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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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custard we want to check in on the weather now-- there's quite a storm system off to our west. weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather deck tonigh with the
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strong thunderstorms are moving toward parts of southwest jefferson county and western walworth county. small hail, gusty winds, heavy rain and a lot of lightning can be expected with this
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from your phone. just download the new fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. now to our big story tonight-- trying to heal. as we move farther away from the unrest-- milwaukee is starting to get closer to normal. there has been an outpouring of support the last few days. we have team coverage. ben handelman explains how the community has rallie "prayers for peace". but let's start with our ashley sears. she's live in the newsroom with some of the unanswered questions. state investigators are calling on the public for help. asking for online tips-- about the officer involved shooting. the police scene is cleared from 44th and auer-- but the investigation into what took place here-- is only in the beginning stages. the state department of justice division of criminal
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the case-- gathering information about what happened during that fatal officer involved shooting-- that killed 23-year-old slyville smith. now--investigators ask the public for anonymous online tips-- anyone with information related to the case can submit what they know, straight to the d-o-j. meantime-- 10:49 we in no way want to complicate the doj investigation. at a news conference--thursda y--- community groups call on investigators o a body camera worn by the officer involved. 44:10 when you have such a murky situation, that's going to lead to speculation, that's going to lead to apprehension. in a statement--attorney general brad schimel said: 'it is my goal to complete officer involved death investigations expeditiously so the community gets the answers they deserve' answers--many will be waiting for... 35:13 right now, we need to be finding a way to move
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investigators say submitting a tip will not trigger a radio call or send police to your location. we have a link to that tipline on our website fox 6 now dot com. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. social media posts are lighting up with comments and opinions about both men involved in the shooting. at least one man considered them both friends. sah- wee sawi perry-- is a national guardsman and local rap artist trying to promote the riots in his neighborhood.perry says social media posts are fueling anger, trying to vilify smith or the officer. he says neither of his friends deserves that. perry knew smith as a dancer, the officer a rapper. they both, from what i know weren't bad guys so that's the message i want to give so they both were not bad guys and people need to look more into the facts and one was a college graduate, one was a good kid . i
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he was not a street dude . the other guy i know was not a street guy perry says he's not sure if the officer and smith ever really knew each other. he says it's possible they crossed paths before that fateful day both had guns and the officer fired. still no charges have been filed against the 41-people arrested during the unrest. the district attorney's office tells us the felony cases are currently under review. the misdemeanor offenders are being told to come into the d-a's office in a praying for peace... but a challenge for more: the archdiocese of milwaukee holds a prayer service tonight in the aftermath of area riots... but prayer wasnt the only message. fox6s bret lemoine is live outside m-p-d district 7 with that story. faith leaders say prayer isnt enough. they want to see more people down in sherman park and surrounding
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thursday night... there are prayers for peace to heal milwaukees sherman park neighborhood. nat 'i think when communications break down... we turn to violence.' leading the service... tk 'there is no such thing as just urban problems - its our problems. especially if you are believers.' father tim kitzke, who was appointed 'vicar general for urban ministry' by the archbishop to challenge parishioners to face these isu prayer is only the beginning... but it isnt enough. tk 'now the next step is interaction. id like to begin dialoguing more and more.' going forward, he wants area catholics to take action... and form relationships with residents in milwaukees troubled neighborhoods. tk 'as soon as youre in a relationship with someone - put a name and face to them, all of the sudden, they dont become an issue they become a fellow journeyer.' peace can spread from the walls of this church.... to the streets around sherman park... but kitzke says it can only happen if were all
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conception to the last natural breath - everyone matters. we want to work hard to bring our resources and understanding of social justice.' if youre wondering where the archbishop is, im told he is absent from tonights prayer because he is traveling out of town. reporting live in milwaukee, bl, fox6 news. faith- based organization - to offer a message of peace. the billy graham evangelistic association ....brought in a mobile unit to the s herman park area. it arrived yesterday in town and volunteers will ?likely stay on-site through the weekend. they say they are there to talk to anyone who wants to discuss the violence of this past weekend. part of the healing process includes finding those responsible for some of the worst damage. today a-t-f agents spent the day digging for evidence at o'reilly auto
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demolition crews tore down part of the structure today. eventually the entire building will have to be leveled. but both neighbors and city leaders are hopeful the owner will rebuild. i told them the city would love to work with them we would love to have them rebuild and to send the message and the reality that we wont coward because of this. :56 a-t-f agents have also been investigating the other burnt businesses this week. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. bricks and rocks! more than a deputies were hurt during the unrest last weekend. now many are thanking the officers who put themselves in harms way to keep the peace. our ben handelman live tonight in sherman park--- with how an artist is helping! ben. good evening guys. some the injuries included head injuries and cuts. one mequon man is saying thank you the best way he can--- through art.
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come to life in so many different forms. for mequon artist dave braeger, his paintings is where he finds the most comfort. the last time we met, we were in dallas. braeger--- who splits time between here and texas, feeling compelled to honor the officers lost, and those who risk their lives. he hasn't stopped since. this is whole heatedly to support the men and women wearing blue in milwaukee. 100 percent. that is why i made this. a work honoring officers in milwaukee began before last weekends riots. the targeting of you feel the world might be bringing you. the police aren't the right people. the events that have taken place--- giving this work more meaning. when dallas happened. and now milwaukee. if things don't change, it's going to happen elsewhere. in dallas, braeger sold t-shirts, posters, and artwork with all of the proceeds donated to charity. there are now similar plans here. he's not the only one
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are the problem. we think there are other deeper issues that are at work. at milwaukee's police district 7 bishop e.w jackson has come all the way from virginia, helping show support. milwaukee police say groups have been dropping off donations all week. whether food, or through a paint brush, many doing what they can, to say thank you. this is an ongoing campaign that can last forever. in dallas, braeger so far has raised about 40-000 through his milwaukee? t-shirts should be ready in about a week with his new design with all of the money going to charity. you can find out how to order on our webpage--- fox 6 now dot com--- just click on this story. at district 7, ben handelman fox 6 news. you can see our complete coverage of the milwaukee unrest when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. look for the link on our home page.
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thefts are on the rise in milwaukee. coming up next-- a creative new effort to try and stop young criminals. plus-- the n-f-l threatened to suspend them if they didn't cooperate with a performance enhancing drug investigation. tonight julius peppers and clay matthews
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the west allis man accused in a multi- county, fatal crime spree pleads not guily in milwaukee county. zachary hays waived his preliminary hearingt first- degree reckless homicide. police say he killed his neighbor back in may. and later that day he's accused of killing an illinois woman on the interstate in a drive-by shooting. he's expected back in court next month. three arrests were made this week in connection to several carjackings across milwaukee county. yesterday, two men were arrested trying to run away from the cops during a traffic stop. they were in a stolen car that they had carjacked at gun point the night before. on tuesday a 24-year old man was arrested near cherry street --
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robberies in the past few days. we spoke to the 14th district alderman tony zielinski via facetime... he praises police for a job well done. 'i feel its important to let people in the area know we have a great police department, the sacrifice that our officers make to keep our city safe cannot be stated enough, this is great news, this is great news!' as of the end of july milwaukee county has seen 260 last year. with the number of carjackings on the rise -- that also means more stolen cars out on the roads. some of those drivers -- are teens. as fox six's stephanie grady is live in the newsroom tonight -- with more on the effort to stop the trend. unfortunately -- people die every year in our area -- all because of teens driving recklessly -- while behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle. some local young people are
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a project dubbed "stop the stollies." the teens are painting a mural near 19th and meinecke. the goal is to honor those who've been killed by kids driving stolen cars. it's also meant to send a simple message to other teens: driving stolen cars is dangerous -- illegal -- and sometimes deadly! tyrese irving -- artist says: "it makes everybody feel unsafe. there's actually little kids who actually ride their bikes in the streets now." justin wright says: "they steal cars some of them get away, some of them go to jail and some of them e painted a car crashed up against a tree stump and we call it hasthag stop the stollies and taking cars equals taking lives." this project is one of five that's currently underway in the city. all are meant to challenge teens to identify and address issues-- through large-scale artwork. reporting in the newsroom --
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after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms will work its way through in the overnight hours, continuing through early tomorrow morning. highs this is all ahead of an approaching cold front. the greatest chance of storms will arrive with the front on saturday. once the cold front passes, we'll be much cooler, with highs back in the 70s and dewpoints in the 50s for the weekend. tonight: increasing
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dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy skies. rain and storms likely. am low: 70 high: 76 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. cooler. am low: monday: mostly sunny. am low: 55 high: 77 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 84 dewpoint: 61 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: partly sunny. chance t- storms.
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wind: sw 5-10 mph
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towards the regular season as they face the raiders in the ir 2nd preseason game. but at what cost? coming up, what happened early in the game that has many holdi
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in just 3 1/2 weeks, everything for now, the packers games just count for the players trying to make the roster when the game count. tonight, step two of the 4 step preseason process/ the packers and the raiders at lambeau field and the packers start with the ball and a heavy dose of eddie lacy greets oakland, 9 carries for 45 yards, including a touchdown to end the drive, giving the packers a 7-0 lead. the 2nd drive starts out on the ground as well as james starks
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hundley makes a great pass to davante adams for a big gain of 31 yards, but the bigger part of the play is he gets hurt when khalil mack hits him after the throw apparently rolling up on his ankle. joe callahan would replace him as his night was over after that. after a packers turn the ball over on downs, demarious randall steps in and gets them the ball right back as he intercepts derek carr's deep ball and is ruled down by contact after a 7-3 at the half. in the 2nd half, zack crockett gets his chance and makes the most of it as he caps off a 10 play 80 yard drive with the touchdown run giving green bay a 14-3 lead. in the end, the packers win 20-12 but they're still thinking about hundley's ankle. as for the looming question of ped use by julius peppers and clay matthews, the two have agreed to meet with nfl investigators according to chris mortensen of espn. no date has been set for the meeting, but the league had warned the
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they did not agree to meet with investigators. the winner of the high school blitz game of the week, brookfield central at whitefish bay tonight. the visitors take a 14-7 lead when zach hechman scores from 4 yards out in the 2nd quarter. the blue dukes respond in a big way as cade garcia heaves it to michael kirkendoll for the 80 yard score to even the game at 14. in the 3rd, garcia again goes long, this time he finds alex anthony giving right now late in the 4th, the game is tied at 43. with this being the first week of high school football action, we have a bonus winner for you as tom pipines will be at nicolet tomorrow night for the waukesha south - nicolet game. he'll have highlights and reaction on the high school blitz which kicks off tomorrow night at 10.
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homestead. the highlanders eric zoeller fights out of the pile and busts one for 69 yards and the touchdown, 12-7 homestead. but arrowhead was too much in the end, jeff holtz goes 21 yards for the score as they go on to win 25-18. as the brewers reach the final quarter of their season, they've hit a rough patch and it's been fully exposed in chicago this week. today they were trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of the cubs. but chicago wasn't going along with that as kris bryant he one of his 2 home runs in the game. the brewers make it a competitive game as kirk nieuwenhuis belts a 3 run jack making it 5-3. but zach davies didn't have his good stuff and the brewers can't come back
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to help animals in a tough spot. massachusetts' finest came to the aid of a masked bandit... but not the kin sewer at a v-a medical center in northampton yesterday. as you can see in these pictures... the animal's head was the only part visible in the metal grate. the officers used cooking grease to free the critter. the raccoon was not harmed. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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for me, what's amazing is that for every job in the world there's someone willing to do it. someone says, "yes, i will stand in the tunnel breathing exhaust fumes, watching cars go by." someone goes, "yes, i will work behind the elephant with the big shovel." doctors go, "yes, i will confine myself "to one particularly objectionable part of the human body "all day, every day. i will do it." i think a lot of people that are unemployed are not unable to find work-- they're just easily disgusted. yes, i'm starving, my family has no clothing or shelter,


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