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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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compared to last year at this time, milwaukee has had fewer homicides and non-fatal shootings - but those numbers are still high relative to recent years. carjackings through july match the 2015 pace. as for how the public would pay for this, hamilton says theres no set price tag because theres no final plan. other officials say itll just be a matter of priorities. i would venture to say a majority of the people would say public safety over streetcar. lets start the conversation, and then lets take the evidence, lets take the data, and make adjustments based on what resources we have. mayor barrett put out a statement this afternoon. it says the citys office of violence prevention will launch a planning process of its own next month. we asked if the mayor would be available to answer our questions about the councils report but were told the statement would be his only comment. live outside city hall, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news.
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milwaukee police issued a response today from chief ed flynn saying quote: "we are appreciative of the public safety committees sincere effort to take a system wide view of public safety in milwaukee and look forward to future conversations." these recommendations come after a series of special meetings focused on crime and violence this summer. we have posted the complete list of recommendations, and a collection of related coverage on the home page of our website -- fox six fox six news mobile app. burned buildings are boarded up -- and the debris has been removed from the torched gas station at sherman and burleigh... but as fox 6s derica williams explains... ...signs of the violent unrest remain in the area and are having an affect on residents she joins us live from sherman park with more. this orange fence is still standing around sherman park.
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close hours before its normal time. as folks here trying are to regain a sense of normalcy, this vibrant blockade is a reminder that authorities are still on alert. burned buildings are boarded up and the debris has been removed from the torched gas station at sherman and burliegh, but as fox 6s derica williams explains, signs of the violent unrest remain in the area she joins us live from sherman park with more. this orange fence is still standing around sherman park. signifying a barrier as the park continues to close hours before its normal time. as folks here trying are to regain a sense of normalcy, this vibrant blockade is a reminder that authorities are still on alert. its sad actually disheartened that an entire neighborhood is suffering from the actions of a few. gwendolyn murphy is one of several residents who believes the early closing of sherman park is doing more harm than good. i think its bad for the little kids ever since violence surrounded sherman park last week the milwaukee county sheriff's office ordered it to be closed to the public at 6:00 p.m and reopen at 6:00 a.m. i think 6oclock is a little too early for anything to be closed. i think maybe they
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are still looking for a place to play. i like coming to the park because there are lot of jungle gyms here i feel sad because tis really fun here shortened hours also cut into leisure time for many who need a refuge in walking distance. you used to be able to come and sit out and get a cool breeze the kids could play on the swings and go down the slides you are not able to do that now.. josephine boggan says while she is disappointed by the decision of the early closure, she understands and hopes families use that time constructively. i think its a good thing because...its getting kids and parents time to spend with their kids and let them understand unrest that been going on here. deputies remained visible thr presence won't always be needed. im hoping that milwaukee can come together for the sake of peace and everybody come in harmony on one accord i did reach out to the sheriff's office and was told that the
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contributing to the healing process -- with food.... that was the idea behind free food distribution outside the boys and girls club in sherman park -- an area targeted with recent unrest. feeding america eastern wisconsin gave about 11-thousand pounds of food to between 200 and 300 families. there were lots of people receiving and volunteering -- including a mother- daughter team super: shani belton/volunteer "why did you guys decided to participate in this?" we participate with feeding america a lot. we to give to the community because we are part of the community." :58 and we know just as much as anybody else how much help is needed." the average family received 50 pounds of food today. sherman park residents are asking -- where are the jobs? if you looked at one state website -- it would appear the state has helped bring hundreds of new jobs in. but the companies aren't located in sherman park. political reporter
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at sherman and meinecke... "we have deception and we have lies" after the unrest nearby, activists direct their anger at the wisconsin economic development corporation. on the agency's website, a map shows where companies have created jobs with state tax credits. it shows three such companies in the sherman park neighborhood.but none of them actually exist there. one's on the far northwest side, one has offices downtown, and one's located in hartland. theyre promoting is just wrong. its not created jobs in this neighborhood at all" a wedc spokesman blamed it on a mapping error. "when a company's physical address cannot be precisely plotted, the mapping system generates an approximate location." but he said the activists' larger claims of deception "false and misleading." saying wedc "has never claimed to have created a specific number of jobs in sherman park."a day earlier, governor scott walker was taking wedc at its word about job creation. "i think thats other groups trying to create trouble where there isnt
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"ive said, the number one issue in sherman park for economic development is workforce" democrats and activists say it's a lack of opportunities, and they want the state to do more. "so whether the wedc website gets fixed doesnt matter." wedc says it has helped bring hundreds of new jobs to other parts of the central city. as for the three companies in this story: wedc says merge healthcare has deliv expected jobs in hartland. saelens corporation has created two- thirds of the planned jobs on the northwest side. wedc wants more than 600-thousand dollars back from the third firm, novation companies, after it sold its downtown office. we've been tracking the developments coming out of sherman park since the unrest broke out last weekend -- from the investigation to a neighborhood in healing. click the link atop the home page of fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- to view all of our coverage.
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of washington county -- where flight for life was called after a farm accident. it happened just after 2-30 in the town of trenton... officials tell us a skid loader fell onto a man -- leading to critical injuries. they couldn't confirm the age of the victim -- or exactly how the accident happened. we'll keep you updated on this story as we learn more. milwaukee police are investigating after three people are injured in a shooting... this happened last night near 29th and clybourn. officials tell us it started one person began shooting at people in the area. two people suffered non-life-threatening injuries -- the third victim was more seriously hurt but is expected to survive. it's unclear if the victims were involved in the fight. and milwaukee police are searching for a suspect after 46-year-old man is shot this morning near 27th and burleigh. the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. authorities tell us circumstances leading up to the shooting are still unclear. today, we are learning more about the motivation behind a
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a milwaukee man -- right in front of a police station. justin williams shares more on this developing story. tuesday, uh ... i'm ... i ... i don't have any words. the questions, i mean, the violence is that, that, that random?!?! come with context. right by a police station?!?! that's crazy! i mean, that's as bold as it can get! tuesday, 65-year-old randall drescher of milwaukee faces one count of first degree reckless homicide, in connection with the august 18th shooting carlsen--right in front of the district 6 police station, near 27th and oklahoma. a criminal complaint indicates a friend of drescher arranged to purchase a gun from an unidentified person, and they meet, here. around 6-40, as the two are sitting in this van, watching passers-by, the 42- year-old carlsen walks near the van, and questions drescher about staring at him. when drescher told carlsen to leave, he refused. dreschers friend says
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when drescher tells carlsen to leave, again, the response involves carlsen, throwing an orange construction cone into the open, passenger window. when carlsen began to walk away, drescher got out, to put the cone back in place. but then, drescher claims, carlsen began approaching him, and drescher pulled his gun. when carlsen continues coming at him, drescher says he feared for his life, so he shot carlsen, three times. then, drescher entered the police station, and turned himself in, to police. that's crazy, justin. that's crazy, man. if he's convicted, years in prison. his preliminary hearing is scheduled for august 31st. that is the latest, in milwaukee. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. president obama visiting baton rouge, louisiana today after floods devastate the area... "i know how resilient the people of louisiana are, and i know that you will rebuild again." with wisconsin red cross volunteers working in baton rouge and other parts of the country -- the
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"this is not a one-off, this is not a photo op issue." "i want the people of louisana to know you're not alone in this even after the tv cameras leave" president obama visiting baton rouge today -- touring flood damage in the area and promising whatever federal resources are needed to help the region recover. 13 people died -- and more than 60- thousand more than 100-thousand people have registered for assistance. the red cross says louisiana is dealing with as much water as the aftermath of hurricane katrina. three floods... and two fires.... that's how many large scale disasters workers from the red cross of southeastern wisconsin are currently responding to . they say it's more than normal -- and they need your help. krystle kacner explains how . she joins us now. responding to disasters like these is what the red cross
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it seems. two floods here in wisconsin... a large apartment fire in sheboygan... plus dozens of workers have been deployed to california for wildfires and louisiana for flooding. a lot of peoples homes, that were flooded, all of their belongings were on the streets. amber finley not only saw these situations play out in real life... she met the people living them.. a little girl came up to me and she she asked for help that she knew because i had my red cross t-shirt on that i could help her, its just incredibly moving finley is one of more than 40 workers called from southeastern wisconsin to help down south. others... were called to california.. to help with wild fires there. but thanks to the unpredictable nature of mother nature... volunteers don't have to stray
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disasters weve had here, the 2 floods as well as the fire, those are going to cost the wisconsin region 10 thousand dollars for each event not to mention-- the 'man-power'. the apartment fire in sheboygan .. which displaced about 50 people... already has 30 workers responding. the flooding in the northern part of the state is in recovery mode at this point.. but still requires assistance. finley says its nothing they can't handle- but says they do need help. we need volunteers and we also need donations. the red cross says they're sti sheboygan and they plan on sending more people to louisiana. live from the news room, krystle kacner fox 6 news ted thanks krystle the american red cross depends on your generous donations. if you're interested in donating, you'll find a link on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. you'll also find information on becoming a red cross volunteer on the links page. it's time for your news and weather together.
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created ethics commission will be able to make political donations. the commission oversees lobbying, campaign finance and political ethics in the state. nothing in state law prevents ethics commission members from donating to the very politicians they are regulating. commissioners are partisan appointees... and all six have made donations in recent years. krist oil company filing a lawsuit to challenge wisconsin's minimum markup law on gasoline. the law-- passed during the great sellers from undercutting smaller ones. krist says the law violates businesses' right to operate without arbitrary government regulation. the state justice department is reviewing the suit. changes are coming to several downtown bus routes due to the demolition of the downtown transit center. the new routes will provide riders with better access to the milwaukee intermodal station and a direct route to grocery stores and the lakefront from the west side. the routes will change starting
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routes just visit our website at fox-six-now-dot-com. toss to weather weather increasing clouds tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. overnight. we will have off-and-on chances for thunderstorms throughout the day wednesday with a high around 80. a few
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morning, otherwise gradually decreasing clouds. highs in the low 80s thursday. friday is quiet and sunny before rain chances return saturday night into sunday morning. tonight: increasing clouds. chance for thunderstorms low: 69 dewpoint: 68 wind: s 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. muggy. high: 80 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 5-15 mph thursday: a few a.m. t-storms, otherwsie decreasing clouds. am low: 68 high: 81 dewpoint: 66 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 59 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: increasing clouds with t-storms possible at night. am low: 57 high: 77 dewpoint: 62 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms, mainly in the morning. am low: 64 high: 80 dewpoint: 65 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly
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ese 5-10 mph
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profession into the spotlight... up next... get a behind-the-scenes look at "milwaukee blacksmith" -- and the new reality show of the same name. get your wednesday morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30 --- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. with the start of the school year underway -- we have the best ten back- to-school products to buy for your student. the best food trucks in milwaukee all in one
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reality tv spotlight. it's a new series showcasing a craft that's been around for thousands of years. fox 6's carl deffenbaugh introduces us to milwaukee blacksmith. theres rarely a quiet moment inside milwaukee blacksmith. 'its hard, hard work. its heavy lifting, its swinging a hammer.' always some project to start, some piece to finish. 'we can literally walk in here and make anything we want to out of steel.' different than any other. 'the energy is just bubbling at the top. everybody is super psyched.' because on this day, kent knapp and his family of blacksmiths go from milwaukee institution to reality tv stars on a national stage. 'it all hit me, like, yesterday that thousands and thousands of people are going to see me on tv.' a crew from the history channel followed father, sons and
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finished product, a series of the same name - milwaukee blacksmith, premieres tuesday night. 'this is my life, of course i get very emotional about it. especially watching the kids doing it, when i saw the first couple episodes i just, i watched the whole thing like this. because these are my guys, these are babies.' and the process wasn't just emotionally taxing. the production schedule pushed the knapps to their limits, both creatively and physically. 'youre taking a project that normally takes three months and squeezing it into a week.' 'you basically just get to watch us scratch our heads and try and figure out how the hell were going o an appropriate test for milwaukees first family of forging. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. the family is hosting a watch party tonight at the milwaukee ale house. you can learn more about milwaukee blacksmith and the new reality t-v show on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news
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they're attacked on all fronts. as the pressure on them increases and their desperation grows-- -- the shocking tactics they're using for retaliation. plus... turning a false alarm -- into a learning experience. how law enforcement around waukesha are doing just that after a lockdown at carroll
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as isis loses ground in its strongholds in iraq and syria as isis loses ground in its strongholds in iraq and syria -- the militant group is growing more desperate in its methods and tactics. meanwhile -- the fight is being taken to the terror group on all fronts of its terrio more from jerusalem. this small boy, apprehended in the northern iraqi city of kirkuk wearing an explosive belt... he was caught before he could set it off, but it's believed he's not the only child suicide bomber being used by isis. the terror group is losing territory in its traditional strongholds - leading to more brutal tactics as they strain to rule over areas
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challenged and its leadership - those that have survived - find it increasingly difficult to physically move anywhere, much less operate." isis feeling the pressure on all fronts... iraqi and tribal forces are slowly moving in on mosul, the last major city in iraq still under isis control. and further north, turkish artillery strikes are backing a massive syrian rebel offensive near the border. mos says: translated "i was cropping corn on a tractor. we heard its sound in the air. we hid oursel because of fear." meanwhile on the diplomatic front, secretary of state john kerry is rallying coalition partners in africa... saying while the u-s remains focused on iraq and syria - it won't back out of the fight against isis in countries like libya and nigeria. kerry says: "the united states is deeply committed to this effort, including by helping our partners to be able to build counter-terrorism capacity." on-cam tag tomorrow, secretary kerry heads to saudi arabia to meet with


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