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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  August 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm CDT

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>> i'm a lawyer. more than one-hundred people are dead in central italy. a massive earthquake devastating the area. crews are desperately digging through rubble in three hard- survivors. that's our big story at four: towns reduced to nothing. the death toll sits at 120 right now, although it is expected to rise. the six-point-two magnitude quake hit during the evening local time, so most people were in their beds sleeping. our krystle kacner has spent today talking with families here who are waiting for word from their loved ones. we will get to krystle in a moment but first, we start with the latest from the area where the earthquake hit. our ted perry joins us in
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italian authorities believe more than 1000 have already been displaced. thirty-nine aftershocks were reported following the quake, some as strong as five-point-one. emma tucker, deputy editor of the times of london the house was trembling, shaking, it got more and more is a desperate search for survivors after a six-point-two magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks rocked central italy. emma tucker, deputy editor of the times of london clinking, thundering, sort of rumble, it felt like someone had trying to knock it down.rescue workers, throughout the day wednesday, pulling people from the rubble like this woman in the hard- hit town of amatrice ahm-uh-tree-chay , so damaged, the civil protection agency says no one will be allowed to sleep there tonight.historic, stone buildings crumbled into the streets. debris blocking access early-on for heavy equipment and help. matteo renzi, italian prime minister we are going to work because in the next few hours we must continue to bring people alive from beneath
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were sleeping. voice of michael gilroy, witness it woke us up. it felt like the bed was on rollers. at that point we knew you know and just tried to get out of the building as fast as we can.wednesday's earthquake, not the first in recent history for italy, striking near the site of the massive 2009 quake that killed more than 300 people. as today's death toll climbs, rescue crews scramble, searching for signs of life. knowing every hour counts when it comes to saving survivors. mah-tay-oh renzee , touring the damaged cities this afternoon and thanking those first responders for their dedication. the last major earthquake in the country took place in the city of l'aquila la-quilla in two thousand nine.more than three hundred people losing their lives in the quake. back to you. one local man is watching everything that's in italy especially close... his family is there,... and since the quake... there's been no word from his cousins. krystle kacner joins us with this story
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the day checking his phone-- waiting.. praying for an update on his cousin and his cousin's wife. they both live in italy.. in the area the earth quake hit.. no one's heard from them since the devastation hit. paladino says seeing the images of the destruction has been difficult... at one point.. he says they say saw video of his cousin's dog being rescued from the rubble. he says its his understanding rescuers are now focusing on that area... he says it gives him and his family hope. hopefully if the dog can find a pocket to survive in, my cousins can find and area to survive. when you see those pictures you think of home and you think of your family. and youre hoping. again hope, hope is always in the back of your mind paladino says he's realizing now more than ever the support from the italian community here in the milwaukee area... glorioso's issued a statement
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community to contribute to one of the many relief funds currently being established for italy. the glorioso family and employees offer condolences to those that have lost friends, family, and loved ones at this time." reporting live in the newsroom, krystle kacner fox 6 news. brad thanks krystle. even from here in wisconsin -- there are ways you can make a difference for those in italy. you'll find options for providing support and resources for earthquake victims on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. day as a six-point-eight magnitude earthquake strikes central myanmar. an official there says villagers around the epicenter say they felt violent shaking. while most buildings remain intact, two deaths were reported in one town. data from the u-s geological survey shows -- the tremors were felt as far away as bangladesh, india and thailand. an 11-year-old girl remains in critical condition... after milwaukee police say she was hit by a car while riding a bike. it happened at the intersection
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7-30 last night. mpd is still searching for the male driver... a spokesman says police do know who he is but have not released his identity. a barber shop sits at the intersection where the accident happened-- the owner says he heard the crash-- and he looked outside and saw the girl motionless in the street. it was more troubling to me, that i heard some more noise as the vehicle pulled off. like it may have ran the child over. i dont know. it was too to me. an employee tried to chase after the suspect in his own car but eventually lost him. a desperate plea this afternoon from the mother of a two year old, killed while trying to crawl out a window. terry harris-lockhart tells fox6 that her son "michael mccoy the third" was at his grandmother's house near 40th and wright yesterday afternoon. the toddler crawled feet first through a first floor window, then the sash apparently
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killing him. harris-lockhart says the grandmother insists she asked the landlord for screens on the windows. milwaukee neighborhood services tells us there should have had a screen. it is a message the boy's mother wants others to hear. all i have to say is if you have children please put screens on the windows. i don't care if you have to hassle the landlord, hassle the landlord . please put screens on the windows. because my son most happy baby you wold know. the mother tells us a thirteen year old inside the home was watching the child, but they both were taking a nap when the toddler woke up and tried to go out the window. charges have been filed after a man leads police on a high speed chase from wauwatosa into milwaukee and back. 40-year-old marcus byrd is accused of reaching speeds close to 100 miles per hour... authorities say the chase started after officers spotted the stolen car. the
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on a sidewalk! at the time of his arrest-- byrd was already wanted for a probation violation. to weather now. we have a chance for some rain this evening, but thunderstorms will be more likely early tomorrow morning. weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather office with more. tom? mostly cloudy tonight with a slight chance for an isolated evening thunderstorm. rain chances will increase overnight, especially t into the upper 60s by sunrise. after early morning rain, skies will start to clear by the afternoon with a high in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet and cooler on friday before thunderstorm chances return on saturday. tonight: isolated evening t-storm, higher chances overnight. low: 68 dewpoint: 66 wind: w 5 mph thursday: a few morning t-storms
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wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. am low: 61 high: 74 dewpoint: 57 wind: e 5-10 mph download the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available for apple and android devices. you'll have instant access to the interactive radar and fox6 weather forecast. it's a rite of passage every fall on college campuses--
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new students at marquette university. parents and students loaded carts -- and spent the day hauling supplies into the residence halls. the elevators and hallways are always crowded during move-in... but marquette president mike lovell says this year might be the craziest yet. sexcited to welcome s. it's one of our larger ones we've had in years. it's about eight percent larger than last years'." most of the new students are enrolled in arts and sciences, but lovell says this year saw a spike in business majors. and with it being a first time experience for the students living away from hom to do is get involved around campus. "the best piece of advice i give to freshman coming in is get connected and be involved. don't be afraid to get yourself out there." campus events are planned through this week and weekend, all leading up to next monday... the first
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unrest in sherman park, local officials hold their monthly justice council meeting. and of course the recent events are on everyone's mind. coming up -- some solutions for milwaukee offered up through conversation. plus -- the position on the packer's roster seeing some competition for the first time in awhile. excuse me...i think there's a misprint. oh. model year end clarence event. looks right to me. shouldn't it be clear... clearly... it is time to get a great deal and a reward card on this turbocharged jetta. gotta make room for the 2017 models. it is a clarence event.
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filmmakers sit you down right in the drivers seat of a hot wheels car. they thought to slap a go pro camera on the toy car. take a look at this! they built a bunch of tracks and let it go. the car drove through backyards and underwater. they even pulled off a jump and loop! the group says the car
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underwater track was the hardest part to make work. but was smooth sailing to a photo finish line. during the indiana state fair, some state troopers took some time to blow off some steam. while on patrol, they decided to break out into a classic end of summer song. oh the summer nights... oh well oh well." the officers were patrolling the indiana state fair grounds when they recorded this lip sync video of the hit song "summer lovin" from the musical "grease." the four officers are now viral video stars. the song has been viewed more than 250-thousand times so far.
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new research finds that women have more nightmares then men. the reason is something that many of you may agree with already. experts say women tend to have more anxiety. that in turn, leads to more bad dreams. studies found women dream the most about being chased, their partner cheating them - or their teeth falling out. meanwhile men tend to dream about fl stranger and finding money. the olympics ended with the closing ceremonies on sunday, so athletes left rio for their home countries all around the world. which made for some interesting
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team great britain of all of the athletes' bags at heathrow airport in london. as you could see, there could be a few problems finding which one is yours. british olympic windsurfer tweeting out this selfie with all the bags at baggage claim with the quote, "mine's the red one". two packers players speak to n-f-l investigators today about julius peppers were named in an al-jazeera network report on performance- enhancing drug use back in december. both have denied the story, but both of them faced suspension by the league if they wouldn't meet with investigators. one of the most spirited roster battles in green bay this summer is taking place at a position that often doesn't get a whole lot of attention. and it pits two guys who know a lot about lambeau field.... tim van
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in a half dozen seasons as a packer, tim masthay has become the all-time franchise leader in both gross punting average and net punting average... he has won the nfc special teams player of the week award three times... and he has never taken himself too seriously.... after all, he's a guy who was cut by the colts and couldn't find a pro job in 2009.... so it not surprising that while he's competing with rookie peter mortell in training camp, masthay is anything but with pete.... i don't feel any need or desire to hold anything back from him.... and you know, the truth is,." 214146 214159 "older guys can learn from younger guys, too.... so, it's a two-way street.... it's not always just older guys passing knowledge on to younger guys." 214208 but mortell is not just a younger guy.... his 44 yards per punt average is
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history..... he's a four-time academic all-big ten selection... and he just happens to be a green bay native.... 213401 "how big is the mental side of punting at this level ?? significant... it's the differentiator..... there's a lot of guys that have big legs and go and kick really high and long..... i don't necessarily have the strongest leg in this league, i understand that, but i'm willing to put myself up mentally against anyone." 213415 213425 "does the emotional aspect play into it ?? you're the hometown kid, is that an advantage ?? no, i don't look at it like that... there's no sentiment in the nfl... they're not going to give me a job just because i'm a local kid it." 213438 220246 "peter mortell's grandpa was the timekeeper here at lambeau field... he passed the job down to his son jerry, that's peter's dad, he's the timekeeper these days.... peter himself used to help out in the press box on gameday, handing out stats and that sort of thing.... and now peter himself thinks that he could play out here on gameday, in the regular season." 220306 213344 "i think i definitely belong in this league, i
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and every day." 213350 213357 "i believe i'm an nfl punter and i think the packers believe that too." 213400 you better believe that two quality guys and quality punters are in quite the battle for one job in green bay this season... at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox six sports... both of the potential punters will be on the field friday night when the packers play their third preseason game at san francisco...... an action movie with a veteran mechanic resurrection opens up in theaters across the country this weekend. coming up, gino sat down with jason statham with a look at his new film and how you'll get your money's worth with this one. here's a live look outside. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is up next with a
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mostly cloudy tonight with a slight chance for an isolated evening thunderstorm. rain chances will increase overnight, especially between 3-8am thursday. temperatures will fall into the upper 60s by sunrise. after early morning rain, skies will start to clear by the afternoon with a high in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet and cooler on friday before thunderstorm chances
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evening t-storm, higher chances overnight. low: 68 dewpoint: 66 wind: w 5 mph thursday: a few morning t-storms then gradual clearing. high: 83 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. am low: 61 high: 74 dewpoint: 57 "i'm not doing these kills. bishop! i've been waiting too
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this list. or they will eliminate me." jason statham returns as arthur bishop in "mechanic: resurrection" and our gino salomone talked with him about his action-packed role. role. ad lib to bite "you know these movies it's a popcorn movie where i'm sitting there and all of a sudden it's over and i haven't been bored for a second. well that's the idea. movies are about escapism and entertainment and people are
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movies and get something that's up your stream. this is a genre type film so the people that like action hopefully will get a kick out of this one." and he wasn't always the action star he is today. ad lib to bite "think about that guy. you're going to tell him here's what you're going to do. you're going to travel all over the world you're going to have love scenes with jessica alba. what would that guy have said? you know what he'd think you'd lost your mind. i mean it really is a different sort of existence to what i used to do. so every day is a good day. whether you're working in small little film or know it's a whole different world. i used to stand there in the rain thinking
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on international territories is beyond a pinch yourself moment."
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a possible breakthrough could mean the cure for an aggressive cancer. plus --a class for seniors-only that packs quite a punch... and a bit of a kick
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?? wh crime and violence? a timely discussion as milwaukee heals from the unrest at sherman park. beverly taylor reports on what how-- she joins us in the studio. the milwaukee community justice council meets monthly. today the featured guest presentation came from the city's office of violence prevention. "things that look insignificant. things that look small trigger trauma that has existed in these people's
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tatives from milwaukee's office of violence prevention explains there can be hidden triggers based on a person's past that can lead to violence. "we need to lift up community-based culturally competent services for these people."they presented before the milwaukee community justice council, which includes the district attorney, chief judge, county executive., mayor, and police department representatives-- who gather monthly to talk about the justice system in milwaukee. only this meeting comes on the heels almost two weeks ago. the office of violence prevention director, reggie moore, welcomed the invitation. "when we talk about violence prevention it's an all hands on deck issue. they talked about understanding what work-- what's missing-- investing in things that work-- crisis intervention through conflict resolution and more. "..when we have folks returning from incarceration into our communities we have to make sure we have the services to really reconnect, to remove barriers to employment, all of those things are factors :47 in violence prevention."the
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...but, at least one was cautiously optimistic. "...cities like milwaukee, where the culture and the intersection of race and class and you know all these things are so entrenched it makes it even harder to do." "they have to deal with the isolation of poor and community. i mean, you don't see that in other places." moore says he hopes to engage these new partners in the strategic planning process to be launched next month from his office. justice council, its mission and its members on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. we have also posted details on the council's next meeting of the whole, set for october, featuring a discussion on the house of correction. the waukesha county sheriff's department is asking for your help identifying a man who robbed a gas station at knifepoint. according to the sheriff's department, a man entered the b-p on main street in the village of eagle around 5:30 tuesday
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brown knife sheath attached to his knife, robbed the clerk, and left with money. he's a white man, five feet, six inches tall, medium to thin build and in his early 20's. he may be connected to a late 90's, or early 2000's subaru forester-type vehicle. if you know who he is, you're asked to give the waukesha county sheriff's department a call. at least one student is dead and 25 other people are hurt after an attack on the american university in afghanistan today.. it happened around seven-thirty p-m local time. eyewitnesses say they heard gun the campus outskirts of afghanistan's capital city, kabul. several american professors and dozens of students took cover in classrooms and safe rooms while police and special forces surrounded the campus. the attack comes just weeks after two of its professors were kidnapped at gunpoint on august seventh. people in iowa are dealing with major flooding. heavy rains closed schools for the first day of class in north eastern iowa. the national weather service is reporting seven inches of rain hitting
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reports of injuries. many roads in win-uh-sheek winneshiek county are flooded by the rain, some workers even had to use a canoe to get to work.the national weather service says the flooding is expected to continue or get worse throughout the day. a school bus in massachusetts carrying high school students, crashes on the way to school. officials say the bus was traveling down the road when hit another car head-on. the students on the bus were on their way to high school. so far at least one person was injured and flown to the hosp said if the injured person was on the bus or the car. officials are now trying to figure out who was at fault and what led to the crash. a semi overturns this afternoon in milwaukee. police blocked off the intersection of locust and fond du lac around two p-m. our crew on the scene said it appeared the truck was carrying scrap metal. the semi's driver suffered minor injuries, and it was the only vehicle involved in the accident. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories coming up on
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a 19-year-old shot while sitting in a car. his friend rushed him to the hospital where he's being treated for a serious wound. at five, the other high profile incident that recently went down in the same location. also at five, a woman hit by a line drive during last night's brewers game. coming up, what fans are saying about the safety netting currently at miller park. all that and more coming up in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five. steph thanks ted. a kickboxing class in the san fernando valley doesn't have your ordinary gym- crowd. instead the class called "the reserve" is filled with people averaging 85 years old. the senior-aimed class was started by a fitness instructor who thought the class could have benefits beyond what a younger person might get. and he was right. it is actually helping some people in the class with parkinson's, alzheimer's and dementia. "the patterning, the coordination involved of applying what they hear to
4:36 pm
them. the teachers of the class say every improvement made in the class, helps lead to a healthier life outside of the class. and the people in the class would agree with that. some saying it has helped their breathing, while others have noticed better balance and joints. ad lib about senior kickboxing class with dolphins? coming up -- why you may never have that chance again. yesterday -- we told you about the crazy price hike for epipens across the country. next -- contact 6 found some low cost alternatives for you. here's a live look outside right now at the marquette interchange. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in
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the price of a life-saving epipen has skyrocketed. that's
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allergic reactions at risk. consumer reports checked out lower- cost alternatives to this essential medication. katrina cravy has a look in this contact 6 report. daniel hannan has a severe nut allergy. his mother, donna, makes sure he always has an epipen nearby in case of an emergency. "we hope never to use it. but its absolutely essential that he has it with him everywhere he goes—school, camp, with friends." and since the drug manufacturer, mylan, purchased epipen in 2007, the price of epipens has gone up doesnt have a co-pay for the pens. it is frustrating that it costs so much money." there is no generic for epipen, but doctors can prescribe another kind of auto-injector for epinephrine that can cost hundreds of dollars less. "for a lot less money, the epinephrine auto-injector, also called generic adrenaclick, uses the exact same drug in the exact same dosing as epipen." the difference is in how the injector pens are designed and how they
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to remove a blue safety release, then push an orange tip against your outer thigh until the pen clicks. wait 3 seconds until the drug is fully injected. with the epinephrine auto-injector, youll remove two grey caps, then push a red tip against your outer thigh until the needle punctures your skin. wait ten seconds until the drug is fully injected. either device could save your life in an emergency, so its important to fully understand how the device youre prescribed works. 'if your frustrated with the high price of epipen, real option to discuss with your doctor. consumer reports says some patients can cut costs even more by filling manual syringes with epinephrine themselves. but this can be a tricky process and must be done with extreme care. you can learn more about these alternatives at brad and stephanie -- back to you. do you have a consumer story idea for katrina? you can share it with her and the contact 6 team by calling the number on your
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rescue workers continue to pull survivors and bodies out from the piles of rubble after a deadly earthquake in italy. at least 132 people have been killed. today, the italian prime minister was on the ground in one of the hardest hit communities. the next step for officials is finding shelter for those whose homes are destroyed. adlib to weather mostly cloudy tonight with a slight chance for an isolated evening thunderstorm. rain chances will
4:44 pm
thursday. temperatures will fall into the upper 60s by sunrise. after early morning rain, skies will start to clear by the afternoon with a high in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet and cooler on friday before thunderstorm chances return on saturday. tonight: isolated higher chances overnight. low: 68 dewpoint: 66 wind: w 5 mph thursday: a few morning t-storms then gradual clearing. high: 83 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. am low: 61 high: 74 dewpoint: 57
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chance for t-storms. am low: 60 high: 78 dewpoint: 64 wind: s 5-10 mph sunday: becoming partly sunny. am low: 64 high: 77 dewpoint: 64 wind: ene 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 58 high: 79 dewpoint: 59 wind: e 5-10 61 high: 80 dewpoint: 61 wind: sw 5-10
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who your siblings are. the reason why may surprise you. our mary stoker smith joins us with more. a new study shows that twins actually live longer than other people on
4:49 pm
to why. researchers believe it may have a lot to do with their close social connection. researchers reviewed data on more than twenty-nine hundred same-sex twins born in denmark between 18-70 and nineteen hundred... including only data from twins who lived past the age of ten. the team compared the data to the general population.. finding at every age twins had higher survival rates. study authors say the results reflect the health benefits of the close social ties between twins for much of their some huge medical news coming out of new york. researchers at the roswell park cancer institute are seeing if they can create a brain cancer vaccine. the phase two trial has fifteen people currently enrolled which is testing whether a medication can eliminate their cancer. that's right, a possible cancer medication! it's called "survax-m" -- a 'next generation' treatment for brain cancer using immunotherapy. designed to stimulate a patient's own immune system to essentially hunt
4:50 pm
"we wanted to target a protein that was important to brain tumor cells and cancer cells so we looked for one that was over expressed -- which means it's a flag on a tumor cell. it's like -- hey here i am come target me." doctors say it can kill cells that surgery can't get to and are calling it the most promising lead in years. the roswell park alliance foundation is supporting the trial... complete. back to you. a popular tourist attraction could be seeing its last days. in an effort to protect dolphins, federal regulators want to ban swimming with the dolphins in hawaii..because it is impacting the health of the mammals. that could be a big blow to tourism and local merchants who benefit from the popular attraction. marine life experts say hawaii's nocturnal spinner dolphins are being impacted by the constant human interaction. "not getting enough rest is much
4:51 pm
problems. we get increasingly sick. we can't function as well as we could with a good night's sleep. the same with the dolphins. over time, their health may be impacted. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is proposing a rule that would keep people at least 50 feet away from the dolphins. it would cover waters up to two nautical miles off the main hawaiian islands. a new taco joint in new york is giving people a taste of mexico from inside a jalapa juh-la-pah jar is a breakfast taco restaurant located just inside a brooklyn subway station.the space they have to work with -- only one hundred and twenty feet. the owner's story started a year ago in texas where he brought his salsa to a competition. and after doing pretty well he brought it to new york. except people weren't too quick to buy a jar of it from a stand while walking by. "more people will try a taco than buy a jar of salsa." "people like to find something a little different that's off the
4:52 pm
least add that to our story." so their plan was to use tacos to get their salsa into the mouths of customers. the owner says he hopes to overcome subway stereotypes and sell people something unique. on the west coast - the wildfire that burned more than 36-thousand acres and destroyed dozens of homes... is now 100-percent contained. fire officials say it took one week to contain the blue cut fire in san bernardino county. it destroyed buildings. crews are still monitoring the area for any hot spots and flareups. all residents who were evacuated last week were allowed to return by sunday... and nearly all of the highway closures have since been lifted. could this end up being your next mailman? swiss post -- the national post service in switzerland-- is planning on testing mail robots like this in three cities. they don't move the quickest but are designed to avoid obstacles, like
4:53 pm
medicine. the robots are also being tested in germany and britain and will soon make their way to washington d-c. on game days -- the area around lambeau field is always packed with people and parties. and plenty of them are in places rented out during the season. next -- the new city ordinance that may have you changing
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get a little difficult for people who rent houses near lambeau just for games. the ashwaubenon village bo how those houses can be rented. fox 6's kim murphy has the details. people living near lambeau field say they've seen their neighborhood take a turn for the worse in recent years on game day weekends. "i see people getting run over. i've seen tons of vandalism. i've seen hit and runs." some neighbors say it's due to the number of homes bought solely as packers party homes or short-term rentals. "these people don't care what they do in those other houses.
4:57 pm
village board passed an ordinance that will only make 22 homes eligible for short-term rental permits. "we're at a point where our schools don't have enough children in them. we need families to move in and those homes are being bought for weekend use and that shouldn't happen." the homes in the new overlay district still must apply for a short-term rental permit, which comes with inspection requirements. village pres says four of the homes were included because of potential impact from the new titletown district. there is a fear those homes might not be able to sell without the short-term rental option. "you didn't buy an r1 residential home for your family expecting to have transient housing next door to you. it's not what was proposed and it shouldn't be proposed." "it's a good decision right now, but i can still see it snowballing into being kind of a scary kind of thing." neighbors like danny goodrich hope the new odrinance will be enforced.
4:58 pm
homes or short term rentals. kim murphy fox 6 news. now at five... a young girl in critical condition after being hit while riding her bike -- while police search for the person responsible. and... not here no more why a mother says the death of her 2- year-old boy -- could have been prevented. plus... an earthquate causes devastation in italy. "the house was trembling, shaking, it got more and more intense." the local man waiting to hear from family in one of the hardest hit areas. we'll get to those stories in just a moment -- but first, we start with breaking news this evening... this is a live look near 40th and villard -- where milwaukee
4:59 pm
accident. it happened around 3-15 this afternoon. officials tell us a pedestrian was hit -- and the driver responsible left the scene. the female victim was taken to the hospital -- it's unclear how serious her injuries may be. we'll keep you update on this story as we learn more. now to our big story this evening: milwaukee police are searching for the suspect in a hit-and-run that left an 11- year-old girl seriously injured. it happened at the intersection of burleigh and 27th around night. fox6s madeline anderson joins us live with more on the victims condition. the 11-year-old girl remains in critical condition here at childrens hospital of wisconsin. police say she was riding her bike when a car struck her and then took off. the traffic is constant outside brandon toombs business... master barber shop. 44:48 we hear car accidents all the time. so kind of used to that noise. but one particular noise
5:00 pm
45:01 it sounded bad. toombs says he looked out the window---a vehicle was stopped at the intersection of 27th and burleigh and a child was lying on the ground... motionless. 45:12 what was more troubling to me, was i heard some more noise as the vehicle pulled off. it may have ran the child over. i dont know. it was too much noise and it was disturbing to me. :24 milwaukee police says a male driver hit an 11-year-old girl while she was crossing the street on her bicycle officers continue to search for the suspect... an mpd spokesman say they who he is. just so depressing and just so ashamed that somebody would hit a child and keep on going. grandmother katrena allen hopes the person responsible turns himself in.. and that other drivers in the area take note. they need to slow down and watch out for kids. a day after the tragedy... the noises from the crash continue to


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