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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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in a video that has now gone viral. 00:55 this will not get anything done...period. now one week later-- 48:53 ive gotten messages from all across the country. he has optimism. 49:04 a lot of people said their hearts and minds have been healed. from the ashes--people have come together-- nats cleaning up the destruction-- nats preaching peace-- nats a city ready to take on its challenges-- 49:57 i think people have a willingness to come to th talk about what needs to be done, discuss real solutions and get down to the root causes. bishop says these images do not define milwaukee-- instead--they are an inspiration-- 51:11 it cant just be a reminder of what happened and what used to be, it should be a trigger for ok, what happens next. several business are being demolished because of the damage. criminal investigations continue for the arsons and looting. jenna?
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don't repeat themselves. so what's next? fox6's rachelle baillon spoke with mayor tom barrett. she joins us live with more. good evening. we spoke with mayor barrett this afternoon about what led to last week's unrest....and what the city is doing to improve the community's future. last saturday an officer involved shooting spurred a night of unrest.... authorities were able to stem the unrest over the next few days....and the community started of picking itself back up, with a goal of never letting similar scenes onto the city's streets again. "i drove over there sunday morning and was moved by the hundreds of people that were there saying we don't want this neighborhood ruined and you've seen that throughout this week." milwaukee mayor tom barrett says he thinks a host of factors prompted the unrest that spilled onto the streets last saturday: one factor is how much attention officer involved shootings are getting nationwide these days, the others stem from issues that
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issues. "those are all real issues those are all very very real issues in the neighborhoods particularly the neighborhoods east of the sherman park area." mayor barrett says he's already focused on using the experience as a catalyst for positive change in the community. "the vast majority of people in this city and i think in this region they don't want to write off the city they don't want to write off this neighborhood they know there are problems they know there are issues and now our challenge is to really address those issues." reached out to the businesses affected by last weekend's unrest. "it's important to me for them to understand that the city and the mayor of this city wants them to invest in our neighborhoods." mayor barrett tells us the city plans to work with those businesses in hopes of keeping their business in the community and employing workers from that area. reporting in the newsroom tonight, rachelle baillon fox6 news. ben thanks rach while milwaukee looks to move forward from the violence....
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crack down on those who were involved in the unrest. 19-year old dale folley is now charged with arson for a crime that was allegedly inspired by what happened in sherman park. fox 6's julie collins explains. on saturday- folley faces a judge as he is accused of setting fire to a car on milwaukee south side. 'nat of judge' the criminal complaint explains that folley told police he lit a napkin oni threw it into the van. also told police he took a photo of the burning vehical before running away. according to the criminal complaint police apprehended folley at 11th and pierce. police say a call came in about 20 black males leaving this parking lot after a car was set on fire -- when police arrived they found a fully engulfed car on the north end of the pick n save parking lot. folley told police he ran because he saw 5 others set the
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that we did on sherman boulevard.' youll remember - sherman boulevard saw a series of fires on august 13th after an officer involved shooting caused riots to break out. the b-p gas station on sherman and burliegh and other businesses in the area were set on fire in protest. dale folley is also charged with 2 counts of bail jumping - after being released from jail on 2 different charges of retail theft and disorderly conduct. reporting outside police district one. julie collins. fox 6 news. charges have also been filed in looting that took place last weekend. yesterday - these three men-- ages 20, 22, and 45-- were charged with burglary and entering a locked building. they're accused of breaking into clark's beer and liquor near 47-th and burleigh early sunday morning. the owner of that store estimates vandals damaged and stole about 125-thousand dollars worth of property. we've been tracking the developments coming out of sherman park since the unrest broke out last weekend -- from the
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atop the home page of fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- to view all of our coverage. we saw a few showers today - will the sun return tomorrow? stephanie barichello has a look at the forecast. weather a few more showers possible this evening then staying dry tonight with a low in the upper 50s inland and around 60 lakeside. a mix of clouds and sunshine expected chance for an afternoon sprinkle. much cooler with highs in the low 70s. high pressure system brings quiet conditions for the start of the week but temperatures rise back into the 80s. thunderstorms possible wednesday into thursday. tonight: few showers early then mostly cloudy. low: 60 dewpoint: 58 wind: w 8-12 mph sunday: cooler with pockets of sun. slight chance for an
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wind: nw 10-15 mph storms that rolled through early this morning, caused some damage in northeast wisconsin. city officials say they saw straight line winds clocked at more than 50 miles per hour. numerous trees were knocked over... damaging several homes and part of the
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out to help people clean up the mess and get streets reopened. no injuries were reported. there is new information about a deadly officer involved shooting in new london. today, police identified the man who was shot and killed by officers as 31 year old kole knight of menasha. investigators say two officers were on patrol yesterday afternoon, when they spotted a man with a warrant for his arrest. when they confronted him, he pulled out a weapon, and the officers opened fire. the names of the officers involved have not been release justice is investigating. police in monroe make a gruesome discovery. they found dozens of dead cats in a freezer. investigators were originally called to the home on monday, when they removed 50 live cats. but when they returned with a search warrant they discovered another 42 dead animals. police and firefighters had to use gas masks and oxygen tanks to even enter the home, because of the smell. there is good news tonight for people who use the zoo
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finished early! i-94 east is back open tonight at highway 100. construction crews closed the interstate last night so they could work on the substructure for a new ramp. crews expected the work to take until tomorrow morning - but they finished early - so the interstate is back open again! the power in music.. a milwaukee couple is trying to "increase the peace" -- hosting a concert and book bag give-away today fox6's jonathon gregg shows you the message they are "trn "last week was just chaotic." a group of milwaukee artists want to cut through the noise. by blasting a message of peace. "we are tired of violence, we don't want that and we just want people to get along." the husband and wife team of demetrius and rebecca brooks have been planning this event for weeks.
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before violence erupted near sherman park a week ago. "we were going to put together an album release party but i took the funds and said let's increase the peace in our streets" the local music producer assembled a line-up of artists to promote a show, and spread awareness. "it can be a snowball effect once we start this we can keep going and spreading awareness and spreading the message of non-violence every where we go." "a notebook." children also received book bags. made possible through local the door during the evening performances will in turn be donated to several milwaukee organizations. "we want people to know i am your should to lean on. we can be there for one another." "we make music, that's what we do. but at the same time we want to give back to the community and and show the community that we care." in muilwaukee, jonathon gregg fox6 news. the couple... demetrius and rebecca brooks -- hope their concert will be an example to others, of how to promote safe activities for
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the attack. coming up - what the republican presidential candidate will say will happen to the economy if hillary clinton is elected. plus - helping milwaukee kids get ready to go back to class. the students who were given backpacks... school supplies...
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time
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and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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starting the process of rebuilding, after historic flooding. about 4 thousand people remain in shelters, because of floods caused by more than 20 inches of rain, falling over 4 days. more than 40 thousand homes have been damaged or destroyed. many residents still can't go back to their homes, and can only wonder what is ellie stevens/ baton rouge resident "it is, i'm just... terrified you know of what really happened you know in there. but i just pray that all is well you know. and with even the lost you know god is still in control." president obama is planning to visit the area on tuesday. firefighters in california say they are making progress
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mountains east of los angeles. more than 100 homes have been destroyed in the blaze that has burned through 58 square miles. that fire is now 68 percent contained and some evacuated residents are being allowed to return home. there are new concerns about zika in south florida. parts of miami beach have been declared a zika transmission zone - after officials have confirmed that mosquitoes have spread the disease in the area. miami beach officials say city efforts to fumigate and get rid of areas that could attract mosquitoes. they also say they are confident the problem will not hurt tourism to the famous beach in the long run. donald trump was back on the campaign trail today... and back on the attack. hillary clinton will make america poor. you're gonna lose your jobs. you're gonna lose your wages. you're gonna lose your medical.
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at a rally in virginia. hillary clinton, meanwhile is spending the night at fundraisers in cape cod. her campaign is focused on winning more support from groups that have been reluctant to get behind her. trippi says: "you see here gaining strength since the her convention with women in particular ..... and she's trying to strengthen herself with blue collar voters that she doesn't have right now." the most recent nationwide poll has hillary clinton leading by 8 points, as parts of milwaukee remain divided on many issues after recent violence, one thing seems to be bringing people together...the love for children. fox 6s derica williams shows you how community members stepped up to help prepare them for school and a better future. it really is a good thing for everybody good for the kids and parents alike.
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helping hand helping hands -doled out 500 bookbags at the midtown shopping center during the back-2-school superstars and supplies event. this is just tremendous midtown center partnered with jammin 98.3 fm to help prepare kids and young teens for the upcoming school year. its very important its tough out here for many families and to be able to get some of the simple things we take for granted is very important a simple gesture which evoked big smiles. to see people doing something for these kids- amazing kids may be walking outi and supplies , but they are also leaving with something else to carry with them, a sense of positivity and support. nats many were thankful for the generosity which was combined with a bit of entertainment. its all a way to give a much needed boost to the youth who sometimes are affected by the problems in the city. i think there should be more positive things going on in the community than negative when we have a positive role model we can show children they we can
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to here and have fun excited, ready to now focus on their education ahead of them. i think they will do great in school in milwaukee derica williams f6n there were also prizes given during the event one which was a laptop and printer. there back to school events going on this weekend., including one being held tomorrow at sherman park at four p-m. adlib to weather weather a few more showers possible this evening then staying dry tonight with a low in the upper 50s inland and around 60 lakeside. a mix of clouds and sunshine expected sunday with only the slight chance for an afternoon
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pressure system brings quiet conditions for the start of the week but temperatures rise back into the 80s. thunderstorms possible wednesday into thursday. tonight: few showers early then dewpoint: 58 wind: w 8-12 mph sunday: cooler with pockets of sun. slight chance for an
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high: 74 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 10-15 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 56 high: 78 dewpoint: 58 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 82 dewpoint: 65 wednesday:mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms. am low: 66 high: 80 dewpoint: 67 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny with the
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high: 79 dewpoint: 65 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. am low: 60 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph a few more showers possible this evening low in the upper 50s inland and around 60 lakeside. a mix of clouds and sunshine expected sunday with only the slight chance for an afternoon
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pressure system brings quiet conditions for the start of the week but temperatures rise back into the 80s. thunderstorms possible wednesday into thursday. tonight: few showers early then dewpoint: 58 wind: w 8-12 mph sunday: cooler with pockets of sun. slight chance for an they got the day off, but one packers player also found out
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friday night against the 49ers. that's next. and the brewers are streaking the wrong way and facing the king in his court. we'll check in on them against king felix in seattle when we come back with
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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make a big difference, but you want it to last -- contact six puts several brands to the test. some may dread going back to school -- but at&t joins us with gadgets that will make you excited to get back in the classroom. that's sunday on wakeup. we'll see you when you wake up. you are watching fox 6 news at 10.
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so far this preseason, that has been a big part of mike mccarthy's game planning. it's going to happen again in this week's lead up to their game against the 49ers. that's because quarterback brett hundley will not play in santa clara friday night. he injured his ankle in thursday's win over the raiders and didn't return to the game. he already missed the 1st preseason game against the browns because that ankle was injured during a practice. add in the cancellation of the hall of fame game and the packers have had to adjust every week so far. and all of this affects friday's plan. "you know, when yog you're trying to stay away from the ankle. so when somebody rolls up on it and flares it back up, your first reaction is to just start screaming. but as soon as i got off the field just trying to make sure it was all right. got everything off and at least i don't think as of right now that it's terrible but we'll see." 2 weeks from tonight, the badgers will know how well
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lsu at lambeau field. today, they had 2 workouts at camp randall stadium and their confidence is building as they continue to get more and more comfortable with one another and the coaching staff. "i don't think we're that far away from where we want to be. i think we can be great and we're striving for greatness every day but, yeah, we have a long way to get to greatness but we're working for it definitely." it's been a rough stretch for the brewers, winless this week as they've dropped 5 straight, their longest losing streak of the year. the mariners ace felix hernandez tonight, the odds were against them to end it. in the 1st, they had a good chance to jump on the king, but his 3rd baseman kyle seager shows some love, robbing ryan braun of a run scoring hit. the game would stay scoreless until the 3rd when former brewer nori aoki sticks it to his former team by singling in a run, 1-0 m's. 2 innings later, he comes up again and does more damage, this time it's an rbi double giving the king and his
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goes on the board for the home team as mike zunno crushes one off of wily peralta making it 3-0. the next hitter, leonys martin follows suit giving the mariners back to back bombs. right now... the pga tour has hit the weekend at the wyndham championship where low scores have been common. and it helps when you can put a one on your scorecard and get vacations for life all at once. well, peter malnati does just that on the par 3 16th today. under, 9 behind the leader si woo kim. on fox 6, the us amateur semifinals today at oakland hills. and it took 3 extra holes for curtis luck to earn a spot in the finals as he wins his match on the 21st hole. he'll meet 19 year old brad dalke, who won his match 3 and 2, in tomorrow's 36 hole final which you can see right here on fox 6. both have qualified for next year's u.s. open at erin hills. and here at brown deer golf
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weather, some golf, some weather, some golf and some weather. but the phc classic did reach the 2nd round this afternoon. and that's where erynne lee made her move to the top, shooting a one under 71 to take a one stroke lead. however, 22 groups are still on the course, including 1st round leader jenny coleman who sits a stroke back after 7 holes in her 2nd round. they'll resume play sunday morning
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lives on. fans now have the chance to step into the ring with muhammad ali. that's because an auction house in new york is holding an online auction for "the greatest of all time." nearly 100 items associated with the former three-time world champion will be up for bid - including the boxing trunks he wore in the "rumble in the jungle" fight against george foreman. ali passed away on june third at the age of 74. the auction goes through september
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mike: previously on home free... we began the competition to build ten homes in ten weeks. nick: this is crazy! mike: eleven contestants set out to win a dream home for their personal heroes, and $100,000 for themselves. we're building an entire neighborhood. mike: every week, the houses get bigger and better. we will be turning this house into a beautiful cape cod home. its. aah! come on, val. we're almost there. come on. no, no, no. pick it up. -got it! mike: orange team conquered the drill down challenge, and patrick was given control of the gold tag. way to go, team. mike: in their work orders, some contestants failed to deliver. red tag. red tag. red tag. that left ben, carre, and valerie up for elimination at the end of the week. i have to convince val that she should go in--


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