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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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milwaukee nun - a victim of murder.. tonight's big story - shocked and saddened. two sisters found stabbed to death at their mississippi home. one of those nuns has a milwaukee connection. ashley sears has reaction from the school sisters of st. francis. she's in the newsroom. sister margaret held had been a member of that community for 49 years. it's based on milwaukee's south side. tonight-- those who knew her are heartbroken by her death. 09:35 this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. for the past four decades...sister margaret held has dedicated to her life to helping the people of rural mississippi. the nun worked as a
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her ministry. her work was documented in an online video. 12:20 they know when you are genuine. i know when i've connected with them. but thursday--when held and sister paula merrill didn't show up to a clinic where they worked-- people worried. they were discovered stabbed to death inside their mississippi home. 33:16 shock and extremely sad. held was a member of the school sisters of st. francis--based on the community is remembering her for her concern and charity. 34:52 just a gentle, kind soul, a very warm smile...a very loving person. early reports indicate held and merrill may have been robbed--but the investigation is on-going. 35:17 the community will pull together, pray together, remember her life and ministry and all the many thousands of lives that shes touched through her life of care. an impact that will be lasting--
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12:27 i have been so edified by the faith of the people that i care for. they challenge and inspire me. milwaukee archbishop jerome listecki released a statement tonight saying in part: "the perpetrator of the crime robbed not only the school sisters of st. francis, but also the entire woman whose life was spent in service." the school sisters community is in the process of planning funeral arrangements and masses. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. and for the latest developments in the homicide investigation of the two sisters -- tune into fox6 wakeup - we're on from 4:30 to 9am. breaking news out of dane county tonight. crews are on the scene of a house explosion in
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tonight. fire officials say one person was hurt. you can see -- the debris from the house is spread all around the block. it is a total loss. several other homes in the area are believed to be damaged to some extent. for one woman, any package received from her ex-boyfriend would have been unwanted. but in this criminal stalking case, it's what was inside the box that makes it a first...for investigators. a.j. bayatpour is back from sheboygan to give us the details.... prosecutors sa ex-girlfriend, he also bothered the woman's ex-husband. what began with threatening letters and phone calls...took a really strange turn last week. unfortunately, those in the sheboygan county d-a's office say stalking cases are nothing new. theres a lot of emotion, theres a lot of feelings brought up, it gets very personal and those, we always worry. in the case against eric burrows, the alleged stalking begins early this
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car dealership where his ex-girlfriend works. it threatens to "take care of her front of your employees and customers." there were also two threatening voicemails with a woman's voice. detectives say it sounds like she's reading a script because she "appears to stumble over her words...and then restates it." then last week, police found out about a suspicious package that was sent to the victim. the secretary told the officer she got two calls about that package within an hour; the first from a familiar male voice making sure the victim got the package, the second from a female voice claiming to be the victims sister saying there was cheese and sausage inside the box but officers noticed there so they took it to the hospital, got it x-rayed. thats when they found out there was a live ball python inside along with a nasty note. its a little upsetting just to know that people treat reptiles like disposable animals. heather pekrul-gulig runs a reptile sanctuary. she says ball pythons are
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a ball instead of striking at someone so theyre really very, very docile which makes them popular in the pet trade. prosecutors say when they found burrows' phone, his search history included "what is stalking a person" but it's what's in the box that makes this case one of a kind. its definitely the first time i can remember a snake being involved in a criminal case, thats for sure. investigators are still trying to determine who that woman is from the voicemails and whether she did this willingly or was forced to do so. at the sheboygan county humane society. a disturbing story from racine. 29-year-old michael martinez is accused of sexually assaulting - and waterboarding - a woman. a criminal complaint says he forcibly put a towel over the woman's face and then poured water on it to try to get information out of her. she says she felt like she was drowning. and it went on for quite some time. if convicted -- martinez could
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county. we are waiting for new motions to be filed by the attorney for steven avery. kathleen zellner says the motion would retest d-n-a evidence in the avery case and possibly present an alternate theory on who killed theresa halbach in 2005. earlier this month averys nephew brendan dasseys case was overturned after a judge determined the then 16 year olds confession should not stand. avery supporters have a good feeling about this one... lisa says: "i think s i've been following her. zellner has until monday to file the motion. fox6 news tracked the avery case from the beginning. we invite you to check out our collection of avery stories going back as far as 2003. search "avery archive" on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. steph four armed robberies in 3 hours. it all started early this morning -- with 3 young women... getting a gun pulled on them near u-w-m. krystle kacner tells you what happened
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so weve been here 70 years70 years of living and working in this neighborhood near humboldt and pleasant for eddie glorioso... and while he's seen a lot in that time... im here to watch myself, my family, and my neighbors, it's rare he hears of something like what police say happened in the early hours of thursday-- an armed robbery .. . it does surprise me especially on this block because the people here are so ive known for maybe 30 40 yearspolice say just before 2:30 a-m... a 26 year old man and 20 year old woman were threatened by a man with a knife... and robbed. i think whats happening here must come from someone who thinks the neighborhood is very prosperous,but police say that wasn't the first robbery of the night.. nor the last.. an hour before that... near murray and belleview-- they say 3 women in their early
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point. then at 2:30.. on water street.. near brady... a 22 year old man and woman were robbed ... police say the suspect reached into his front sweatshirt pocket as a threat before stealing the man's wallet. and then just before 4 a.m... not far from there... on cass street near lyon... police say a 23 year old man was approached at gun point... by a man getting out of a vehicle... the suspect took the victims belongs before taking off in the vehicle. the neighbors living where that last robbery took place didn't want are talking amongst themselves about this.. making sure everyone is aware and alert. police say they are still searching for a suspect or suspects. in milwaukee kk fox 6 news we've had a mostly sunny afternoon, but cloud cover will build through this evening and overnight, with lows
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long. our next round of rain and storm chances arrives early saturday morning and continues through the first half of the weekend. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 64 dewpoint: 59 wind: wnw 3-7 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. high: 79 dewpoint: 57 wind: ese 5-10 mph breaking news from milwaukee's north side - a fire near 38th and villard. our bret lemoine is
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a green beret from wisconsin the special moment tonight at his old high school. and why those closest to him say he could never be replaced. also, busted. several men accused of burglarizing a business during the sherman park unrest have their day in court. plus, the man shot by police which sparked the violent protests is set to be laid to rest. the plans for tomorrow. those stories are coming up in
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our country. a special forces soldier from wisconsin dies in afghanistan. u-s army staff sgt. matthew thompson was killed in action on tuesday. " :03 tonight - a moment of silence. before the football game at
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mater. he graduated in 2006. he was captain of the football team and played trombone. our rachelle baillion has more from those who knew him.. before u-s army staff sgt. matthew thompson was a bronze star medal winner, before he was a special forces medical sergeant, and before he even enlisted in the u-s army, he was a much-loved r-a and student at marquette university. 'there was something very pure and authentic about him that him and they wanted have whatever it is that he had that sort of radiated from inside out.' matthew manning became friends with thompson while both were working in odonnell hall on campus. the university tells us thompson attended the school from the fall of 2006 until the spring of 2008. manning says thompson then transferred to concordia university in california. he graduated in 2010 and joined the army in march 2011. 'he wanted to push himself as much as he could and in order to live
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had and his vision for the world.' thompson died on tuesday from wounds he suffered from an improvised explosive device while on patrol in afghanistan. in a statement, the commander of special operations task force-afghanistan said thompson was ' an exceptional green beret, a cherished teammate and devoted husband. his service in afghanistan and iraq speak to his level of dedication, courage and commitment to something greater than himself'. lt. col. kevin m. trujillo, commander of special operations task force-afghanistan those who knew him well, say thompson was one of a kind. 'i cant think of a was as committed to living the best version of their life possible, every day. he was a remarkable human being and he will never be replaced.' rachelle
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we posted statements on thompson from marquette university and elmbrook school district -- on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. just search "green beret." tonight - a family prepares to bury their loved one in the midst of a national spotlight. the funeral for sylville smith -- the man fatally shot by an officer during a chase -- will be held tomorrow. fox 6's beverly taylor has the details. there are still a lot of unanswered question w comes to the shooting of syville smith by a milwaukee police officer...specifically what the body camera-- once released-- will reveal. "it's easy to sit home and complain about what should and shouldn't have happened and try to play lawyer or play investigator and figure this one out. but right now the family needs support/ "53keith bailey with milwaukee matters says friday the focus will be on the family as they say good-bye to their loved one. reverend jesse jackson will be officiating the funeral. bailey
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involved. milwaukee matters stepped in to assist the sylville smith's family shortly after the shooting-- and the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood, that followed. "i have volunteers that come in, you know, a psychologist came in and spoke with the family and i came in to speak with the family to prepare them as a bridge between the violence and knowing that there are going to be next steps that are going to take time, they're going to have to be patient, but we can work through this." :35bailey says back as the family's legal representation steps in. "we're going to cover the family with love and let them know that you're family member died and we're standing in the gap with you. :49 bailey says instead of a repass or reception after the funeral the family has opted for a peace in the park event, saturday from 10am- 10 pm. on auer between 42nd and 43rd.. there will be music, food and fellowship to celebrate sylville's life and take back the park. beverly
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breaking into a liquor store during the first night of the sherman park unrest pleads not guilty... 45-year-old durrell jones is facing a burglary charge after a break-in at clark's beer and liquor. he was bound over for trial today. two other men charged in connection with the same case also appeared in court today. joseph lindsey and devon love are charged with entering a locked building. in light of the recent events that took place in the sherman park community...sojouner family peace center held a peace summit tod this summit crossed racial lines and age gaps. 'optimism, what do you see 25 years from now?' motivation - that is todays the 'together we can do moore' peace summit. 'thats just the way it is...' through music doctor eddie moore jr. challenged the audience to take action against hatred, bigotry, privilege and oppression. ' when we seek answers love must
9:20 pm
important piece that im hoping weve been able to communicate.' with sojourner family peace center the peace summit highlighted some ways milwaukee is a segregated city - pointing out the negative impacts that can have on the future. 'because if the city continues to live in these patterns i do think we have to think about the ripple the reminisce of those patterns of behavior.' but he says milwaukee has a chance to change. 'theres some work to do but im really feeling positive, first hand, because ive been able to experience right here in this city some phenomenal young people who are going to be really committed and detem seeing right now.' elishah fields is thankful for the opportunity to rise above the violence his community has seen in recent weeks. 'we dont want violence to come about. we want peace, we want awareness, we want equality and the community to just come together as a whole.' each student was challenged by doctor moore to examine their own biases, behaviors and beliefs... 'i think 1 person can change the world, i like to be one of those people myself.'
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family peace center. if you'd like to pitch in, click the "links" section on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. american swimmer... ryan lochte -- facing new charges in brazil. he's knee deep in trouble... his four sponsors have bailed on him -- but now... another company... wants to hop in. the product he'll be pitching. and later -- mystery in manitowoc -- a driver -- dies in a race last night.
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a
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that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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you are watching fox 6 news at 9. we've had a mostly sunny afternoon, but cloud cover will build through
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lows in the mid 60s. the cool and dry air won't last long. our next round of rain and storm chances arrives early saturday morning and continues through the first half of the weekend. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 64 dewpoint: 59 wind: wnw 3-7 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. high: 79 dewpoint: 57 wind: ese 5-10 mph
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siege from drag racers - and now one alderwoman wants it to stop.. how you can help put the brakes on these law-breakers. and after being recognized for their poor behavior things have changed. coming up brandon cruz goes beyond the game with a boot camp that has changed the culture at a local high school.
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plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. it's becoming a growing problem - street racing on milwaukee's northwest side.. and now one a stepping in to get the cops to put on the brakes. justin williams has more details. it's, truly, 'fast and furious,' right now. i feel like we are shooting part of the movie. and, when the street racing rolls off the movie sets, and onto the city streets ... they'll line up the cars, and, basically, they'll race 'em. here come the concerns, i'm off of mill road, and i can hear them--on calumet. so, i not only get it, from the constituents -- i live through
9:30 pm
citizens, you know, they deserve a break. thursday, milwaukee police captain andra williams and 9th district alderwoman chantia lewis announce an effort to stop street racing, particularly, in areas of the northwest side. we need to find those pockets where they feel lilke they have a good stretch of land, and so we need residents to work with us to be able to stop the--the drag racing. in just led to three citations being issued, and the captain explains, while more serious crimes continue to take priority, there is a response strategy, specifically, for street racing. the part is, for us, is getting information on the cars, getting license plates, and things, like that, so, then we can address those people, at home. milwaukee police say the people involved with drag racing can, actually, relocate, from a specific spot--very quickly, so, as soon as you spot any drag racing activity, you're encouraged to contact the milwaukee police department, at the non- emergency number,
9:31 pm
if you witness drag racing in the city, you're urged to call the milwaukee police racing can, actually, relocate, from a specific spot--very quickly, so, as soon as you spot any drag racing activity, you're encouraged to contact the milwaukee police department, at the non- emergency number, 414-933-4444. in milwaukee, i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. from the worst to first. in this case, it was a fan base mired in losing. but things have changed at menomonee falls high school. brandon cruz goes beyond the game with how they've reached the top of their game. controlled chaos. before classes even started, that's the high school. with it, comes food.. "grab a slice." camaraderie... "go get your shirt." and an impending excitement. "let's get this party started, welcome to fan boot camp 2016." this is what falls athletic director ryan anderson wants out of his student section during sporting events throughout the school year. "let's do it, this is your night to get everybody involved." and so begins the 4th year of fan boot camp. while it's a fun way for student's to
9:32 pm
necessity. "we started as the worst student section in the state according to wiaa at state volleyball." that served as a wake up call to educate the fan base. what is obvious to some, isn't always realized by the entire student body. therefore anderson uses the camp to clear up any confusion. "we don't go after individuals by number or hair color or body characteristics, we don't want to do one player." while the goal is to become positive fans cheering on their team, the process has also become fun.. "we've won 3 consecutive state titles in sportsmanship give yourself a round of applause cheers .the responsibility doesn't solely lie with anderson as he gets plenty of help from the school's coaches. in the end, it's the students who take the ownership of sportsmanship.
9:33 pm
leaders." cheer section leaders are nominated by their peers. "more nominations, david koier, david koier come on down." then it's their turn to step up and get the crowd going in a positive way. after a quick vote by coaches, 4 students are given the title of student cheer section leaders... "next up elana beck is one of your captains. cheering "who will meet with the athletic director before games. it's something senior mike marron is ex take on. "i play football so i know i'm going to need to be there for basketball season and be loud last year in our student section, we were loud but we could have been louder in games our players feed off the energy." for david koier, another senior, it's about taking on a helping role. "i want to get that student section behind those teams and just kind of help them perform better." and it's the emotion of the moment that fires up senior jake sutherland, "i like to get the team riled up our falls team whatever they're playing."
9:34 pm
student cheer section leaders get a perk with the job, they get a pass that allows them to go to every game for every sport, home or away, for free. new at 9:00 - rio de jarnerio police have charged u.s. swimmer ryan lochte with making false report of robbery. brazilian officials say he lied about an alleged gas station robbery . so far, lochte's attorney says he has not heard from officials in rio. meantime - lochte's endorsement he just signed a deal with a throat drop company. according to tmz - the olympic swimmer will team up with the "pine brothers throat lozenge company." the company's logo - "forgiving on your throat." lochte lost all of his major sponsors after the gas station incident.
9:35 pm
a driver is killed last night - but was he already dead before impact? the investigation so far.. and it's getting even uglier. comedian leslie jones attacked online again the latest incident that now has homeland security involved. a beautiful wrap to our thursday, and tomorrow is looking nice as well. when do the storms return? i'll have
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dwayne "the rock" johnson is a hot commodity in hollywood... and a movie about britney spears' life is in the works... the details are in tonight's buzz. dwayne "the rock" johnson is the highest-paid actor in hollywood. according to "forbes" he's pulling in 64-point-5 million this year. the former wrestler raked in that money for his roles in "central intelligence" and "fast 8" second on the list was jackie chan...bringing in 61-million dollars. leslie jones...
9:39 pm
website just leslie dot com shut down yesterday... after hackers apparently posted personal pictures, sensitive information and racially-charged comments against jones. this comes about a month after jones was hit with numerous hate comments on twitter. according to t-m-z, the case has now been handed over to the u-s department of homeland security. "lifetime" announcing they will be making a bio-pic about britney spears. the network said it has green lighted a two-hour move the tv-movie-- titled "britney"-- will focus on spears' rise to fame... her past troubles including her marriage to dancer kevin federline... and her current success. "britney" is expected to premiere on lifetime in 2017. and that's your buzz. get ready for more rain. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. they drink 100 gallons of water a day - the eat fish emulsion .. and they pack on 50 pounds a day! the local couple growing greatness.
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crash.. and why some witnesses
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coming up new at ten, this pharmacyh the last month. what are the crooks after and what's being done to stop them? i'll tell you tonight at ten. plus, take a wiff of this. or maybe not. the skunk with a cup - or something like that, on it's head. how do you get it off? very carefully.. and then you take off. but this didn't end well for one of the people on your screen. tellyou
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already begun, and college football season is just two weeks away. but for those of you who have friends or family who are dish subscribers - tell them- they may not be able to watch their favorite teams, at least not at home. that could make it tough watching packers games. fox 6s brian kramp explains why. pkg- dish and tribune broadcasting, our parent company, have been in a contract battle since june 12th leaving dish subscribers without fox 6 here in milwaukee. dozens of other tribune stati across the country have also been taken off dish. just last week - dish finally came to an agreement with the nfl network and nfl red zone after those two cable channels were removed from the dish line up on june 16th. gary weitman with tribune corporate relations says he's not optimistic the terms will be agreed to with dish before the kick off of college football and nfl season. -sot gary weitman- this is a negotiating tactic for dish, they do this all the time. in the last three years theyve done it 18-20 times with different cable
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different station groups. theyve taken station groups dark, while they negotiate. -vo- if the dispute continues, it means dish subscribers here in our area will miss nfl games broadcast on fox 6. we spoke with dish installers who say negotiations are ongoing and that the station is a priority -- but there's no date set for when fox 6 will return to dish. -sot gary weitman- 'its particularly important for nfl fans and packers fans, because as you know witi carries a lot of the packers regular season games upcoming and dish subscribers wont have access to those games.' tribune says dish has turned down multiple offers to extend the current agreement while negotiations were underway, keeping fox 6 available to dish subscribers during the negotiations. so - what are your options? college football and the nfl can be seen in some sports bars and if all else fails - you may need to invite those friends and
9:46 pm
brian kramp fox 6 news dish subscribers do have a couple of other options. they can install an antenna or they can switch to cable or directv. right now directv is offering dish subscribers who are eligible, a deal for making the switch. for some, that deal may include the nfl sunday ticket free for the 2016 season. you can get more information by going to our web site, and clicking on the green banner at the top of the page. adlib to wx weather we've had a mostly sunny afternoon, but cloud cover will build through this evening and overnight, with lows in the mid 60s. we're looking dry through tomorrow. friday will be mostly
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upper 70s and dewpoints in the 50s. the cool and dry air won't last long. our next round of rain and storm chances arrives early saturday morning and continues through the first half of the weekend. we are looking dry and warmer for sunday and the beginning of next week. tonight: partly to mostl dewpoint: 59 wind: wnw 3-7 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. high: 79 dewpoint: 57 wind: ese 5-10 mph saturday: scattered rain and storms likely through the day, beginning before sunrise. am low: 63
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sunday: partly sunny. am low: 68 high: 84 dewpoint: 69 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 68 high: 83 dewpoint: 68 wind: e 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 67 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday: partly sunny. am low:
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aftershocks are adding to the anxiety and despair in central italy. an earthquake killed 250 people and leveled three small towns
9:52 pm
some buildings that had already been cracked - prompting authorities to close roads. rescue crews are using sniffer dogs in the areas that were hardest hit. firefighters are escorting earthquake survivors back to their homes - temporarily - to get some belongings, today, indiana is cleaning up after several tornadoes hit the state. one of the hardest hit areas is kokomo, where a twister hit the town with winds of more than 135 miles per hour. alexis mcadams shows you the damage. today... someone has a story of how they survived the big storm... mary smith kokomo resident clip# 6552 57:38 we got back in this corner and did not have time to get to the basement 57:42 57:51 when we come out of this corner...all i did was cry. 57:58 did not know what else to do. 58:03 by some miracle...this small corner inside this
9:53 pm
vicky tolley kokomo resident clip# 6499 48:42 they watched the tornado come in and she pushed her to the dining room and she kept holding her and telling her it is going to be okay grandma. 48:53 but she did not have time to think about anything and they did what they could do. 49:00 they were crouched down in the corner and had no time to get to the bathroom. there is glass everywhere. there is water still leaking 49:13 when 78 year old mary smith came her home was crushed...losing everything she has worked seconds. mary smith kokomo resident clip# 6552 :55 i looked out my window and i said oh my big window is gone. 58:52 that blown out window gives mary a clear view of the destruction in her neighborhood. nats family is what mary is hanging on to now...embracing all of the support others, including her community, can give her. vicky tolley kokomo resident 50:00 kokomo strong...kokomo strong is all i can say about it. 50:04 tag: there are now 5 confirmed tornados in central indiana..inclyding
9:54 pm
mcadams...back to you... some scary moments on milwaukee's east side. there was a fire at whole foods. we're told a car in the underground parking garage caught fire .. there were no reports on any injuries. halloween is more than 2 months away, but this is prime time for some pumpkin growers. glen and margaret martin are creating giant pumpkins, in their backyard garden near appleton. they've competitively for 8 years. the work starts in april... with the gourds getting 100 gallons of water each day. during the summer... they are covered with white sheets to protect their skins as they grow 50 to 60 pounds each day! the end result - four pumpkins that will end up weighing around 2 thousand pounds! margaret martin we have a lot of fun with it. it's a lot of work too. if you work your way through that, then you can have
9:55 pm
in the end. the giants will be harvested in about another month, before heading off to pumpkin-weighing contests. a milwaukee company that supplies and runs senior living facilities will receive more than 22 million dollars in state economic development tax credits... "direct supply" is expanding its campus on milwaukee's northwest side -- including a five-story office building. the company plans to add 800 jobs over the next seven years. the drug-maker behind a life-saving allergy shot says it will make the drug epi-pens quickly treat severe allergic reactions... the company that makes them recently came under fire for raising prices from 100 dollars for two pens in 2009 -- up to about 600 dollars now. mylan now says it will provide instant saving cards worth 300-dollars to patients who face high out of pocket costs -- it will also expand the number of patients eligible for financial assistance. good news for survivors of the orlando nightclub shooting.
9:56 pm
dozens of them - will not bill for out-of- pocket medical expenses. instead they'll eek payment from insurance plans and a victims' fund established by city officials. in all they'll write off more than 5 million dollars in care,. 49 people were killed - more than 50 others were injured in the massacre. new information on the two new london police officers involved in the fatal shooting of man last week. we're told ryan denu and brody erickson are on administrative leave knight. knight was shot after pointing what was later discovered to be a toy gun at the officers. his finacee says he was suicidal. state officials have now completed the investigation. a 28-year-old man was killed at the races at manitowoc speedway last night. but was he already dead before he hit the guardrail? fox's john doran goes in search of answers. reporter what started as a normal race at the manitowoc speedway took a tragic turn. ann
9:57 pm
crash!"ann ewen from manitowoc was at wednesday's night race... she watched as car number 1, crashed into a guardrail. ann ewen-manitowoc "there was no stopping or swerving or hesitation. he just drove right into it." reporter the driver, 27-year old matthew schuh, was pronounced dead at the hospital. cpt. larry zimney-manitowoc police "he hit the infield guardrail. his car went up and over that guardrail and got stuck on a concrete barrier." reporter police say there were cars on the track at the time of the crash. no one else was injured.according to preliminary information, the manitowoc county coroner believes schuh was dead before the crash...possibly suffering a medical condition. ann ewen-manitowoc "people in the back said they saw him slump over as he came around that corner like he was hung over the steering wheel." reporter not knowing the outcome, those in the grandstand, hoped for the best. ann ewen-manitowoc "quiet, silence. total silence. they never said he was okay or anything. they just cleaned it up and got the car
9:58 pm
used to race stock cars, and she remembers running into schuh. ann ewen-manitowoc "very nice gentleman, very nice father figure for his child, very nice guy." reporter this crash comes on the second to last race the speedway will host, before it is taken down and turned into a department store. cpt. larry zimney-manitowoc police "it's unfortunate that it had to happen basically in the last season of the track." reporter the final day of racing will be a week from manitowoc, john doran, fox news. the coroner says not to expect a specific cause of death until toxicology test results are received in a f 10pm open now at 10-- it was a first for investigators. what a wisconsin man is accused of mailing to his ex-girlfriend.
9:59 pm
robbed 17 times in the last month. theyre not even worried about showing their face.' the one drug the suspects are after. and-- just a gentle, kind soul, a very warm smile...a very loving person. a nun with milwaukee ties-- murdered in mississippi. we'll get to all those stories in a moment-- but we want to start with a series of breaking news stories. first to the city's north side. the medicae year old near 13th and finn. details are limited-- we'll bring you more information as we get in. at 38th and villard-- firefighters are called out to a house in flames. it broke out a little before 8:30. neighbors say a mother, her three children and a dog made it out safely. no word on the cause. there's also breaking news out of dane county-- a home is leveled after an explosion in fitchburg.
10:00 pm
scattered all over the road. firefighters are still trying to figure out what's to blame. the blast was so big-- it damaged at least 20 other homes. and three families have been displaced. "i guess if there's any good news to come out of this, right now we have no reported fatalities and nothing that we've seen through our initial search." one person-- believed to be the homeowner was hurt. no word how seriously. the chief says he's asked the state fire marshal to come and investigate the cause. he also wouldn't rule out involvement from federal agencies like th and now our big story: two nuns are found stabbed to death inside their mississippi home. one of those women had ties to milwaukee. she was a member of the school sisters of st. francis. fox 6's ashley sears with how people their are remembering her life. 09:35 this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. for decades...sister margaret held and sister paula merrill have dedicated to her life to helping the people of


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