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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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demolition resumed in the sherman park neighborhood. today -- the b-p gas station was torn down. this comes as several people are now facing felony charges from the unrest. we have team coverage tonight. madeline anderson is looking into the charges... but let's start with ashley sears -- who spoke to the owner of the gas station this afternoon. crews have been out here for much of today. tearing down what was left behind of the gas station. the owner tells me he doesn't know where he goes from here. beginning of last weekend's chaos. three employees were able to get out of the gas station safely. since then, the business has been roped off by caution tape. today-- crews worked to tear down much of what was left. the owner tell us he is saddened by everything that has happened, but encouraged by the kindness that's been directed to him by neighbors. singh says: "in the sherman park area, i've been there 10 years. the whole neighborhood is just like my own
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other. i know all the neighborhood, block by block, each side. they are all sad." bobot says: "they've had a lot invested in milwaukee. they want to stay in the milwaukee area. what's going to happen at that site has not been decided yet." singh says it is still too early to know whether he will rebuild. he is still in shock by what happened and is taking one day at a time. live in sherman park, ashley sears fox 6 news. arrested -- and now charged! the first criminal charges related to the unrest in the sherman park area are filed. three men are accused of breaking into clark's beer and liquor near 47th and burleigh. fox6's madeline anderson is live outside the business with more. madeline, the store has reopened? yes and in fact... its been quite busy all afternoon... since we arrivd around 2 oclock. youll see the windows are still boarded up... but
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he wasn't going to let the destruction stop him from doing business. around midnight sunday, august 14th... surveillance video shows several men inside a dark clarks beer and liquor. some are holding flashlights... other are coverin their faces with their t-shirts. soon, many more begin to crowd into the store, smashing glass cases and pulling liquor off of shelves. 55:16 you wont believe it. it was bad. owner paul spencer rubitsky estimates criminals damaged and thousand-dollars worth of property at his store. 57:47 to me, it looked like the people who were initially starting it, weve never seen them before. the milwaukee county d-as office has charged three men in connection with the incident... which police believe stemmed from the unrest at sherman park that weekend. 45-year-old durrell jones is charged with burglary. 22-year-old joseph lindsey and 20-year-old devon love are each charged with entry into a locked
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held accountable. how far that goes? what the da does... rubitsky knows police likely wont catch the others involved... still he considers himself lucky. some businesses burned down in the violent protests... clarks is missing a few windows... but it was able to re-open thursday. 51:54 i know it means a lot to the community. this is their store. must have been 50 people come in and apologize, theyre sorry this happened here. according to the criminal complaint... the three suspects admitted to police night... but they say they didnt take anything. reporting live madeline anderson fox6 news. brad thanks madeline tomorrow will mark one week since violence broke out in sherman park. some say... they are starting to see change. several community groups have made their presence known in the neighborhood over the past week... whether that's in the form of an event.. encouraging the youth to adhere to the curfew.. or just being an ear so people can voice their concerns.
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join many of those organizations together into one collaborative effort- it's called 'still 300 strong". were fighting the same fight we just need to find the best way so were not tripping all over each other doing the same things that we do whats best the first big 300 strong event is sept 10th in sherman park at noon. organizers describe it like a big family reunion where everyone is invited. this weekend there are several events planned as well--- some that were now may have renewed message of unity. we've been tracking the developments coming out of sherman park since the unrest started last weekend -- from the investigation to a neighborhood in healing. click the link at the home page of fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- to view all of our coverage. a developing story out of new london-- a 31-year-old man is dead after an officer involved shooting. police say officers spotted the man -- who had an active warrant out for his
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pulled out a gun. that's when police shot him. no one involved has been identified at this time. neither officer was injured. the wisconsin department of justice is investigating the incident. the ?front of a milwaukee police station becomes the scene of a homicide. 42-year old reed carlsen was shot there last night. police say -- around 7 p-m.... two men were sitting in a van right in front of the station at 27th and kinnickinnic. police say those two men got into argument with the victim. at one point -- a 65-year-old man in the van pulled out a gun... shooting and killing carlsen. station?!?! oh, my god! thats, thats brave! thats bold! thats, thats, thats, beyond scandalous, right there. immediately following the shooting, we're told the 65-year-old turned himself in to police inside the station. the trial date for the infamous slenderman case moves ahead in waukesha county. but will the trail actually take place there. will a waukesha county jury hear the case? not if lawyers for the girls charged have their way. fox6's myra sanchick was in court and tells
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19 times, more than two years ago to please slenderman, an internet fictional character. the friend survived. even though the girls allegedly committed the crime at age 12, both girls previously lost an appeal and will be tried as adults. morgan geyser now lives at the winnebago mental health institution being treated for schizophrenia. friday she pleads she is not guilty by reason of mental health or defect. two psychiatrists will evaluate her for this plea. anissa weier is in a juvenile detention center in west bend. she was allowed to have one wrisf so she could take notes in court. with all the years of publicity about this unusual case, can the girls get fair trials in waukesha county? their lawyers say no. frankly with the amount of publicity there's been i don't know where we could go where someone hadn't heard of it but there may be someplace where people have heard less intense coverage anissa weiers's lawyers are requesting that a jury from another county be brought to waukesha to hear the case. as for morgan geyser, her attorney wants to move the entire
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psychiatrists who will evaluate geyser moving forward in the trial, are new to her, and her lawyer is concerned that more than two years after the crime, with medication she is completely different. they're not getting the same picture of morgan that they would have gotten shortly after the event. the psychiatrists reports are expected back next month. the trial for the girls are expected to be seperate and scheduled for march or april. to the weather nw and rainy start to the morning. it didn't take long for things to heat back up. what can we expect for the weekend? weather expert stephanie barichello joins us now from the weather center. weather mostly cloudy this evening with a few thunderstorms possible. some may produce strong wind and small hail. temperatures will drop into the low 70s overnight, a bit cooler inland.
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thunderstorms likely, although they will be scattered. we dry out sunday and see the sunshine for the start to the work week. after the weekend fall-like air, temperatures will bounce back into the low 80s. tonight: thunderstorms possible. low: 71 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: scattered showers and thunderstorms. wind: wsw 10-20 mph sunday: partly sunny and cooler. am low: 60
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download the fox six storm center appl. it's free for apple and android devices. ahead at six. dramatic audio-- from a fatal officer-involved shooting. police! police! go go go how things unfolded next -- and the major update on the investigation. plus -- an unsettling discovery at a gas station. the skimming scheme -- and the
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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shooting has been ruled justified. it happened earlier this summer -- on july 1st. investigator "helmut winowski" was shot and killed by an officer -- while he was attacking his girlfriend with a kitchen knife. tonight -- we're hearing the dramatic audio from inside the apartment. officer says: "drop the knife, drop the knife... " officer says: "gunshots. get out maam, get out. maam come here, come here. maam out." the washington county district attorney's office says the shooting was justified... saying his actions likely prevented
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returned to duty. new at six. authorities say at least 10 people have been conned -- as part of a skimming scheme. the sheboygan county sheriff's office says a skimming device was found earlier this month on a gas pump at a random lake convenience store. starting on august 8th -- the suspect started using the stolen card info to buy gift cards at walmart stores around the state. if you recognize him -- you're asked to call police. a potentiall s tap... stephanie barichello will be in next with the complete forecast. plus -- a heads up to drivers. the big closure that starts tonight on the interstate. tonight on the interstate. when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time
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and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. drivers beware! a 31-hour road closure is about to begin in just a few hours... a1 but as julie collins shows us this closure is a must to stay on schedule and for the safety of all drivers... here we go drivers - another road closure coming to the zoo interchange...and this time itll last 31 hours. 'its a tough operation thats does take time.'the work will include taking the tub girders - the substructure of the new ramp and move 4 of them into place. 'theyre going to be lifted up and then
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cap.' large cranes will be mobilized on east bound 94 - as well as the east bound to south bond ramp. 'were going up and over everything now, we have real tall piers and these tub girders go over the existing system ramps and because of that we cannot place these over live traffic so we do need to take the closure to do that.'which means -- the i-94 east and ramp from i-94 east at wis 100 to i-41/894 south ramp will starting 10pm on friday until 6am on sunday. the d-o-t recommends bluemound and greenfield from moorland or wis alternative routes. 'they dont take you way out of the way. if youre coming from a great distance and you want to take a different route theres a lot of routes but if youre on 1-94 those are the good recommended routes.'"if the weather cooperates and the job is done safely the closures can reopen as soon as mid-afternoon on sunday. reporting along i-94...julie collins. fox
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-- and alternate routes available to you. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "zoo interchange." adlib to weather weather mostly cloudy this evening with a few thunderstorms possible. some may produce strong wind and small hail. temperatures will drop into the low 70s overnight, a bit cooler inland. another mostly cloudy day ahead
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they will be scattered. we dry out sunday and see the sunshine for the start to the work week. after the weekend fall-like air, temperatures will bounce back into the low 80s. tonight: thunderstorms possible. low: 71 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: scattered showers and high: 78 dewpoint: 66 wind: wsw 10-20 mph sunday: partly sunny and cooler. am low: 60 high: 72 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 10-15 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 56
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mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 81 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with the chance for thunderstorms. am low: 66 high: 80 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-15 mph thursday: partly sunny with the chance for thunderstorms. high: 80 dewpoint: 63 wind: sw 5-15 mph mostly cloudy this evening with a few thunderstorms possible. some may produce strong wind and small hail. temperatures will drop into the low 70s overnight, a bit cooler inland. another mostly cloudy day ahead
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they will be scattered. we dry out sunday and see the sunshine for the start to the work week. after the weekend fall-like air, temperatures will bounce back into the low 80s. tonight: thunderstorms possible. low: 71 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 saturday: scattered showers and thunderstorms. all of the work this summer is over and now it's time for the
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football season gets going in full tonight. coming up, we'll go live to tom pipines at our game of the week. and it was just a few years ago he was playing high school football. now joe callahan's a quarterback with the packers. what he's doing to improve every day next
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through their preseason, we have yet to see aaron rodgers take a snap. part of that probably has to do with the cancellation of the 1st preseason game. but the other reason is most likely an abundance of caution. in the packers 20-12 win over the raiders last night, brett hundley got the start and led the packers on a 14 play opening drive that ended with a 1 yard touchdown run by eddie lacy. however, he would leave the game during the next series when he suffered an ankle injury on the same ankle that held him out of the browns game. in came joe
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for 65 yards. he also ran the ball 4 times for 23 yards. all in all, it was another step in his learning process. "i'm trying to make the most of every opportunity that i get out there and the most every play. so, i'm preparing throughout the week and trying to put the best foot forward every week." "each day i try to take notes and ask as many questions as i can and just pick up more and more of the offense. the little things, the keys that the defense could be giving you. i fee like i"m progressing throughout the practices each week." tonight's the night that most of the state enjoys the beginning of the high school football season. it's also the night we kick off the high school blitz. tom pipines is at nicolet high school, the home of our game of the week where they'll be hosting waukesha south. pip are you ready for another season? tom talks about the nicolet-waukesha south game which is the high school blitz
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tom tosses back to brandon in the struggles continue for the brewers as they left chicago without a win this week. after losing 4 straight to the cubs, they're in seattle facing the red hot mariners who are 12-5 this month. the crew is looking for a boost on the mound as brent suter will be making his major league debut. he was considered a long shot as a 31st round pick out of harvard in 2012. but he's earned this start because of the
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3.50 while mostly playing in a hitter friendly park. 1st pitch is at 9:10 and we'll have highlights on fox 6 news at 10. and the youngest team in the nba, the bucks, could get some veteran experience to help them mature. the journal sentinel's charles gardner reports the bucks are expected to sign steve novak and jason terry. novak, who's 33 years old, played in only 3 games for the bucks last season before an injury sidelined him for the rest of the season. terry, who's 38, has been in houston the past couple follow breaking news 24-7 by heading to fox six now dot com. breaking news anytime at
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>> today on tmz -- >> ryan lochte has apologized kind of. says i want to apologize for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event. he told a story that never happened. >> the essence was he got robbed. >> that is not careful and candid. that's like saying i got to the office today via space ship. >> diddy and cassie. they broke up and the cops got involved. >> they were in a car and got in a fight i guess. she broke up with him.
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their car in beverly hills with her phone. >> her mom called the cops because he took her phone. >> this is legit 16-year-old breakup. >> i will say this though. news of diddy's new found freedom has caused like a stampede on twitter. >> meek mill got a new bentley truck. one of 75 in the world to get it delivered yesterday. $380,000 he paid for it. it starts off at $297,000 but he paid $380,000. >> he wanted power windows. >> kim kardashian on the beach. you got saint and then you got kim's giant butt. it's unreal. right? >> i don't care. >> something just happened in the room that was very interesting. i believe l.j. just muttered under his breath. i don't care for it. >> no, i said i don't care if


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