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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 7  FOX  August 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am CDT

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now at seven -- new developments in the steve avery case. ahead the deadline his defense team is facing in an effort to set him free. plus --- three men arrested in connectio milwaukee are expected in court today. ahead --- details on a new proposal to fix the relationship between the milwaukee police department and the community. "nats of siren. this is kind of ground zero, it seems like. they just kind of come right through here." and the clean up gets underway today after multiple tornadoes hit indiana. the terrifying moments coming up. good morning and welcome back to wakeup!
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delays we're expecting new developm convicted murderer steven avery his attorney could file a motion in his case. as early as today.. deandra corinthios is live in milwaukee with the latest steven avery's attorney has given those who believe avery is hope. recent tweets hint at new evidence...even a new suspect in the case. avery and his nephew ... brendan
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a decade ... convicted of the 2005 murder of theresa halbach. it's been nearly two weeks since a federal judge overturned brendan dassey's conviction. the state has 90 days to decide whether to retry dassey ... or to release him from prison. avery is serving a life sentence. but in a tweet last month his attorney kathleen zellner promised "a tsumani of new evidence is on the way." she tweets about her visits to steven prison in waupun through her tweets ... zellner hint "planted evidence" "cellphone tower records" ... and dna "samples." zellner's deadline to file a motion in the case is monday but fox6 has learned she may do it sooner. zellner has to file the motion in the manitowoc county courthouse. reporting live in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. three men facing charges in connection to the unrest in milwaukee are expected in court today. they're accused of breaking into
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near 47th and burleigh. 45-year-old "durrell jones" is charged with burglary. 22-year-old "joseph lindsey" and 20- year-old "devon love" are each charged with entry into a locked building. around midnight sunday, august 14th -- surveillance video shows several men inside the dark liquor store with flashlights. ..smashing glass cases and pulling liquor off of shelves. the owner of clark's liquor estimates the total amount stolen plus the damage could reach 125-thousand-dollars. as milwaukee heals from the violence -- one state lawmaker believes he has the answer to fix the strained relationship between the community and police he's calling for changes to the hiring process for the milwaukee police department. angelica joins us from the newsroom to break down the proposal. does a zip code make a difference? one state representative says it does --- and he wants it to determine who might get a job as a police officer in milwaukee.
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legislation that would require forty percent of all new milwaukee police officer hires -- to come from low income zip codes. he says m-p-d would then be more representative of the people it polices. 12:17 maybe they can do a better job of communicating with a suspect and maybe not resort to deadly force. alderman bob donovan is the chair of the milwaukee common council public safety committee. and helped draft a safety action plan-- that calls for hiring 280 new officers. donovan doesn't oppose the idea, but qualified. 10:54 i would ask leon if he has qualified candidates to offer to the milwaukee police department. i think they would welcome them with open arms. we reached out to milwaukee police department for comment-- but we were referred to the fire and police commission... to answer hiring questions. this proposal is in the very early stages and has not yet
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now on to a developing story --- elm grove police are looking for a suspect they say took after a traffic stop elm grove police are looking for a suspect they say took after a traffic stop police say they pulled the man over around eight last night near the brookfield square mall for not having a license plate or wearing a seat belt. officials say that's when the 23-year-old gave the officer a fake name and ran away. the police officer chased after the suspect -- but never caught up to him. the suspect is described as a black man, with a slender build, five foot eight and 150 pounds. fleeing and obstructing an officer. if you have any information call police. the man accused of leading wauwatosa police on a high speed chase --now charged. police say 40-year-old lucas byrd almost hit 100 miles per hour. the chase lasted 2 miles-- and ended on a sidewalk! at the time of his arrest-- byrd was already wanted for a probation violation. he was just released from prison in may. now an update on a hit-and-run that set a little girl to the
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condition. police say the 11-year-old girl was hit while riding her bike near 27th and burleigh tuesday night. the car that hit her took off. milwaukee police say they know who looking searching for. we are learning more details about a tragic story --- after a two year old is killed while trying to crawl out a window. this morning the mother of the little boy has a desperate message for parents. all i have to say is if you have children please put screens on the windows. i don't care if you have to landlord . please put screens on the windows. because my son didn't deserve this. terry harris-lockhart tells fox six that her son "michael mccoy the third" was at his grandmother's house near 40th and wright tuesday afternoon. the toddler crawled feet first through a first floor window, then the sash apparently crashed onto the boy's head,
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a thirteen year old inside the home was watching the child, but they both were taking a nap when the toddler woke up and tried to go outside. new information this morning on a u-s soldier killed in afghanistan... we now know he has ties to wisconsin. 28- year old staff sergeant matthew -v- thompson is a 2006 brookfield central high school graduate. he was killed by a roadside bomb tuesday while on foot patrol in southern afghanistan. another american and six afghan soldiers were wounde the british olympic team returns home -- why it turned into chaos at the airport. and the search for survivors continues in italy after a major earthquake. how a local family is dealing with the crisis coming up at 7-30. and it was night of the twisters last night in indiana. after the break how families are cleaning up after the tragedy. and carl is hanging out with the
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continue cleaning up this morning after multiple tornadoes touched down last night. thousands are still without power. at least eight tornadoes hit indiana according to the state's governor. authorities say around twenty people have been injured throughout the state. but, serious. residents living in the city of kokomo are reporting the worst damage. marsh says: "i went into the bathroom, called 911. i tried to push the door, the wind was blowing so fast. i was disturbed because i've never seen anything like this in my life. and then that was it, i ran downstairs. i was so
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showing a starbucks collapsing in the storm.. we're told everyone in that starbucks huddled in the bathroom... while the building collapsed around them. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. meanwhile - fema is stepping in --providing shelter to those affected by the heavy flooding in southern louisiana. the group will be bringing in temporary housing units for families displaced by the floods. the governor says the mobile homes will be available for people to set up in their yards as they repair houses. the governor adds that thmo homes meet higher regulatory standards than the trailers used after hurricane katrina in 2005. the start of a new season of bucks basketball is still 2 months away. but if you want to join in on the high- flying, dunking fun --you should get to the bradley center tonight. that's where we find carl this
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six.... we're wishing memphis in milwaukee a happy sixth birthday! he likes playing soccer, baseball and hanging out with his sister mila. it's time for brooke in muskego to celebrate! she likes horseback riding, swimming and fishing with her
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milwaukee this morning! she likes dancing, swimming and drawing. here's a nice birthday smile from breyon in milwaukee! he likes riding his bike, playing with cars and listening to music. there's six candles on olivea's cake in milwaukee! she likes playing with friends, watching tv and shes excited to start first grade. look who's six in kenosha! london likes legos, football and science. and it's time for joey in oak creek to blowo playing football and baseball. to find out how to wish your child a happy sixth birthday on fox six wake up news - just log on to "fox six now dot com" for
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the british olympic team thought it would be a good idea to get everyone matching luggage for the trip to rio --- but they quickly found out it was a terrible idea! this was the scene when great britains 320 olympic athletes returned home some of the athletes took to twitter to share these photos of the chaos. eventually every thing got sorted out and mostly everyone just laughed it all off. the british olympic team also has a reason to celebrate --- they won 67 medals at the rio games ---
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can't say on u-w-m's campus. the reason why coming up. and this weekend you can go on a safari right here in wisconsin. a behind the scenes look coming up. and robots delivering your mail! later on wake up -- what american city will be testing out this new
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free? ahead the latest on steven avery's legal battle to prove he's innocent. plus.. a local man on edge after the deadly earthquake in italy. coming up when he last talked to
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thanks for staying with wakeup.. time now x:xx.. kim, nicole and angelica adlib
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traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays all eyes are on manitowoc county this we approach an important deadline in the efforts to free steven avery. avery's attorney has until monday to file a motion in his
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corinthios is live in milwaukee with the latest we could find out as soon as today what avery's attorney -- kathleen zellner -- has planned to free him. she has to file the motion in the manitowoc county courthouse...and she's already dropped some serious hints. the netflix series "making a murderer" put steven avery back in the headlines ... zellner and her chicago law firm signed on to represent him earlier this year. now avery's supporters are hopeful for a bombshell. zellner tweeted last mont " the way" her tweets indicate her case focuses on "planted evidence" "cellphone tower records"...and "dna samples"... she even hinted at a new suspect. avery and his nephew ... brendan dassey ... have been in prison for nearly a decade ... convicted of the 2005 murder of theresa halbach. avery is serving a life sentence in waupun. if avery's motion is filed this week ... it will come two weeks
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conviction. the state has 90 days to decide whether to retry dassey ... or whether he'll be released from prison. reporting live in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. the death toll from the devastating earthquake in central italy continues to rise. right now 247 people have been confirmed dead. new surveillance video shows the moment the six-point-two earthquake that rocked central italy wednesday. crews continue to search frantically for more survivors, who may be buried in the rubbl. are monitoring for more aftershocks... which continue to shake the region. the number of dead is still expected to rise... authorities can't estimate how many people are missing since they don't know how many people were vacationing in the region. one milwaukee man is paying especially close attention to the search for survivors in italy. his cousins haven't been heard from since the the earthquake hit. angelica is here with their story. tony paladino has a lot of family in italy-- but most of them live outside the area
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now since they've heard from his cousin and his cousin's wife. paladino says at first they chalked it up to cell phone issues in the area. but then-- he started seeing pictures of the destruction. his cousin's home has been destroyed-- and their dog "lady" was pulled from the rubble. hopefully if the dog can find a pocket to survive in, my cousins can find and area to survive. paladino says he's trying to keep busy to keep his mind off the devastation. to help the victims-- visit the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. around the world --- 12 people were killed in the attack on an american university in kabul, afghanistan yesterday. seven students-- three policemen-- and two security guards died when police investigators say two attackers stormed the campus with guns and
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about 750 students were on the campus when it happened. the u-s embassy in kabul issued a security message-- warning u-s citizens of the attack and advising them to avoid the area. there's more talk of an october surprise for hillary clinton -- and it now involves the group wikileaks. donald trump, meantime, is continuing his outreach to minority communities -- a strategy that comes with some risk. doug luzader has the latest from the campaign trail hillary clinton will be on the attack today controversial so called "alt-right" movement. but, the clinton campaign is also looking over it's shoulder, not knowing exactly what wikileaks is about to release. hillary clinton is already facing problems. ahead in the polls, but, battling damaging reports about possible ties between her family's foundation and the state department she presided over. now the group wikileaks -- which
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is on the way about clinton. assange says "..there's a variety of different types of documents and different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are, you know, quite interesting, some even entertaining." but, it's not clear what specifically it will involve. and, clinton's campaign coffers, meantime, are overflowing. during a three day swing h says she raked in donations at a rate of two hundred seventy thousand dollars an hour, according to the associated press. in total, eighteen million dollars. donald trump, meantime, -- lagging behind clinton nationally and in critical swing states -- will meet in new york with black and hispanic leaders. trump says "..we have to follow the laws of our country. we have to follow the laws." he is walking a fine line, trying to reassure his supporters that he will hold a firm against illegal immigration, while at the same time suggesting that his stance
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otherwise law-abiding. trump says "..let me go a step further. they'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. but, we work with them." on cam tag we work with them: is you recall that's the position of a number of trump's rivals through the republican primary process. candidates that trump ... over this very issue. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. choose your words carefully... some students arguing the university is censoring them. uwms center for inclusive excellence debuted its 'just words' campaign last year. there are about a dozen word or phrases the group believes some on campus could find offensive. they include ghetto, lame, crazy, nazi and even 'politically correct.' organizers say 'politically correct' is now used as a way to deflect issues. other words like 'crazy' create a negative image of people with
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the words are not banned... these are only suggestions to draw attention to words that some students might find hurtful. jh 'were not saying you cant say some of those words - but some of those words can be construed as microaggressions.' cm 'i dont personally find any of those words offensive - i think the use of them is all about who you are with.' were told 'r-as' have gone through training... in case a student living on campus feels impacted by another students choice of words. still ahead on wake up --a investigation into doping allegations. plus, do you want a new furry friend. we'll tell you about the adopt-apolooza going on at madacc! and lions tigers and bears --- oh my! we take you behind the scenes of the new safari park in lake geneva. and carl is learning how to dunk like a pro!
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? ? ? there's people who care where i'm going ? ? and good friends to welcome me home ? ? drive the american road ? ? and with a full tank of freedom, ? ? find your own highway ? ? we'll take you wherever you go. ?
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this week, the milwaukee bucks are hosting audi in game entertainment. dancing, dunking and -- as carl is going to show us -- some of
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doping allegations continues as two packers speak out. clay matthews and julius peppers were named network report on performance- enhancing drug use back in december. they had a meeting with investigators yesterday... after they were given an ultimatum by the league. both have denied the story. the animals have arrived - the park is prepared - safari lake geneva opens saturday. but before you book a reservation - fox six's justin williams has a preview -- it's a story you'll see only on fox six.
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antelope. --in the world-- these are an east african cattle, but they are domesticated, just like the cattle we find here, in wisconsin. is in walworth county, wisconsin? it, absolutely, is a dream come true. wednesday, jungle jay christie says the dairy state's first, and only, safari park is getting just a few, finishing touches, before the saturday start of public tours. it's about an hour long, and it's on a modified, custom-constructed hay wagon, so it does have opportunity to witness wisconsin use 75-acres of fenced-in, park property to host more than five dozen animals--from all over the globe. sri lanka, here, with this little, miniature zebu. india, with the nilgai antelope, as well as the black buck antelope, and the andes of south america, thanks to the llamas and alpacas. your first opportunity to get up close, and i mean, up close, and personal, with these animals, is saturday, but, you must make a reservation, and i'm told there are, still, some reservations available. if you wanna do that, you can log onto our website--which has a link to the safari lake geneva website. we're at fox-six-now-and i do mean, now- dot-com. in safari lake geneva,
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6 news. it's adoptapolooza at the milwaukee area domestic a it's adoptapolooza at the milwaukee area domestic animal control commission. that means they're adopting out some animals out for free! the promotion runs through the end of october. fees for adult cats are waived...and adult pit bull mixes are 45 dollars. some dogs who have been at the shelter for a few weeks are free. still to come on wake up at eight -- the beef lady is here with a easy recipe and you only need to dirty up
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open to the public. we check in with t-m-z to find out when you can see inside paisley park. and are we alone? after the break --- details on a new earth like planet that could
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discovery... astronomers have found a new earth- like planet! researchers say the planet has about the same mass of the earth. it's warm enough for liquid water and a rocky terrain... key components to susti orbiting earth's closest solar system which is just four-point-three light years away. although it's our closest will take more than 20 years for a spacecraft to reach the planet and another four years for any information back. and take a look at this --- that's not one of nasa's mars rovers --- it's a delivery robot! the switzerland postal service will begin testing five robots in three cities next month. they drive slowly on sidewalks and are designed to avoid obstacles, including
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"dummy" packages, but eventually would be used to deliver food and medicine. the robots will also be tested in washington, d-c this fall.
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