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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 26, 2016 1:05am-1:36am CDT

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you probably already have one. if not... get your free wisconsin state id... at the division of motor vehicles. (announcer) you can use your certified birth certificate, a pay stub, and your social security card. see the complete list of the documents you can use,
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now at 10-- it was a first for investigators. what a wisconsin man is accused of mailing to his ex-girlfriend. plus-- a local pharmacy chain has been robbed 17 times in the last month. theyre not even worried about showing their face.' the one drug the suspects are after. and-- just a gentle, kind soul, a very warm smile...a very loving person. a nun with milwaukee ties--
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in a moment-- but we want to start with a series of breaking news stories. first to the city's north side. the medical examiner's office is investigating the death of a 2 year old near 13th and finn. details are limited-- we'll bring you more information as we get in. at 38th and villard-- firefighters are called out to a house in flames. it broke out a little before 8:30. neighbors say a mother, her three children and a dog made it out safely. no word on the cause. of dane county-- a home is leveled after an explosion in fitchburg. you can see the building is a total loss-- debris is scattered all over the road. firefighters are still trying to figure out what's to blame. the blast was so big-- it damaged at least 20 other homes. and three families have been displaced. "i guess if there's any good news to come out of this, right now we have no reported fatalities and nothing that we've seen through our initial search."
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no word how seriously. the chief says he's asked the state fire marshal to come and investigate the cause. he also wouldn't rule out involvement from federal agencies like the a- t-f. and now our big story: two nuns are found stabbed to death inside their mississippi home. one of those women had ties to milwaukee. she was a member of the school sisters of st. francis. fox 6's ashley sears with how people their are remembering her life. counties in all of mississippi. for decades...sister margaret held and sister paula merrill have dedicated to her life to helping the people of rural mississippi. an online video documented their work as nurse practioners. 12:20 they know when you are genuine. i know when i've connected with them. but thursday--when they didn't show up to a clinic where they worked-- people worried. they were discovered stabbed to death
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held was a member of the school sisters of st. francis--based on milwaukee's south side. the community is remembering her for her concern and charity. 34:23 a very warm, kind, gentle person. she just exudes that. early reports indicate held and merrill may have been robbed--but the investigation is on-going. 35:17 the community will pull together, pray together, remember her life and ministry and all the many thousands of lives that shes touched through her remembered for how they lived their lives--instead of their tragic end. 12:27 i have been so edified by the faith of the people that i care for. milwaukee archbishop jerome listecki released a statement tonight saying in part: "the perpetrator of the crime robbed not only the school sisters of st. francis, but also the entire church of a woman whose life was spent in
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in the process of planning funeral arrangements and masses. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ashley stick with fox6 as this story develops. we'll bring you the latest on wakeup starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. new at 10: a prescription for trouble! a local pharmacy chain... burglarized 17 times in the last month. the most recent hit... may have been the last... fo its a clear look... at a pack of crooks. hz 'they dont even have masks - theyre not even worried about showing their face.' hayat pharmacy owner hashim zaibak says... unfortunately... this is a scene thats all too familiar. hz 'this mornings incident was the 17th time.' thats right - his chain of milwaukee and greenfield area locations... burglarized 17 times in just the last month. zaibak says the suspects are the same four people...
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have been in the pharmacy more often than i have recently!' ...and theyre always looking for the same drugs: hz 'specifically looking for promethazine with codeine.' its a strong cough medication... usually prescribed for a day or two... and can be highly addictive. hz 'they are using it to get high.' most of the break-ins are happening after hours. wednesday night alone, three hayat locations were hit. at 54th and capitol... a fed-up employee - hz 'its not something i would ever encourage anyone to do. --wrestled one of the suspects to the ground. milwaukee police arrested a 20-year old man. at the greenfield location early thursday morning... the suspects trash the place! managers have take promethazine with codeine locked in a safe... much to the dismay of these guys. hz 'they caught them right in front of the building.' zaibak says greenfield police arrested two more suspects. even after thousands of dollars in damages... broken widows... replaced doors... and lost inventory... zaibaks kindness remains intact. hz 'we forgive these people. we are not in the business of hating
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only keeps this particular drug in a locked safe. milwaukee police say they are still looking for that remaining suspect. reporting live in milwaukee, bl, fox6 news. unease on the east side. milwaukee police are investigating four armed robberies in just 3 hours overnight. it all started near u-w-m around 1:15. 3 young women were and their purses were stolen. at 2:30 two 22-year-olds were targeted on water street and brady a couple hours later-- a 23-year-old was robbed on cass street near lyon. and finally at humboldt and pleasant-- a man and a woman were threatened with a knife. neighbors say they're nervous. it does surprise me especially on this block because the people here are so close. theres some people here
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could be connected. witnesses described similar suspects-- and they occurred in very close proximity. but so far-- no arrests. the man accused of breaking into a liquor store during the first night of the sherman park unrest pleads not guilty... 45-year-old durrell jones was bound over for trial today. two of his accomplices were also in court-- joseph lindsey and devon love. they're all due back in court next month. rest tomorrow. he's the man whose death prompted the unrest. he was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer. smith's funeral will be held at christian faith fellowship church. a spokesman says the focus will be on the family as they say good-bye to their loved one. reverend jesse jackson will be officiating. "we're going to cover the family with love and let them know that your family member died and we're standing in the gap with you." smith's family is also hosting a "peace in the park" event on
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auer. an emotional "national anthem" in brookfield tonight -- as dozens honor a special forces soldier killed in afghanistan. music nats u-s army staff sgt. matthew thompson -- graduated from brookfield central in 2006, where he was the captain of the football team and played trombone. thompson also attended marquette university before concordia university in california and enlisting in the army. he was killed by an i-e-d on patrol in afghanistan earlier this week. 'i cant think of anyone that was as committed to living the best version of their life possible, every day. he was a remarkable human being and he will never be replaced.' both of thompsons former universities issued statements offering their
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a small crowd spent the day at the manitowoc county courthouse. they're waiting for new documents to be filed in the steven avery case. avery was the subject of a netflix documentary. he claims he was wrongfully convicted. our stephanie grady joins us in studio with the latest developments. avery's attorney kathleen zellner has until monday to file a motion. she's hinted that she's going to ask for the d-n-a in the case to be retested. avery was convicted of killing 2005. he claims his d-n-a was planted in halbach's car. a judicial decision earlier this month is only fueling the buzz. avery's nephew brendan dassey will either get a new trial or walk free. lisa szatkowski is a co-administrator for a dassey and avery discussion group. she's hoping to catch a glimpse of zellner herself. shes kind of said to us she might know who the killer is. im not sure she has it quite yet but im sure she has some good proof coming up so im interested in seeing what that is. the whole group is
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they and everyone else will have to wait until at least tomorrow when the courthouse reopens. again-- zellner has until monday to file the documents. fox6 news tracked the avery case from the beginning. we invite you to check out our collection of avery stories going back as far as 2003. search "avery archive" on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. charged with stalking his ex- girlfriend for weeks. investigators say it began with e-mails and phone calls...but when he allegedly dropped off a package at her apartment complex....that's when things got downright bizarre. here's a.j. bayatpour... unfortunately, those in the sheboygan county d-a's office say stalking cases are nothing new. theres a lot of emotion, theres a lot of feelings brought up, it gets very personal and those, we always worry.
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burrows, the alleged stalking begins early this month with a letter sent to the car dealership where his ex-girlfriend works. it threatens to "take care of her front of your employees and customers." there were also two threatening voicemails with a woman's voice. detectives say it sounds like she's reading a script because she "appears to stumble over her words...and then restates it." then a suspicious package showed up at the victim's apartment complex. police were made aware and when they checked it out, they noticed something was moving inside the box. they took the box to the hospital and got it x- python inside. its a little upsetting just to know that people treat reptiles like disposable animals. heather pekrul-gulig runs a reptile sanctuary. she says ball pythons are relatively harmless. they actually will curl up into a ball instead of striking at someone. prosecutors say when they found burrows' phone, his search history included "what is stalking a person" but it's what's in the box that makes this case one of a kind. its definitely the first time i can remember a
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if burrows is convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 3.5 years in prison. haberman says the investigation is still ongoing as authorities are still trying to determine who that female voice was on some of those calls. reporting outside the sheboygan county courthouse, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. it's a story that's become all too common. a teenager in a stolen car causes a serious crash. this time it was all caught on dash cam. we'll --next. plus-- every year bristles from grill brushes land people in the emergency room in tonight's contact 6 report-- a look at safer alternatives. it's a calm night out here, and it looks like we have a beautiful day ahead tomorrow. but the weekend brings back our rain chances.
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new video tonight of a wild chase through brown deer and into milwaukee. police say a 17-year-old was driving a stolen van. they say he hit over 80 miles per hour-- and blew through several red lights. eventually he crashed near 84th and carmen-- and was taken into custody. meanwhile in milwaukee-- a crackdown on street racing. it's a big problem on the city's northwest side -- but police are looking to change that. in just one week has already led to three citations. and while more serious crimes continue to take priority-- police and city leaders want you to know there is a response strategy. we need to find those pockets where they feel like they have a good stretch of land, and so we need residents to work with us to be able to stop the--the drag racing. if you see drag racing in your neighborhood-- write down the license plate and a description of the
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and tasty, but every year people end up in the e-r ...after they swallow a wire bristle from one of those grill brushes. consumer reports checked out some alternatives to wire brushes. jenna sachs shows you the options in tonight's contact 6 report. cleaning up after summer grilling can be dangerous. wire grill brushes can leave bristles behind on the grate, which can easily stick to food - and be swallowed. it happened to robert russo. "'his painfe shot me in the gut. i never experienced something like this. i digested the wire. it got to my lower intestine and pierced it." consumer reports checked out some other cleaning methods. the $130 grillbot is a robotic grill cleaner that uses brass, stainless or nylon brushes. it does a good job on the surface, but doesnt reach debris between the
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reports says watch for loose bristles that may come off. testers found that a simple ball of aluminum foil did a good job when used on a warm grill surface. be sure to wear a heat-proof glove, or use a pair of tongs to protect your hands. some grilling websites say placing a sheet of aluminum foil on the grills surface with high heat will loosen debris. but this is extremely dangerous, and grill manufacturers advise against it. consumer reports testers had a flare- up on their hands after just a few safety double helix from brushtech, is made of twisted metal springs. it did well on a warm cast iron grate but not as well on stainless. traditional wire brushes do get between the grates to scrape off burned-on foods. but if youre going to use one - you must check them regularly, and if the bristles are bent or loose - throw out the brush. if you clean with any type of wire brush, after the grill is cool use an oiled paper towel to thoroughly wipe
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grill cleaning, consumer reports recommends using liquid grill cleaners and abrasive pads to help remove stubborn food residue. i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. afternoon, but cloud cover will build through this evening and overnight, with lows in the mid 60s. we're looking dry through tomorrow. friday will be mostly sunny and cooler, with highs in the mid to upper 70s and dewpoints in the 50s. the cool and dry air won't last long. our next round of rain and storm chances arrives early saturday morning
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looking dry and warmer for sunday and the beginning of next week. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 64 dewpoint: 59 wind: wnw 3-7 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. high: 79 dewpoint: 57 wind: ese 5-10 mph saturday: scattered rain and storms likely through the day, beginning before sunrise. am low: 63 high: 79 sunday: partly sunny. am low: 68 high: 84 dewpoint: 69 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 68 high: 83 dewpoint: 68 wind: e 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 67 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday: partly sunny. am low: 67 high: 83
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time is short in the nfl, from
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time is short in the nfl, from careers, to seasons, to games. so that is why one player is very excited to have aaron rodgers back on the field tomorrow. the badgers have named their starting quarterback. coming up, paul chryst explains why the
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continue to improve, that was craig counsell's goal at the beginning of spring training. despite a number of losses, he has to be pleased with the improvement of his young team as they were going for a season high 5 game win streak tonight against the pirates. but they'd have to come from behind because andrew mccutchen puts the shot to left in the 1st. he'd add an rbi single in the 3rd. the brewers would only have 2 hits until the 7th when they finally get some offense. after a chris carter double, kirk nieuwenhuis crushes one to the upper deck in right a 2 run blast tying the game at 2. right now it's free baseball at miller park as the game is tied at 2 in the 10th. it's the biggest topic surrounding the packers-49ers preseason game tomorrow night, aaron rodgers
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after sitting out the first two preseason games, rodgers will finally take snaps in a game situation. for him it might not be a huge deal. however, for some of his teammates, it means an awful lot. "i think it's crucial, it's very important. you don't have any time to waste. every game in this league matters. no matter who you play or when the game is played during the season, so it's important to get those reps in practice or preseason, whenever we can." in madison, there's finally an answer. with just 9 days to go until the badgers at lambeau field, senior bart houston has been named the starting quarterback for that game. he had been battling redshirt freshman alex hornibrook for the job before head coach paul chryst made his decision. "wanted to get it done as we begin our preparation for lsu and make sure everyone knew where we were at with it internally. and i'm excited to go forward now."
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with mukwonago on hand. zach genrich of mukwonago finds a hole and gets to the outside, 31 yards for the score giving the indians a 7-0 lead in the 2nd. same quarter, tied at 7 until roy harden takes the shovel pass and blows by the defense for a 46 yard touchdown and a 14-7 lead. the high scoring quarter continues for the home team as jakup sinani connects with ryan harvey-turner, 25 yards and the knights go on to win 27-7. and that means it's time to announce our high school blitz game of the week. you voted and menomonee falls at greendale is this week's winner. tom pipines will feature the game tomorrow night on fox 6 news at 6, 9 and of course he'll have highlights and reaction on the high school blitz tomorrow night at 10. the pga tour playoffs are here and the 1st round of the barclays is in the books. billy hurley the 3rd with the shot of the
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the birdie. he's 2 over, 7 strokes off the lead. jerry kelly is 1 under and steve stricker is 3 over after the 1st round. it will be a playoff like atmosphere this weekend at road america for the fired up 180 by johnsonville as the xfinity series arrives. alex tagliani is one of the drivers who will be battling for the checkered flag. he hopes to leave his quick trip to elkhart lake with a smile too. "it happens so quick, right. you have like two practice sessions. and then you have like two laps in qualifying. and then you have the race. then you go home. the only thing i feel when a weekend like this is over is oh man i could have done so much better or i could have been faster. and i do more. ... yeah hopefully i can win and then roger will put me in the car more often."
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arkansas police officer going above the call of duty... he also put his body on the line so-to- speak. here's the predicament. a skunk -- walking in circles -- with a


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