywood the second watched the images of the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood this past weekend. "the community's hurt. the community feels helpless. the community feels it's being silenced. so, we need to work in the community to give people a voice. :21 haywood is the president of group of m-p-s students between the ages of 14 and 18... who come together twice a month to represent kids in their respective aldermanic districts.he says he feels the frustration bubbling up in people, but, his message to his peers. "... we have to think before we act . so for when we grow up and we become adults, we're running the city that we're working with something good. we can implement the change that we want." :35 as for now, he says there should be a sustained movement toward change, and the community working together. he says another key is keeping the community informed... because the lack of information breeds anger. "we're trying to implement change.
9:59 pm
about saturday night was not the proper way to do it." :39 "haywood says the role he expects from the milwaukee youth council now is for members to go into the neighborhood and talk to their peers and make sure that they are well away of the issues at hand. knowledge is power. reporting from milwaukee, beverly taylor, fox 6 news. 10pm open we start tonight with breaking news-- milwaukee police are investigating a homicide on the city's south side. they didn't have to travel far-- it happened right outside police district 6. that's near 27th and oklahoma. our jenna sachs joins us there live with the latest. roll cue fatally shot just
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custard we want to check in on the weather now-- there's quite a storm system off to our west. weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather deck tonigh with the


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